xf arcade

  1. Redbear

    Feedback XF arcade will not play

    I installed the XF arcade ages ago and it worked just perfect, the host sever had a DDOS attack and I had to reload my forums thru the backup, now I go to play and everything is there, it goes to a separate page, but its just a un-hyperlinked PLAY text. any ideas ?
  2. Kevin

    All threads that used to be in this section have been moved...

    ... to the Resources & Tutorials t forum. Except for one thread, the rest were associated to resources and the resources have been recreated from XFArcade.com so the 'add-on' threads made sense to be visible to the general public. Resources & Tutorials
  3. N

    nginx + xenporta + xfa = No score submission

    Hey guys, I think I have a common problem (looking at the threads on this forum). I have recently installed Xenforo 1.2.3 and xenporta 1.6.0 and xfa 0.0.9 and my scores from core games are not being submitted. I have tried everything on the FAQs that relates to this problem yet still cant...
  4. F

    Highscores, Personal Best and Champion dont work

    Hi friends, i install xfarcade on my forum, but with access for administrators only, for test. But i play the games and the xf dont save de Highscores, Personal Best and Champion . Why this ? Who may help me ? regards
  5. Gemma

    Low Score Problem

    Just noticed this today on one of my games which is set to low score wins. The lowest score does become the champion but the other positions aren't ordered from lowest to highest score in the top 6 list, however my personal best is ranked correctly as Rank 2. This is a Mochi game and all the...
  6. G

    XenForo 1 XF Arcade German Translation 0.0.9

    Just a german translation of the most recent version. Install as usual in the languages section of ACP.
  7. Z

    No games are saving no matter what I do.

    I've read this : Resources and I don't believe i'm running "Nginx" as in plesk it says "restart apache" so I assume that is what I'm running.. My forum is in <root>/community/ I have the .htaccess file in /community/ unedited, the same as the original XF package. When I go to...
  8. Alien_CinVin

    "Core" scores will not submit (reproducible here)

    Hey, I can no longer seem to save scores on my site using core games, and I am unable to make them work HERE either. I just got high scores in Tetris and Asteroids here, but when my game is over nothing submits. It seems you have no high scores in these games for about 5 months, could you...
  9. MegaFora

    Error installing

    I tried installing this a month or so ago, kept getting errors and gave up. I've since added a new XF (1.1.5) install and tried again. Same problem. Here's the error message when using Chris Deeming's Addon installer: If I do it the other way, extract the zip on the server then add the...
  10. Gemma

    Scores Not Submitting Mochi & Firefox

    I'll be honest, I've not really been paying much attention to websites, forums, arcades etc...I've moved on but every now and again I go back to my test site and mess things up a little. Maybe I have missed something or maybe I've missed a lot but I cannot seem to get Mochi games scores to...
  11. Mrs.CP23

    New Error When Trying To View Member Online List

    I have been running the arcade at my site since it was released and have had zero issues. Now yesterday when I tried to view my members online list I got this error message Server Error Undefined index: slug XenForo_Application::handlePhpError() in Arcade/Route/Prefix/Arcade.php at line 56...
  12. phatcows

    In ACP there is no XF Arcade tab

    I've installed XF Arcade 0.0.9 onto XF 1.1.5 and when i am in the ACP there is no XF Arcade tab to list or upload games. I have been trying to work out how to upload games for hours, been reading all the forum posts, and often reading about how simple it is now but I wasn't finding it simple! It...
  13. jamacanbacn

    No score submit

    ok so i have arcade installed and the default games such Snake,Spaceinvader,tetris,etc all work fine and submit scores immediately after played but any games installed through mochigames do not score i tried turning of xenporta,adblock,and even tried manually uploading,the node is correct...
  14. Balin

    HighScore problem (XenPorta 1.5.6 installed)

    Hi, I read much of the posts on the problem of score. I updated to 1.5.6 and XenPorta I tried the method init.php. Unfortunately this does not work, and I can not save scores of classic games such as Snake or Asteroids. Yet Mochi games save the scores on my board... I do not understand...
  15. nando

    Cant install games...

    just tried installing 3 games from ibpdownloads.com and get the following error... i have Archive_Tar installed... any help is appreciated...
  16. R

    Awaiting Feedback MochiMedia score not submitting on XFA

    Much like many I'm having an issue regarding score submission. I have placed the crossdomain into my root folder, sertup publisher account with id / key etc. Although still scores do not submit and appear on the webpage. The scores submit to mochimedia and display while in the game, but on the...
  17. T

    Error with Mochi Games

    Hello and thank you all for this great thread! i just installed the arcade on my xenforo board and it is working great..however, when i try to add mochi games, it gives me this..Thanks for any assistance This filter needs the zip extension Zend_Filter_Compress_Zip->__construct() in...
  18. E

    Possible solution to highscore issue

    Do you have a problem with your xf arcade recording high score? Check if you can access your site arcade.php eg. http://domain.com/arcade.php If it doesn't work, and you are using Nginx, try the following solution. Add rewrite /arcade.php /arcade; as in server { server_name...
  19. H

    Arcade scores in Recent Activity

    It will be great when someone submitted an arcade score if it will also be seen in the Recent Activity page.
  20. Jakaan

    Wont submit score - Xenporta installed

    Hi, I have installed on Xenforo and am using Mochi. However, neither the default games that came with the install or the mochi games update in my arcade. If you look at the screenshot in this url, you can see that it appears that none of the games have ever been played. When I play the...