3 x War of the Worlds this year alone!


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The Asylum release, straight to video, available on dvd to buy/rent NOW!

War of the Worlds (Video 2005) - IMDb

C.Thomas Howell
Jake Busey

http://www.theasylum.cc/video/WOTW.mov <- trailer


Speilberg with Cruise

War of the Worlds (2005) - IMDb


Pendragons release later this year (attempting to remain true ot the book on a shoestring budget and apparently failing to make something the consumers will appreciate)

The War of the Worlds (Video 2005) - IMDb


it's a busy year for War Of The Worlds!

in 2008 a cgi rock musical scored version will be released from Jeff Wayne and a hint of a spanish version???

whichever version(s) you watch, make sure in discussions you are all talking about the same version or it's going to get very, very confusing!


3 types of tripod "gaits" by the site author to fill in about 60 seconds of your time wondering how a tripod can walk with stability