A Dream Come True


Aug 1, 2003
k so we're runnin a bit behing schedule.... sry! but i think i can post it by friday.... or on friday. friday by 12:00 am... that is mypromise... if not u can send me very annoying hate pm's..........



Aug 1, 2003
wow, shows how good i am at keepin promises... well here i am with more, not on time, but hey, what can i say, im a busy gal... lol so yah here's more:

January 4th, 2003
Dear Diary,

Well, i had quite the fight with Sark two days ago. I would have written sooner but i had no time, i was too busy trying to get Sark back. See, the usual happened, we fought, i kicked his sorry (not as cute as vaughn's) ass. but then i turned around for a split second and he ran.... i chase him, running down the halls of this fancy restaurant and out into a back alley, but as usual a big black van picked him up.... i never get how that man can escape so easily! and if i can't get it, then it's bad cause not to brag but im pretty good at escaping. anyways, there is knocking at the door, and im pretty sure it's vaughn because he said he was coming over....

until later, Sydney Bristow.

"Hello handsome," said Syd as she opened the door.

"Hello darling," said Vaughn, leaning in to kiss Syd.

"Wow, have i ever told you that you are a good kisser?" Vaughn replied to her comment with another kiss. "Why don't you come in?"

"Thank you, I thought you would never ask." Vaughn hung up his coat on the empty coat rack that stood near the door. "I brought over some food.... I must say, I make a mean tuna casserole."

"Okay then, let me go take shower, and then we will eat." Sydney kissed Vaughn and walked towards the bathroom. Vaughn pulled out his journal.....

January 4, 2003
Dear Diary,

Wow, it is sooooo awesome to see your girl kick another guy's ass. I have to say, she did do a good job, even better considering i was on the ground semi-knocked out along with all the other guys who were with us! Anyway, so I'm at Syd's, we're going to have tuna casserole once she gets out of the shower. I hpoe she likes it.... but on to more important matters:

I love Sydney. So much. I wonder if it is too early to ask her to marry me? Probably is. I just can't imagine living the rest of my life without her. I'll run it by Weiss.... actually, seeing those words on paper make me think what a bad idea that would be.

Syd's coming out of the shower....

'till next time,

Michael C. Vaughn.

"Writing in your diary honey?" asked Syd, pulling her hair into a ponytail.

Vaughn smiled, "You caught me."

"Nooo, I love a guy who is sentimental enough to write in a diary, i think that i really sexy."

"See, i prefer to call it a journal, diary makes it sound so girly."

"Right. Journal is it, but it doesnt really matter. Anyways, we should probabl eat, the casserole is getting cold."

"You have an oven you know," said Vaughn, pulling Syd into a passionate kiss, "We can reheat."

And here lies the end of chapter I-dont-kno-what. hope u liked it! srry so short, i gotta go do HW! bye!
wow hi everybody ems? i gotta question 4 u
(not that i gave u much choice)
but that sounded like a um how should i put this
umm . . . 2 second shower to me! i mean come on
jk jk jk

so hello srry we haven't posted in a while
c here is the story, émilie realy wanted
to do the nxt chapter so i let her, but she's been
haveing a bit of a writers block so yea . . .
and by the way it's chapter 5

Jees some people!!!!!!! lol jk jk jk so yeah i
shall pester ems to post the rest of the chapter
by sunday b4 alias starts!!!

any wayz till next time

l8er dayz

~Kim~ :D


Mar 12, 2003
Hey this was a great chapter! :D It's coming alonf really well!! :P Thanks for the PM! And wouldn't it be SO romantic if they ran away and got married *sigh*
Anyway Maths is undeinably the best time to write! :D I wish my desk wasn't so close to the front...



Aug 1, 2003
ok ppl... first of all, we all have to thank kim for the pm's... i was bein (in kim's words) a lazy ass so i didnt wanna do it, and so kim offered to, and pm'd her way through our list one by one, because her comp screwed up and she could not send more than one pm at a time.

next: i have to say, this storyis my getaway! its soo nice to be able to make up some s/v fluff to make up for what we have (or lack thereof) on the real thing.

finally: there should be more soon-ish.. i have a cute chap.

finally #2: nattie, yes it would be sweet, but there are no marriages anywhere in the next say ten chaps.... or is there? oooohhh... u guys will have to wait and see!



Aug 1, 2003
oh. my. god. i'm actually posting!!! it has been soooooooo long and i am sooooooo sorry!!!! i feel bad. here u go:


"Hey honey" said Vaughn as he warmly hugged Syd.

"Mmm" said Syd lazily, rolling over so she could face Vaughn. "What time is it?"

"I don't know, hold on," Vaughn checked his watch and sat up "Hon, we are really
late for work. it's 11:30!"

"O god, k I'm going to shower, can you make breakfast? And nothing too big. We have got to get going!"

While Syd was in the shower, Vaughn made a breakfast consisting of Capt'n Crunch and a glass of milk each. He was about to sit down to eat when Syd's cellphone rang.


"Oh sorry Agent Vaughn, I must have dialed the wrong number," said Jack on the
other end.

"Uhhh, no, this is Syd's phone" s*** wat did i say that for?

"I see, and what might you be doing answering Sydney's phone?"

"I was picking her up, because I realized I was late for work, and I came to see if Syd was too. Apparently she is, so we're about to leave, okay?"

"Let me tell you Agent Vaughn, I know what is up, and if it weren't for the fact that my daughter's job would be at stake if it told, you would be screwed. Be here in ten minutes." With that, Jack hung up.

"Um, honey, you better be quick, that was your dad, and he's not too happy!"
“Oh god, okay Im coming!”

When Syd got out, Vaughn got in. When he was done showering, Syd was done eating and they left together to go to work.


“Agents Vaughn and Bristow, I would like to see you in my office.”

The couple did what Kendall asked, knowing that most likely, they were screwed. They walked into the office and closed the door.

“Now, you were both late today, and you arrived together. I want to hear the whole story, now.”

Syd was the one to speak up. “See, sir, last night, a group of us went out to a party, you know, a friend was having a birthday party. Now because we are not supposed to get drunk on a work night, we didn’t. However, we did stay up late. We realize now that that was a mistake, because it caused us both to be late. The reason we arrived together is because Agent Vaughn, being a man, called me this morning to see if I was running late aswell. When he found out I was, he offered me a ride to work, so as to not pollute our environment even more by using two cars.” She finished with a big smile on her face.

Vaughn sat there dumbfounded. She was really smooth when she needed to lie! “Okay Agent Bristow. For today, you two are off the hook. However, I do not want you to be late again, and you know protocol: no romantic relationships with your co-workers. Be in the briefing room in fifteen minutes.”

Vaughn and Syd walked out of the office stiffly. It had been a very close call.

“Wow, that was good darling.” said Vaughn.

“Why thank you, honey,” replied Syd. “Now, if you don’t mind, I am going to go to my desk, but how about lunch?”

“Sounds good.” With a discreet squeeze of the hand, the two separated. When Syd sat down at her desk, she opened her journal.

January 6th, 2004
Dear Diary,

Wow! That was a close call! See, Vaughn slept over last night, and it was amazing, but we were late this morning. Kendall wasn’t too happy, and if it weren’t for the fact that Vaughn and I have something to hold against Daddy Dearest, then we would be screwed. Ahh, life as an Intelligence
Agent. Anyway, I have to go to a briefing, but I will write later!!


the end of chap , hopefully more is coming!!!!

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