10 Things I Learned From Smallville

In an unique set of events where I write a blog post that doesn’t involve some sort of marketing talk and that I can be bothered doing, while watching several seasons of a TV show I bring to you now ‘10 things that I’ve learned from Smallville dvds ’.
1. People get knocked out if you so much as look at them funny
2. Amnesia genuinely happens every other week and isn’t just a lazy plot device
3. Lex Luthor has ‘resources’
4. Relationships between teenagers and billionaire friends are so complex it’s often best just to forget about what’s happened last week and keep the same level of tension for years at a time
5. Also, if you do something bad whilst ‘not being yourself’ it’ll be awkward for 10 - 45 minutes and then it’s all water under the bridge Smallville dvds
6. Even though the meteors have given 100s of people powers the government and general populace are blissfully unaware
7. Kryptonite which should have an area of effect on Superman actually only kicks in when he also has a direct line of sight
8. Borrowing £50,000 from a billionaire is like borrowing £10 from your normal mates and it’s always given without expectation of getting it back
9. If you work on a farm and are struggling to make ends meet you’ll always still have enough money for a brand new truck and to replace that beam in the barn that people habitually fall through
10. Regardless of the height you fall from Clark Kent’s arms are so soft it’ll cushion the impact sufficiently that you can just walk away afterwards Smallville dvds