3D plastic object creation machine (retail)


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Now, this is expensive, but interesting, and could maybe do with a more interesting design. Like built into a wall to make it look like a Star Trek replicator unit :smiley:

Revealed: The portable 'factory in a box' that can create any 3D object out of plastic before your eyes



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There have been laser based modelers out there for a few years now but I think the break-through with the above device is that by using a different technique it has really broken the entry level price point for these types of machines.

At under $1,000 USD, I know some guys who would absolutely love to have one of them in their garage. For me the price would still have to come down a bit but, yes, I would love to have one of them also.


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I read somewhere they (someone) made a prototyper that creates food. I forget where I saw it. but it laid down layers of tofu with flavor crystals er something in it.


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Introducing Cornucopia, the food printer

Introducing Cornucopia, the food printer

July 23, 2010 by Lin Edwards
(PhysOrg.com) -- US scientists have introduced a concept design of the "Cornucopia" or Digital Fabricator, a "personal food factory" able to print food from specified ingredients, with no waste at the point of cooking.