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a mission to spain

Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by aliaschica47, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    ~ok i have no idea what direction this is going in, i just thought of a really cool place for a mission and it will go from there.
    oh and by the way this is set now in the second seasno i just wanted to let you know because i bring back ana

    you know it is such a shame that such evil things can be stored in such beutiful places she thought to herself as she looked around the beautiful old mansion that she had to infiltrate to retreive an rambaldi key, and of course her countermission to have a dead drop and the CIA would make a replica of the key and give it to me to give to SD-6. As she sat down, talking to dixion into her bracelet she looked around and told him she was ready to go. "ok bluebird, go ahead" he responeded through the walkie talkie. Turning around she opened her lip stick which looped the feed of the security cameras wait i know that head, ohh S***, thats ana, i thought she died quikening her pace she slipped through the doors she began to run down the hallway ok two doors to the right then one door halfway down the steps and then use the compact marshall gave you to open the safe easy enough. "hi, long time no see"
    "what the.." sydney said whirling around "you remeber me dont you?"
    and the next thing she knew ana had nocked her out

    "oww", she had a nasty pain in her head, she groggily opened her eyes to a very familiar room why do i always end up here, i mean come on you would think they would have another place to torture people..looking around at the very familiar room, one thing was different though, the chair was cemented into the ground and it was a different chair, that had no weak spots.
    great what am i going to do, i cant communicate with dixion, and i doubt that the CIA knows where i am, so pretty much i have no way of escaping suit and glasses this time

    More later i have to eat.. hopefully this wil be better then the first one
  2. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    uh oh.. sydnyey heard foot steps behind her,
    "so agent bristow we meet again"
    wait thats not.... no it couldnt be.... wait "Sark?"
    "yes it is me but i am the one who asks the questions"
    "so mrs. bristow tell me what you were looking for and who you were working for"

    (ohh sorry but i forgot to say that in the one sark and sloane dont work together)
    "and why do you want to know this, Irena is gone"
    "because i am the new head of your mothers.."
    "do not refer to her as my mother" sydney interupted coldly
    "your mother,"sark answered purposly trying to anno sydnye
    "left me in charge of her orginization"
    "so here is the deal either you tell me who you work for or i use this"
    he said picking up a drill
    "sorry but all my teeth were drilled last time i was here so you are out of luck" she said smartly
    "ohh well then we wil just have to use some good old fire sticks"
    pulling out the same box the cole had pulled out about a year ago and used on sloane
    "you have to the count of three"
    "one... two... three"

    more later..
  3. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    sYDNEY GOT MORE NERVOUS WHEN sark actually srated to tape her hands down, she thought he was just bluffing. "this is your last chance sark said" opening the box and unwrapping the needles
    "now tell me what you were sent to retreive" the needle inched closer and closer to wrist. She couldnt escape, it was about to penetarte the skin "ah......" Sark slumped to the ground"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" a high pitched scream left sydneys mouth. Sark had fallen and the needle had stabbed her. "hey, its ok, ive got it"
    not getting a chance to look up yet, still wimpering sydney tilted her head upwards to stare in disbelif
    "what" she said wincing as vaughn gently pulled out the needle
    Sydney suddenly felt a sense of security and safeness
    why did they have stupid protocal i mean why cant vauhghn and I be together
    '' wait how did you find me?"
    "well after you left, weiss forwarded me a phone call that we intercepted saying that ana would be going undercover to the mansion you were in, because there was a rumor that a rambaldi device was there. As soon as i heard that i was on a plane faster then you can say, protocal, man why did i say protocal what kind of word is that
    i saw you at the party and intercepted you telling Dixion that ana was there, i followed you, when they took you onto the plane i followed you
    you ended up here and i knew my way around already so I came here and just in the nick of time to"
    "does the CIA know about this?"
    "what about my dad"
    "yeah he helped me get my alias and a plane and everything" he said while he worked on releasing sydney from the chair"
    Standing up "vaughn why"
    "because like you said, nobody should be without a Gaurdian angel"
    embracing each other they stood there, sydney almost in tears
    closeind her eyes she was perfectly happy
    click hearing this sydney opened her eyes
    "vaughn"she wispered
    "dont move"
    freezing vaughn stood there totally still
    "ahh i see our prisoners little boyfriend has come to save her"
    She stared at the gun pointed right at vaughns head,
    you tell me who you work for or you wont be seeing much of you boyfriend here anymore" said the suit and glasses in his disgusting tiwaneese accent...
  4. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    sweat dripping down her face, sydney searched the mans face, looking for some kind of weakness. Seeing absoluley none, she started to panic, reaching her hand behind her back she took vaughns hand. upon this, vaughn reached down to the metal tray sitting infront of him, carefull to make to make sure that it didnt look like he was moving from the back, he picked up a thick metal pole. letting go of sydneys hand was the hardest thing he had ever done, he then handed her the bar.
    "fine i will tell you everything but please put the gun down" sydney said
    "fine" the mans face sofented a little getting pleasure from seeing the distruaght look on her face
    This was her chance!! taking the pole she whipped it across his face nocking him out, he fell to ground laying there next to sark.
    "come on syd we have to get out of here." he said seeing the disbelif insydneys eyes that they had survived.
    Taking her hand he kissed her forehead
    well, that got syd moving there was no way she was going to risk their lives again.
    After running through a maze of hallways and taking out a couple gaurd on the way, syd and vaughn finally reached the small jet plane that would take tem to paris where they would spend a day to get alias' to get back to L.A.

    ****SYDNEY POV********

    Ploping down into the very poorly padded seat, i reasted my hands against my face and just wondered how i would get this past sloane/
    Then I started to think about how screwed up my life was, first i work as a double agent and that just screams not normal, one of my best friends knows and the other i have to lie to, I am in love with the one person on the planet that I am not allowed to love, and my mother killed his father and works for the KGB.
    Vaughn walked up and sat next to me, my heart skipped a beat, i looked at him for a second loosing myself in those bright green eyes."syd" vaughn said snapping her back to reality
    "get comftorable it is gonna be a long ride. Putting his arm around her she snuggled closer to him, falling asleep within the next five minuets, she laid there asleep for hours with vaughn just watching her.
    Hitting some turbulence se woke up"no wait but dont leave vaughn no i lo.." she screamed still half asleep not relizing she had just blurted that out. After a few more minutes she really woke up.

    Vaughn POV

    now usually this would have made me really uncomftorable knowing that the the person i am in love with feels the same way, but has no idea that i know. But for some reason it made me fee l more comftorable around sydney. We finally landed "hey syd come on honey you have to get up we need to change.
    "no come on michael just five more minuets."
    she said
    wait she called me michael
    that was kinda odd, but I dont mind. "now come on"
    "fine" she said getting up"

    No pov now

    handing her a pile of clothes they both went to a corner to change, meeting up again they both looked completely different. Vaughn had on jeans and a black t-shirt that said something in franch on it and sydney had red highlights and jeans and a red shirt with a bands name on it. She was Gwen Jones and he was Michael Jones, they were on their honey moon that was rained out last year when they got married.
    Hand in hand they walked out of the airport extremely happy. Putting on sunglasses the decided to go out for some lunch and the Pappion a small deli in an old victorian building with a great view of they effiel tower.i must be dreaming, i am in one of the most romantic cities with a man I love, this never happens to me there has to be a catch
    And well they found that catch. After ordering they chose a nice secluded booth in the corner of the resturant. looking aroud sydney gasped"vaug..michael. whatever we have to leave..." "why?"
    "Sloane" I knew it there had to be something that could ruin this for me....
  5. Alias Elle

    Alias Elle Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    Okay, a little advice; be more careful about your spelling. Don't go pulling a Jack Kerouack on me either and just start writing without separating sentences or dialogue or paragraphs... just some thoughts!

    ~Me :angel2:
  6. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    thanks for the advice, i am a realllly bad speller , and i tend to write these late at night so i am pretty tired ill try harder. hope y'all like it
  7. Alias Elle

    Alias Elle Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA

    I don't get this part.

    ~Me :angel2:
  8. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    ohh um they go to paris they order sit down and then sydney sees sloane
  9. Alias Elle

    Alias Elle Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    Oh, okay.

    ~Me :inlove:
  10. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    hey im startin to think ur the only one readin this
  11. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    There was sloane in the middle of the cafe'
    why does he always ruin everything that is perfect
    wait who was next to him, was that no it couldn't be

    "emily" she said
    so much for sloane not seeing me
    Then just as sloane and emily looked over their shoulders sydney grabbed vaughn and kisses him, keeping her face out of sight.
    She heard them turing back in their seats and sat back down
    "w w what waa that" vaughn said obviously the kiss took him by surprise
    "shhhhh sorry" sydney said tilting her head towards sloanes table
    "c'mon lets get outta hear" vauhgn said, the creases in his forehead starting to show
    They got up and vaughn put his arm around her hiding her face
    ahhhhhhhhhh pure heaven
    they both thought to themselves at the same bitter sweet moment
    once they were outside they looked around for somewhere to stay
    after about a half an hour of walking they found a nice little bed and breakfast, checking in they went up to the room.
    "im gonna go take a shower"
    "ok" replided vaughn

    Sydney pov, while taking shower

    ring ring ring
    ohh well vaughn will get it
    i cant beleive that was sloane, and what the hell was emily doing she is dead
    and god kissing michael...

    NO more pov

    ring ring ring

    "this is the front desk you have a call, would you like to take it"
    "um sure"
    "hello" said a familiar voice
    "devlin?" vaughn asked
    "suppose you were expecting kendall" devlin replied
    "yeah I guess, well not really expecting a call at all"
    "well his ego probrably would keep him from making this call if i had asked him to do it"
    "ok" said vaughn a little flabergasted
    "look i am aware that you were going to take the next week off right"
    "and since sloane is away jack gave sydney a week off too"
    "and we thought as a reward for all the hard work bristow has put forward you two don't need to be back so I am giving you clearence to stay in paris for the next week if you want"
    "really" said vaughn showing his excitment
    "chem.. i mean really" he said a little calmer this time
    "yes" devlin answered
    "and mr. vaughn remeber protocal"
    "yes sir, but wait how did you find out where we were"
    "god bye agent vaugh"
    wow that was weird
    "hey syd" vaughn said when she came over to see what he was waching on the TV
    "who called?" she asked
    "what" she said taking a step back
    "what does he want, us to come home now, or maybe he wants me to go on another mission" she stormed on

    "actually, he told me we could stay here for the rest of the week" he said
    "no" she said in disbelif
    "i cant beleive this that is soo cool, but imsure you dont want to spend an entire week with me"
    "sydney sit down" vaughn commanded
    taking her in his arms" there is nobody I would rather want to spend my vacation with" kissing her forhead they sat there in solidude watching the movie on TV, in each others arms!!!!!!!!

    Ahh finally i got to writing more
    please tell me what u think because frankly only one person has been responding
  12. I like it. :D
    --Mandy :angelic:
  13. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    im gonna write more but im havin writers block
  14. Alias

    Alias Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    Yay yay!! Write more!! Oh I know what you mean about the writers block thing, it happened to me a lot in my story.
  15. Alias Elle

    Alias Elle Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    See, you have more readers! And that addition was really good!

    ~Me :angel2:
  16. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    i am not that good of a writer so it takes me a while to organze my thoughts in order for it to be good
    hopefully i will write more soon
  17. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    After about two hours of just sitting there in each others arms watching Austin Powers, laughing not at the jokes but how fake the stunts were and how they knew what it was like in real life.
    "you do know we cant sit here all day"
    "well we could" vaughn said with a devious smile
    "yeah, but ive always gone on missions to paris but i have never really gotten to go to any other places besides where my missions were"
    "hey, make me a promise"
    "yeah" she said a little confused
    "lets just forget about work for now"
    "ok that is fine by me" she said staring into those two green eyes she had some to know so well over the past year
    "so" she said shifting so she could take the tour pamphlet out of the drawer
    "where should we go to first?"
    "Normandy"he said as if he was almost in a daze
    "WHAT" sydney screamed
    "look I know my way around there, and we don't have to worry about Sloane seeing us and the CIA wont know where we are, come on its perfect"
    "i dont know" sydney said
    "well will this change your mind?"
    Drawing her into a kiss, she melted, this kiss was like none she had ever experienced before, and for that moment everything faded away

    I think i am getting better at this... more later
  18. Alias

    Alias Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    I like I like!!! Looking forward to more!!!
  19. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    After a lot of persuasion Vaughn finally got sydney to crack.
    Sitting down at the table, he started to explaine the plan to sydney.
    "I will go get a rental car, because SD-6 won't reconize me, then I will pick you up from the back exit here. We wil stay checked in here so that no will know where we are, and when we check in at our new hotel we will be going as Mr. And Mrs. Vaughn because I know the CIA wouldn't track that name. Here, he said handing her a ring, wear this, because small details count to. I am sorry I forgot about it when we were on the plane and well if we are married we are gonna need a ring"
    "ok" as she slipped it on she felt her heart melt, she had dreamed of this
    "and if you want we can stop at the eiffel tower for a little while"
    "ok, she said her face signifagantly brighter"
    "so you ready"
    "more then ever"
    "lets go!!"


    at the eiffel towr, in the car

    Vaughn POV

    I stared at her, how can one person be so perfect, I mean there is nothing she cant do. I looked up at the eiffel tower and then back at her
    "you know there is nobody I would rather be here with"
    I said
    "can I keep it?"
    "What?" i asked having no clue what she was talking about
    following the direction those beautiful brown eyes were looking in my eyes found themselves looking at the ring, a nice sized emarald and two smaller diamonds on the side
    "the ring?" i asked
    "yeah" she said looking up at me a look of hope and uncertianty in her eyes
    "we'll see" i said smiling at her
    She smiled back getting brighter by the minute
    taking advantage of this moment I pulled her into another kiss, wait what was this the 4th time. I cant beleive this less then 48 hours ago I was sitting in a plane, depressed that alice and I broke up and worried about sydney, and here I am with her in PARIS for gods sake, kissing her, the one person I cant have I finally got. God I love life. And then I got lost in the kiss.

    After much more kissing, we finally decided that a black car parked on the side of the road with tinited windows could get kind of suspicios after a while so we decided to start for normandy.
    turning up the radio we listened as Asereje played
    out of the blue syd started crackin up when the chourus came on *
    "oh.. my.. god.... michael.. you ...have ... no ...idea...francie and i... the other... day.. it came on .. in ...her...resturant....and...this frat guy and his girlfriend and all of his friends... get up and... start.. dancing to it, and trying to teach francie and I" she said trying to catch her breath between words
    "Oh My God Francie and will, what are they going to think. " she said her head snapped up and her eyes widened
    "hey it is ok, your dad is going to stop by and let them know that your buisness trip had a couple problems and you will be staying there a little longer"
    "whew" she said slumping back into the chair
    "I cant beleive they got up in the middle of the resturant" he said
    "i know it was hillarious" she answered
    the rest of the trip was mostly like this, we talked and talked and talked.

    No more pov

    ---- * asereje is also known as the ketchup song and has a hilarious dance that goes with it

    once they reached Normandy they found yet another nice little bed and breakfast that was known for its huge beautiful garden. After getting a light meal, sydney and vaughn decided to go outside and walk around the huge garden. Sydney rested her head on vaughns shoulder as the walked, they passesd lilies and violets and some flowers that nobody knew what they were finally the reached the roses, swooping down vaughn took out his pocket knife and cut one off and handed it to sydney kissing her nose
    "Michael I love you, truly and honestly"
    "I love you to"
    sitting down on a bench they kissed and kissed and kissed
    finally they pulled apart
    "So what do you think that emily was doing ALIVE?"
    "i dont know and sydney I know that she was like a mother to you but please promise me that this is just abouth the two of us this week together, without any interuptions"
    "I think I can deal with that" Syd said a smile spreading on her face
  20. Alias

    Alias Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    Loving it!! More please!!!

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