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An Old Friend
I found these sites and while reading them I couldn't help but think of the SciFi stories that it could inspire.
Here are some samples - Tell me what you think...

Utility Fog intro

Some of the basic properties of Utility Fog would be invisibility (when desired), strength, and enormous computing power. Molecular size means too small to see, and in low density formations (arms extended to maximum) it would flow easily as air. Speed? At molecular sizes, robots would move interactively at about the speed of sound, almost faster than we could see. The strength of a swarm of molecular sized robots would be amazing... if desired as hard as cement, and in unison could lift a truck with ease!

Jump off a cliff and your (hopefully large) mass of foglets extend from your body, adhering to the cliff wall to slow your fall to a pleasant decent. Jump from an airplane.... the fog expands into a very large parachute... you descend at any rate you want!

As you move past solid objects, your swarm of 'foglets' would flow invisibly and unfelt around the obstruction and follow your every movement... much faster than you could ever move. The fog could float you over the roughest ground with absolutely no bumps... at high speed. You could float over water with equal ease.... and never get a drop on you.

Camouflage would be at least as good as looking through a pane of glass... ala' "Predator". See great distances with telescopic vision... or magnify and analyze microscopic objects. Need a tent/room for the night? Just lay down on a feather soft layer of foglets... while the outer layers of the swarm harden to protect you from the elements and harm. The fog could warm or cool you... no matter the climate. Privacy? The outer layers turn completely opaque, even to full spectral scans, but you could see out like it was clear (the reverse of camo mode) . And... maybe best of all....never get another mosquito bite!
The major systems of spaceships will need to he made with special- purpose nanotechnological mechanisms, and indeed with such mechanisms pushed much closer to their true capacities than anything we have talked about heretofore. In the spaceship’s cabin, however, will be art acceleration couch. When not accelerating, which is most of the time, we’d prefer something useful, like empty space, there. The Utility Fog makes a better acceleration couch, anyway. Fill the cabin with Utility Fog and never worry about floating out of reach of a handhold. Instruments, consoles, and cabinets for equipment and sup plies are not needed. Non-simulable items can be em bedded in the fog in what are apparently bulkheads.
The Fog can add great structural strength to the ship itself; the rest of the structure need he not much more than a balloon. The same is true for spacesuits:
Fog inside the suit manages the air pressure and makes motion easy; Fog outside gives extremely fine manipulating ability for various tasks. Of course, like the ship, the suit contains many special purpose non-Fog mechanisms.
Surround the space station with Fog. It needs radiation shielding anyway (if the occupants are long-term); use big industrial Foglets with lots of redundancy in the mechanism; even so they may get re cycled fairly often. All the stock problems from SF movies go away: humans never need go outside merely to fix something; when EVA is desired for transfer or recreation, outside Fog provides complete safety and motion control. It also makes a good tugboat for docking spaceships.
Homesteaders on the Moon could bring along a batch of heavy duty Fog as well as the special-purpose nanotech power generation and waste recycling equipment. There will be a million and one things, of the ordinary yet arduous physical task kind, that must be done to set up and maintain a self- sufficient house hold.

programable matter

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Innovative Transportation Systems
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Campagna's T-REX


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Keys to the Universe

As I mentioned in 'LIFE', the 'Streaming Code' of the universe is being decoded. Many thanks to the brilliant and visionary people who are decoding the machinery of the Universe, and handing us the keys!
What we do with this knowledge is our ultimate test, and our fate. Everything we do from this time forward will have an increasingly large effect on the survival and transformation of our species at the Singularity.

Technology of Change

Changing Ourselves

Changing the Universe

and be careful what you wish for!
Knowledge Management News & New Links

An excellent overview of why KM is so powerful: acceleration of technology, intersection of disciplines, and systematization of practice.

(2004.02.13) MicroSoft OneNote Very useful software- I love it, but wish I had a tablet PC.

(2004.02.11) Archiving knowledge thoughts from Long Now

(2004.01.11) DesignShop management seminar that led to the book 'Leaping the Abyss'.

(2004.01.11) Leaping the Abyss: Putting Group Genius to Work (Foresight Institute online book)
(2004.01.05) Grokker search tools Fast mapping and filtering of web, databases, and mass storage.

(2004.01.05) Beyond Google: Narrow the Search Wired article on organizing and filtering search results.

(2004.01.01) Antelope Modular Computing Platform (Also see OQO uPC above!)

(2003.10.09) Big collection of KM articles and thoughts: mcgeesmusings.net

(2003.09.30) Excellent KM site, with insightful articles (including Max More): ManyWorlds.com

(2003.09.01) Software: Trying My-eNotes IE toolbar plug-in, like a clipboard manager.

(2003.08.23) Article: Aggregators Attack Info Overload

(2003.08.05) New knowledge concept: Idea Markets.
Idea Markets are a way to capture people's collective wisdom, and have proven to be very accurate at predicting events.
Recent article: The Case for Terrorism Futures

It was easy to build... and it's free! This is SWEET!

PersonalBrain capabilities with Inxight-like navigation would be ideal!

global brain, topic maps, mind-mapping, knowledge management
Nano-Nova.com index

Wow......i dont know where to start.............thanks for the info......i look forward to reading it all.

I added them to my stumble upon blog too.
Really interesting stuff - especially that nano-fog
Perhaps that is where the legends of Gods, Demons, Magicians and wizards comes from.
Jesus walked on the water...Hmmm
wow indeed !

Some reading & dreaming material for a long while.

Great Site skwirlinator !

Where to start, at the beginning of course.
i agree recall, at the start. i know it sounded funny to see that, what i typed, but info like this i having been wanting to read for quite a long time. i am so glad that we, the members of coolscifi, team up to share so much information to each other and the world that this is my only site i go to for anything to do with scifi.

for me this is home. i left the sitel a few months ago for reasons of my own and found out shortly that i couldnt stay away. this is home to me, internet home as it is.

to me everyone here is a friend and i neither feel stupid nor awkward posting or asking questions.

i want to thank everyone here for bringing our world this incredible world of science, science fiction, fantasy and reality.
Kevin and Tim do a most excellent job running this site. Kevin is always trying new things and he is totally friendly. He definately named it right...CoolSciFi
I have two other sites that are non-stop fun.

Creating a nanotechnology world


Human Knowledge: Foundations and Limits

Here is the prologue

Why is there something rather than nothing? Might the world be an illusion or dream? What exists beyond the human senses? What happens after death? Does divine or supernatural agency exist? Is the future already decided?
What is the meaning of life? What is right and wrong? Is the world good or bad? Are humans good or evil? What beings should have what rights? What should one do?
What is truth? consciousness? intelligence? What are the limits of intelligence? Of logic? Could a machine think? Does free will exist?
How and when did the universe begin? What happened before it began? How and when will the universe end?
What does the universe consist of? What laws govern it? Why is the universe this way?
How big is the universe? Does it have a center or edge? What is outside the universe? Are there other universes?
What is life? How did life arise? What explains its complexity?
How did mind and language arise? How does the brain work?
Is there life and intelligence beyond earth?
What political system works best? What economic system works best?
Why do human individuals, groups, and sexes behave as they do?
Why have some human societies experienced more material progress than others?
Will humanity suffer cultural decline? economic crash? tyranny? resource depletion? overpopulation? runaway pollution? pandemic? interplanetary impact? nuclear catastrophe? nanotech plague?
Will humanity experience divine salvation? loss of faith? paranormal abilities? alien contact? time travel? warp travel? machine or human superintelligence? immortality?
What will happen in the next: hundred years? thousand years? million, billion, and trillion years?