A Deadly Bride. . .


Dec 1, 2006
Chapter One.

It was cold.
Bitterly cold.
'When is Russia ever anything but cold?' Sark thought with a grimace.
He pulled his long trench coat closer and walked down the dead quiet street to his car which was parked just down the road.
He couldnt believe his informant had the audacity to tell him he needed more time. . .
It had taken all of Sark's self restraint to not pull out his gun and just put the misrable son of a bitch out of his misery.
It was now saturday.
And Sark still hadnt been able to aquire the information he had come to this dreaded town for.
Sark hated Russia.
It had still too many painful memories. . .
Ones he prefer not to think off.
Drawing in a deep breath Sark entered the warm interior of the car and began to drive down the dark run down road to find a hotel.
Someone suddenly appeared in his peripheral vision and he slammed down on the brakes as the car came to a swift halt.
The car had just stopped inches away from a girl.
Sark quickly vacated the car and approached her.
"Are you alright?" he asked his eyes keenly fixed on her.
She was beautiful. . .
Even though it was snowing she wore torn clothing. . And she was barefoot.
She stared defiantly at him her brown eyes challenging.
"Come sit in the car. . .It will be warmer there." Sark spoke again as he tried to coerce a response from her.
She still didnt reply.
And with a glare she stalked away from him her feet, he was sure frostbitten.
He watched her go a small smile curling up his lips.
He knew then that he had to have her. . .
He followed her home.
Practically stalked her.
After all he was very good at that.
She lived in a run down falling apart excuse for a home.
Her mother, he learned was actually a cleaner and her father. . .
Well he was a drop out pathetic excuse for a man and he spent every penny earned on alcohol.
'This is going to be almost too easy. . .' Sark mused as he was parked outside their house and watching as her mother and father argued like . . .Well like animals.
Sark thought in distaste.
He was standing outside leaning against his Mercedes coupe when the father stumbled out of the house already slightly drunk.
He stopped in his tracks at the sight of Sark.
It wasnt very often that he saw strikingly handsome men driving Mercedes coupes outside his house.
He cautiously approached him.
"Hello. . Mr Kane?" Sark asked crisply as he shook the mans hand.
Mr Kane looked suspiciously at him but nodded.
Sark reached into the top pocket of his trench coat and pulled out an envelope.
He handed it to the man and Kane quickly opened.
Kane gasped in shock and pure delight at the sight of a hundred thousand dollars in large notes.
He glanced up at Sark the smile slowly slipping of his face.
"Why are you giving me this?" he asked.
Sark leaned back and studied him with unnerving scrutiny.
"I am a wealthy business man Mr Kane.
I however do require something from you." he spoke his voice smooth. . Convincing.
"What is it. . .Anything you want. . .You can have it." Kane said his voice trembling at the thought that he could keep so much money.
Sark smiled cunningly.
"Then you will agree to let me take your daughter Sydney with me. . Back to New York. And. . .As my wife." Sark finished as he watched the man.
Kane didnt need much convincing.
"You. . You going to take my daughter to New York?." he asked stunned as if New York was heaven.
"Yes. . If she'll come with me."
Sark perched somewhat uncomfortably on the edge of the couch as he listened to Sydney argue with her parents as they both tried to convince her to go with him.

"I wont go with him!" Sydney cried out.
"But Sydney. . .Think how this man can help you. . . .
You can finally live a real life with good things. . .And food." her mother said.
Sydney glared at her.
"Oh . .And think of all the things YOU ALL can have thanks to him!
While im forced to go with him. .
He's probably a pervert who will just rape me." She said her voice sharp edged.
Sark winced at her harsh words.
Did she really think that little of him?
Well he would have to change that opinion for her. . . .

Sark glanced at Sydney.
Her parents had eventually won out in the end.
Sark's charm had worked all too easily on them. .
She sat rigidly in the front seat staring at the road as the he drove.
He wondered how this had all happened?
Why had he done this?
Was it love at first sight?
And better question what the hell had he just gotten himself into. . . .


Nov 30, 2005
This was a different story not like every one else. Very good and I hope you continue.

Please PM me when you update, this story is soo good


Dec 1, 2006
Present Day. . .

Micheal stared at the computer screen till his vision blurred.
"You know Mike. . .I think i really wanna get married someday. . " Will Tippen mused in the background.
Micheal sighed irritably.
"Oh come on Tippen . .Its ten o clock in the night
we're working and you wanna talk life?!"
Will lifted his hands up in surrender.
"Hey man! Lets just leave and get outta here."
they were currently working in Section Two, the most uncomplicated area of Aztex Wcc.
Just then the entire office plunged into darkness.
"Damnit! Why the hell arent the generators kicking in?" Vaughn cursed.
Will motioned to the corner of the floor.
"Hey. . .You see that red light?
Thats the elevator that goes up to the other sections. . .
It looks like the guys upstairs have lights." Will pointed out.
He slowly got up and stumbled his way over in the darkness.
"Thats V.I.P area Will. I dont think you should go there . .
You know we are strictly not authorized to enter that area."
Vaughn warned.
"aww come on man. . .
Im not gonna wait here all night! After all we can exit.
The front door is electronically operated!" Will said as the elevator door swiftly opened.
Will stepped in and closely examined the control panel.
"The security curcuit has completely blown off. . ."
he looked up at Vaughn who was still sitting at his desk.
"I will be able to go to Section section three or one. . .
Without a handprint!" he said triumphantly.
Vaughn silently watched as Will waved.
"Wish me luck!" Will grinned and Vaughn never knew that would be the last time he ever saw his friend alive. . . .
* ~ *
Sark gently massaged his temples as he stared at the picture on his desk.
He had pulled it out of the drawer. .
There was no way Sark would let anyone know that he treasured and nearly worshipped this beautiful picture. . .
It was a picture of Sydney.
After all this time. . .
He still loved her.
It was almost sickening. . .Like a bad obsession.
She never seemed to leave his mind, almost seemed to haunt him . . Like a dream.
He gently traced the outline of her beautiful face with his index finger.
He sighed heavily. . .
Just as the entire office plunged into darkness.
He reached up and loosened his tie as he patiently waited.
Within seconds the generators kicked in and the chilled air emitting from the aircon duct flowed back in.
He stood up . .
Just as Peyton came striding into his office without knocking.
He glanced up at her in annoyance.
"I presume youre here for a reason?" he asked crisply.
She smiled. . .
Like a predator cat.
"Dr Flinkman called.
He just informed me that Your brainchild has just gone missing." she said slowly drawing out her words to cause him as much anxiety as possible.
Wordlessy He immediately strode past her and headed for the elevator.
His mind was in a whirl.
Nadia couldnt just go missing. . .
She was much to important to his precious work to go missing.
When he arrived on the thirteenth floor Marshall Flinkman immediately approached him.
"Mr Sark. . .Im so sorry.
No. Thirteen has just disappeared! I dont know how. . "
He trailed of as Sark shot him and icy glare.
"You check the east wing.
I will take the west." he said brusquely before heading down the long corridor.
* ~ *
Nadia had never felt such absolute stark fear as she felt now.
Her entire memory had been erased. . .
She had not recollection. . .
Just empty cold blankness as she stumbled bare foot through the cold white corridors.
The harsh florescent was hurting her eyes. . .
"Nadia. . ." the cool british voice cut through her thoughts like a sharp knife.
She slowly turned around. . .
And faced the man.
He looked no older than twenty five.
He was wearing a dark suit which contrasted against the whiteness of the corridor.
And his hair. . .
A light blond which shone almost angelically.
Actually he was the picture of and angel. . .
And angel of death.
Nadia turned and ran down the endless corridor her feet making echoes through the corridor.
"Nadia. . . Please dont run."
he called out behind her as if she was a difficult child.
Nadia felt her heart freeze in fear as she came to a closed door.
She desperately struggled to open it but it was locked.
"Nadia. . .Please come with me." he was right behind her now. . His voice eerily calm.
She spun around her heart pounding wildly.
And gave in to her urge. .
She expertly swung her foot up and kicked him, totally taking him by surprise.
He's bright blue eyes widened in shock and pain. . .
Then he lunged at her pinning her against the wall.
"Dont. . .EVER do that again Nadia." he said through gritted teeth.
She slowly slid her leg up. . .
And viciously kneed him in his stomach.
This time she had been luckier. . .
He went down and she rushed forward.
She had to escape. . .
Had to get away. . .
She cried out as he swung around and grabbed hold of her ankle.
She went down hard and he got to his knees and violently pinned her arms above her head with his one hand.
His other hand reached behind her and pulled up the hem of her hospital gown, his index finger just inches from her spine.
Her heart sank.
She knew what he was going to do.
In medical science If he pressed his finger down on the small bone next to her spine she would fall unconcious. . .
That is after suffering a violent painful convulsions. . .
"Please dont do that. . . " she pleaded desperately.
He hesitated for a moment. . .
Staring down at her.
"I really would never want to hurt you Nadia. . . ." he said softly and she sighed in relief.
Perhaps he wasnt such a creul man after all. . .
After all he had to be kind to care for. . . .
Nadia screamed as without warning he pressed his finger down on her bone.
Tormenting pain washed over her as she stared at him convulsing.
He slowly stood up, watching her a strange wash of emotions flowing through him.
It almost hurt. . .
Stung the way her betrayed look mirrored Sydney's so uncannilly. . . .

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Nov 30, 2005
Sark gently massaged his temples as he stared at the picture on his desk.
He had pulled it out of the drawer. .
There was no way Sark would let anyone know that he treasured and nearly worshipped this beautiful picture. . .
It was a picture of Sydney.
After all this time. . .
He still loved her.
What has happen under "all this time..." are they still together?
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