xf arcade

  1. S

    Error during local install - Not a valid Image file

    Strange problem only encountered during the install of XFArcade. Xenforo 1.1.4, followed all the upload instructions however when I try to add the xml file I get "The uploaded file is not a valid image." Any ideas what may be going on? Cheers Bruce
  2. Biker

    Great job Kevin

    Finally got around to updating to the latest release yesterday. Flawless install, as usual. Even managed to remember my Mochi login information from when we were talking about a new Arcade for vB4 way back when. Got it all installed, entered my Mochi information, and went looking for games and...
  3. Alien_CinVin

    Another error log bug...

    Also noticed this one in my XF server error log... Zend_Db_Statement_Mysqli_Exception: Mysqli statement execute error : Data truncated for column 'score' at row 1 - library/Zend/Db/Statement/Mysqli.php:214 Generated By: Unknown Account, Yesterday at 5:44 PM Stack Trace #0...
  4. Alien_CinVin

    Division by zero error in server logs...

    I get these occasionally... Here's the details... ErrorException: Division by zero - library/Arcade/ControllerPublic/ArcadeUgly.php:63 Generated By: HIDDEN, Today at 1:54 AM Stack Trace #0 /*/library/Arcade/ControllerPublic/ArcadeUgly.php(63): XenForo_Application::handlePhpError(2...
  5. Kevin

    XF Arcade Downloads & Add-Ons Moved to Resources

    Please take note that the downloads for XF Arcade and its add-ons have been moved from attachments in the forums to instead by in the Resources section of the site (Resource Manager by XenForo). :cool: This will allow us to release updates as true revisions instead of just deleting &...
  6. surfsupva

    Does rankings work with all other games too?

    Does rankings work with ipbarcade, v3 etc? I am wondering if I should go with mochi or not. I just want to have a few classics such as mrs. pacman etc. :)
  7. GasaiYuno

    Changing the color of the arcade

    Is there a way to change the color of the arcade template? http://otakuhub.org/arcade/
  8. D.O.A.

    Score count wrong

    We had a member with a 900,000+ score placed second over a 800,000 score for the mochi mahjong game. http://www.mochigames.com/games/mahjongg-free/ would this be a game, forum or arcade script error? no clue here o_O Oddly enough, in the trophy pop-up display when scores are submitted, the...
  9. C

    Awaiting Feedback Score wont save (for Mochi game)

    I'm using last version of XF Action on my forum but i have problem... I was import some games (Mochi) with using ACP, After that I signed up on mochimedia.com and received ID and Key, added it date to ACP but....scope for Mochi games not save in XF Action's page (See fig.) For example I...
  10. CarlaBirch

    Submit score not returning to arcade MochiMedia

    Not sure if this is by design or is a bug, but when you have submitted a score for a normal game it sends you back to the arcade where you see your score in the game. Playing MochiMedia games, you get the MochiMedia leaderboard come up on the game, but you get no confirm your arcade score as...
  11. Dezeter

    Ranking not working

    Rating does not work, not in a game. The nginx is set up as in the last post in this thread - Resources XenPorta like this - Resources
  12. X

    Fixed In Next Release Missing install files

    Help needed - Thanks. I'm using the latest version of XFArcade 0.0.9 but I'm facing two issues.. 1) game scores not saving. 2) Xenforo diagnostics File Health Check shows 3 missing files library/Arcade/ControllerPublic/ArcadeUgly.phpFile does not contain expected contents...
  13. M

    Recorded no rating

    please help me .
  14. Kevin

    OK, so what *CURRENT* features do not work?

    Spring is rapidly approaching so it is team to clear out the winter cobwebs and see what we've got. Assuming that you have updated to the "0.0.9 Refresh 1" release, what current features do not work? I am not talking about requested items (eg: leaderboard) or problems with others addons (eg...
  15. A

    Score submitting problem for new games

    Okay, this is new .. I am having problem with submitting highest score. Means .. if my score is 2nd/3rd or any thing lower, score get submitted properly .. but if my score is highest (new record), or for newly installed games (where nobody submitted score before) where any score is the highest...
  16. dodgeboard

    Xenforo forges forward. XFArcade?

    So with Xenforo's latest news about the end to the lawsuit and the announcement by Kier of the teams renewed vow to forge forward, does that breathe new life into other major mods like XFArcade?
  17. JacquiiDesigns

    Re: htaccess.txt

    Regarding the post at ==> Resources I'm having issue with games keeping scores and a few other minor issues. If indeed the htaccess.txt info would solve the issue... Um.... Where exactly is the htaccess.txt file?! It would be nice to include it in the official download. Yep! At anyrate -...
  18. JacquiiDesigns

    How Do You Distinguish IPB and v3 Games?

    How can you tell the difference between an IPB and a v3 game? Is there a definitive and concise way to know that your game is one or the other? For instance, do IPB games all end in .tar extension or... vice versa... or what? :D Thanks, J.
  19. JacquiiDesigns

    Importing Game - No Fields Automatically Completed [0.0.9]

    I've installed 0.0.9 and it's my understanding that the fields are supposed to be automatically completed on importing a game. Importing a game works fine - but there are no fields completed, with the exception of the slug. There are apparently no "Importing Errors" shown on the page....
  20. JacquiiDesigns

    Add-on Conflict Security Error Occurred -- What is the fix please?

    I see the following error when submitting scores - using the most recent 0.0.9 install: I've searched the forum and see that there's a possible XenPorta conflict, with a fix posted at Resources -- I cannot see that thread :( Can someone please definitively share a fix for the security error...