Politics 9/11 Commission


I know this is a painful subject for a lot of people but I can't get my head round why you are having one. From the media angle in Britain which is all I can go by there a blame culture here.

Do people honestly think that if the government knew, if they could have stopped it. They wouldn't have done.

In Britain we lived with the threat of terroism for years. In the 1990's peace talks broke down at the governments behest because it couldn't negogiate with one side. It needed the MPs od the Unionists to stop it falling into a minority adminstration which would have lead to an election. There has been two enquires one into Bloody Sunday when the British Army in NI killed people on a March. The enquiry was trying to find if there was justifiable cause to shoot. That took thirty years to report. The second was into collusion in four murders between the Unionists and MI5. That report has never recieved much public attention and a book about it was never even reviewed in the national press.

Perhaps this shows you have a more open system of government than us. But the whole ethos behind 9/11 was it was a surprise. The public had no idea. That was the point.

I don't believe however much you hate Bush or not wheather he had pre-determined ambtions in Iraq, that people can think he would let that happen.
personally, i think that people just want to blame someone for what happened. i don't think it was any one person's or one administration's fault. i watched part of the questioning of Condoleeza Rice, and from what i could tell it was mostly political felgercarb, not about finding the truth. it's disgusting. a lot of the democrats bullied her, and a lot of the republicans asked questions they knew Rice would answer and make the Bush administration look good.
I highly doubt anyone would have let 9/11 go down even if they had 100% positive proof that an attack was going to happen. We're talking about genocide here. And you can't exaclty put the country on a crazy alert (remember before 9/11 we had NO FEARS of stuff like this happening) on some vague statements.

Did they know we had enemies? Yes. Did they know it was possible for an attack? yes. But would you want to send a whole country into utter chaos on a few statements without positive proof? No. Say they did warn us and nothing happened, what would the public be doing then? b****ing, just as they are now. People are going to complain and be upset no matter what you do because of your false alarm. Deal with it. Politics isn't black and white people. Nothing is.

People want someone to blame. Its even better when you can blame someone on your own side for an error rather than believe that even though your guard was up, you still got attacked. I think its easier for people to believe that we are still an indestructible, untouchable nation who's leaders messed up than it is to believe that we are not so untouchable even with our best defenses.