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  1. Kevin

    Error in 'Code' Pop-Up Dialog

    {split from other thread}
  2. kankan

    Importing Mochi Games

    Hello, I updated to version 0.0.9 I subscribed publisher plan on mochi and got my ID and SecretKey But on admin i am not able to Filter games : no result displayed I read carefully the FAQ and do not know what is wrong. Any help? Regards, Nicolas
  3. R

    Score getting posted to the wrong game

    Hey guys, We had an issue yesterday where a player was playing one game and their score got submitted to the wrong leaderboard. You can't view the arcade as it's members only, but here's a screen shot and a conversation I had with some of the members. One thinks it could be a cookie issue or...
  4. A

    Overlay game display issue

    Hello, If I set my my game display as overlay, some of the games (e.g. Bandit Ludo) goes beyond the overlay border (kind of overflow). Also, when game window becomes larger, I can't just scroll to adjust the view (most probably the overlay position in CSS is fixed?). I prefer overlay...
  5. Evina_CinVin

    Mochi games score, not saved?

    Test it here: http://www.phcorner.net/arcade/ I don't know, Why? I already uploaded the xml file on the root folder.
  6. DRE

    Sub Navigation Menu Missing After Upgrade to 0.9

    Hey remember this template? arcade_list <ul class="secondaryContent blockLinksList"> <xen:foreach loop="$links" key="$href" value="$title"> <li><a href="{$href}">{$title}</a></li> </xen:foreach> </ul> It's gone now! Bring it back please!
  7. A

    Installing Mochi games

    Hello, I want to enable Mochi games in my arcade. I followed the steps in Resources .... however, I am confused about the "Auto Post Settings" section in my Mochi account. Do I need to do anything on that settings? I am further confused because in the FAQ page of XFA, it's written to scroll...
  8. R

    Getting error when searching mochimedia games in ACP

    I'm getting the following error when searching for 'click' and lots of other words as a keyword in the import mochimedia games section An exception occurred: Mysqli prepare error: MySQL server has gone away in /home/fffsquad/public_html/library/Zend/Db/Statement/Mysqli.php on line 77...
  9. Veer

    Arcade Main Page Layout (Mock-up)

    Hello Kevin, xfrocks, Darkimmortal and every one! I have spent 2, 3 days on thinking and making the design of Arcade Main Page, and finally its ready to post here :) So, here is the mokeup of Arcade main page. It covers almost all basic things I would like to suggest and see in the future...
  10. kankan

    Alert on score beaten

    Hello :) I do not receive any alert when one of my score has been beaten ? Is that normal ? Regards, Nicolas
  11. Kim

    Error message on save score in one game.

    The following error came up when I tried to save a score on an IPB game - Server Error Mysqli statement execute error : Data truncated for column 'score' at row 1 Zend_Db_Statement_Mysqli->_execute() in Zend/Db/Statement.php at line 297 Zend_Db_Statement->execute() in...
  12. T

    Hello i have install the arcade

    hello i just install the arcade and it will not turn up on the website how do i make it show ? it is on enabled ? how thanks :)
  13. Kevin

    I'll be away most of February

    I've already mentioned it to the rest of the XFA staff but am posting here in case anybody is wondering where I am at for a while. I am leaving in about week and will be offline, or at least as offline as I can be, for most of February. I'll have a slow SSH connection available so if anything...
  14. T

    just downloaded the arcade !

    i got the arcade and i uploaded it to the fillzilla i went to ad ons with the xml and it says not a add on how do i install it then can someone help thanks :)
  15. TheVisitors

    Revert back to 0.0.8

    Sadly if you've upgraded to 0.0.9 you can't simply revert back. You will need to un-install 0.0.9 to install 0.0.8 I'm reverting back because only the Mochi games are keeping score and seriously, I don't like their ads which basically seem to tell people to go "else where" to find a better...
  16. Kim

    Confirmed Bejeweled not working

    Hi Guys, Has anyone else had an issue with the bejeweled game not working? My install just does nothing when you click on it, the green progress bar is at 100% from the second you go to it, but there is nothing you can do, and it never loads. The other games I have tested seem to be working...
  17. kankan

    Help with mochi setup

    Greetings, I have followed the Moch FAQ until : When i go in Import Mochimedia games, i always have : No games found. Try to broaden your filter criteria. Do i have to select games on Mochi plateform first ? Thanks for the help
  18. Kim

    Arcade install and download pack feedback

    Hi guys! Just putting this here after discussing with Kevin and Stew. :) Recently went to install the Arcade, and found that there were no instructions included ( I now know that the instruction are in the download thread, but given that *some* people :whistle: don't read threads or what...
  19. Velli

    Score not submit

    Hello, a few days ago I installed the new version of XFArcade (0.9). My problem is that when I installed this latest version, the game scores not sent. The button "Submit" does nothing, just stands and does not refresh the page. Could you please help me? Non-advertising, my website is...
  20. Kevin

    Mochi & Unity3D

    I'll have to leave it up the gamers to say if we should care about Unity3D or not. :cautious: https://www.mochimedia.com/community/forum/topic/beta-testers-wanted-new-mochiscores-unity3d-api