A Feast for Crows


So yea, I've been reading this series since the topic for the first book came up. Granted I don't have lots of time to read books, I've nearly finished this one, (And the series I assume? Nothing seems to hint a 5th book.) I must say, he's one of the few authors that actually suprises me with twists and such..

Just curious if anyone else has read to here and what they think/thought on it? Personally, Aryia is by far my favorite character. Hell, I could have just read her chapters in each book and been happy. (For the most part.)


I'm on the second book, so I can't say much except that I too, do like the series so far :) ... since I'm in the second book, I can only say, Jon Snow is a character I like at the moment. When I get to the 4th book, I'll post more about which is my favorite.

This is what I get though, for reading another series and this one at the same time, while reading various works by a third author.


George R. R. Martin is one of the best Epic Fantasy writers I've read in some time, and I devour his books as soon as they come out. I was a fan since he had only two. ;) Now there are four, and no that's not the end. There's at least two more left in him.

The Fifth one to come out is actually the second 'half' of the one you're reading now. What he did was he wrote about EVERY character, realized it was way too long, and then split the book into two parts. It should be out soon... here's hoping.

After that, there will be a sixth as well, to my knowledge, but he definitely has a plan to end the story with the sixth.


There's a really long, in depth discussion of the entire series at SA's Book Barn.
It might be fun for some folks here to pick through it. =)

I have yet to read this series, but the more I hear about it the more I want to.