A newfound respect for Bradley

Let me tell you. Ever since Bradley Cooper left Alias, I've definitely been missing him. My roommates are starting to get sick of my comment every Sunday night at 9PM that "I miss Will." I really think that Bradley Cooper brought a lot to the show, which I didn't realize until he was gone. He was really a great actor, especially since most of the episodes he didn't get that much screentime.

And Ijust saw him in "I Want To Marry Ryan Banks." Which made me miss him even more... :(

Here's hoping that he comes back to Alias for at least a few more episodes. I think he can help pump the storylines up a little.
It could work. I mean, at least he came back to gueststar once (and he'll probably be back again sometime this season. At least that's what I'm hoping). That might make it a little easier to sway him.
I miss both Bradley and his portrayal of Will so much!!!! He brings so much to the show and I wish they would bring him back. I know that there are some people trying to raise money for an ad like they did for Lena Olin. The site is www.wewantwill.com It's pretty cool. I watched his movie I Want to Marry Ryan Banks and he was absolutely adorable!! Which of course only made me miss him more. :(
Will had great interaction with so many people. I loved his scenes with Jack, Vaughn, Francie, and of course Syd. Yeah, Bradley is great, especially in S2.