xf arcade

  1. Kevin

    Partial Fix Conflict With XenPorta

    On a conference call with work so I had a few minutes to launch Firebug to see what's going on. Looks like a conflict with XenPorta redirecting the default the "index.php" route. I'll have to load up XenPorta on a test site to see if I can come up with a work-around. :(
  2. ChemicalKicks

    Implemented [Suggestion] Change buttons when adding a game

    Why do we need to hit "Save & Exit" to get the next screen in the install process, wouldn't "continue" or "next/next step" be better?
  3. Kevin

    Current Status?

    Steve, what's the current status? From reading the open threads it looks like there is still a problem with game scores for IPB & IPB v32 games being submitted & saved. For now that should be the #1 priority to get working.
  4. Dave_xfa

    xFArcade Beta

    Hi, Just wondering if the xFArcade beta currently works ok with the 1.1 beta? Also, is it still possible to donate and get access to the beta? If so, how much is the donation?
  5. XF Arcade

    Site Updates - This Weekend

    FYI that we'll be doing some site updates this weekend. If you try to reach the site and it is not available, nothing is wrong, just the updates in progress. ;) You can follow us on twitter @XFArcade to reach us and/or get news while the site is being worked on.
  6. XF Arcade

    Please welcome xOBKx to the XFA Team!

    Some say that he's terrifed of ducks and that there's an airport in Russia named after him. All we know is, he's called xOBKx and he has joined the XF Arcade team! :cool: Some of you may know xOBKx as Obvlivion Knight from his days when he was active in the vBulletin community and with the v3...
  7. Kevin

    Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween! With the Halloween holiday coming up soon we have decorated XFA up a bit to get in the mood. :devil: If you don't care for the Halloween style, or prefer the plain style, just click on the "Halloween 2011" name in the bottom left corner of the page to bring up the style...
  8. dodgeboard

    Bad luck

    Sorry, didn't like seeing the message count was 666, especially on the day the world is supposed to come to an end. :D
  9. M

    Download XFArcade...?

    Hello, where do i download xfarcade? Thanks!
  10. dodgeboard

    Fixed [Bug] Categories still visible after disabling

    If you disable a category, it's still visible, playable.
  11. dodgeboard

    Fixed [Bug] Unable to delete a category

    Once you create a category, you are unable to delete it. You just get an ajax "in process" indicator.
  12. S

    Fixed System not being remembered

    Maybe I am doing something wrong, but whenever I want to add a new game, I enter a name, a category, a system and a picture. I then click save, and get taken to a new screen where I can point the Arcade at the location of the game-file. When it gets there, the system I specified before is just...
  13. Mike

    Post to Facebook

    Would love to see a way added for a member to post high scores to their wall or challenge facebook friends to beat their score.
  14. Pope Viper

    Not a Bug Style and Arcade.

    This seems a little off to me. Cannot read any of the text unless I highlight it.