tv pilot

  1. Wonder Woman (2011 TV pilot)

    Wonder Woman (2011 TV pilot)

    Wonder Woman is a never-aired television pilot produced by Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment for NBC, based on the DC Comics character of the same name. David E. Kelley wrote the pilot, which was directed by Jeffrey Reiner. Adrianne Palicki starred as the main character.
  2. The Time Tunnel  (2002)

    The Time Tunnel (2002)

    This is a 2002 TV pilot for a remake of the 60's sci-fi show Time Tunnel. This pilot has never aired.
  3. Destination Space (1959)

    Destination Space (1959)

    This pilot was produced by CBS in 1959 but unfortunately it never materialized into a series. Features veteran actor Harry Townes, John Agar and Edward Platt from Get Smart.
  4. Rewind (SyFy Channel Pilot)

    Rewind (SyFy Channel Pilot)

    A team of military field operatives and civilian scientists who must use untested technology to travel back in time to alter past events in order to change the future and avoid a devastating terrorist attack.
  5. Ice Planet (2001)

    Ice Planet (2001)

    Ice Planet is a 2001 TV pilot that was never picked up. It was released to DVD in 2003.
  6. Kevin

    TV Shows that never were...

    Even with all of the bad junk that gets shown on TV there is even worse that we don't even hear about. Before any show gets on the air a "pilot" is made and based upon that single episode the fate of the show is decided. Some pilots that get turned into a series end up never airing the pilot...