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  1. 11loveswaffles

    Sci-Fi The Crossing (ABC)

    THE CROSSING. he loves it.
  2. Anthony G Williams

    Sci-Fi Lost Mars, edited by Mike Ashley

    Lost Mars, edited by Mike Ashley This anthology is subtitled "The Golden Age of the Red Planet" and is a companion volume to the British Library's Moonrise, reviewed in my previous post. Like that book, this one includes some of the more interesting but largely forgotten SF of the past, and...
  3. Anthony G Williams

    Sci-Fi Moonrise, edited by Mike Ashley

    Moonrise, edited by Mike Ashley This anthology is subtitled "The Golden Age of Lunar Adventures" and is the first, along with Lost Mars (watch this space), to be published in the British Library's Science Fiction Classicsseries. The publishers have kindly sent me copies to review, but frankly I...
  4. Tom

    Sci-Fi Annihilation (2018)

    Annihilation (2018) R| 1h 55min |Adventure, Drama, Fantasy|23 February 2018 (USA) A biologist's husband disappears. She puts her name forward for an...
  5. Kevin

    Sci-Fi Mute (Netflix, 2018)

    Set in Berlin, Germany, in the year 2052 Mute is the story of a repatriated mute Amish man searching for his missing girlfriend. Directed by Duncan Jones, Mute stars Alexander Skarsgård as the main character with Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux. This was an interesting movie because even though it...
  6. Kevin

    Sci-Fi Altered Carbon (Netflix)

    Altered Carbon is a new Netflix series that dropped a few weeks ago and is based on a 2002 novel of the same name by Richard K. Morgan. Set in an alternate future in year 2384 humans are able to easily move their consciousness between bodies using "stacks", devices inserted at the back of the...
  7. A Boy And His Dog (1975)

    A Boy And His Dog (1975)

    This film is set in 2024 A.D. and is based on Harlan Ellison's 1969 Nebula Award winning story of the same name. It involves Vic (Don Johnson) and his telepathic dog Blood who work as a team to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland above, with an Orwellian city underground. Directed by L.Q. Jones.
  8. Virgil Tracy

    Sci-Fi Is Steelpunk the new Steampunk? Does Steelpunk even exist?

    I don’t know if Steelpunk does exist but I’d love it if it did. Here’s what I think Steelpunk is. Is there any out there? Steelpunk: A lengthy disquisition on an invisible genre Steelpunk celebrates the technologies that had their heyday in the last decades of the last millennium. It is to the...
  9. Erik Martin Willen

    Sci-Fi Section Twenty-One (Nastragull Book 4)

    Hi Guys, My fourth book in the Nastragull series is out and I think you will like it. The war that will change everything is about to begin… When a failed rescue attempt kills three of the Vixens, it sends Alec von Hornet and his friends on a vengeful rampage. With the Third Universal War...
  10. M

    Help me list 100 future technologies or inventions?

    Its for a school project. Be as creative as you want but try to word it as "Time machine" as opposed to "machine that can travel through time." A numbered list from 1 to 100 would be great. Really appreciate the help Little to no technobabble please
  11. M

    Help me list 100 future technologies or inventions?

    Little to no technobabble Its for a school project. Be as creative as you want but try to word it as "Time machine" as opposed to "machine that can travel through time." A numbered list from 1 to 100 would be great. Really appreciate the help
  12. M

    I need 100 sci-fi/future technologies/inventions/items ideas for my sci-fi roleplaying game?

    I'm trying to make a sci-fi roleplaying game, and I need to make a tech tree of sorts. I would like 100 ideas, 100 concepts or technologies or inventions that I can work with. Can anybody help me?
  13. JacenAster

    Sci-Fi Free Advanced Copies of "The Chronicles of Henry Harper"

    My first book under the Jacen Aster pen name(I've done a number of shorts and a novella under others) is coming out on December 16th. In advance of that, I'm giving out a double handful of FREE Advanced Reader Copies, as a way to generate interest. The book is a Science Fiction/Space Opera work...
  14. ryanseanoreilly

    Review "The Man In the High Castle" by Philip K. Dick (podcast)

    A story of subtle nuances containing picturesque fables that compound reality in philosophic deep strokes. This story is told from seven different points of view which include the unlikely characters of: a judo instructor; an antique dealer; a publisher; and a craftsman. Not what you would...
  15. Kevin

    Music Ghibli Experimental Theater On Your Mark

    For the anime fans out there, a music video by Hayao Miyazaki known for his fantastic Studio Ghibli films. Ghibli Experimental Theater On Your Mark is an animated music video created by Studio Ghibli for the song "On Your Mark" by the Japanese rock duo Chage & Aska. The song was released in...
  16. NatRaff

    Sci-Fi Ananke: The Prologue

    Man has finally done it. We have perfected Artificial Intelligence, an independent being that can think and emote entirely on its own. That can learn and create. That possesses, for the first time, a personal magnetism, just like a human being. And they are called ConneXions… For a little...
  17. Kevin

    Sci-Fi Monster Trucks (2017)

    You know, sometimes you come across a movie and you just don't quite know how to describe it. Monster Trucks, coming in 2017, is one of those movies. To understand what I mean just... just watch the official trailer. :o_O: Looking for any way to get away from the life and town he was born...
  18. Kevin

    Sci-Fi Class (doctor Who Spinoff)

    Class is a new "young adult" series that'll be a spinoff of Doctor Who. The series will be set in Coal Hill Academy, a fictional school that has been regularly featured in Doctor Who since its original 1963 serial, and will focus on six of its students and staff members, including Mr. Armitage...
  19. Class (Doctor Who spinoff)

    Class (Doctor Who spinoff)

    Class is a Doctor Who spinoff about the affects the Doctor has had on Coal Hill school. It will premiere in October of 2016 and is a "young adult" series.
  20. ryanseanoreilly

    Review "the Lathe Of Heaven" By Ursula K. Le Guin (4 1/2 Stars) - Podcast

    A refreshing philosophical exploration into high-concept esoteric questions draped in all the brilliant colors of science fiction. This is a tale rooted in the exploration of hubris in its broadest sense. Whatever array of the political spectrum you subscribe too, the story will speak to you...
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