2005 Movies to look forward to..

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Here's a list of 2005 movies registered at IMDB
There are 4947 titles at this time
Which of theses are you looking forward to.
No need to list them in any order just list them.
When we get 10 we should make a poll so we can track this

Here's some I'm looking forward to in no particular order
Supernova Mini Series
Breakfast on Pluto
Cats and Dogs 2
Death Tunnel
D & D 2
Fantastic Four
Farenheit 451
Green Hornet
Highlander-the Source
Hot Wheels
Jersey Devil
King Conan
Land of the Dead
The Life of Death
The Martian Child
Mortal Combat-Devestation
Perfect Creature
Planet Earth
Red Dwarf-The Movie
Rip Cage
Savage Grace
Shooting Stars
Space Bites
Star Wars 3
Transporter 2
Trigger Fish
Venus & Vegas
War Magician
The Wrong Element
XXX-State of the Union

About the only order these are in is alphabetical and I purposly ommitted titles. I could have linked each to it's IMDb listing but I decided not to.
Remember only 2005


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a two part drama on BBC1 over here in the UK (part one just watched, part two tomorrow night at 2100hrs gmt) called SuperVolcano is billed over here to beat The Day After Tomorrow for realism and tense storyline.

i just watched part one and the direction of the actors could have been better, the show is part drama, part documentary, i believe they should have used more down to earth yet eccentric acting.

however, the timeline, shocking actions of the governments trying to put a cap on things (hehe) brought so much realism to the story that if the second half is as good, it will blow every disaster movie off the board, even ones with 10-20 times the budget.

whilst we are told the supervolcano going off at yellowstone park would kill off the worlds food supplies and wipe out the population, the computerised simulations centre on the USA, showing 85% of the USA effected by an eruption. having characters in the show send their family back home to england was a bit futile really, allowing their family to survive for a while longer until they die of starvation or pollution caused by industry breaking down.

this show deals with the extinction of the human race, not a horrible catastrophe where at the end of the film the survivors walk out to rebuilt earth. although at no point in the film is it suggested to the intelligent viewer that there is any point stockpiling supplies and survival equipment, that if the event occurs everyone will just stop living and there will be no one to remember humans (or watch/remember the reporters interview on location with the specialists)

Part one ends just as the volcano blows, you see very little scenes of the special effects to come at this point, i assume part two will cover the main eruption and the after effects. each episode being approximately 50 minutes long means plenty of decent stuff to come

(guess i am skiving off college early tomorrow night to get home in time to catch it!)


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Supervolcano (2005) (TV)
No poster or movie still available Directed by
Tony Mitchell

Writing credits

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Genre: Drama / Action / Thriller (more)

User Rating: awaiting 5 votes. Vote Here

Credited cast:
Emy Aneke .... Lt. Johnson
rest of cast listed alphabetically
Link Baker .... The Man
Rukiya Bernard .... Soldier
Susan Duerden .... Fiona Lieberman
Adrian Holmes .... Dave
Shaun Johnston .... Matt
Gary Lewis .... Jock Galvin
Jane McLean .... Maggie Chin
Michael Riley .... Rick Lieberman
Michael Teigen .... Helicopter Pilot
Lucia Walters

Runtime: 120 min (2 parts)
Country: UK / Germany / Italy / Japan / USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Sound Mix: Stereo


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BBC - Science & Nature - Supervolcano

it's a BBC1 release, so google "BBC" and get all the required info :)

sorry i forgot to stick the link in earlier



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what do you think of that wallpaper i tacked on? comparing to The Day After Tommorow?

we are talking the BBC here, not Hollywood. it might be a bit difficult through normal means to get hold of this drama, although maybe with the USA connections it might screen over the atlantic for you guys. it's definitely one to watch if they do air it for you

surprise, surprise! it was filmed in Vancouver :) the home of just about all decent modern scifi productions


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Kool wallpaper and I'd love to see this, I'll be watching for it.

Being in Missouri maybe I'll get front row seats to the real thing!


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hey! when they are doing simulations in the program, the area of fallout drawn in covers 85% of the USA, wherever you are you'll get to see it if it happens!!!

the rest of the world wont be so lucky to have front row seats, but the nuclear type winter will mean everyone elses demise. (not like we see much sun here anyways :) )


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well, episode 2 aired and it had a huge theme of pessimism but is it bad to say that i expected more deaths?

the USA has 250 million population and they ended up with 25 million in the disaster zone that would all die and a quick change in policy asking the residents to "walk to safety" resulted in something like 9 million managing to walk out to collection points as the government structure simply wasn't up to the task of reaching people in their homes that had been recommended to keep 3 days supply of food and water till it finished and they could be rescued.

the eruptions continued past this point and when the eruptions started to calm it was a bit of an anti climax really. the documentary style filming interleaved between drama made sense towards the end as you knew which of the key figures survived the incident.

the comment about mexico closing its borders to americans because mexico couldn't support the influx of refugees, the brief mention of "it's too late to invade them" was maybe an anti climax too. should we have seen an american military surge across the border at this point? with the refugees following behind? because if a country didn't take refugess in, letting those refugees die from lack of humanity, even though the other option was to have everyone starving, mexicans and americans alike! there must be one intelligent person in power in mexico in fictional dramas like this that realises the jetstream will carry the gases round the globe and end up hitting everywhere in the world, including themselves, given a few weeks?

any country that would make a decision like that would find in the new world order, when things have stabilised, that they wouldn't receive any help, any aid, any technology to help in the aftermath when the poisoness gases and fallout circle the globe and destroy their crops. to stand by and let people die because they are more important is tantamount to looking the other way when the jews were murdered in their millions. we all hope in a disaster of these proportions that countries will not make decisions like this that are inhuman and an outrage to any human being.

i think the second halves problem with a weak anti climatic ending of the situation drops the production below the storyline of Day After Tomorrow which is a shame as the first half had so much promise.

when it reaches our american brethren, do watch it, as it is a unique piece of television history in the genre.


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So far the only 'must see' movie on my list is HHGTG but that BBC volcano movie looks pretty interesting; I've got to keep an eye out for it on the local PBS stations.


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hmm, Alone in the Dark moved from good camerawork and big actor to B movie action. i don't see Doom being much better, there was a time when they can get storyline, actors, script and action together, like in Starship Troopers!! this genre of film has not matched up since really.


google it on www.imdb.com and check out the trailers. a wierd P.K.Dick novel jumping onto the bigscreen.

i don't know whether the teaser trailers are the way the film will end up post production or just simply a marketing tool t make us drool like rabid speed freaks (god rest Dicks soul, dead at 53 of heart failure, must have been all the chemical pharmaceuticals paying him back for long writing hours and experimentation to increase his creativity