1. Kevin

    Space How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster (aka: Space-X Blooper Reel)

    The crew over at Space-X have a released a blooper reel with some of their best failures. Some of them are spectacular. :wideeyed:
  2. Robby

    Space The Farthest (PBS) -- Great documentary about the Voyager probes

    Set an alert: Do not miss The Farthest on PBS Enlarge / An icon of exploration. (credit: NASA/JPL) I've made no secret that the Voyager probes' journey through the outer Solar System was a major influence on my childhood. So I was shocked to find out that I had missed the airing of what...
  3. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

    Sci-Fi Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

    Title: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Tagline: A universe without boundaries needs heroes without limits. Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction, Action Director: Luc Besson Cast: Dane DeHaan, Cara Delevingne, Clive Owen, Rihanna, Ethan Hawke, Herbie Hancock, Kris Wu, Rutger...
  4. Robby

    Collectibles A new LEGO set honors the women of NASA—and it looks pretty awesome

    A new LEGO set honors the women of NASA—and it looks pretty awesome Enlarge / Margaret Hamilton holds a LEGO figure of ... herself. (credit: LEGO) A new playset from LEGO will honor four key women in NASA history—astronomer Nancy Grace Roman, computer scientist Margaret Hamilton, and...
  5. Glenn

    I'd Love to get Your Opinion

    Hey fellow Sci-fi fans! With the help of some amazing friends, that are also talented artists, I made an indie sci-fi film. I'd love to get your feedback on it in an attempt to continue to grow as a filmmaker and storyteller. If you're interested, the movie is called EARTHRISE and is free to...
  6. Tom

    Movies Space Movies You May or May Not Seen

    Including some documentaries... 2001: A Space Odyssey ( 1968 ) Mankind finds a mysterious, obviously artificial, artifact buried on the moon and, with the intelligent computer HAL, sets off on a quest. 2010 ( 1984 ) A joint American-Soviet space expedition is sent to Jupiter to learn what...
  7. Tom

    Sci-Fi Location Entanglement Drive

    AI Singularity uses a nano-construct to travel faster than light. Grows a specially designed craft for humans and takes us out of our galaxy and back. It uses a single particle as a drive mechanism which also acts as a navigation device. In the center of the 'ship' there is a specialized...
  8. Life (2017)

    Sci-Fi Life (2017)

    Title: Life Tagline: Be careful what you search for Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Mystery, Thriller Director: Daniel Espinosa Cast: Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Elizabeth Vargas, Hiroyuki Sanada, Olga Dihovichnaya, Ariyon Bakare, Naoko Mori, Haruka Kuroda...
  9. NatRaff

    Sci-Fi Ananke: The Prologue

    Man has finally done it. We have perfected Artificial Intelligence, an independent being that can think and emote entirely on its own. That can learn and create. That possesses, for the first time, a personal magnetism, just like a human being. And they are called ConneXions… For a little...
  10. Robby

    Space China To Launch Its Second “heavenly Palace” On Thursday Morning

    China to launch its second “Heavenly Palace” on Thursday morning A schematic showing the Tiangong-2 space station, along with its launch vehicle and the crewed spacecraft that will visit it later this year. (credit: Xinhua) China will take its next step toward a large space station on...
  11. Kevin

    Space Asteroid named after Freddie Mercury

    On what would have been Freddie Mercury's 70th birthday comes news that asteroid has been named after the Queen front man. :cool: The asteroid, nearly 500,000 million kilometers away, was discovered in 1991 by Belgian astronomer Henri Debehogne. It is an asteroid belt between the orbits of...
  12. Kevin

    How exactly would space coordinates for planets work?

    So lately I've been rewatching Star Trek: Enterprise and had a random thought as a result of some of the plot elements... how exactly would space co-ordinates for planets work when you consider that planets are typically not in a fixed position? :o_O: Now I mentioned Star Trek but the use the...
  13. Kevin

    Mobile Samsung S7 Edge

    So I think I'm going to take plunge and upgrade both my wife & I to the Samsung S7 Edge phones. :wideeyed: Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge | Samsung US Right now I'm using an S5, Mrs. Kevin is using an S3, and another family member is using an old Motorola Droid. The plan in my head at the...
  14. Randal R.

    Space Moon Bases and 30 manned visits to Mars

    I am finding all kinds of stuff...and you know what? I believe it. NASA is not the Space Program.
  15. Randal R.

    Science Extreme Orbits - How the Universe Works

    Caught this on Youtube.....Got some really really good animations and imagery. Sharing it with AlienSoup. RRR. Awww, I noticed a Typo after I posted it....:(
  16. Kevin

    Space China to Explore Dark Side of the Moon

    OK, yes, the 'dark side' of the moon has been photographed before but apparently nobody has sent a rover over there yet to physically explore it. China is planning on changing that. China plans to land the first probe ever on the dark side of the moon in 2018, marking another milestone in its...
  17. Earthrise (2014)

    Sci-Fi Earthrise (2014)

    Title: Earthrise Tagline: Go Home. For the First Time. Genre: Thriller, Drama, Science Fiction Director: Glenn Payne Cast: Todd Barnett, Meaghin Burke, Casey Dillard, Sherri Eakin Release: 2014-10-09 Runtime: 90 Plot: 99% of the human race has colonized on Mars. The...
  18. Glenn

    Movies Does my movie blow?

    Hey guys, As sci-fi fans yourselves I was curious what you'd think of the story I wrote for my film. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially from other people interested in the same genre I am. It's free to watch on Amazon Prime right now if you have that (link below). It's also on...
  19. Dark Matter

    Sci-Fi Dark Matter

    Title: Dark Matter Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama First aired: 2015-06-12 Creator: Paul Mullie, Joseph Mallozzi Cast: Melissa O'Neil, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr., Jodelle Ferland, Roger Cross, Zoie Palmer Overview: The six-person crew of a derelict spaceship awakens from...
  20. The Cold Equations (Twilight Zone S3:16 1989)

    The Cold Equations (Twilight Zone S3:16 1989)

    Twilight Zone - The Cold Equations - S3:16 - January 1, 1989 A spaceship captain finds a stowaway on his ship and when no fuel can be spared, something has got to go.