2.14 Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

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what'd you guys think?

i thought it was great. this may have been because i desperately needed a g.a. fix, but i really liked it. first off, i love george--as always. the swagger, and "irish" and all. him putting his foot down. :love: i'm not even completely opposed to george/meredith anymore.
even though i knew alex would pass because they couldn't get rid of him, i was glad to know he did. and i'm glad he and izzie are close enough to be friends and him have her open it for him. especially because that makes it way easier for them to get back together ^_^
cristina/burke: get rid of the apartment girl! it's 100% cristina and i appreciate that, but get rid of it! they're perfect together. :throb:
mcdreamy cannot be nice without being dreamy. it's horribly depressing. watching him smile at meredith just breaks my heart. both for meredith and addison. and i suppose mcdreamy. addison because she's his wife and she loves him and she has to let this pass because she betrayed him. but it still hurts you know? and meredith because i obviously like her more because she's the main character and it hurts more because we can hear all of her thoughts on the subject. :( and mcdreamy because he's trying to do the right thing, but he loves two women and he's caught in the middle. *sighs* i'll stop my rambling now...
i love this show *sighs happily*

I thought it was a great episode. I really loved George and the old lady. As far as Cristina is concerned, it makes sense to me that she would keep the apartment. With all of the felgercarb she has, it would never all fit in Burke's apartment. She could consider it as a temporary storage facility.


Mommy, can I please have a snow plough?
I thought it was a GREAT episode. But I can't honestly vote for "best episode ever" because I'm a relatively new fan and haven't seen season 1. Yet.