Politics A closet SF fan? Mitt Romney's favourite novel: Battlefield Earth


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Sorry if this sounds like a political rant, but it's on topic (SF) and more about social networking tools used to create public image in the population.

What to read into Obama and Romney's favorite books

I think we can all agree the film left much to desire, and the novel was a lot of waffle and very immature considering the maturity of the genre.

Should politicians be listing novels with greater moral messages or humanity in them? Fahrenheit 451, Artificial Intelligence, I Robot, Bicentennial Man?

The very attitude of many to the writer of Battlefield earth concerning his 'religion' is worrying enough when the novel is supported by one who wishes to be the most powerful leader on Earth.
If I had to take a guess I'd say that Romney has never read an actual sci-fi movie in his life and only named Battlefield Earth because he knew of the title and/or somebody in his support system had it listed.
Or one further, that he doesn't know how to access FB and one of his campaign staff has crafted his social media to win votes.

Further down there is comments on the campaign trail reading list that is getting updated.
I'm proud to say, I've never seen Battlefield Earth. Bird, bird, bird is the word. Bird bird bird, bird is the word.
You're lucky! I love watching old B movies but even for me Battlefield Earth was just bad. Huge plot holes, bad acting, and John Travolta as a 9' alien bad guy just don't mix.