A Scanner Darkly put back 6 months!!!!!!

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looks like staff problems with the Animator (with him leaving) have pushed back the release of this much awaited P.K.Dick conversion from September to March 2006. this really blows to hear the good stuff is delayed!!!


Animator Quits Scanner?

The Austin Chronicle reported a rumor that the animator who was working with director Richard Linklater on the upcoming SF movie A Scanner Darkly has quit. Bob Sabiston created the rotoscoping animation process that Linklater used on his previous film, Waking Life, and was using the same method to animate sequences in Scanner, which stars Keanu Reeves and is based on a Philip K. Dick novel.

Warner Independent had pushed back the release of A Scanner Darkly to March 2006 from this September, citing delays in the animation process, the newspaper reported.

Sabiston declined to comment to the Austin Chronicle and did not respond to SCI FI Wire's request for an interview.


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whilst the producers of the film have stated the film has been put back from an October release this year, to spring next, an interview in the UK publication : Mail On Sunday with Robert Downey Jnr states that the live filming has finished.

How much of this wait till spring is now down to post animation and how much is the producers waiting for an acceptable profit inducing release slot waits to be seen.