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2008 Rank The Movies Thread


Rocket Ranger
Jul 29, 2008
I'll stick to the summer for right now... my top 5 list looks like:

1. The Dark Knight
3. Iron Man
4. Wanted
5. The Incredible Hulk/Kung-Fu Panda (TIE)

I just saw Mama Mia! in the theater with my wife and kids, and... yeah. I don't know. Actually, it was pretty good. Better than I expected. It may arguably end up at #5, if I can justify it to myself...

How would you rate the movies released in 2008 so far?


An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
1. The Dark Knight - Agreed - And I don't like the previous Batman movies
WALL-E - I have it but have not watched it yet
2. Iron Man - I liked it but it was far below Dark Knight
Wanted - ahh, more of the cookie cutter action felgercarb - Nice twist at the end (Or should I say CURVE)
The Incredible Hulk - A little better than the first one, a little
Kung-Fu Panda - cute but predictable - the kids liked it

StarShip Troopers 3 - Fell back into line with the first ST and it should have been #2 in the series. Wouldn't pay box office prices but I may buy the dvd for the special features and to complete my collection

Doomsday - Agressive assault on my senses - raw and gritty I might watch it again but won't buy it

Comet Impact - A refreshing scientific based comet impact story. I posted about it at one of my forums and may look for the dvd to buy for my collection. I submitted it to the Bad Astronomer for a review.

Hancock - Cute but very low on my superhero movie list. I would probably buy the old batman movies before I buy this. It was watchable but left me wanting.

Hellboy 2 - Ok this was Hellboy - It ranks up in the top just because I like Perlman. The movie itself was not that great. Nobody is that stupid - even if they are part fish.

Mutant Chronicles - Ron Perlman, I liked the dystopian feel of the movie, Some good twists and I think it should be made into a series or something - Rates pretty high on my list.

Machine Girl - LOL, there is blood, LOL

Journey To The Center of the Earth 3d - Fun, but Brendon Fraiser is fun to watch. I will probably buy the dvd.

Mummy 3 - No carma, Had some good spots and will be joining my other 2 dvds when it comes out. Cool Dragon - Jet Li 's skills were under used.

Doomsday 2012 - Religious messages thru-out the movie. Felt like a scifi channel movie.

War of the Worlds 2 - I fell asleep...Twice

Man From Earth - Same as K-Pax. Interesting dialogs, Watchable but no action scences at all. The end was sweet and sensitive.

Semum - Horror demon thriller - haven't watched it yet

10,000bc - I have had it for a few months but still haven't watched it.

TinMan - I know it is TV but I watched it as one long movie and I was sorely impressed. I'll never be able to watch the Wizard of Oz again.