3024ad sci-fi series & kickstarter

The year is 3024 A.D. The universe, the galaxy is our own Milky Way. Mankind has been exploring and colonizing the Milky Way for over 500 years and governments as we know them on Earth have evolved from their present state to interplanetary empires. Some have many planets under their flag, smaller governments have settled on one, or even share worlds with other former nations of Earth.

Larger than individual governments are the corporations that have sprung from the 1,000 year long technological races- they wield immense power, with little regard for the borders set by governments- their borders are those determined by trade routes and commerce.

The first series of short stories set in the 3024AD universe will be released in December 2012, but there is currently a Kickstarter campaign to fund the cover art, editing and formatting process. Backers will receive the ebook before it is available to the general public, and there are a host of unique rewards available.