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A Family Affair- Chapter 1

Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by AliasAussie, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. AliasAussie

    AliasAussie Scout

    Dec 13, 2002
    ~At the Home of Mr. Sark~

    The light filtered through the blinds as the morning sun rose over the Hollywood Hills. As Sark awoke, he felt around the crisp, cool sheets and realized that she wasn’t there. As he listened, strains of Wagner rose from the piano by the balcony. There she was, playing a beautiful piece of music. To him, she was a perfect creature in every way. Intelligent, cunning, witty, and gorgeous. Her long dark hair fell across her face as her perfectly manicured fingers swept over the black and white keys.
    “Good Morning, Sunshine. It took you long enough to wake up.” Her slightly accented English had an almost melodic tune to it.
    “I’m sorry I got home so late from France,” Sark replied with his crisp British accent that she found so sexy, “but you certainly did nothing to help me get to sleep.”
    “I couldn’t help it. I missed you. I’m just making sure that you aren’t playing around with my sister on these trips,” she replied with feigned hurt.
    “Do you honestly believe that I would pursue her when I have you?” He sat down on the piano bench with her and lightly massaged her back.
    “No, but a girl certainly has to make sure her man keeps coming home to her!”
    “Darling, why would I pursue the aging model when I have the newest version right here?
    Elena and Sark’s bodies melted into one in a passionate kiss, knowing that there was nothing for the other to worry about.

    More to Come!
    Lemme know what you think...thanks!!
  2. AliasAussie

    AliasAussie Scout

    Dec 13, 2002
    Here's Chapter 2!

    ~At SD-6 Headquarters~

    As Sydney strode through the lobby of Credit Dauphine, Mr. Sark drove his black Mercedes coupe into the underground parking structure. He strode into the lobby and reached and reached the “executive” elevator that led directly to SD-6 headquarters.
    “Good morning, Ms. Bristow,” Sark said in a friendly manner, “It was lovely working with you in France. I do sincerely hope we continue to work together.” Sydney shot him a look of pure disdain.
    “Look, I don’t know or care what your motives are, but I don’t like you, so let’s keep the chit chat to a minimum.
    They entered the body scan room, and with a bright flash, were cleared to enter headquarters. With a purposeful stride, they went to the meeting room, but Sark was stopped when his phone ring. Taking an extra minute to turn on the scrambling device, Sark answered.
    “Hello, darling. I just received word of a Rambaldi artifact in Moscow, and so I assume, we’ll be seeing each other soon,” Elena spoke with a crisp Russian accent.
    “See you then.”
    “Mr. Sark, so kind of you to join us,” Arvin Slone’s voice had the irritability of a teacher mad at a student late to class. He continued, “Here’s the new mission. Sydney, Dixon, and Sark will be heading to Moscow. There is a company there, Dvorskyet Industries, which manufactures computer software. Dixon, you will be on tech and tap into the security system. Sydney, you and Sark will be entering as two Swedish security experts. Once inside, Sark will disable the power, and Sydney will go up to the third floor. You will be escorted by Anatoly Dvorskyet. Once inside his office, you will disable him. In his office, there is a painting on the back wall, which is directly opposite a wall that is blank. In order to break into the safe, you must lift up the painting so that it forms a 90-degree angle with the wall. This will project the combination onto the wall once the power is off. You will then go to his desk, which houses the built in vault. Inside the vault is a Rambaldi truth serum, which, in theory, will prove invaluable for interrogation.
    “Once you have the serum,” Sloane continued, “you will exit through the fire escape, up to the roof, where you will be met by a helicopter. Now, Marshall has your op tech, Marshall.”
    The socially challenged technical wizard stood up nervously, intimidated by Sloane.
    “Alright, so you, um, need to break into a safe, right? You have a little cell phone. Looks like one, and it can even make phone calls, very swank. But, if you hold the star key for 3 seconds, out pops a nifty little decrypter. Most defiantly a cool toy. Motorola would be very impressed. Now, um, Mr. Sark, I’ve got a great little toy for you too. This looks just like a coffee cup, like the kind you would get from Starbucks. Inside the cup is actually a mini power surger. All you have to do is put it within 18 inches of the power source and bam, no more lights. As long as you keep the little cup within those 18 inches, and it will keep the lights off for up to 7 minutes 37 seconds. I’m working on getting it up to 8 minutes for the next mission.
    “Thank you, Marshall,” said Sloane in a surprisingly nice manner. “Now the three of you will be leaving for Moscow in 4 hours. You will all be traveling separately, as usual, and you will be meeting at your hotel one and a half hours after Mr. Sark’s plane arrives. Good luck.” As they filed out of the room, Sloane sat down and picked up a phone.
    “Security Section- Did you happen to intercept Mr. Sark’s phone call a minute ago?”
    “No, sir, we weren’t able to hear the conversation- he had a scrambler, but we were able to intercept the phone number, but we are still descrambling the number.”
    “Please let me know what you find. Thank you.” Sloane hung up the phone and began to think.

    More to come soon!
  3. The Kate Vartan

    The Kate Vartan Rocket Ranger

    Dec 16, 2002
    good start. i hope to see some more!
  4. alias8000

    alias8000 Rocket Ranger

    May 26, 2003
    that was great! write more soon!
  5. Scarlet Crystal

    Scarlet Crystal Bibbity Rabbity

    Dec 30, 2002
    good start
    but not R-rated
  6. Azhria Lilu

    Azhria Lilu Rocket Ranger

    Nov 18, 2002
    Derbyshire, UK
    Per request, moving.
  7. AliasAussie

    AliasAussie Scout

    Dec 13, 2002
    I know I boo-boo'ed. I was going to add another ::ahem:: romantic scene, but I didn't like how it was going, so I deleted it. But the original plan was rated r, but things change! :)
  8. Alias Elle

    Alias Elle Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    This is good.

    ~Me :angel2:
  9. Betha Bristow

    Betha Bristow Rocket Ranger

    Mar 18, 2003
    United States
    Gee, the last post was in Jan. ?! waz with u ppl?! Well it was a good start, but I can't say that to please continue 'cause if u posted this 4 months ago, I don't expect any updates....(unless u r a very slow typer lol)
    tho I don't like Sark....eeeew Sark! Sark should die (but that's my opinion)
  10. *HaNnAhBaNaNa*

    *HaNnAhBaNaNa* Rocket Ranger

    Jan 5, 2004
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    I like your story!! Can you PM me when you update????? Thanks!!


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