star trek

  1. Tim

    Sci-Fi Five Captains at Destination Star Trek

    Star Trek captains boldly go to London convention £95 tickets that may just have given value for money and then some more!! Although the £3,000 VIP tickets at the other end of the scale may need some explaining when filling in your tax returns :) William Shatner was apparently game for an...
  2. LatinumHeart

    Sci-Fi Star Trek Vacation

    Hello everyone! I am in the midst of watching some Star Trek the Next Generation, and I as I am watching the Captain's Holiday, (where Jean-Luc Picard visits Risa) and I was wondering, would anyone like to visit Risa? And bring a horgon? lol Also, I was also wondering, how come with a...
  3. V

    Sci-Fi Stargate vs Star Trek

    I was just wondering which series y'all like better. I personally like the Stargate franchise better.
  4. A

    Star Wars or Star Trek?

    Which fans would win in a fight? Having read a recent story based on George Takei asking for peace between Star Wars and Star Trek fans, it got me wondering...who would actually win in a fight? What do you think? Here is the story i found btw...
  5. B

    Sci-Fi Which Star Trek is best?

    The original? The Next Generation? Or the Reboot? I personally think the reboot.
  6. Star Trek (1966-1969)

    Sci-Fi Star Trek (1966-1969)

    Title: Star Trek Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama First aired: 1966-09-08 Creator: Gene Roddenberry Cast: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols Overview: Space. The Final Frontier. The U.S.S. Enterprise embarks...
  7. A

    BSG & Star Trek - Dallas Comic-Con - Aug 15 -16!!!.

    Dallas Comic-Con ? Aug 15 -16!!! Hey guys. I think some of you may be interested in attending this. I am going on Sunday. On August 15-16, the Dallas Comic-Con hits with a bang at the RIchardson Civic Center! Come meet numerous comic artists and a wide variety of actors from some of...
  8. Tom

    Proposed Cast List for Star Trek: The Next Generation

  9. K

    William Shatner at Star Trek Fan Days Oct 23 -24 in Dallas

    I am going to this and though some of you might be interested. Star Trek Fan Days this Oct 23-24 @ The Plano Centre in Plano, TX Featuring William Shatner – Saturday Only Christopher Lloyd – Saturday Only Brent Spiner Jonathan Frakes Tia Carerre Tracy Scoggins Bobby Clark...
  10. BirdOPrey5

    Star Trek Monopoly

    Think Geek :clapping:
  11. Skulblaka

    Star Trek guide

    I'm one of those loners who love SciFi television show, I've watched quite a few and had a few of my best moments in life enjoying the show. Now it's gone, I've no idea what to watch next. I'm thinking of watching Star Trek, although, I have no idea where to begin. I mean which series...
  12. F

    Syd Mead (Bladrunner / Star Trek / Tron)

    Hi Guys, Just a heads up on a limited edition print from Sci-Fi master Syd Mead. Not many left from what i've heard... Work • Swain
  13. painkiller64

    Your Favorite Star Trek Movie

    Here is the second half of my post on favorite Star Trek series and movies. As in my television post please list your favorite movies out of the whole franchise yet you can list more than one. Please also list the reason(s) it or they are your favorites. I would have done a poll on this but...
  14. painkiller64

    TV Your Favorite Star Trek Series and Why

    Just thought i would add this poll and discussion. Out of the five series that have been on television over the past 40+ years; do you have a favorite and why is it your favorite. I will not fault you for having more than one favorite as i do think this is the case with the majority of us and...
  15. Electric Moon

    Sci-Fi Star Trek vs. Star Wars

    Ah, the ultimate sci-fi question... Which do you prefer: Star Trek or Star Wars? I prefer Star Trek, because it was made first, I like the characters more, and it's a TV series as opposed to a bunch of movies, so there is more Star Trek than there is Star Wars. So which do you prefer, and WHY?
  16. R

    about star Trek Tv Show

    How much you like it. I am huge fan of this show which is related to sci-fi drama.
  17. Gusmanb

    Star Trek Stapleton Nemesis Phaser (opining Cowl). Electronics

    Hi I just picked up A Hollow Built Stapleton Nemesis Phaser with the Opining Cowl. I know he released a limited set of this Phaser prop with Electronics. I have been trying to contact hem to see...
  18. Starbeast from Planet X

    John Colicos talks about Star Trek fans

  19. Robby

    Gene Roddenberry's 1984 Original Macintosh for Sale [Star Trek]

    Gene Roddenberry's 1984 Original Macintosh for Sale [Star Trek] (Via Gizmodo)
  20. Robby

    Star Trek Online Preview: Boldly Going Places [Pax]

    Star Trek Online Preview: Boldly Going Places [Pax] (Via Kotaku)