1. Kevin

    XBox How to full videos in full-screen in the Xbox store?

    When viewing games in the Xbox store and scrolling down to view the videos, how do I get the videos to play in full-screen? :unsure: If I scroll up when viewing a game listing the video plays in full-screen but I don't see any options for when viewing one from the list at the bottom. And...
  2. Kevin

    XBox Gears of War 5: Choose JD or Del?

    Gears of War 5 has been out for some time now so it's not a spoiler talking about it... in Act 4 of the Campaign you must make a decision by Queen Reyna that has unknown ramifications, do you save JD or Del when faced with knowing that the one you don't choose will die! Choosing either...
  3. Kevin

    XBox XBox One | XBox One S | XBox One X | XBox Scarlet

    Woohoo, a shiny new toy is on its way.... :D Microsoft Xbox One X 1Tb Console With Wireless Controller: Xbox One X Enhanced, Hdr, Native 4K, Ultra Hd (Discontinued): Video Games Of course now that I've gone ahead and finally decided to upgrade from my XBox 360 it has been announced...
  4. Kevin

    XBox Star Wars games for X-Box One (Microsoft)

    Well, it might be time for me to swap my X-Box 360 for an X-Box One. I am very much a casual gamer; with the exception of Gears of War (after my Mom's death, I went through GOW3 nearly non-stop till I finished; it was actually therapeutic :coffee:) I prefer older games. Not necessarily simpler...
  5. Azhria Lilu


    I mean, maybe it's just me, but I don't get it. The graphics are felgercarb, the gameplay is boring and not a little tedious but so many people I know (my kids included) are addicted to the thing. What am I missing about this game that everyone else seems to see but I don't? #minecraft
  6. MadMikeyB

    XBox [Xbox 360] Fable 3?

    Who's played Fable 3? What do you think of it? I still have to play through Fable 2..