A Life Like That

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Chapter Four: Trapped

As Michael, Will, and Francie all quickly walked downstairs and back to their rented car, Michael noticed two Mercedes that were parked across the street. He stared at them intently noticing that they weren’t parked there before. Will turned to Michael and noticed him looking at the cars. “What?” he asked, almost afraid to hear the answer.

“Those cars,” Michael answered.

“What about them?” Will asked looking at them himself.

Michael’s eyes then went to their car. Quickly, in one fluent movement, he grabbed Will and Francie and threw them to the ground as their car exploded. Will helped Francie up as Michael took out his gun and aimed it at the men who stepped out of the Mercedes and opened fire on them. Michael and company ducked behind a car for coverage as gunfire suddenly erupted out on the open street.

“Well,” Michael said over the gunfire. “I guess you were right.”

“About what?” Will asked confused.

“About what your contact had. The information he was going to give you,” Michael replied.

“Can we please forget about that for a moment?” Francie shouted. “Those fricken’ men are trying to kill us!”

Michael nodded. “Yeah.” He took a deep breath and stood up returning fire, forcing the men to take cover as he then shouted, “Go!”

Will grabbed Francie by the arm and the two of them dashed into the alleyway with Michael following them. “Where are we going?” Will shouted to Michael behind him.

“Anywhere away from them,” Michael shouted back.

Just as they were reaching the end of the alleyway, Will heard tires screech as another Mercedes came in through the alleyway, cutting them off. “I don’t think that’s going to be as easy as it sounds,” Will muttered. Michael slowed to a jogging pace and stopped beside Francie as more fortified men came out of the Mercedes. Michael turned around thinking they could go back the way they came, but the other two Mercedes pulled up, successfully trapping Michael and company. Michael sighed, defeated, as Francie muttered, “This is so not good.”

Sydney winched as another needle was poked in her arm, drawing more blood. When the tube was full, the doctor took it out and placed a bandage over it. “Is that all?” Sydney asked irritated. After finally returning to the states, Sydney and Nadia had gone straight to the CIA where Sydney was put under strict medical attention and Nadia’s wounds were taken care of. For an hour straight, Sydney had to undergo several tests, blood samples, and answer tons of questions. Needless to say, she was tired and just wanted to go home.

When the door to her room in the medical ward opened and her father, Jack Bristow entered, Sydney pushed aside her thoughts and smiled at her dad as he carefully hugged her.

“Sydney,” he sighed in relief. “Are you alright?”

Jack broke the hug and smiled at her daughter who shrugged her shoulders. “Well with all the blood…” she began. “I’m fine though,” she said.

“I’m glad to hear it,” Jack said.

Sydney’s expression turned grave, “Dad…have they found Irina’s body?”

Jack’s smile faded as he looked down, avoiding his daughter’s eyes. “No,” he admitted. “We thought she was dead, but now that you’re alive…”

Sydney nodded understanding so Jack didn’t finish. If Sydney had survived, then there was a good chance that Irina had found a way off the island as well…alive.

Sydney suddenly sighed. “When will they release me?”

“Director Chase says she has one more person who would like to speak with you, then they’ll release you.”

Sydney nodded. “Where is Julian?” she asked. “And Lauren?”

Jack shrugged. “We don’t know. Both of them disappeared after your apparent death and the collapse of SD-6.”

“So, we accomplished our objective?” she questioned.

Jack nodded once more and smiled. “Yes…the SD braches were eliminated.”

Sydney smiled. “That’s the best news so far. What about Vaughn?”

Jack’s face suddenly fell. “At this moment, he is M.I.A.”

“M.I.A?” Sydney repeated.

“Yes,” Jack answered. “He is on what we suspect an unauthorized ‘mission’. We traced him to Germany with two others.”

Sydney smacked her forehead. “Will and Francie,” she whispered.

Jack looked at her confused. “What do your friends have to do with this?”

“Two others Dad? That has to be them,” Sydney exclaimed. “Have you located them?”

Jack shook his head. “No…not yet.”

Before the two could talk any further, the door opened once more and a young looking woman, probably in her late 20s early 30s and slightly shorter than herself, entered and smiled warmly at Sydney as her blonde hair fell past her shoulders. “Sydney Bristow?” she asked.

Sydney nodded and smiled politely. “Yes.”

The other woman extended her hand, which Sydney shook. “My name is Detective Jennifer Rhodes,” she introduced herself. “How are you feeling?”

“Better,” Sydney stated. “Ready to leave and get back in the field.

Jennifer nodded. “Well, I can help you with the first one, but not the second.”

Sydney looked at her confused. “I’m sorry?”

Jennifer shrugged, as if was nothing that Sydney was not given her job back to her. At least not completely. “Director Chase has thought it best that you not jump back into the field just yet.”

“But I was cleared,” Sydney said looking to her father for help, but getting nothing.

“You were cleared medically, yes,” Jennifer said nodding. “But that is not why she hasn’t reinstated you.”

“Then why?” Jack asked, finally getting involved.

“Because Sydney is a prime suspect in the murder of Arvin Sloane…the case that I am leading.”
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The problem is, in the first fic, Director Chase never gave any orders for Arvin Sloane to be killed. The orders were to capture him, if necessary, wound him. NOT kill him.

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Damn...I didn't know you'd all be so upset and angry over this whole 'Sloane's Murder' thing. It doesn't matter if Sloane was an evil son of a gun or a terrorist...murder is murder. At that point in the fic, Sloane was UNARMED and not a threat. By defination...that is MURDER.

Besides...there is a VERY good explaination as to why Sydney is under investagation. I'm glad to see that you all have strong opinions about it. Feel free to express them
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