1. M

    Movies I'm trying to make a time travel film and I need your help!

    I'm really hesitant to post this shameless plug here, but I figured this was the forum to post on. I've recently written a time travel film based on the science behind movies like Primer, or Interstellar, and it would mean a lot if you could check it out. :) It's called A Point In Seven...
  2. Tom

    Sci-Fi Causeality & Time Travel

    Time travel is possible. However, time travel as we understand it is not. Consider the simple act of jumping up and down. When you jump up and down, you think you jump from one spot and come down on the exact same spot. This delusion is not true. When you jump up, there is duration from the...
  3. C

    Movies Bubbles-Sci Fi Short Film(Eng Sub)

    Short Film Link-https://youtu.be/t2psFZR_3EI hello friends,im new here.this is my first sci fi short film.i would like to show this to sci fi fans.kindly watch and share.tell me your opinions guyz.
  4. Tom


    Think of each moment as a 3d dot. A sphere if you will. The sphere is intersected by lines thru its center. Sorta like a spiked ball but with many spikes all around it. The moment (the spiked dot) has thousands of spikes which represent possible paths to the next moment. That next moment...
  5. Tom

    Sci-Fi Time Travel: Pristine Technology

    Can someone list examples of technology that remains in its pristine design? Meaning that over the years, it remains the same. I can only think of one. Dispensing rolls for paper towels, aluminum foil and gift wrap. The product design changes but the roll is still a cardboard cylinder. I was...