A boy


Dec 11, 2006
my name is nitin. i am a seventeen years old and indian boy from helsinki, finland.
from the 14th january my home will be in swaziland for almost two years

i am a boy who wants to rescue african children from hunger & diseases.
i am a boy who is never been in love and who loves to talk about love.
a boy who used to daydream about being a cartoon character.
a boy who loves to smile & laugh & cry & giggle.
who loves to share the world with people.
who loves to make other people smile.
loves to be with friends in rome.
loves to be loved & loved.
(wants) to be something.
(wants) to be a hero.
be my hero today.​

facts. i am afraid of death. i am going to make a wish on the 7th July 2007 (070707) at 07.07 am and an another wish on same day at 07.07 pm tough both of the wishes will be the same. words make me alive. i prefer living & being in a city. moscow is something that i have always wanted to see. i fall in love with cities & words & places & photos but i have never been in love with someone. i like being awake but it is way too hard to me wake up. i daydream, mostly about love, occasionally about being an author, rarely about seeing an international airport of tokyo. i have nightmares, mostly about dying, occasionally about being alone for the rest of my live, rarely about losing someone important. most of my friends are girls (ie. i dont have male friends). people say i am feminine. if i hate something, i hate gender roles. if i love something, i love being in someplace beautiful with a friend. if i miss something, i miss being a child. if i am something, i am a wallflower. if i regret something, i regret writing this. if i cry for something, i cry for movies and series like lost and delirious & boys dont cry & cold case.

i want to be a teacher. i want to be a writer. i want to be a photographer. i want to work with children. i want to tell to the children of the third world that the world loves you, that someday every person will see you, that someday you dont need to worry about money or food. i want to write about them, i want to write a novel about a child doesnt know what a camera is. i want to take photographs of them, i want to give them a picture of themselves.

♥ ♥ ♥ LOVE & LOVE & LOVE: michael vartan, richard siken, visiting different places, seeing a new country, daydreaming myself with someone who would love me, meeting new people, having good time, cold case (tv), alias (tv), writing & reading poems, walking alone on the streets of big cities like rome, photographing sunsets, believing that when you write your name into starts and then the first one who asks your name is the "one", buying notebooks and keeping them empty.

if i kiss someone, i kiss my invisible friend.[/i]

http://nosundays.livejournal.com is my blog, hello.

michael vartan, michael vartan & michael vartan is love, love & love. i hope you agree!
May 28, 2007
i know i'm kinda late to write this but i just saw this topic!
nitin , hi , it seems like you're a very sensitive , caring boy! good to see people like that around!
please feel free to talk to me anytime you want !!!
bye for now ,
Julia :D