A Burning Vengeance. . .


Dec 1, 2006
Ok. . This is the back story of my fic. . .
It takes place in Syds Missing Years. .

A Burning Vengeance

Sydney felt blood trickle down her cheek as she desperately clutched the wall in her apartment.
"You know you never even knew. . .You must be so stupid."
the fake Francie aka Alison Doren sneered as she aimed her gun at Sydney.
"You. . .You killed my best friend!" Sydney screamed as she lunged for her gun.
Just in time. . .
She looked up as Alison fired her gun.
Sydney ducked and grabbing her gun, she aimed at her worst enemy.
"This is for Francie. . " Sydney snarled as she shot Alison in the heart.
Once. . .
Twice. . .
Thrice. . .
Sydney watched as she fell to the floor clutching her bleeding chest.
Sydney continued to fire the gun until it finally emptied with a dull resounding click.
Sydney collapsed against the wall and werily closed her eyes and giving in to the beckoning darkness. . . .
* ~ *
Blinding bright lights. . .
Sydney's eyes snapped open as a man slapped her.
She sat up with a start and realised she strapped to a chair.
She looked around wildly.
She was in a empty caravan and a cold looking old man in a lab coat stood there hovering over her.
He pressed a knife against her throat and she gasped as he yanked her over to the tinted window.
She looked out and stared in muted shock and watched as her father and Vaughn stood at a mountain edge.
"Do you see them?
Do you understand what this means?" the man leaned down and hissed in her ear.
They were emptying a urn of ashes. . . .
Oh god. . .
Sydney struggled with all her strength and began to shout in horror.
The man just laughed creully.
"They wont be able to hear you. . ." he sneered his voice bearing a thick russian accent.
"You are dead Sydney Bristow.
Do you understand me?
You Are DEAD!" He hissed as she screamed in horror. . .
* ~ *
3 days Later. . .

Sydney gasped her arms flailing in the ice cold fetid water as a man held her head down.
She was sure she was going to drown. . .
This was all part of a test.
A test from hell to see how long she could endure being under water. . .
How long she could hold her breath. .
Gasping she resurfaced and breathed in deeply.
They had being doing these nighmarish tests on her. . .
Everyday. . She was violently awakened and the thrust into some violent type of torture.
They said they were trying to make her stronger. .
Make her the best agent and fighter that ever existed.
She wasnt sure how much more she would be able to take. . .
How much longer before she gave in?
Gave up.
She spat out the fetid water from her mouth as her trainer stood back and indicated that she could leave the pool.
As soon as she stepped out, the water streaming down her cold and bruised body,
he yanked her down the dimly lit stone corridor.
She couldnt even muster up the energy to push him away as he yanked open the heavy steel door to her temporary room where she slept.
"No! Dont. . ." she cried out but the creul man ignored her as he viciously flung her onto the stone floor.
She lay on the cold floor listening as he bolted the door from outside.
"I didnt realise you were here. . ." a soft voice spoke from the shadows.
Sydney looked up with a start.
"You. . .What are you doing here!?" she gasped as Sark slowly advanced on her and leaned down next to her.
He began to gently stroke her hair.
"Hush darling. .
They have hurt you so much. . . ."

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