13000+ dead in 1 day!


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As the news reports come in the tolls are getting much worse. Over 20K dead now with many thousands more unnaccounted for, thousands injured, and millions left homeless. :( International Red Cross is moving in to the various regions but it's too many regions at once to get a clear picture yet as to the extent of the loss of lives and damage done.


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Global Relief of the Earth

Here is a global Relief image of the Earth at the Quake center




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U.N. Seeks Unified, Global Tsunami System
Posted on: Wednesday, 19 January 2005, 06:00 CST
KOBE, Japan - India plans a tsunami-warning system that its neighbors could join, while Indonesia envisions one run by southeast Asian countries. The Germans are pitching their own high-tech network, but the United Nations says it should set up the system - and then extend it globally.

The Asian tsunami disaster demonstrated with terrifying power the need for an alert system in the Indian Ocean and other parts of the world, but the outpouring of support to build one has generated a plethora of overlapping proposals.

Amid the confusion, U.N. officials at the World Conference on Disaster Reduction in Kobe, Japan, called on Wednesday for coordination of efforts - and insisted on their own central role in marshaling the expertise and setting up the system.
The model for the new network is an existing system in the Pacific, which was established in 1965 and now provides early tsunami warnings to 26 nations. Experts say much of the technology - from earthquake and sea level sensors to messaging systems - could be easily transferred to southern Asia.
The U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, which runs the IOC, has already proposed such a network in the Indian Ocean that would cost $30 million, with the goal of extending it worldwide by mid-2007.
U.N. officials in New York said a clearer picture was emerging of the destruction in Indonesia's Aceh province. The town of Calang, for example, lost 90 percent of its population - 6,550 people out of the pre-tsunami population of 7,300, said Kevin Kennedy of the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
In Indonesia, U.S. helicopters were flying 80 aid missions a day, said Capt. Matt Klunder, Naval Air Wing 2 deputy commander. Villagers were no longer mobbing the helicopters as soon as they touched down, he said.
U.N. officials and other experts said coastal areas near the epicenters of tsunami-generating earthquakes would need breakwaters and resident awareness to avert disaster.
Currently the count is like 140,000 people dead or missing!



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JAKARTA, Indonesia - Indonesia's Health Ministry raised the country's death toll from the Dec. 26 tsunami to 166,320 on Wednesday, pushing the total number of people killed in the disaster above 225,000.


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they are still finding 1000 bodies a day, this will go past a quarter million deaths.

after all the talk and scientific evidence of global warming, the disaster groups who specialise in earthquakes and asteroid impacts, evidence of a 12-20ft wave hitting the coasts of countries and the loss of life and livelihoods is depressing and shocking.

every time you watch a fictional disaster film and see a 100ft wave in action (although by special effects) think of the utter loss of life that that could cause, maybe the fictional creators have underestimated what can happen in cost of life, property and future livelihood

the world is learning what to expect in the most horrible way possible