A new StarTrek Series


An Old Friend
:working: I just documented an Idea for a new StarTrek TV series to take the place of Enterprise.
With the same production standards as previous StarTreks, writers and producers use fanfic to produce single shows in the StarTrek universe.
All they need to do is go on the net and read some of the fanfic that's already out there and turn it into one or two one hour shows.
Follow Guidelines:
No storylines on previous characters- no Kirk, Picard, Sisco, Janeway or Archer related stories. No Subcharcter stories either. The Federation is big so I'm sure there are other captains and other ships that could be followed.
Technology levels must be Cannon- Tech must be consistant with the shows timeperiod. Different shows can have different timeperiods as long as the periods dont cross.
Existing AlienRaces must be cannon- Show wanting to deal with new aliens must find a way of working it into the Cannon

The list could go on & on. I'm not going to write it, I'm just documenting the Idea.

Call it ST:Federation Explorer
ST: FanFic Stories


An Old Friend
Yeah, The key to the idea us to use the fanfic. Let the fans write the show.
Starfleet Academy would be a great foundation for fanfic exploration