1. Nightflyers

    Sci-Fi Nightflyers

    Title: Nightflyers Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Creator: Jeff Buhler Cast: Brían F. O'Byrne, Maya Eshet, Jodie Turner-Smith, Eoin Macken, Angus Sampson, Sam Strike, David Ajala, Gretchen Mol First aired: 2018-12-02 Overview: In the year 2093, a team of scientists aboard the Nightflyer...
  2. The Brick Artisan

    I made a spaceship!

    I'm happy with how it turned out! I've submitted it to Lego Ideas - if it gets 10,000 votes it has the chance of being made into a real Lego set! I would really appreciate your support if you like this - just click here - should take 30 seconds to sign up and support :)...
  3. DivingFaces

    Sci-Fi LEGO IDEAS - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND LEGO IDEAS - Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Any support would be greatly appreciated. You can support this creation at the following link - SUPPORT HERE ! With enough Support this could become a REAL LEGO set. Please feel free to share...
  4. Tom

    Sci-Fi Space Ship Discussion and Designs

    Let's discuss space ship designs. What is practcal? What is the best stealth design? Best design for space battles? Best designs for exploration? Best designs for resettlement? Best ship design for construction and crew transport? Most unique ship designs Most powerful TV Show ship? Most...
  5. Tom

    Sci-Fi Location Entanglement Drive

    AI Singularity uses a nano-construct to travel faster than light. Grows a specially designed craft for humans and takes us out of our galaxy and back. It uses a single particle as a drive mechanism which also acts as a navigation device. In the center of the 'ship' there is a specialized...