1. N

    What scifi story beings had a large arm and 2 smaller arms...

    Years ago in Analog I think was a story about beings who had a large arm and 2 smaller ones their civilization had been pretty much destroyed because some of them had blown up their moon and it rained down on them very hard. The story takes place years after that event but there are still not...
  2. B

    Ever read a short story about a staged war (and sports violence)?

    Hello Alien Soup gang, I am in search of a short story I must have read in the late 1980s. I remember it so vividly: The stage is set by a pair of TV announcers at a coliseum, setting the audience up for an unbelievable match to take place. It sounds like two sports teams will be taking the...
  3. julirew

    Sci-Fi New space opera: The Unwinding: Gin's Story

    A woman is shunted through space and time as two universes go to war. "A sci-fi romp that's vast in scope yet thoroughly playful." --Kirkus Reviews Now available in ebook and paperback The Unwinding: Gin's Story eBook: Juliana Rew, Keely Rew: Kindle Store