a fascinating book to read and the topic of this post


Avoid A Void
I have downloaded and am reading this book

I will be uploading a copy of it here for anyone to download and read. i first heard and seen of this book, interesting enough in the movie Journey to the center of the earth (2008) with Brenden Fraiser. it is the book seen at the end of the movie.

Which brings me to the new topic i am bringing up. What are your thoughts of Atlantis?

Go ahead and give it all you got here.

Do you believe or dont?
Do you wonder or do you ponder?
Do you postulate the extrordinary or do you theorize the ordinary?:rolleyes:

Donnelly, I believe, had a bit of a following in his day. my best guess is that Atlantis was a fictional creation of Plato's very loosely based on some mediteranean island (Knossos?) that got quaked. might have been a stand-in for various 'lost technology' civilizations whose theories occasionally crop up. there's a whole sub-genre at the edges of mainstream science about these, such as Z Sitchins' books (Lost Realms, 10th Planet). sometimes you read of impossibly advanced tech items found in rock deposits thousands of years old (bullet, gears to a cumputation machine, battery); plus there are the 'Piri Reis' maps, 400 years old, that purport to accurately plot Antarctica without the ice, which should only have been possible in the last 40 years or so.
He did have a little following but as a book and one of a subject i like to read about this is interesting. i have so many atlantis books, even ones passed down in my family that i will be busy for a long time.

just in the news (on yahoo) a couple of days ago i was reading a article about scientist in antartica mapped a mountain range that is mostly underwater but as big as the alps (i believe it was the alps). they even found evidence of flowing water in the valleys of this range a couple mile under the ice.

anyways, back on track here. my interest in atlantis started with plato and grew from there. there is a interesting theory that it was off the coast of greece because of a volcano there and ruins in the caldera that point to it possibly being atlantis and that when dated that it might have been destroyed around the time of the Great Flood in the bible which would answer some questions about that subject being that it is the same geological area of atlantis.
The recent 'discovery' of the would-be Atlantis via Google Maps has been discredited already.

Atlantis? No, it Atlant-isn't.

But do I believe that there ever was a real Atlantis? No. While it'd be nice to think that such a city really did exist I believe it is just a case of a fable of how even the most grandiose of cities will be eventually lost to time.
some History Channel doc postulated that Plato's Atlantis was inspired by the greek island city/state of Minoa. The island, I think, is mostly underwater now but it roughly had the concentric circles of islands Plato described Atlantis as having. I havent seen the show in a while so i could be wrong, but maybe its on youtube or something