______ May he rest in peace (Harry Potter 5!!)


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Oooh, more to read, fun! Still re-reading After the End. I want to do it really slowly this time so it'll last. It's such a good story, it's even beyond me how they just did it so much as how I'd expect it to happen. Lovely.
I think our Yule Ball story's finally finished gals, if you want to check that out.

Hey lovely SAS people, I had to add another Sirius wall I found. This one was done by Agnes Bean as well (she always does wonderful Sirius-filled art ;) )
(Warning of OotP spoilers:)
Tribute to Sirius Black
I'm still skimming ATE with the bare minimal time I have as well! ;)

And wonderful essay that you posted Britt. Water Witch did an amazing job....almost as good as the one on SQ.

I hope you girls are having a great summer!
Hey all *waves*

I just joined AA, and I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter, and especially Sirius.

Anyway, Alias_Fan directed me over here because I have made another Sirius wallpaper (I can see she's already posted a few *is honored*)

Anway...link to Sirius


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squee! You joined! I simply just love the Sirius, art, but really, what can you say- it's Sirius?

I'm almost done with AtE :( , I only have like 10 or so chapters left. But it's so different reading the second time, because there are so many little details I've forgotten but other scenes just stand out in my mind.


sirius is by far the most awesomest character in all of the harry potter books, except of course for ron :D
but ugh, i really dont think that he's dead. i mean, why would Jo do that? it'd put so much more stress and everything awful upon harry even more than what he already has on him.
i ripped that page out, seriously, from my Ootp book. lol i hated it just thaaat much.
but did anyone else cry when they read the death?
Hey Agnes Bean and _Marisa! Welcome to our HP thread. I'm Cass, one of the regulars (there are several of us who spend a good amount of time on this thread). I speak for several of us, when I say welcome and we hope to see you around.

For my SAS members, I've meaning to tell you that I actually met a Harry/Cho shipper. :blink: And the first thing out of my mouth when she said that was "You mean the leaky faucet?" I can't even think of her without thinking of a leaky faucet. :LOL:

Oh, btw, here's a link to these little animated puppets of Harry Potter. They are seriously some of the funniest things I've ever seen. I've been showing them to everybody. There's 2 of them ("Bothering Snape" and "Trouble at Hogwarts") but they are both at the same link. Here it is: Potter Puppet Pals


lmao yeah i've seen those
and thanks for the big hello :)
im probably gonna spend the majority of my time on this thread
i have a major thing for harry potter
..not the character you sicko people :P
geeze...a Harry/Cho shipper? I thought all leaky faucets were gone. lol

And welcome welcome welcome to the SAS thread! My name is Bridget and I use to spend looooots of time here, but a minor detail of school and summer projects killed me. lol But I hope I can keep coming back, especially to talk with everyone and my sistas again!

Speaking of which.... :angelic: what shipper are you for? Brit and I captain the H/G....with the side of H/R, and Cass captains H/Hr. I'd love to know! ;)

just b/c I felt like it :) :serenade:
cestmoi713 said:
yeah i know!!! i didnt see the movie since i think it'll ruin the book for me (and PoA is my FAVORITE book), but i saw a pic and that's not how i pictured him at all. he IS supposed to be sexy :( . i was disappointed. (n)
Well, I certainly didn't expect him to be sexy. I mean, several times in the series rowling refers to the days when he <i>used</i> to be handsome. have you seen the new voldemort, though? hot. period. he's gonna need some serious makeup. although, i suppose riddle was supposed to be good-looking, so i guess it works. anyway, sirius wasn't what i thought he'd be, but i certainly didn't expect anything incredibly hot. actually, my problem is more along the lines of He's Not Thin Enough For Someone's Who's Lived in Azkaban With That Kind of Stress For That Long! he should be emaciated! and what was the deal with tattoos? and the missing explanations throughout the movie? that drove me nuts! and they changed EVERY scene. there was not ONE scene left intact. oh, i SO hope rowling finds a new director. actually, i think peter jackson should be doing it, but that's just me.
I know, I'm not supposed to post again like this, but I had to reply this.

Quiet Disaster said:
It was quite hilarious. :LOL:

Does ANYONE think Sirius ISN'T dead?

Yes and no. Dead, but not gone (read all the parts about the veil, especially what Luna said about talking to her mother at the end.)


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alias_fan said:
this might be a kinda spoilery topic for people who haven't read hp5 yet. i already found out by an unfortunate figuring out.

erm yeah so i just read this from cheslea's sig b4 i finished book 4. :(

but i must say - i am in love :love: with HP books now and didn't care really that i knew he died cos i was too sad that he did.

so hello everyone :)

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Acrocanis said:
I know, I'm not supposed to post again like this, but I had to reply this.
Yes and no. Dead, but not gone (read all the parts about the veil, especially what Luna said about talking to her mother at the end.)
welll... i'm secretly hoping he's alive, but to be honest, i don't have much hope. -_-

jems i'm glad you like the books! now you can join our clan of obsessiveness! :LOL: