1961 or earlier: alien sees quadrupeds and bipeds


At age 8 in 1961, or so, I read a science fiction novel or short story. Can you help identify the author and title?

An alien lands on Earth, leaves his spaceship to explore, and the writer records the alien's thoughts as he walks along to observe. He describes some quadrupeds, which the reader figures out are grazing cows, and some bipeds. Fairly soon another smaller kind of quadruped notices him and comes running, with another biped following close behind. This was alarming, and so . . .

That is as much as I can recall; what a long shot! I may have picked it out at my local, quite ordinary library, and allow that it may already have been an old work in 1961. Or it might have been fairly new, especially if it came from some sort of anthology that I borrowed from a friend. I did a fair amount of searching about this on other posts without success- I look forward to hear if this plot with its particular quadruped/biped wording reminds you of an author and title.