1. Kevin

    XBox How to full videos in full-screen in the Xbox store?

    When viewing games in the Xbox store and scrolling down to view the videos, how do I get the videos to play in full-screen? :unsure: If I scroll up when viewing a game listing the video plays in full-screen but I don't see any options for when viewing one from the list at the bottom. And...
  2. Tom

    Sci-Fi Diakaiju ~ Massive Video Extravaganza (YouTube)

    As a child I would build block cities and knock them down. I would play in the driveway with army men and matchbox cars building roads just to stomp and destroy them. My first Godzilla Film was Godzilla VS The Thing and I was addicted. Weekend matinee movies at the local theater featured...
  3. Kevin

    Tech Last New VHS VCR To Be Made

    Here we are, in 2016, with streaming video on everything from our game consoles to being built-in to our TVs to being available on our phones. Just about anywhere we are we can watch videos. Thanks to streaming the sales of DVD discs and players have been greatly reduced. But what about VCRs...