50 year lapse on secret UFO files


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unbelievable these files were classifed, but a secret government group setup to look into UFO's has now had it's minutes revealed to the public.

why were they made secret? did they not realise the effect this release would have on the UFO spotters?

The Times : 04/02/05 (UK)


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For those wondering about the spelling and/or what the heck the Ministry of Defence is.... the articles are from the UK. ;)


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It's about time. UFOs are UFOs in the sense that they are Unidentified, They are Flying and They are Objects. That's about as far as I can let my mind go.
Our tiny Earth is so insignificant, Our Sun is so insignificant that it would amaze me if ET ever found us. When I was a Child I wore childrens clothes and thought like a child, Humanity is still a child, We are young and we really don't know very much. We are still learning. Think about what we have learned in the last century then figure the age of Humans, then figure the age of life, then figure the age of the Earth and Sun. Now remember the Sun is a second generation star. A whole civilization could have lived and died already. We are so young!


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but the military had jets in the air, had intelligence showing exactly what each nation in our world was capable of. in specific cases there must be vast doubt over any reasonable explanation of what people really saw.

curious to note that the MOD actually thought that the investigation and the continuing reports from people (including military personnel) would actually harm other projects current or proposed, that would be searching for life. Now the MOD officially are open minded, but between the lines we see that they were still open minded then, just wanted concrete proof. Maybe their own frustrations made them make the comments they did. Or was there pressure from the old school persons in power to clamp down on these things? Until classified documents surface explaining why the actions were taken in this classified document we will never know the truth about what motivated this decision without concrete proof UFO's did not exist!

(and as to the language/spelling, i think Isaac Asimov was actually commenting on problems for american people with the difference between "British" and "English" OMG! It's like he didn't know that the "British Isles" now known as "United Kingdom" contains "England" where we speak "English". Theres no such thing as the "British" language :smiley: Scotland, Wales, EIRE and Northern Ireland are also contained within the UK, with Scottish, Welsh and Irish being the other languages spoken)