401k, markey, pension worries?


What's your number for pulling the plug, trigger time? (to Sell it all)
This number approach-eth
Sad news all around, perhaps another week before we see the bottom, and then months before the economy catches the market.
Another bail-out? The first one should be called the New Steal (New Deal Parody)
The next one should be called the Big Pig (Big Dig Parody)
I just wish the housing market was not in such a sorry state. Collapse of the mortgage industry means less buyers which means... my family is really getting stressed out trying to find a buyer for a house that we have on the market and need to sell fast. It's at the point where even the investors (aka: the guys who buy houses at percentage of the actual house value in order to turn around & rent it out) are having problems finding mortgage loans.

Not good.
There's enough housing for a year without building.
Apart from that you'll have to give some good deals on pre-builts. Most prefer (if thet're going to pay for it for a couple of lifetimes) something along their own design/needs, and in a place of their choosing, to "visually" assured quality or even overbuilt specifications.
Real estate has always been second only to the commodities market in volatility.

With 401k's becoming 101k's that "typical" 20% down becomes more important.

Stocks? ... Sell it all between 8,200 & 8,000 or you'll have nothing but memories.

Hillarity was going to help herself to 25% of everyones IRA to fund her National (World) health care system, and send you the tax penality for early withdrawal.

Think Obama wasn't paying attention?

It took Bill Clinton 3 months to renege on his tax promises.

Think Obama wasn't paying attention?

Pick your Poison, and remember you have the Freedom to choose (the method of your demise).