A look into the future


Jan 27, 2003
I LOVE it when Vaughn saves her like that, because he does it all the time. Ijust for the record I don't care what spoilers say about Vaughn being evil, he'll never be evil he saves Syd'd butt way to much for that and plus evil guys aren't hot and Vaughn he's so hot hes sizzlen! Love the story!!



Feb 26, 2003
i dont think hes evil either....heres the next chap!

~Chapter 25?~

“Come on. We have to get out of here before someone finds us,” Michael said, as he pulled back from the kiss. He grabbed Sydney’s hand and turned towards the door.
“Too late,” Sark said, appearing at the door. He pointed his gun at Michael. “Surprisingly, there was no one in the left side of the building. To be exact, all of guards have been knocked out. Sleeping gas I suppose,” Sark continued as he now circled Sydney and Vaughn, “I also suppose that you’re all alone, Agent Vaughn. You’re probably wondering how I know your name? Facial recognition scan. It was very simple to find you’re records, Agent Vaughn. Like child’s play.”
Sydney eyed Sark hatefully. “You’re wrong,” Michael remarked.
“Wrong? About what?” Sark asked.
“I’m not alone. I have the whole place surrounded,” Michael threatened, “Either you give yourself up or I will call the team in.”
Sark thought for a second. “You’re bluffing,” he said, still pointing the gun at Michael.
“Really?” Michael said slyly. He held up something that looked like a walkie-talkie.
“Go ahead. Tell them to come storming in,” Sark said.
“Agent Vaughn here. Do you copy?” Michael asked into the walkie-talkie.
“Affirmative,” the voice on the other said.
“Storm the building. I repeat, storm the building,” Vaughn commanded.
“Hear you loud and clear,” the voice said.
“You’re still bluffing, Agent Vaughn. What? Did Marshall make that for you? A talking walkie-talkie?” Sark taunted.
“Just wait,” Michael said.
The room fell silent. Sydney didn’t even dare to breathe. Nothing happened.


Feb 26, 2003
~Chapter 26~

“I knew it!” Sark said finally, after waiting for five minutes.
“Five more minutes, Sark,” Michael assured, “I promise, you will be in a high security prison this time tomorrow.”
Another five minutes passed by. Sark now laughed coldly. “Team of agents,” he mocked, “And I actually-”
He didn’t finish his sentence.
A team of agent burst into the room. One of them disarmed Sark while the others checked the room for explosives.
“You all right Sydney? Agent Vaughn?” Jack asked. Apparently, he had led the team.
“I’m okay Dad,” Sydney said.
“I don’t think he will be interfering again,” Jack said to Sydney. He now eyed Sark, “Come on. We’ll read you you’re rights outside Sark.”
“You haven’t seen the last of me. I promise you!” Sark shouted as the other agents took him away.
Sydney started to cry as Michael held her close to him.
“Everything will be okay,” Michael assured.
“For once, Michael, I don’t agree,” Sydney said back to him. Michael put his hand into hers, and they walked out of the building together.


Feb 26, 2003
okay everyone...

~Chapter 27~

(A week later, at 8: 38 PM, still in Cancun)
“Enjoying the view?” Michael asked playfully as he walked up to Sydney.
She looked up at him from the beach towel she was laying on. “I’m glad Kendall let us stay. The sunset is even more lovely here than back at home,” Sydney remarked as she looked at the sunset.
“It sure is,” Michael agreed as he lay down next to Sydney and put his arms around her.
They both sat in silence until the sun had set behind the horizon and the stars were already glimmering overhead.
“That was beautiful,” Sydney said, turning towards Michael.
He looked back at her. “Not as beautiful as what I’m looking at,” he said with a smile.
Sydney returned the smile and the two of them returned to listening to the ocean water rising and falling against the sand.
And as she lay there on the beach in Mexico, under the twinkling stars, in the arms of the man she loved, Sydney knew that everything was going to be okay after all.


Thats all....the end...sorry to everyone who didn't get a chance to read the entire ff... :( ...hoped you like it!!
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