A look into the future


Feb 26, 2003
okay well...it looks as if my ff didn't make it through the harddrive problem... :( .....so to recap..here's the last chap and the new one!!

~Chapter (lets say) 20~

(later that night, 11:00)
Sydney and Michael sat on the steps of her front porch after having gone to dinner at a romantic Italian restaurant and taking a moonlit walk through the park. Sydney sighed. No one spoke for some time.
Michael broke the silence. “I have to go,” he said, “Early meeting tomorrow.”
“Oh, okay,” Sydney said. Michael gave her a goodnight kiss. He headed for his car.
“I’ll call you,” he shouted while getting into his car.
“Okay,” Sydney said with a smile. She sighed, and opened her front door.
“It’s so nice to see you again, Ms. Bristow,” a British accented voice said from the darkness. Sydney didn’t have a chance. Two muscular men grabbed her from behind, tied her, and dragged her to a black car waiting out side.
“Help!” Sydney shouted, “Someone help me!”
“I wouldn’t say another word, Ms. Bristow,” Sark said, pulling out a knife. He held it to her throat. He climbed into the car next to her. “Let’s go,” he ordered and the driver drove them off.

~Chapter 21~

(the next day, at 2:49 PM)
Michael walked down the busy halls of CIA Headquarters with a smile on his face,
“Someone got some last night,” Weiss teased as he came up to Michael.
“Very funny,” Michael said with a grin.
“Love to hang around, Mike, but I see an new agent who needs a tour of the agency,” Weiss said as he left Michael’s side for that of a newly recruited female agent.
Michael smirked. He headed for his own desk and sat down. He picked up a stack of papers and flipped through them. His mind wasn’t on the papers though. He picked up the phone and dialed Sydney’s cell phone. The phone rang a few times before someone picked up.
“Hello?” the voice asked.
“Who is this?” Michael asked.
“No, the question is, who is this?” the voice taunted. Michael then realized whom the accented voice belonged to.
“What have you done with Sydney, Sark?” Michael shouted furiously. The agent at the desk next to him looked at with a puzzled expression. Michael smiled at her politely. She shook her head and went back to her work.
“Oh. Ms. Bristow? Well, she’s a little tied up at the moment,” Sark said, “Would you like to talk to her?” Michael could hear Sark walking and then opening a door. The line went silent.
“Syd?” Michael asked hopefully. All Michael heard was silence.
“Syd?” Michael asked again.
“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I mention that your, shall we say, Syd is also gagged,” Sark said with a little laugh, “Good bye now.”
“No wiat!” Michael shouted. The line went dead. Michael got up quickly. He ran to straight to Marshall’s office.
“Marshall. Trace the last call of Sydney’s cell phone,” Michael said as he burst into the room.
“But Agent Vaughn, I’m, um, playing this really cool Internet game I found. Look, see the magical elf-” Marshall explained pointing to the screen.
Michael interrupted, “Marshall! This is important!”
“Okay, okay. Don’t blow a blood vessel. I mean, that’s not atomically possible. Well, actually, I read somewhere that-” Marshall started again.
“MARSHALL!” Michael shouted. Marshall turned off the game he was playing and opened a new program.
“Sorry, sorry,” Marshall apologized. The room fell silent for a few minutes. Michael paced back and forth.
“There!” Marshal shouted, pointing to the screen and startling Michael.
“Where?” Michael asked, running to the computer screen.
“Cancun, Mexico,” Marshall asked, “Why did you need to trace the call anyway?”
“Sark has Sydney, Marshall,” Michael explained, “Trace exactly where in Cancun the call came from.”
Marshall looked shocked. “Sark has Sydney? How did he manage that? Tranquilizer gun?” he joked. Michael looked grimly at him. “Okay, getting back to the tracking.” Marshall said as he started typing some more.
“Well?” Michael asked impatiently after about five minutes.
“Sark’s taken Sydney to some building on San Juan Street. Number 386,” Marshall informed.
“Thanks Marshall,” Michael said as he headed out the door.
“Wait. Agent Vaughn?” Marshall asked, “Do you actually think that Kendall will let you fly down to Mexico?”
Michael hadn’t thought about this. “I hope so, Marshall. For Sydney’s sake,” he replied and walked quickly to Kendall’s office.

okay...if you want me to post the previous chaps...just tell me!! ^_^


Feb 26, 2003
okay..well...one question though....how is syd only supposed to call him vaughn when the story is not written in her pov and like she doesn't say his name in like the next few chaps?

oh..and if you're just starting the ff......it takes place six years into the future...and plz tell me if you dont understand a word of what im writing because like the first 20 chaps were erased and what not...so if you want me to repost a chap..i can do that! :D


Feb 26, 2003
okay...well...ill post one more chap for tonite...

~Chapter 22~

(with Sydney in Cancun, at 2:49 PM)
Sydney looked around her. This was all too familiar. Dark room, tied to a chair, no way to get out except for a locked door. Sydney sighed.
The door opened suddenly. Sydney glared at Sark, who had just entered the room. “For you,” he said as he held the phone up to her ear.
“Syd?” she heard Michael say.
She tried to tell him what had happened. Because of the gag, though, Sydney couldn’t make a sound.
Sark took the phone away from her ear. “Oh, I’m sorry. Did I mention that your, shall we say, Syd is also gagged. Good bye now,” Sark said. He dropped the phone on the ground and smashed it with his shoe.
Sydney struggled in her chair.
“Who was that Sydney?” Sark asked, “You’re new boyfriend. What happened to dear old William. I killed him personally, you know.”
Tears ran down Sydney’s cheek. Sark continued, “Took a bullet right though the head.” He pulled out a gun from his jacket and pointed it towards Sydney’s head.
Sydney didn’t even move. She looked hatefully at Sark. “But luckily for you, you’re a very beautiful woman,” Sark remarked as he put the gun away. He walked over to Sydney and kissed her on the forehead. Sydney struggled more in her chair. Sark just laughed and left the room.


Feb 26, 2003
here are the first few chaps and a few other things that might clear things up....

~Chapter 1~

Sydney sighed. It had been six years. She would think the CIA would stop hassling her. She walked towards Kendall’s office quickly. She could not believe she was going back to Kendall’s office, even after quitting the CIA.
Sydney turned the knob and opened the door. She gasped and dropped the papers she was holding.
“Hey Sydney. I heard you were coming,” Michael said, grinning widely.
“Michael? What are you doing in Kendall’s office?” Sydney asked. She bent down to pick up the papers.
“Kendall was promoted. Now I get to order agents around,” Michael said with a laugh. He was very surprised Sydney wasn’t laughing with him. Actually, he noticed, she had gone very pale.
“So,” Michael said slowly, “What are you doing here?”
Sydney walked towards his desk and sat down on a chair in front of it, “Kendall sent me word that I supposed to testify against Sloane and help with the investigation to find Sark.” She put the stack of papers on Michael’s desk.
“Yeah. We need people to testify against him, and as for Sark, you’re the only one we could trust,” Michael said. He looked through all the papers.
“Do you know the court date?” Sydney asked. She shifted in her seat uncomfortably.
“Yeah. April 6,” Michael said, not looking up from the paperwork.
“Thanks,” Sydney said, “It’s been nice seeing you. I have to go, though.” She got up to leave.
“Hey Syd?” Michael said. He looked at her as she turned around.
“Yeah?” she asked.
“How long has it been since I last saw you?”
“About six years,” Sydney said, “Why?”
“I was wondering if we could go out to dinner tonight. You know, catch up and all,” Michael asked.
“Uh, sure. That sounds great,” Syd said.
Michael’s face broke into a relieved smile, “How about that new Italian place near here?”
“Yeah, I know where that is,” Sydney said, “How about I meet you there?”
“I can come pick you up if you want,” Michael offered.
“No, it’s okay. I moved a while back. I’ll just meet you there,” Sydney said. She walked out of the office, leaving a very happy Michael Vaughn at his desk.

~Chapter 2~

(Later that night at the Italian restaurant, about halfway through the meal)
“Sydney,” Michael said over the candles that separated him and Sydney, “What ever happened to us?”
Sydney looked at him from across the table, “Michael, I really don’t want to talk about this.” She got up from the table and was about to leave. Michael grabbed her hand.
“Wait, Sydney,” he said. He looked at her. After all these years she still looked so beautiful. “Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t be together Syd?”
“Michael, it’s been six years, five and a half of which I haven’t seen you or the CIA,” Sydney said. She shook herself free of Michael’s grip.
“Sydney!” Michael said as he got up and grabbed her shoulder. She turned around “I know that’s not the real reason,” he said. He wondered why the woman he had missed for all these years would lie about something that he knew was meant to be.
Sydney looked at him deeply. He could see tears about to form in her eyes. “What is it Syd?” Michael asked.
“Michael,” Sydney said slowly, “I’m engaged.”

(If you haven't guessed already....Syd's married to Will at first but she does leave him at the alter because Vaughn tells her that Sark is in the church..sorry..i know this is very confusing.... :( ...oh and here's the chap that explains alot...(sorry...this is a really long post)..and ill post the new chap soon...

~Chapter something or another~

“Syd,” Jack said, “The line’s breaking up. Something is blocking the signal.” Sydney could hear the signal crack up and then go dead. She frowned. Why would the signal go dead? Sydney thought to herself. She could only come up with one explanation. Someone knew she was there.
Sydney started to turn around and go back. She then noticed something that she could have sworn wasn’t there before. A thin stream of unsteady light shone at he feet. She looked ahead. The light came from an open door at the end of the tunnel.
Sydney didn’t hesitate one bit. She quickly followed the beam of light to its source.

Sydney got closer to the door. She held onto her gun tightly. She kicked the door open. She gasped.
Michael was sitting on chair, in the middle of a dark room. A single lamp shone on him. He was blindfolded and tied.
“Who’s there?” he said. He tried to break loose from the rope.
“Don’t worry, Michael, it’s me,” Sydney said as she ran towards him. She took off the blindfold first.
“Syd?” Michael asked as the blindfold was taken off him. “How did you know I was here?”
“Marshall,” Sydney said. She got behind him and started to untie the rope at his wrists.
“I wouldn’t do that, Syd,” a voice said. It wasn’t Michael’s. Sydney stood up and held her gun out in front of her. Will walked out of the shadows.
“Will?” Sydney asked. She kept the gun pointed at him.
“Syd, it’s okay,” Will said. He glared at Michael. “Michael, here, has been setting you up. He set up the kidnapping, and he took me. I was looking for and exit.”
Sydney now pointed the gun at Michael. “Don’t listen to him,” Michael explained, “Remember Project Helix, Syd? That’s Sark.”
Sydney now pointed the gun at Will. “Sydney, don’t listen to him. Luckily, I was able to kick this guy’s ass and tie him up. He’s Sark, Syd. Trust me.”
“Syd, please, believe me,” Michael said. He looked at her pleadingly.
“Don’t listen to him, Syd. He’s lying,” Will said. The two men glared at each other.
Sydney thought back to Project Helix and Agent Lennox. Her mind was spinning. Who was who?

“Sydney, It’s me. You have to trust me,” Will said to her.
“Sydney, don’t trust him,” Michael said. Slowly, he added, “Trust your own guardian angel.” That triggered Sydney. She instantly knew Michael was telling the truth.
Sydney turned around and kicked Will in the stomach. She doubled around and punched him in the face. His nose and lip started to bleed.
“Sydney, what are you doing?” Will said, pathetically clutching his stomach.
“Shut up,” Sydney said coldly. She pointed her gun at him, and slowly backed up towards Michael.
“Are you all right?” Michael said. He looked at her.
“I’m okay,” Sydney said. She quickly untied him.
“I’m sorry it has to end this way, Sydney,” Will said, pulling out a gun from his jacket. He pointed it at Sydney.
“Good bye, sweetie,” Will said coldly. He pulled the trigger.

Sydney woke up slowly. She didn’t want to wake up. She had had such a nice dream about Hawaii and Michael- Michael. Sydney sat up suddenly. Where was Michael? The last thing she could remember was Michael, and Will, and the gun.
Sydney looked around. Where was she?
“You’re awake, Ms. Bristow,” a plump, little woman said, coming into the room.
“Where am I?” Sydney said, as the woman took her blood pressure.
“LA Medical Center, CIA Hospital,” the woman, who she then realized was nurse said kindly as she filled out a form that was attached to a clipboard.
“What happened?” Sydney asked. She felt really stupid at the moment.
“You were unconscious, Ms. Bristow,” the nurse said simply, “Someone is here to see you, and the doctor will be with you shortly.” The nurse took the clipboard and left the room.
Jack entered the room. Sydney smiled at him. “Hi Dad,” she said quietly.
“Hello Sydney,” Jack said, taking a seat in a chair in the corner of the room.
“What happened?” Sydney asked. She could hardly stop herself from asking more questions.
“You were unconscious for about two days,” Jack said, “You hit the ground pretty hard.”
“What?’ Sydney asked.
“Agent Vaughn took the bullet for you, Sydney. You should be grateful. He also shot Sark. He did, though, land you hard on your head,” Jack explained.
“Michael took the bullet?” Sydney asked out loud. She started crying softly. “How is he?”
“He was under critical condition, but he’s stable now. The doctor said he’s lucky to be alive. The bullet hit him in the stomach,” Jack said, standing up and walking to his daughter’s bedside. He knelt beside her.
“How about Will or Sark or whoever that was?” Sydney asked.
Jack shook his head, “Sorry Sydney. We found Will’s remains yesterday in the same building. Coroner said he’s been dead for about four months. As for the Will that shot you, an ocular scan proves that he’s not Will, but not Sark either. Actually, we don’t know who he is.”
Sydney lay back down on her pillow. “Did you give Michael an ocular scan?” she asked.
“Yes,” Jack said, “He is who he says he is. We also gave you one, and you are who you say you are as well.”
Sydney smiled with relief and at what her Father had said. Jack got up. “I have to go now. I’ll come in and visit you with any updates in the case,” Jack said. He started to walk out of the room.
“Dad?” Sydney said.
Jack turned around. “Yes?” he replied.
“Where do you think Sark is?” Sydney asked.
“I don’t know, Syd, I don’t know,” Jack said and walked out of the room, just as the doctor came in to check up on Sydney.