A Favour... from Remembering 'Alien'

Hello Everyone,

We have a favour to ask of you, and we hope you won’t mind us asking it here.

Last week four of us (Kate Egan (Aberystwyth University), Martin Barker, Sarah Ralph and Tom Phillips (University of East Anglia)) launched a research project. We are trying to capture people’s memories of watching the film Alien, from anyone and anywhere in the world.

It may seem an odd thing to emphasise, but this project is entirely self-funded. Ten years ago, Kate and Martin applied for funding for a much bigger version, but it got turned down. That happens. But what really irked was one referee’s comment, that Alien simply wasn’t worth spending time studying. That dismissal made us even more determined to do it! What we’re doing now is a version stripped down to what could be managed without funding support.

The favour, then, is simply to ask you to tell other people you know about this, by copying this message out to friends, colleagues etc, to any email lists to which you belong, or by posting the survey address to other web forums, Facebook pages, or whatever. And, of course, fill in the survey yourself, if you’ve seen the film – whatever your response to it.

The survey’s web address is: www.remembering-alien.org.

Thanks, hopefully, in advance.

Kate, Martin, Sarah and Tom.