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A Laughable Lie

Discussion in 'General' started by sugababyboo, Jun 15, 2003.

  1. sugababyboo

    sugababyboo mrs. charlie

    Dec 16, 2002
    A Laughable Lie
    Disclaimer-JJ Abrams, ABC, Bad Robot, Touchstone own Alias and all of its characters. I just own the character of Stephanie.
    Rated PG-13-Humor and a little bit of romance.
    Summary- While flirting with a female CIA agent, Weiss discovers she has a boyfriend. So, to cover his back he tells her that he also has a boyfriend, Vaughn.
    Authors note-My original character Stephanie, is going to be in this fic. Now, if you’re a faithful fan of my fics just skip this and start reading! Stephanie is Cambodian-American, 16-year-old genius, Jack is her legal guardian because her parents were CIA agents that died on a mission and she is now in training to become an agent.

    Thoughtfully, Weiss paced to his office still shocked from what he had revealed to Agent Phillips. He didn’t know why he blurted out that Vaughn was his boyfriend after she told him that she was already involved, it was the first thought that came to his head. Now, he just had to find a way to keep Vaughn form finding out. He turned the doorknob to his office and crossed the threshold.
    “Hey,” he said when he saw Stephanie sitting at his desk with her feet propped up on the flat wooden surface.
    “Hi,” she smiled as she continued to work on a small ring.
    “What are you doing here?” He leaned his back against the door and shoved his hands into his pockets.
    “Well, I finished my class for the day and now I’m working on this bug. How about you?”
    “I just did something really idiotic.”
    “What? You and Agent Phillips had some quick lovin’ in Kendall’s office?” Her brown eyes sparkled as she teased him.
    “She has a boyfriend.”
    “That sucks.”
    “That’s not it, I was flirting with her when she told me. I kinda panicked and I told that I had boyfriend as well and that he was Vaughn.”
    Her mouthed formed into a small O as she dropped the ring. Then her full lips turned into a smile that she tried to conceal by cupping her mouth.
    “Oh..my..God,” she said after removing her hand away.
    “I know.”
    “Out of all the lies that you could have used?!”
    “Like what?!”
    “There’s the slightly risky but believable, ‘I was just kidding’ one. Or you could have said that you were testing her to see if she would break protocol! But nooo, you had to use the, ‘I’m gay,’ lie!” She stifled her laughter.
    He had a dumbfounded look on his face. “Ok, you do realize that I’m a guy and that I can’t come up with elaborate lies right on the spot.”
    “Well then I suggest you get tips from where I get mine from; www.sneaky*****es.com,” she said sarcastically. “Because you obviously lack in that area! This is not to mention how Vaughn is going to react when he finds out.”
    “He’s not going to find out.”
    “Come on Eric, I know you’re luck and he will find out. Hell, I want have a digital camera nearby to capture the look on his when he finds out, because it will be priceless!”
    “Funny, but he’s not going to know.”
    “Uh-huh, let’s make a bet. If he finds out, you have to buy me dinner and desert is included. If I lose, then I’ll do all your paperwork for a month.”
    “Deal,” they shook hands.

    Busily, Vaughn typed at his computer as Agent Phillips sat in the seat next to him.
    “Hello Agent Phillips,” he said to her while keeping his eyes on the screen.
    “Agent Vaughn, do you mind if I ask you a question?” Phillips asked.
    “My boyfriend and are pretty new to Los Angeles, so we really don’t know anyone. And I was wondering if we could double date with you and Weiss.” He paused and his eyes widen as he looked at her. “I know that interoffice dating is against protocol but don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”
    He struggled with his words. “Wh-wh-WHOA! Who told you this?!”
    “Well, Weiss did.”
    “Weiss?!” His green eyes opened even wider.
    “Yeah,” she was slightly disturbed by the increasing width of his eyes.
    “Excuse me for a moment,” he said before bolting out of his chair and heading for Weiss office.
    Weiss and Stephanie jumped a little when Vaughn slammed the door shut.
    “You,” Vaughn said while pointing at Weiss. His anger was present in his low voice.
    “Vaughn, I know what’s probably going through your mind right now,” Weiss said.
    “You,” he repeated again as he moved towards Weiss. Immediately, Stephanie stood in between the two men. “Where the hell is your yo-yo because I am going to shove it so far up your ass!”
    “Wait!” She yelled as she placed a hand on his chest. “First,” she turned to Weiss, “you lost, HA! And second, Vaughn there is a..well not a good reason, but a reason why Weiss said what he said.”
    “Really, what?!”
    “I was flirting with her when she told me that she had a boyfriend and there was an awkward silence,” Weiss said.
    “That’s it? That’s the reason?!”
    “Oh he is so going to kick your ass,” she said as she moved out of Vaughn’s way.
    “You’re Weiss for god sake! You could have lied and said that you were joking!” Vaughn yelled as he reached out to strangle Weiss.
    “Vaughn don’t!” Sydney yelled out from the doorway.
    “Great, now you know too,” he sighed.
    “Yeah, after falling off my seat when I heard Phillips say that. I explained to her that it wasn’t true,” Sydney said as she closed the door behind her. “She understands why you lied Weiss, but she’s kinda freaked out by you now, since it was a strange lie.”
    “I’ll just make sure to steer clear of her for a few days,” Weiss said. “Thanks.”
    “You’re welcome, but I’m not letting you get off that easily,” she walked over to Vaughn and held his hand. “We need your office,” she eyed Vaughn. “To be alone.”
    “What?” Weiss asked.
    “They want to use your office to make out and most likely have some lovin’,” Stephanie said.
    “Thanks for the translation,” Weiss quipped.
    “Well I do speak twelve languages,” she replied. “Come on,” she grabbed his sleeve and pulled him out of the office, “you owe me a meal. And Vaughn, I’ve stayed over your house before when you were still dating Alice, never ask a girl who her daddy is during lovin’; it’s just weird and gross. Bye!” She continued the drag Weiss out of the office as she closed the door.
    Vaughn turned to Sydney, “About that..”
    “Sssshhh,” she kissed him passionately. That one kiss, turned into so much more.
    The End
  2. nancee

    nancee Rocket Ranger

    Feb 26, 2003
    from da hood
    lmao!!!! that was funny! man...it would have been even funnier if vaughn punched weiss! =P
  3. *SPYnish*

    *SPYnish* Rocket Ranger

    Mar 16, 2003
    LOL, It´s Very Funny :woot: Great story
  4. bluheart13

    bluheart13 Rocket Ranger

    Feb 26, 2003
    That was hilarious Suga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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