A Life Like That


Apr 11, 2006
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Orinigally, I wasn't going to post this for another few weeks...but I decided that if I got reviews that then it'll help me with the writers block I am suffering right now. Enjoy :)

Title: A Life Like That

Sequel to: A Life Like This

Rated: T (just to be safe)

Genre: Suspense/Romance/Drama/Action

Warnings: At times, some characters MIGHT appear OOC...the reason? A new character will be brought into this story shortly to add to the suspense. Like always, you will never guess my intentions and the ending will shock you more than previous story.

Authors Note: This will be my last Alias fan fic. Since the show is over, my ideas are gone and this story is my own version of the series ending. Also, you must be patient with updates. I am also re-writing my X-men fan fic and it is my first time doing it on a movie.

Other than that...enjoy!

Chapter 1: From the End To the Beginning​

It was one emotion which she held strongly, especially after all the given events that she had succumbed to in the past few weeks…anger. Her face burned from the vicious backhand that she had received early for doing what she did best…being a smartass to those who wanted something from her, without asking nicely. Her wrists were red and bruised as a result her hands begin tied tightly to the chair. Even though she continued to struggle to get free, it didn’t work much to the pleasure of her subjugator. She looked around in the dimmed light at the bare walls until her eyes were fixed on the door once again. The only door, the entrance and the exit in which she needed to escape through. The man who had tied her up smiled at her once more and moved across the room, grabbing a chair in the far chair, and dragging it in front of her. He sat down and leaned close to her to where he could smell her perfume.

“Ms. Bristow,” he said. “Perhaps if we started over again, under better terms, yes?” he suggested. “From the beginning.”

Sydney only glared at him, a million different thoughts on how killing him most adequately, suddenly crossed her mind. But Sydney shook them away. Her time was running out and she couldn’t afford to waste anymore time. On the other hand, she loved how easily the bad guys became pissed off.

“Ok,” Sydney finally agreed. “I was born in a hospital and my parents, Jack and Laura Bristow named me Sydney Anne Bristow. I learned to walk when I was two; I ate on my own by three and rode my first bike when I was five…”

The man’s smiled quickly faded. “Don’t get smart with me!” he shouted.

Sydney shrugged, showing no emotion. “You said to start from the beginning…I did.”

The man quickly controlled his temper and his smile slowly crept back on him. “How did you escape, Ms. Bristow?”

“Why does it matter?”

“It matters to me because you could have some information I want,” he explained.

Sydney’s eyes flared and she nodded, understanding. “You mean, Milo Rabamldi?”

The man nodded. “Specifically.” Sydney smiled softly once more and chuckled. “What is so god damn funny,” he asked quietly. “Do you have a death wish?”

“If you wanted to kill me, you would have,” Sydney commented. “Besides, Milo Rabamldi…has never existed.”


It had only been an hour, and he wasn’t even tired. Michael Vaughn never got tired when he was releasing his energy. For weeks, his workouts have been intensifying. Each day pushing himself more and more because to him, it was the only way to feel better. His fist connected gradually with the punching bag as his heart rate kept jumping up at every hit.

“Whoa there man,” he heard.

Michael didn’t look up because he didn’t need to. He knew that his best friend Eric was suddenly standing behind him and watching Michael carefully, avoiding to step any closer in case he would piss him off and take a shot at him. “Got anything?” Michael asked.

Eric rolled eyes and sighed. “Since you asked me an hour ago…no.” Eric carefully and slowly walked around Michael as he continued to hit the punching bag. “Look man, I appreciate you sweating for me and all but they haven’t found anything on Sydney or Irina.”

“They haven’t found their bodies either,” Michael replied. “That’s enough for me.”

“There may be nothing left,” Eric spat out. Michael reacted instantly and stopped punching, standing up straight to look his best friend directly into the eyes.

“I don’t think the CIA has anymore interest in it,” Michael said.

Eric’s eyes widened. “What? Why would you think that?”

“Because…the weapon was destroyed…that’s what they wanted.”

“But Sydney is one of ours.”

“She wasn’t originally,” Michael pointed out. “Sydney has to be alive.”

“She has to?” Eric repeated. “Mike, the blast and radiation alone could have incinerated them. Hence, no bodies to be found.”

Michael shook his head and walked over to his locker while peeling the tape from his hands. “I know she’s alive,” he whispered again.

Eric sighed and walked closer to Michael. “Okay…if she is; which after three weeks I can’t positively say that she is, we would have heard something by now,” he pointed out.

“Unless she escaped the island undetected.”

Eric raised his eyebrows. “Yeah right,” he laughed.

Michael cracked a smile. “You haven’t seen her in action.”

Eric smiled at him, shaking his head. “Dude…you are seriously losing it.”

“I swear to god Will, you're losing it,” Francie sighed.
Will walked out of his closet and into the bedroom carrying a pile of clothes that he quickly threw into the suit case on the bed. He quickly turned and went back into the closet. “I am not losing it,” he told Francie.

Francie, leaning against the door in the bedroom, stared at the suitcase on the bed. “Okay,” she said. “That’s why you are going to Germany because some freak called you on the phone…right?”

Will walked back out again and threw more clothes in the suitcase. “I told you,” Will said zipping the suitcase up. “This is a major lead in Sydney’s disappearance.”

“How so?”

“It’s…well, because….” He stammered. He then looked down at the suitcase in defeat, unable to close it from the amount of clothes in it. “It just is!” he finally said, then went into the bathroom to retrieve more things to pack up.

Francie rolled her eyes and walked over to the suitcase on the bed. “Will, I don’t understand what this means,” she said. “Is this supposed to help you find her?” Francie asked, while closing the suitcase successfully.

Will walked out of the bathroom. “Yes! The voice said that they had information that will help me find Sydney and get to bottom of this whole Rabamldi thing they were talking about.”

“The voice?” Francie repeated rolling her eyes. Will smiled brightly and nodded, as if he figured his first case out. Francie threw up her arms. “Okay!” she said. “But I’m going with.”
Jun 9, 2004
First. I can't beleive that they haven't found her yet. I hope that it is not a trap for Will, and I hope that he talks Francie out of going. It will be way to dangerous for her.

Aug 27, 2005
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Who's got Syd? WHO HAS HER?!??! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH HER?!?!??!?!?

Also, I must say that I loved the 'from the beginning' part. :LOL: That was great.

So, where is everyone? ...

PM ME!!!



Aug 21, 2005
YA I'm glad Vaughn is still trying to find it her and isn't listening to Eric telling him she's dead!!!
-I'm so glad you updated early!! I've missed this!!!
Loved it!! Thanks for the pm!!


Aug 3, 2005
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I can't believe that they haven't found her either. I think the info that Will is going for might be a trap so he better be careful and maybe take backup, as well as convince Francie not to go.
Of course Vaughn isn't gonna give up on her!
Great start
Thanks for the Pm and please keep me on the pm list
Aug 15, 2004
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intriguing.... i think thats how you spell that..

im glad vaughn isnt giving up on her this time around (lets not forget the whole lauren thing)

and im really glad you decided to post this.. :woot:

that sucks that this is your last alias fic though.. which i guess its understandable.. im still in denial about it all i guess.. :D

o yeh.. keep up the pms por favor


Apr 11, 2006
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I have to admit, I am surprised no one asked about the other woman in the first wallpaper/banner.
I am also a little disappointed that this story has not 'fully' taken off yet...truth be told, I am always like this when I begin my stories but this one for some reason is starting off my slower than even I thought. Hopefully it'll get better...

The Prison of Water

She was warm…no…she was cold. At this moment though, she wasn’t sure what she was. Cold, hot, happy, sad, forgiving, nice…normal? She hugged herself tightly even though she wasn’t cold. It was humid in the city she was in, and she had no idea exactly what city it was that she was in but it appeared to be Havana, Cuba. She pushed all the confusing thoughts and questions aside and turned to focus her attention to finding a phone, from anyone at anyplace, just to contact those that she cared about and left behind. Sydney’s eyes finally found a phone booth at the corner of the street and she smiled to herself. Thank god, she thought, and she quickly ran to the phone booth. Sydney picked up the receiver and quickly dialed a number and waited a few seconds before a woman’s voice was heard on the other end. “Dispatch?”

“Yes,” she breathed. “This is officer 2300844, calling for connection. Confirmation: looking glass.”

“Stand by.”

Sydney tapped her foot and waited a few seconds before a man’s voice was heard through the receiver. “This is Kendall.”

“Thank god, I just woke up in Havana. I don't know how long I've been here or how I got here,” she fumbled. “I don’t remember…”

For a second, Sydney thought she had lost him. But then she heard an overwhelming sigh over the phone as Kendall then said, “Get to our safe house in Varadero. You remember how to get there?”

Sydney nodded. “Of course I do.”

“All right,” Kendall respond. “I’ll make sure they’re expecting you.”


Will looked at his watch once more growing more and more impatient by the second. Francie glanced over at her boyfriend and raised her eyebrows. “What’s with you?”

Will sighed heavily. “We’re suppose to meet someone here.”

“I thought we’re meeting them in Germany?” she asked confused.

“We are,” Will answered. “I mean someone else that is going with us.”

Francie sighed in annoyance. “Why do you always tell me things at the last minute?” she muttered.

Will rolled his eyes, the waved his arms. “He’s here,” he informed her. Francie looked in the direction that Will’s eyes were focused on and then looked at Will. “You’re bringing him?” she asked.

Will nodded. “Yeah.”

“CIA? The people who didn’t tell us squat?”

Will paused, and then nodded again. “Yeah.”

“Hey guys.”

Will extended his hand. “Heya Vaughn.”

“Hey Mike,” Francie greeted.

“So,” Michael began. “You said you might have information on Sydney’s disappearance.

Will nodded. “Yeah.” From the look Francie shot him he quickly added, “Sort of.”

“Sort of?” Michael asked confused.

“'A Voice' called him,” Francie mocked.

“You know, if you don’t believe me then why are you coming?” Will snapped at Francie.

“Because I don’t want you doing something stupid again!”

“Again?” Will nearly cried out.

“Yes. New Years Eve?”

Will slightly blushed. “I told you that something was slipped in my drink!”

"Like what?" Francie shot back. "A bozo pill?"

“Will,” Michael interrupted.

“Right. Well, we’re meeting the guy in Germany.”

“Germany,” Michael echoed.

“Yeah. I’ll explain on the flight…”

Michael sighed. As much as it sounded like Cat and Mouse to him, Michael had nothing else better to do and if this was something that could led to Sydney, he was all for it.

Beating against the water with all her might, trying her hardest to get away, all she could think about was getting home to the people she loved. She knew that she was doing this for them. She kicked her feet with all her might as she finally saw what appeared to be land in front of her blurry eyes. She kicked and silently screamed as she made her way closer and closer…just nearly there.

Finally, her foot hit something solid. God I hope that’s a shark, she thought quickly. Sure enough, her feet sank in it and she cried out in happiness deep in her throat. Then she ran…once more against the G-Force, she remembered her training and fought like hell to disobey her body’s desire to give up and quit. Then she leapt up forward as her head found the air, escaping the prison of the water. She ran up to the beach, then collapsed, gasping for breath and hugging the sand, thrilled to be out of the water and onto land. Sydney, still laying down her body hugging the sand, looked out to the sea from which she had swam from and smiled to herself. She had survived. She didn’t know how, nor at this point did she care. She was alive and for now…she was safe.

Her heart was pounding, her hands were shaking. Yes…she was a complete nervous wreck. It was only a few months ago that she discovered she had a half-sister, someone who at first she had came to despise and hate where now all she could think about was wrapping her arms around her and crying. She finally made her way to the room where her sister was waiting for someone to take her back home. She had no idea the ordeal she had been through but at this point, just seeing her breath and in one piece was enough for her any day.

Nadia took a deep breath and turned the doorknob, slowly opening the door. She crept in as Sydney’s head turned to her sister and her eyes started to tear up. Nadia’s eyes watered up as well as Sydney rushed to her and hugged her. Nadia held on to her as both women openly cried.

“God Sydney,” Nadia whispered. “You scared us all.”

Sydney chuckled painfully. “Sorry about that.”

“I can forgive you, sis.”

Sydney broke away and wiped her face. “So…you know?”

Nadia nodded. “Yes.”

“No hard feelings?”

“Of course not! I’ve never had an older sister before.”


Nadia laughed. “You know what I mean!” Nadia looked at Sydney closely. “You alright?”

Sydney nodded. “Yep…not a scratch on me.”

“How’d you make it here?” Nadia asked.

Sydney thought for a moment. “I swam.”

Nadia’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped. “Syd, that’s thousands of miles away from here.”

Sydney shrugged. “Something happened.”

Nadia raised an eyebrow. “What?”

Once again, Sydney shrugged. “I’m not sure but…I feel different. I mean…how could I have survived that?”

Nadia shook her head. “I don’t know, but first thing first…I’m taking you home.”

Sydney’s eyes lightened up. “Home…where’s Michael?”

Nadia smiled. “Waiting for you. I’m sure Kendall has already informed Vaughn and your father.”

Sydney nodded. “Then let’s go!”

Just as the two women turned to leave, a reign of gunshots began, causing both Sydney and Nadia to hit the floor for some cover. Sydney covered her ears and looked around having no idea where the bullets were coming from. In fact, to her it seemed like they were coming from everywhere. “Nadia!” she yelled over the gunfire. No answer. “Nadia.”

Sydney crawled her way to her sister and that was when she noticed the blood beneath Nadia.


Aug 21, 2005
OO I hope Nadia is OK!!!!
-Now I was wondering who that girl was in the first banner....but I didn't want to ask cause I didn't think you would come out and tell us!!! So if you want me to ask I will...WHO THE HECK IS SHE!!!!!!?? :LOL:
-Can't wait to see what's gonna happen next!!! Thanks for the pm!!
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