A series of unfortunate events

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I really dont care for them. I tried to read the first one, but I just couldnt force myself to finish it. It was like a vocabulary builder! It just explains words in the middle of the story! I know I'm above the age range for those books, but that drove me crazy!
I do have to agree that i don't like the constant vocabulary lessons in them either. But if you can get past that they have a very interesting storyline, even though they're supposed to be for kids.
well i have to disagree i love them all and have all of them up to 11
they are sad but when i think back on them, i don't know if it is just me but, i find it funny with all of the thing that is bad that has too the siblings in a short amount of time.
but i haven't seen the movie...even though it came out ages ago.
the other day i went to the new book shop and they had the newest book that has recently come out in the series in australia. but i didn't have enough mony to buy it. but i read the back and it stated that it is the "next-to-last" book in the series
Yep, I adore them. One of my fave series'. The style is pretty old fashioned but that's for a reason, so I can't really dislike them just for that, but the whole explaining vocabulary can get a bit annoying...it's a good job I'm such a fast reader. Anyone know when no. 13's out?


^ It's funny, because Memento Mori was used in one of the books. You probably knew that.

ANYWAY, yes, I just finished The End. I both like it for its openness and dislike it for its lack of finality.

I didn't mind the whole 'a word which here means...' quirk, but the metaphors that he slaps you in the face with in each book started to grate. Especially in... The Grim Grotto? The one that used the water cycle as its metaphor. It's like, 'Yes, I did eighth grade science, can I please not REVISIT IT? Especially in one of the clunkiest, most anvillicious metaphors seen outside of Match Point?' My favourite one is The Ersatz Elevator. Oh, alliteration. I love it.

They can get tedious if you read them all at once, so if you're just starting out reading them, take your time. Other than that, they're great books. :cool:
The first 8 were great (up to and including The Hostile Hospital). Books number 9 and 10 were average, although, it became boring with all the anecdotes that Snicket tells in his books. The Penultimate Peril and The End were really boring, and I just skipped to the ending, which obviously left me with a lot of questions, in particular about why the tunnel which started from the Squalors' apartment block ended up at the rubble of the Baudelaires' mansion.
i love them... but i can't force myself to start The End, because that means the series is really over (and i've been reading them since 5th grade... so it's kinda weird for me)