1. Kevin

    Computers McAfee Livesafe versus others?

    For those in the Windows world, what's your current opinions on McAfee Livesafe suite of products? I have finally had a chance to break out my new toy (Dell XPS 15" :D) and it came with a 3-yr subscription to McAfee Livesafe. In years past I usually relied upon Windows Defender and my own...
  2. Kevin

    Computers Windows 10 DVD Maker

    So... it turns out Microsoft has removed Windows DVD Maker from Windows. (n) This caused me a bit of grief as I used Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7 to create a DVD project for my wife's parent's 50th wedding anniversary. That project turned out pretty cool and had good feedback. This week...
  3. A

    Computers PC vs Mac

    Which one is the better computer