A Dream Within A Dream

Jun 21, 2005
Chicago, IL
As my friend here the Tiger would say GREAAAT!!!!

haha Joey Said that on 'Friends' when he was eating Tony the Tiger cereal, I forgot the name of the brand *Jeporday Music* Oh he said it when he was eating Frosted Flakes. haha. You've gotta love Joey. ^_^

-Nadia :beret: :cowboy: :Pirate2:


May 24, 2005
aww i'm so glad you all liked the chapter!!!!! and thanks for reading and reviewing!!

I'll try to update soon but you never know it might be another long wait! sorry
May 11, 2005
San Jose, CA
Final Chapter – Eva (Sydney’s POV)

“I’m so sorry.” Nadia said, burying her face in my shoulder as she cried.

I stirred in my bed a moment before finally sitting up. Vaughn came in, grabbing the suitcases at the foot of the bed. It was that moment I remembered we were going to Santa Barbara today, just the two of us. He bent down to grab another suitcase, but I gave him a ‘come hither’ look and he came over to my side of the bed and kissed me.

“Morning.” I said with a smile.

“Same to you.” He replied with an equally bright smile, “I’ve almost got the car packed so I have everything now but you.”

“You can have me in 20 minutes, just let me get dressed.” I said before kissing him again. He nodded and took another suitcase out to the car. As I began to get out of bed, I thought about the crazy events that played out in my mind.

What a weird dream. I thought, Thank goodness that first part would never happen.

I went to my closet to pick out an outfit to wear, which didn’t take very long. I then headed to the bathroom to fix myself up. After putting on my makeup and taking my hair down from its curlers, I was set to begin our adventure.

I went out to the car, seeing Vaughn stuffing the last suitcase in the back seat. I smiled, wondering how I was blessed with such a wonderful fiancée. He smiled at me and I went over to give him one last kiss before getting in the car.

“I had a thought.” I said, partway into our drive.


“What if we just blow off the big wedding thing? What if we just do it on the beach?”

“The beach?” Vaughn asked with a laugh.

“What do you think?” I responded.

“I like it. Barefoot on the beach, you'd look sexy as hell.” He said, “But wait, what about your dad? He doesn’t seem the kinda guy to get sand in his toes.”

“That’s true.” I replied with a laugh, “So…We won’t invite him.”

“Your father?” Vaughn asked in disbelief.

“What if we don’t invite anyone, we just elope?” I suggested.

“Are you serious?”

“I would love it.”

“Alright, then we'll elope.” Vaughn said.

“Have I told you that I love you?” I said with a smile.

“Yeah.” he replied, smiling, “Go ahead, tell me again.”

“I love you.” I said sincerely.

“I love you too.” He replied.

“I know.” I said, “Say it again.”

“I love you Syd.” He replied, “That’s why I need to tell you something, just so there’s no secrets between us.”

“Okay. Whatever it is, I can handle it. Just don’t tell me you're a bad guy.” I said. Vaughn sat silent for a moment before I spoke again.

“You're not a bad guy are you?” I asked.

“Well, that depends on who you ask.” He replied.

“Vaughn...” I said, concerned.

“It's from a long time ago. Before we met. Actually it’s the reason we met.” He said, taking a breath, “It’s no accident that I was the one you came to when you walked into the CIA with your story about SD-6.”

“Wait, Vaughn, I don’t understand.” I responded, “What are you telling me?”

“Well, for starters my name isn’t Michael Vaughn…” he began. I looked at him in horror, waiting for him to finish his thought. That’s when the Jeep came out of nowhere.




Well, that's it! ^_^ On behalf of The Dream Team, thanks for reading and thank you guys so much for all your reviews. We're trying to get together for another cowrite, but we've gotta work through our schedules, so it'll be awhile yet. Hope you loved it!


Jun 15, 2005
FIRST!!!! yippeee!!!! thats the 2nd first tonight!!!!yea im on a roll
ahhh!!!! another im not michael vaughn...crash!!!!and its the end!!!!! so i loved the story cant wait to read another story!!!!
May 11, 2005
San Jose, CA
no sequel whatsoever. i'd like to, but i've got 9 other stories on my plate and all 3 of us have hectic school schedules. but there should be another Dream Team cowrite coming around break or something like that. :shrug: you'll have to ask Kat & Kit about that.
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