Music A really cool new retro Sci-Fi music video.

Hi all,

I've just found this new independent music video, and really loved it.
Lots of references to retro Sci Fi from the 60's in there.
Pretty weird (hard to say if they're serious or not :confused:), but fun and beautiful.


You can check it out here :

Well I can see quite a few of them :
"Fantastic Voyage" and "Raumpatrol Orion" seem pretty obvious to me, but "Captain Nemo and the underwater city" also comes to mind...


Code Monkey
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I understand the 60's reference. If not directly then the visual style of the video itself evokes the sci-fi film feel of the 60's & early 70's.
Oh sure, the references have to do with style and intent, definitely.
Thanks for embedding it in the thread btw, didn't manage to do it myself.

Oh, and a word about moving the thread in here :
I posted the video only for it's visuals and references to retro sci-fi, hoping to discuss old sci-fi styles, and definitely not music.
Anyway... :-/