a small invasion

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if people don't like that all i can say is that could happen to YOU if you do not want to be bullied into submission someday see the blimp like camera laden ballon the us military is sending all across both countries borders in ontario michigan etc
NOTE: since I did not see the episode where Nadia is killed by a shard of glass... let us say she has been revived by a Rambaldi chemical previously unknown even to Sloane who has used a Rambaldi substance to revive her before...she continues with her life even though everyone thought she was dead....(I do not know if other fan fic writers have written something like this)...let us also say someone was watching Sloane and Nadia's activities who has revived her....someone unkown to anyone involved in the story...

NOTE: PETITION TO BRING BACK CRUSOE TV SHOW BACK ON THE AIR.....see my story on it in the Romance section of this fan fic site..
i do not know if the show was cancelled but if it was i did see a site that said that...what happened to on the regular stations?

A Small Invasion

Section One

Why the old agency had been disbanded and none of the agents were
found again was a mystery. Will looked for signs of them and finally
gave up. However, from time to time he did take up an interest in old
cases of Sydney's and tried to resolve them.

One day he to a remote are to find out about a case that involved
a drug cartel going from Mexico to Alaska. People on tour buses would
go from the lower states to Alaska. From there they went back and ended
up in the wasteland of the North West Territories of Canada.
For a month he observed them, in this remote area,
By the time a few months went he realized there was a mix of people
from around the world. Thousands, for months would stay in tents. Food
would be brought to them. They would mostly walk, talk and eat, nothing else.
Was it an intern camp like Gitmo? He went back South. He found
out some getting on the trains were American, British, and Canadian. He decided
to join them. All it took was a statement of why he wanted to go. 'For the
Order', was all he need to say. They presumed he was already processed by their
administrators elsewhere.
Once he got there, the tent town became boredom city. Everyone was a stranger.
Even so, he began to figure out about a quarter of them knew each other.
By observation techniques he had learned from Sydney, he realized the one's
familiar to each other were working for the organization behind it all.
As a reporter he kept a journal in old fashioned shorthand. In case it was found
it read like a diary.

One day trucks came loaded with guns, grenades, tasers and surveillance
equipment. Soon it was revealed they would attack and take over a
mountain resort town. An experiment for successively larger projects.
Eventually an army of a few million, scattered into parts of the U.S. would
stage a coup to take over a small sparsely populated section of Canada,
then a small province, then a major city in the United States. Unlike
the Taliban this was not one or two sporadic events but a small invasion.
Who the group behind it all was no one knew.
Live would be lost, lax government would be to blame. And the money for all
this was from?

They gave Will a target to capture, a woman on the run. The ammunition was:
taser, rubber bullets and gun, and a gas that rendered the eyes temporarily
sightless with cramped muscles.

Once the target was subdued 'it' was not to be killed. However, he had seen
some 'soldiers' track down and kill some coyotes. A certain gas dissolved
their fur and reduced them to bone in minutes. Left as living skeletons they died
an excruciating death.

He followed the target for miles. It was a very agile person. In fact he
was taken aback by her ability to climb. They were up about a thousand feet.
The air was crisp, the scent of pine filled the air. He got out, the taser dropped.
Then he got out the gun and hit her legs. Finally the target tripped and fell
far down feet. He found the taser. Before the dazed target lifted itself up
he hit it with a heavy jolt. The hooded target fell, immobilized and staring
from inside the darkened hood. Unable to move he pulled it back. It was Nadia.

Section Two

After Will had captured her, he heard a sound in the distance, it was a helicopter.
“How did they know?” He was loath to have them pick her up. Nadia opened her eyes. They were brown, her lips split open from being parched. Her delicate face had a hard edge to it now. One eye had a grey pupil, she had been blinded in that eye. She took out a small device, pressed it, then started to speak:
“They can hear us, every minute movement, even a breath. Even the rocks have been drilled, they insert bugs…” Her eyes closed, experiencing some sort of spasm. “I’ve been on the run for a long time. I…”, she swallowed a dry hard swallow “was working freelance [swallows] when I had a call from an old contact, she sent me an e-mail. It was a map of the Aleutian Islands. At first I thought it was a researcher’s map; archeologist, perhaps, tracking migration routes. On the link to it, it was, I thought the Chunnel between Britain and France. Instead, the people inside started walking, they had heavy winter clothes on. Clicked back to the map, it had lines from the Russian side to Alaska. That is when I realized…”, she passed out.
Will wanted to pick her up. A man in military camouflage opened a door and helped pull her in. Once inside he said:
“Nice catch eh? She looks a little weak. We have a nice bed for her. It has straps and, once in a while, we’ll give her a jolt. Believe me, if she wasn’t so weak, you’d never caught her.” It did not look good for her, Will thought. As they rose in the Nadia braced herself, choked for a moment, then breathed hard to catch her breath. The man pulled her hood back to reveal a thin face, and a glaring attitude of defiance. Indignant, she lifted her head up. The moment of emotion didn’t last, she bowed her head and, with thin fingers, nearly translucent in the ray of sun shining into a window, pulled the hood back onto her head.
They took her to a cabin in the camp. Days went by. He saw a dead man carried into another cabin. He suspected a morgue. From her cabin, they brought a soul out in a body bag. ‘She must be dead’, he thought. They put it in a different cabin than the morgue.
He took out his notes, written in an old form of short hand that he had been writing the whole time he was here. Having been in his coat, inside the seam, he also felt what wa a smanll device. He pushed a tiny button on it. It slid out a thin wafer-like screen. On the screen was the data on the Alaskan Chunnel she had been talking about. Some of the faces of the people in the camp were in the pictures that came up. He clicked a link below it, it showed, the reverse image of the map. It showed two chunnels. The other must be for transport.
Click, anotherlink showed roads. From Mexico to Alaska through Canada. There were symbols, little signs along the way, saying ‘Nafta Super Highway’. However, this was not just a massive ‘Free Trade Zone’. Nadia had uncovered something, perhaps that’s why she was killed!

Section Three

After having been able to get away from the paramilitary camp, he knew it would be impossible not be pursued. So, with his contacts he reentered the spy world and sought protection within his agency. One contact told him he had enemies within the agency and brought him into a new agency. Given that he knew Nadia, and was eager to find out about her blinded him to any suspicion when given an assignment to follow up on her story. When it came to finding out about himself, he tended towards naively looking away from the traitors in his midst. However, like many people in pursuit of the truth once discovered, made it a mission to bring to justice the people who kept him under surveillance. For now, Will found himself in exactly the same position he was in before.

Given access to the database of the agency he was working for, he had files of some of the para military trainees, one of whom was Nadia. Her name had been changed, false data was put onto her international id cards. They all said she was a runaway as a youth, who had a criminal record. Later in time she tried to get into the U.S. and the Canadian military. Eventually, they said she became a drifter and came to be involved in a drug smuggling ring. The paramilitary group accepted all types of people, she joined them. After her training it was stated she tried to stage a coupe against the leaders, joined by a number of Europeans. Tried in absentia after escaping to the surrounding wilderness, she was captured several times, escaping each time. In fact she was used as a target, for practice in pursuit. Once the para military found resistance they pursued the Resistance-Targets until they were caught or killed. Nadia was used as a practice RT.
However, Will wanted to know why she ended up there, and what it was they really were after. By constant capture/recapture/pursuit they hoped to break her resistance… but to giving up what?
After tracking down some information from a contact he found her last place of residence. Having been independent, she had a few private safe houses. He went to a few of these.
Her last residence was near a university where she posed as a student enrolled in Psychology. As he knew how she and Sydney were close, he figured how she would lead her sister to the new destination and, how to get in without a key. Such a means had been given him for access to a few of her residences.

In her home, there were a lot of papers, term papers, writings, studies in Psychology. Was she researching Psychology for a case? Was she profiling a suspect? He found a list of her courses on a Registrar’s office print out.

On a disk labeled FOG after a photo from a website, in a file called BRIGHT FOG, he found a list of individuals from Government and Intel Agencies. If their names came up in mail or online e-mail, web sites, t.v., radio, etc., the system was alerted, the various sources were labeled RT , deemed subversive: with appropriate action to be taken against them. The list of vip’s were labeled PP (Protected and Private). Therefore “PP ‘services’ RT”
There was a link common to some. The link, online, had a password of 200 letters. It was a sequence only a very patient hacker would tackle, especially since the words, concatenated together, he thought, would probably be spelled in military jargon. Presumably Nadia knew the password.
Searching for this password would take eons, however, by looking at the list of names with the common link, he realized there were 100 of them. Of these 99 had no middle name. Typing in the first and last initials created the password to the link. However, every two letters typed pulled up a new form with a new input box. After exhausting his patience he was onto the site. A blinking government building appeared and disappeared. THEY would find the destination immediately. He remembered the tv show, where a high pitched frequency repelled the two characters [I am not sure about naming the show; not my idea,] tapped into a military system. He copied the linked-site onto an empty disk. He didn’t think about it at the time but a small round-shaped piece of plastic with raised bumps on it was attached to the disk . He didn’t think to peel it off. It was an RFID tag.(1.) The disk stopped in mid-copy and a red screen with a thick widthed letter font flashed on and off reading:

Commonwealth Agreement on Security and Profiling Identities Act No. 86-csn, o591 sector.

He pulled off the little plastic piece when he pulled the disk out. Back in it resumed copy.
There was another break point in the list. The final name was Mark Anders Plato. He typed in the three letters and, upon completion, he pulled the disk out. When he pulled the disk out, his car started outside, he thought he heard footsteps from hard soled shoes he could see the television turn on. It said in black background with white letters: TORNADO WARNING! TAKE COVER! He raced into the car and went as fast as he could away.
He expected the place to blow up. When it didn’t he went back. Opening the door, all the furniture, cupboards, chairs, etc., were all disintegrated. He raced away in the car until he came to the edge of the city. There he ripped out the In-Constellation Satellite World-Find System (or World-Find). He was alone, ready to look for a place to stay, free and out of danger.
He felt the need to get out and walk. Darkness made him feel safe and obscure. Now, he finally thought about the death of Nadia, and he cried. Another life in the story of the Agency. Everything was AGENCY. No matter which agency, pro-West or not, it was all AGENCY to him. Will remembered her dark hair, dark eyes, her affection, especially for those who suffered. Her determination to defend someone abused, despite the danger of it. Despite the opposition to it. Staying loyal even when enemies turned the tables and were made to appear innocent, giving them spurs to kick the belly with harsh heels, ripping into one that was merely defending him or her self. Her sister Sydney would have been proud she lasted so long against the cruel game played out against her in the end: for ‘training’ of ‘military’ men!

Was it the taser that ended her life [the first use of taser in this story is before the airport taser incident, this one after], or was it some other torture. There ought to be a world wide ruling on tasers, he thought.
He came back to the car and drove to a hotel which was on a dirt road. At first it seemed to be empty. Some leaves blew across the road as a strong wind blew against him. The only lights on were two streetlamps on either side of the hotel, which was barely lit inside. After a meal in the restaurant of only one customer, he went upstairs to his room. Before he went to bed he opened the laptop, put in the disk had copied the web site onto.

There was a lot of data on it but one web page stood out. It was a map, the date of which was 1848, which faded out to 1945, and another map: of the divided world. [The map I am thinking of here is not the hidden in a country's constitution] The first map was just after the First World War, the second, a map of new regions in 1945. The image of the Sun illuminated the background of both. Imposed on this background were men women children of all nations bowing before the sun. The first map of the nations redrawn turned into a map of dissolving national lines [this is not a new idea] into the new regions [see Huxley, Orwell, etc.].
Huge blocks of nations: India paired with Malaysia, Korea, etc.. China with Japan, the United States has already absorbed Canada and Mexico, South America and Africa are of the same colour. Europe and Russia together the same colour. Antarctica and Alaska, North West Territories, Nunavut, World Natural-Diversity projects, as much of the tropics of Africa and South America, and all island nations.
The maps collapse into a picture of men, women and children, standing around a pile of religious literature being burned in front of a public library. [see ‘Fahrenheit 415’, various revolutions] The sound of a mournful scratched vinyl Symphony recording plays over and over. This dissolves into computer screen with the world’s Internet Provider’s represented by red dots.

In his dreams Will remembered Nadia. He saw her in a chair, before her a man in a suit in front of a post First World War map. This map dissolved into the second map. The brilliant sun burst through and exploded as the sound of a plane went by, dropping a nuclear bomb. The scene changed into a government building with pillars, and banners hanging of the new regions. People of all ages bowed down to the building. The banner in front of it had the Sun on it. Perhaps the sun was the power of the state over life and death.
An instrument was in the hand of the man before Nadia in the dull office she was held in. The man asked her to submit. She nodded her head from right to left. Two guards held her down, the third gave her an injection activating a chip in her brain that also sends a message to a computer screen. The data that appears on the screen proves her crimes against the state. The man before her orders her to be taken away. As she is taken out the crowd is silent. She is placed before a screen. A virtual guillotine appears behind her and as she is standing they strap her in with steel straps to a pole. There is no flame, electric charge, bullet , scythe.
She goes limp, a single tear falls down her cheek. The crowd is allowed to cry as giant auto-tasers are aimed at them. She is taken down and out where she is placed in a funeral limosine. Will wakes up from the sunshine bursting into his window. He pulls down the screen.

Section Four

Will decided after the dream he had of Nadia’s death to leave. While he was having breakfast in his room he heard the houseman telling two men he did not know who was staying in the room. His memory recalled reading ‘The Trial’ [Kafka]. When they left the area he followed them out of the hotel to the parking lot and, hiding in the shadows, as the area was poorly lit, listened.
“What do ya think?”
“Don’t know, the tracking system lost him.”
“Don’t know.”
“Houseman didn’t say who was in the room.”
“I checked, it’s a woman’s name in the guest list.”
“What are you doing?”
”I’m going to have them check NSA and ECHELON and see where the trail went cold.”
“That won’t do, you think someone who was in the training camp is going to leave ‘crumbs’. Check for ‘cookies’ at the last destination he visited online. Maybe he is tapped into some private intranet. After all we haven’t been able to locate him for days.”
“I don’t know, all I know is that he has a copy of the data.”
They told me it has been obscured in the text. They said someone would have to have been an expert to figure it out!”
”Figure what out?”
“Your ten steps ahead of me.”
“Well, let’s grab a bite to eat.”
”Sure, here or back that way?”
”The gas is nearly empty, I talked to the owner, he said he had gas but that I’d have to use a siphon to draw it out, its in that shed.”
“Do that later, let’s go in.”
While they were in the restaurant Will got the siphon and took the remaining gas from their car, spilling it onto the ground. To make it look like it was a leak he put the other end of the siphon underneath where the tank would be. He hoped the wind would evaporate it before the finished. Since his car was parked away form the large window in the restaurant he would not be seen leaving. This was also the time the staff ate, and since he had been the only one there they made enough noise to obscure the car starting. He left in another direction along an old unused road. The road had an old construction sign on it that had a date- ‘closed until May 1961.’ He had taken the instant camera and took a look at the two men. The picture was taken from inside, he never saw them before; now he knew who to look for. He wondered who put a woman’s name in place of his on the guest list, why did they not see his name.
He sped off down the road, the cracks in the old cement made a sound and he felt a bump every few seconds. It was an old road leading to where he did not know. The sun was starting to set and in the refracted atmosphere was a huge segmented ball of fire. The sky turned purple as clouds set in. He stopped the car opened the door. A gust of cold air hit him. It felt good to be in a desolate region. No cars followed; in his binoculars either way was empty road and flat land. He smelled the good clean air and went to the back seat and fell asleep. He dreamt of Nadia’s body bag, the camp, the two men. When he woke up fog covered the landscape, it was a new strange white world.

Section Five

Will started drive in the fog. Since no one was around it was safe to go. Otherwise the sound of crashing would have been heard in the distance. Soon the lonely road ended and there were planes over head. At least that is what he thought he heard. For a moment the fog cleared and, when a plane went overhead the fog reappeared. That is when he knew something was going on. He had seen chem-trail web sites, where planes exhaust released white plumes of smoke but it never descended and covered the ground. It was odd he thought…and Area 51 came to mind, he had read they had moved it to a new location, 51 being an anachronism. Whatever the reason for the fog it was coincidental that it happened on his travels. Stopping the car suddenly out of the fog a wolf or coyote appeared and ran off. Wherever he was this was desolation. As the car got moving again, a car raced into sight and actually grazed the car; flecks of paint flying off could be seen in the rear view mirror. In the fog the car’s appearance was brief but frightening. Another plane flew by, the fog was thicker.
From behind the car came back, this time it passed by on the other side of the road. Ahead, something was on the road. Whatever it was it would have punctured the tires. He went off the road into the wilderness.
After some distance he saw an all-terrain vehicle with a roll-over bar. His car slowed and there was a man getting out, waving him forward. Approaching slowly there did not seem to be any trick here so he went up in front of the car. However, the man had on camouflage jacket and pants. Will pulled the car around sideways to talk and rolled down the window.
“Didn’t think I’d see anybody this far out.”
Another plane went by.
“So,” asked Will, “What is out here?”
”Look, I’ve been traveling and I took a short cut to the highway and then I couldn’t find the road, then the car just stopped.
Will decided he was not a threat so he offered the man a ride. After riding for hours the man offered to drive. By the time night fell they decided to sleep in the car. The man fell asleep in the front after eating some food he brought with him; he offered some to Will; he too fell asleep.

Will woke up in a drug-induced fog; words he tried to speak were garbled. Trying to think was too confusing and his arm was sore from the needle went in. When he tried to get up he reeled backwards, the room was spinning.
The door opened, a man in a lab coat said:
“Well, we are not sure who you are so have to let you go.”
It took a few seconds but he understood that…
“They didn’t find anything although we don’t usually take you Sci Fi types too seriously
He tried but couldn’t understand.
“You should not have been administered that drug. Every once in a while one of the wacko’s gets in here, plays the part of an agent. That’s probably what your buddy with the fatigues did. I can have that injection analyzed from blood work if you want.”
“Noooooo!!!!!!,” he said and quickly pushed himself up against the wall on his bed.
“No blood. Alright. You kept saying something about a body bag…are you a vet?”
Shakes his head.
“You can go. Nurse!”
“Now let’s get you in the wheelchair.”
The drug wore off as he set in the waiting room. Old men in wearing parts of tattered uniforms came in, walked past. Younger men and women walked by with brush cuts. This was not just a hospital but a Veteran’s hospital. Finally he left, his car was outside in the visitors parking lot. A policeman pulled a cell out, nodded and started his vehicle. Will started the car. After some miles the policeman left and went back…

The weary and abused fellow stopped the car and went the back of the car, took the jack and wrench and took of the back right tire. Putting it back on but not before he pulled out a package of disks he had hidden at the top of the tire taped to it. He figured it would be better to have been picked up and abused now rather than be pursued indefinitely.
The fog of his mind cleared just as the fog had lifted from the surrounding atmosphere.
Planes no longer went above. Whether or not he was in a new Area 5- ? or not, he did not know. He was sure he was in an undeclared restricted zone.
What was this off-limits place? To try to find out was to risk his safety yet it was too tempting to pass up but later-: he had another agenda to follow up. In the mirror the sun lit up the sky bright orange-red turning to purple. After such an experience he remembered Nadia’s roughened look after being a target for the paramilitary group.
He took the lap top out and looked at the map on it. Next he looked at the rest of the disk. Too tired from being captured and released to go further he was hungry but did not dare eat any food for fear of contamination, he fell asleep.

Dreams are a jumble of memories, thoughts had during the day, perhaps some random ideas and images composed out of the history of our lives. The public death of Nadia he had dreamed of came after he saw the body bag, after that the scene turned to seeing her with the hood and hard edge to her face…Going back in time to the first time he saw her and mixed together pure fantasy.
The body bag zipped open, she ran to him, hugged him. They went off together into the fog. A dog came up from the mist, she stunned it with a taser it started to blow cold, and put her hood on. They came to an isolated hotel barely lit inside. Two men got out of a car. One man, threatened to put a match in the hose from which gas was dispensed.
When the explosion happened a great Sun appeared. A great globe of earth appeared over the moonscape, divided into the same colours as the map he had seen earlier.
When he awoke he was in desert. Nadia was standing over the bodies strewn
all over. It was a desert of dead bodies. ‘Look all the people we have killed in our careers.’ Sloan was bent over an altar that had a depiction of Rambaldi on it. A great tree stood in back of it [you might remember the tree in the book of Daniel in the Bible]. Rambaldi stood in front with Nostradamus beside him holding the Bible, pages open to Revelation in bold red letters. The pages started to burn. The leaves of the book burned and flew away in slow motion turning into ashes.
Letters and a number appeared on the remaining cover of the book. He laid it on the on the altar which started to crack. He said in French some of Rambaldi’s predictions, yet Will understood the words in English. Rambaldi said in English in an accent some of the words of the Revelation. The great red ball of the (Mueller) Rambaldi device that Nadia was pointing to appeared above them.
The dead bodies began to be covered slowly in body bags after having been exposed to the air. A universal moaning from all around started. The dead wailed as they were zipped up. Shut up forever their voices were stopped. Nadia spoke:
‘Behold the nations and the churches of the Revelation are about to be destroyed.’
A minister in black with a backwards collar appeared and was shot by one of the men at the restaurant. A coyote appeared and disappeared [I am only now remembering a movie where animals appear…]. The other man showed the hotel guest book to Will from a distance. He saw an image of Sydney, she handed him the book. It said Nadia. She cried, glared at Sloan who was weeping saying ‘Divine Rambaldi, save me from the New World Order!’ Sydney took a taser (1.) from Will’s hand and aimed it at Sloan. The words of a Rambaldi prophesy were spoken by Sloan backwards, he fell unconscious or dead.

Will found himself on a hill with a pair of binoculars. He could see a nuclear plant in the distance. A great sun consumed the great Rambaldi ball

the world went dark.

A dead dog standing only a skeleton was left. ‘Poor thing,’ he heard someone say. The sky reappeared A sickly reddish, yellow, grey colour obscured everything in a great fog, that covered the entire world. He thought of when Saddam’s oil wells were burning. A little girl was weeping and said echoing the Bible: ‘Woe to the earth and the sea for the world is about to be destroyed.’
She let out a mournful sound; ‘…and if we walk about after even winning the battle against the foe, [after John McRae’s poem] still “we are the dead”’.

A soldier played taps at the same time the wind blew carrying her cry back to him as she disappeared into the sickening fog. It was like a Japanese film he saw about the aftermath of a nuclear explosion.
Will could see Nadia who disappeared, he walked back to his car and fell into a deep sleep. When he awoke the sun appeared — no - it was the moon on fire, at its side a Rambaldi device hovering ominously. He fell back asleep.
In his dreams he started unzipping body bags. For days months years he did this. Every person he had ever known was there in bags. Their bodies frozen at the point in time he last saw them and he wept. For years he wept.
When he awoke from the deepest sleep he had ever had a person was in the front seat. It was a woman with dark hair. He spoke but she didn’t answer. In the mirror-: it was fogged up he could not see the face. She disappeared.

Will woke up he was clutching one of the disks. He got into the front seat and started back He was way beyond the hotel on the same road where it was leading he did not know.

Section Six

Something about all the new buildings and symbols disturbed him. He remembered doing some research on groups in Canada opposed to the NAFTA SUPERHIGHWAY. The US government wanted to change regulations on Canadian citizens entering the country, from showing a simple birth certificate to a new ID card or else a passport.
One group questioned the State troopers inspecting vehicles and passengers on the Canadian side of the boarder and passengers on the Canadian side of the boarder. They also questioned whether signs and other infrastructure would be changed for this new bringing together of the two sides in the middle. They wondered how far deep into both countries and it would spread. Moreover, why were people after Nadia and now himself? He went into the disk files again. This time he followed the links to other files listed on other disks of the Alaskan Tunnel. There were more pictures of the people. There were different groups of people. One a series of photos it showed people from the Chunnel in different locations. In some photos they were engaged in hard labour in what looked to be factories. In others, engaged in what looked to be military actions. There was on another series of photos men and women in business suits. Amongst these were politicians, and various experts, academics, even a few members of the press. The pictures looked to be from the nineteen fifties, sixties, and seventies. Whereas the dress of the Chunnel people were from the era 1990’s to the present, the military equipment and vehicles from different time periods.
He did not know what to do with all this information. Certainly, there was no one from any agency he could contact. Nadia was dead and he was in the middle of nowhere. Not only was he concerned about having pictures and data he did not know why he was being followed; why Nadia had been executed. Surely, just about any information was possible to obtain would be online! Why were people in an Arctic Tunnel, transported or come from elsewhere, engaged in different tasks? What was the real agenda of the paramilitary group? Who were they, what was the agenda behind it? He started the car again. Traveling hundreds of miles in wilderness, stopping at small stations and restaurants along the way; he encountered nothing, and nobody of significance to this case. In fact, he wondered at the so friendly people. Maybe he was just being paranoid. A few times he happened to overhear conversations that went like this:
“Yep, he’s here.”
“No, he’s not here.”
“Nobody’s with him, oh wait, I have to go…”
Deciding to a larger city, he bought a lot of supplies and traveled in another direction hundreds of miles. Once, he opened a can of food. Instead of food there looked to be some sort of electronic equipment. He smashed it with a rock, the burned it. When that happened a beeping noise emitted from a part that wouldn’t burn. He got rid of the other can like it and headed toward a city, whose skyscrapers loomed in wilderness like a distant mountain chain does on a tour bus.

Section Seven

When Will entered the area near a hotel close to the city, a memory of Francine came to mind. In another memory a hitch hiker on the other side of the road Sydney was with. Posing as hitch hikers, they were picked up (he later found, by an agent,) in an effort to make observers think they were young travelers without money or a destination. He remembered Sydney’s father looking around her apartment and eyeing him suspiciously, almost photographically perusing every pore of his face.
Memories flashed in and out of his mind. The time he was in court, as if a criminal …though he ashamed and feeling, he had been made to look the part by enemies.

Strange things happened to them as a result of the girl’s undercover work. When Nadia, Sydney and Francine planted a garden. The beans produced a poisonous decorative bean rather than the safe and edible kind. Or the double he thought was Francine, a photo of her relatives in the 1800's back in its frame on the small table. When he went to look at it she tried to divert his attention away from the table. There was one of the faces—it looked like it was cut out from another photo—on the table. Later, when she was not looking he found the backing of the photo had what seemed to be an inserted photo where her relative’s head would be on the front side. It was held together by tape. Will could not figure out why, the next time he was in the room, the same picture was seamless, not taped together. The photo certainly looked authentic, as if it was the original. Yet when he later opened a drawer he saw the original photo of her ancient relatives, one with a different face. He was shown by a friend of hers the same photo but a copy. This he thought was a fraud but it turned out to be the real relatives—even though it was only a copy. This was someone setting the record straight. The one who was Sydney’s roomate, a double, a fraud. (1.)

When he pulled into the hotel parking lot he saw two men looking at a car that was the same make as his so he pulled and left. Turning down a side street he was in the dark. The car like his went by. By the window in the front and in the back were the two men. The third was a woman driving. After waiting a half hour he went to a shelter for the unemployed. In order to eat and sleep there (though he had enough food but he had just escaped the two men), he had to hear a sermon.
“Hey, haven’t seen you befo…”.
“Now, I know the Lord is looking out for you…”.
“I’ve been at the other shelter.”
“On the East side…oh, rough neighbourhoo…”
”And how do I know that because you are here today. Remember what our forefathers said, give us you poor, downtrodden…”
”I haven’t got any money, lost it all gambling!”, said the man shaking his head.”
”I can he…”, Will checked himself.
“Jesus Christ healed and helped the outcast sons and daughters of Israel.”
“If it were not for this shelter, I’d starve!”
Will replied,
“The Lord will provide.”
”Amen to that,” the minister said.
The men and women seemed encouraged by the sermon and went eagerly to the Minister’s provisions, clearing the lecture room.

In situations like this Will always felt like what he expected to happen would, as in a movie and, see someone either familiar or disturbing.
“You look familiar,” said one of two men. He had never seen them before.
“Sorry, can’t say I’ve seen you before.”
”We saw you at the other shelter.”
”The one on the East side.”
”I just sai…”, he was overheard.
“We overheard your conversation.”
”We understand your hardship,” said the man holding a Bible in his hand, “It’s ‘the Time of the End’ ”, putting the book in his hand.
“You need assurance from the Lord.”
”Especially since Armageddon is round the corner.”
”The whole world could blow up, World War Three, the 1961 crisis all over again.”
He replied,
“You mean the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.”
”Well, 1948, the New World Order is here, every man will be spying on his brother.” (2.)
Getting upset Will spoke, in an irritated tone:
“Are you spies everywhere?”
They looked at each other.
“We just want you to survive the Great Conflict, pardon us Brother”, said the one, tipping his hat.

While the people started to sleep he opened the book. There was a painting of Rambaldi in place of a Biblical prophet. The entire book was not written in English but in shorthand, the same old shorthand he had used in his notes on the paramilitary group.
Before he started to read it he turned to Revelation. Before the first chapter was an illustration on the opposite page. The picture was of Rambaldi’s
face carved onto an altar. Before it, what appeared to be an Old Testament prophet. The altar was cracked. The name on his tunic was Michel de Nostradame, which Will recognized by his face first as Nostodamus. However, instead of Sloane slumped upon the altar as in his dream was Nadia.
It was too late to decipher the text and he was soon asleep.

When he woke up he felt a lump under his back, it was the book. At breakfast he watched the others shuffle from the bed area to the dining area. Sickly, tired looking people sat to a meal of pancakes, sausage and fruit. There was free coffee. A wino chatted with a policeman. A junkie licking his thirsty lips scratched his ankles where, Will suspected he stuck needle into raised veins. A recently unemployed mom and her family stared about them as if in a foreign land. The minister and some volunteers ladled warm soup into dishes. They were not in a starving land yet they all had the same past-desperation deadpan look on their faces.
Will thought back to how some of the rich Intel-managers, politicians and spies, both good and bad lived. The banker who had a greenhouse on the roof of a sky scraper. In it there was office furniture and a table overlaid with pure gold on the top for meetings in the middle of the room. He looked at the poor sitting around the old wood tables with plastic table cloths on them. The food was quite good and before leaving left a check in an office. As he left the office he happened to see the same edition of the Bible the two men gave him. He opened it up it had a photo of himself talking to Nadia. However the picture was one he was not aware of. Thinking the men who gave him his Bible were the ones who put this Bible here…he felt it would be better to the leave the place rather than chance meeting them again. Who were they? Which side were they on? Was the book in an office at the shelter put there in anticipation of his arrival?
Believing it impossible anyone could know he would end up there he left. In this city he knew where a safe house Nadia and Sydney used to stay at.

He managed from past experience to get into the house without a key or even a card key. Once inside all the normal amenities were available to him but the house had its own generator that was not tapped in the system outside. The old fashioned above-ground wires that ran from the house to the wire poles did not conduct electricity. So it was safe to stay there. After a time Will began to look at the text he was given. It seemed to be Nadia’s own writing but in the same shorthand Will was using. The notes seemed to be in anticipation of his reading the book. There was no indication however she was writing to him, only that he would eventually be in possession of it. Most of the text was a series of random journal notes of her travels and work as an agent. After reading for sometime he put the book down and wondered why the two men would give him the book. Obviously, the two men were not after him, since they could have captured him when he left. Did Nadia know them? If they did why did they not talk to him; not satisfied with any of this, questions persisted. Was it her journal or was some other person the author; if so why go to all this trouble. Why did the pictures in the book match the images in his dreams?

Section Eight

Will takes a break, travels to the coast, watches water for hours. He decides to stay in a hotel situated in a wooded area for a few months. While hiking, goes to an historical site which is a museum built into a large cliff face by the road. The museum is empty but the door is not locked, so he decides to go in. There are two amphitheaters, a series of rooms, classrooms and a room with a large table for executive meetings. Inside the amphitheater he turns on a light switch which illuminates the seats of about five hundred, like the other lecture room. There are facilities like a kitchen, museum artifacts etc...The place reminds him of the area he tried to infiltrate earlier and got caught...he suspects something similar or worse could happen here...
On every wall there is the American Presidential seal; opposite this is a corresponding picture of a building having flags of what appear to be a number of nations. However the nations represented and the number of nations correspond to the same groups on the map he saw in his dream. The flags of these nations have incorporated symbols of the former flags of the nations. On the Northern Hemisphere [at this point I do not have the rest of the story with so this might not be exactly what I wrote on the areas…] the flag has a bald eagle with a snake in its mouth and two stars. The two stars represent an 1836 rebellion to make Canada part of the U.S.: representing Upper and Lower Canada, one star with a maple leaf inside it.
Will decides to head back but before he does he sees a man riding in an upright vehicle, checking with a scanner of some sort the locks of each door. He has already checked the two amphitheaters and leaves the area. Will goes to turn off the lights instead turning on the stage screen, which shows a sun which turns into some International buildings he has never seen.

“Welcome Members(1.) Bow your heads and take the Oath Of The Society, in your minds and your hearts. Silently conjoined in universal appeal for peace stability and the will to find the Means Of Infinity. With the wish to carry on the works of the masters from the eons past…"

Suddenly, the large screen changes to what appears to be a web site, showing this location and the dates of the conference. Will figures this was the promotional site for members to register online for the conference to be held in the coming summer. All the time in the museum he has been taking pictures with a tiny camera from one of the safe houses.
He decides to leave the area especially since he is not sure of what he has stumbled into. The map the new flags the new buildings never seen before in his dreams seem to have some relationship to reality. His dreams may have been prompted by something he has seen online [in fact during his researches into…images and large font text have been on, faintly, subliminally lurking behind the research sites he did not see….]. When he gets back to the hotel, he looks on a map for the public library.
Inside the library he logs onto a computer and clicks on the site after typing in the name ‘Members’. Outside there is the sound of a siren. A fire engine goes by followed by an ambulance. He clicks on a website of the towns attractions. There is a web cam on the area of the museum. The web site goes off to a web page stating: “Forbidden as of May 1, 1961’. This is a mistake so he clicks a link: what appears to be a parallelogram surrounded by two square brackets, an altered version of the Rambaldi watermark.
When he clicks the link below it, the web cam goes back on. A split screen shows camouflage dressed troops coming. He recognizes the faces—the paramilitary men and women from the ‘training’ camp he was in. As he starts off from the library wind starts to blow. Getting into the car he races back to the hotel. Packing he hears a flurry of activity in the next room. Closing the door behind him he sees a woman with dark hair race out of the room in the opposite direction. As his car pulls out her car pulls out. Since the wind started it is getting darker so he cannot see who the woman is in front of him, driving equally fast and like a lunatick. Both go down horse trails, wide enough for cars to go through when the ambulance and the fire engine come back towards the hotel. Both cars start back on the road. A helicopter flies over their cars and goes back in the same direction as the ambulance and fire engine. The car ahead of him seems to hit something bounding across the road and goes off onto the incline. The car stops the large thing starts to go towards it but drops. It is a bear, the car has killed it; Will stops, races to the car, takes the women out, puts her in the car, a scarf obscures her face. She revives inside the car, runs out before he gets into the driver’s side. She hitches a ride. Another women picks her up, he can't tell even from the light inside car when the door opens what they look like; they speed off. He follows their lead. A helicopter flies overhead again. Sirens sound in the distance behind. Both of these sounds diminish. The storm is in full throttle, rain then hail pound the car. The two women have stopped in the storm. Will pulls over, his cell phone plays a tune.
“Hello,” he says, surprised, “how did you get this num…”
”It fell in the lobby, I copied down the number to call whoever lost it.”
”Oh, go ahead.”
”Look,” said the voice, sounding like an old smoker, though from behind looked more youthful, “we can’t stay here, when the storm breaks, they’ll be back.”
”What are you afraid of?”
”Are you kidding? I followed you to that museum,” she said in a fast paced hard breathing dialogue.
“You follo…?”
”You were beside me in the hotel, when I saw them after you, I put two and two together and decided to hightail it out of there.”
”Two and…?, oh, ya. Let’s move, I… right behind you…you hit that bear?”
”I’m alright, it had been hit by a truck and was barely able to stand I just grazed it.”
”What about the person driving, she just picked you up, your putting her in danger.”
”We’ve met before. Let’s go!”
”Yes,” said Will to himself, “they met before, and I am following them. This just too much!”
Fortunately when he got a lot of his supplies he also bought some winter clothes. It started to snow. Finally, miles away he pulled into a hotel. They were already in the lot. It was a small hotel; cars were parked outside of their rooms.

Section Nine

Part One

While the storm outside raged between bouts of rain hail and sleet to a massive pouring down of great white flakes of snow, Will read some of the disks. There was a knock at the door, a woman he had never seen before said:
“Hello, sorry to bother you, I am the driver.”
“Oh—yes, of course, come…”
“We should meet somewhere else, in the restaurant.”
”See you in an hour.”
”How is the other one, I didn’t see who she was.”
”Recovering. It’s such a trauma I didn’t want to trouble her, let us just leave her. She is in the room next to mine.”
”I understand.”

In the restaurant there was a fireplace, a small group of people were chatting quietly. She was sitting drinking hot cocoa. She was pretty, and wearing a heavy green sweater and jeans.
“I thought of wearing a dress but it was just a little chilly.”
Will didn’t care about her looks just then he was more concerned with the day’s events and who the other woman was.
“And what can I get you today,” said the waiter.
They ordered. While waiting Will tried to find out about the other woman.
“How is she?”
”Considering she hit a bear with a car, went off the road all the while being chased by,” her face point to the window but her pupils at the corners stayed on him,” she’s still shaking.”
“She said on the cell she knew you.”
”I think she thinks she’s someone special, someone the great THEY are after,” she rolled her eyes and laughed.
“Her name is?”
“N..oo I don’t know her exactly, I saw her at a hotel just before I came here. We only had some general chit chat. I never asked her name.”
And yours is?”
”Interesting name, not Jan-is?”, he asked between gulps of liquid, “Don’t tell me you’re a student.”
”I’m actually a reporter for an alternative newspaper blog.”
”Can’t pay much.”
”I get by.”
”And you?”
“Oh, so what have you been up to have the Feds or whomever after you?”
”I think I accidentally triggered a sensor somewhere back there. They must think I’m someone else.”
”I didn’t see her face.”
She sighed.
“I didn’t either, she wouldn’t let me see the cut above her eye and hid her face from me, so, I left her alone. She walked in –raced- leaving me to pay for both our rooms.
“She could be hurt.”
”Wouldn’t let me in. Look, after that excitement my first thought is, leave well enough alone. Goodness, who knows what she is. Women can get into trouble too!”
He decided not to press the issue, considering all that had happened.”
”Well, if she needs any help, just let me know…and of course, that goes for you too.”
She smiled.

When Will woke up the next morning he heard a car ignition start. A woman was yelling. He heard someone in the next room slam the door. A knock was at the door that was between the two rooms.
“Come in.”
Janis looked at him with astonishment.
“I -–can’t believe it! She stole my car!”
“Whoever she is, believe me I have had a scar stolen before, I know what its lie.” No, I did not see her we are not together.”
”Let’s go after her, “ She said, with narrowing eyes and pair of lips pressed together pushing out.
“Woe--; my experience has been people who have a group after them should be left alone.”
“What do you mean? I don’t care, let’s get her!”
”Terrible, full of revenge, bitter, wanting to get them, believe
me I have sympathy but at this point we do not know which direction she went in.”
”Will suggested they go up the nearby mountain and go down to the town that was partly built on the other side of it. From there they could see if she was there.
“Mountain?”, she said wiping her eyes with both hands, “That’s only two thousand feet up.”
“If she isn’t there we’ll pool our resources together and get you to the city. You can go to the airport and get back home.”
”Will, look…”
”How did you know my name?” She pointed to a letter with Will’s name on it.
”I have to try to find the car it has my life in it,” she said desperately.
“Alright but I have to follow up a few thing.”
”You were working on a story.”
”Yes, this is not something to discuss here.”
”After seeing a helicopter flying over us again and again you’re probably right to be careful.”

They put their luggage in the car; he hid the disks underneath the spare tire in the trunk. First they went for a hike up the small mountain. Part of the town was built on the other side of it. A city could be seen in the distance, situated between two mountains on a plateau. The air was cold, a light snow remained as it had been melting with a warm front going through. A light snow now had fallen onto Janis hair and her cheeks were red. She took out binoculars and saw the city skyscrapers, frozen pillars of ice with the sunlight shining on them. He saw the city too and the two roads leading to the pass between the mountains. There was what looked to be lines with something like cars moving up the mountain. They were sky trams or gondolas, taking either tourists or skiers up the mountain side. His map had said the mountains were between 8,000 to 12,000 feet up. The town below them sprawled don and went a distance of about three miles out. They could hear the rumble of a train in the distance below. Numberless pines on either side of the town were covered in hoar frost white on green. The mist rising created a winterscape of crystalline purity. The mist enveloped them up high and they could no longer see the city in the distance. Every once in a while it would reemerge from the fog and magically disappear in a wash of misty white. He looked at her, the fog and snow made her look ethereal and delicate. Descended to the car the weather change in elevation turned misty with sleet then clear with rain.
The snow had melted and the windshield wipers on the front window swept rhythmically back and forth back and forth. She wiped the window of moisture before the heater dissipated it. They went quietly, still entranced by their mystical experience. They had a wonderful dinner together.
In the morning he heard a car and a taxi stopped. She looked at him in the window and left without a wave. Will decided to look for the other woman in the town then go to the city. The mountains, about thirty miles away had a bluish white cloud cover that didn’t move so he couldn’t see the peaks. He looked from his room window to the slanting pine tree filled sloe up the mountain the town was built on. Whitish hoar frost pines part way up contrasted with dark green firs below. He was in between two worlds, two women: innocence verses an experienced escape artist. However much he suspected the dark haired woman he was not reality sure if she was involved in anything. He spent the next two days in town searching for her. The next day he started on one of the roads leading to the city on the plateau.

Part Two

The road started to climb upwards, fortunately it was dry and he had no trouble continuing on. The town turned out to be a dead end and he was glad to be back in a large centre full of people. Tired of hotels he went to a safe house Sydney had on a list he had been given by her. He did not know if anyone had ever used it. Apparently agency people stay in the homes who are not in hiding to give them an occupied look. Sometimes they are made up to look like other agents. Once he met an actor who worked as an agent. In public he had a mid-West accent and a German accent in private. ‘He was a real snow-job!’ He wore in public a goatee, had white hair and a baseball cap, and a suit and bald in person. He stopped the car on the shoulder. A check from ‘Janis’ to ‘P_____’, lay on the passengers side.

Once inside the safehouse he felt a little more at ease. The reason Janis left: she must have just wanted her car back and I was available. He could still see her face in the cold with white glistening on red.
He went to look at the disks. One disk had only one object on it: the pseudo-Rambaldi watermark, the parallelogram with square brackets on either side. It was a back-up file that had not been put into a back-up folder. By clicking the x at the top to turn off the file it went to another file automatically. At the top it said “Sociabians, underneath it had a title

“Philosopy Of The Organization’

and underneath that

“Future Of The Organization”

On either side a picture of the ancient symbol appeared.
Suddenly the screen went blank. A tune, the same tune heard when the dark haired woman called him from the other car. He pulled the cell phone out.
An automated computerized vocal replied:
”You have reached a restricted number please end this call and turn off your cell phone. If you do not the authorities will sweep your area. If caught you…”
Will turned off the cell. He got out another cell he had never used before. He pressed some numbers; the number he had been given by a special contact who told him to use it for an emergency only. There would be no talking. Instead, any frequency emitted by any type of surveillance equipment would be detected. Its source identified and instructions were given the caller as to what steps to take after the call. The display put a web site on. He went to a computer that was in the safehouse. It was hooked up to an intranet that was not connected to the Net directly but took sites from an outside system computer that cut off Net connections before sending data to the independent intranet so the user could download the Internet sites and not have them traced back.
Some of the data showed a Member site. The next site was put out by the contact. Despite the remote connections, the safe house computer had a detection system that changed the path IP addresses took. Instead of the path to Will all pathways were readdressed with fake data instanteously (1.) It really was too much data all at once, he decided to go to sleep. As he slept he started to dream. In his dream he saw an image of Janis.
A new dream phase began: voices outside were asking where was. He felt a needle in arm. Feeling sick he groaned. Something hit him in the face in the head all over his body. It was so real he awoke. He looked in a mirror held in front of him. He was upright but strapped onto a board. A group of men in suits examined him. They were arguing.
“No, he is not [he spoke garbled language], Janis did not speak but merely nodded. After a moment, “I’ll work on it,” she said resolutely.
“Put him back on ice, in the lab, he’s not [he spoke garbled language].
“Soon,” said another.

When he woke up he expected to be hurt and bruised all over. In fact it was only a dream. He looked out the window it was night. He looked at the date/time on the computer: it was four days later. He figured it was a glitch and shrugged the night off. He ate something and decided to read a book; something unrelated to the past days. He went to sleep at 12:00 midnight. Next day he decided to look for the dark haired woman again, where, would she park the car or abandon it?

Even in the bars he looked for her. Once, he saw someone he knew. She never met him before. He insisted they did. She spoke some garbled nonsense about everything is wired differently, all the circuits are defective. They all watched him go out the door. They all watched him out on the street. Two policeman held him, ushered him into an ambulance, where an attendant put a mask on over his nose and mouth. The siren sounded like wolves or coyotes howling. Janis appeared in the mist with mountains behind her.
‘Don’t find he , ou t, toxic!!’ It took him a few minutes to understand the rest of what she said. The men in business suits took him and threw him into an icy pond.
‘You’ve broken thr…”
‘What,’ he replied. ‘You
‘You don’t understand this at all,’ said one of the men, ‘You’re not supposed to understand it.’
‘No,’ said Janis, she kissed him.

He awoke after this. He looked at the computer date/time, it was 1:00 after midnight not four days later. Janis smiled at him. Janis smiled at him.
‘I kissed you to wake you up.’
Will finally woke up, it was 10:00 am. Janis was never there.

Section Ten (1.)

Will had been walking in the city for hours. He had been in more than one hotel lobby watching for anyone he might have seen in the para military camp. In bars he watched people. After asking questions they seemed to watch him as he went out. In the street they seemed to watch him as he went out. In the street they seemed to watch him. When a woman with dark hair walked down the street he followed her, she walked fast, looked behind her then ran. He nearly caught up with her, tried to catch her arm and caught her purse, she screamed. Two policeman came grabbed him then ushered him into an ambulance. They brought her into.
“Are you alright?”, said the attendant. Silence. One eye was bandaged, and bleeding. The other eye was swollen. They pulled off her hat and her head was bandaged and shaven at the front.
“Your name,” said the officer.
“Will…are you the one in the car who called me?”
She looked at him. Her face was hard looking. Her eyes sensitive. A flower on a mountain side shorn of all but one petal, she looked like she would break with just one rough glare. The other officer smiled at her.
“We didn’t hurt you?” She shook her head. The attendant indicated in low tones a prognosis.
”Sorry,” said the other officer to him, “we helped her in an emergency before; we thought you were running up to her to help her, that is why we brought you with us.”
Another attendant was in the passenger’s side by the driver. She had dark hair. Will could see that they passed by the hospital.
The officer leaned to his ear:
”Psychiatric facility.”
The ambulance driver put on the siren when driving on a road towards the facility. That is because a group of coyotes were on the road.
“What people don’t realize is it’s not just the tourists who run into animals, we have a lot to deal with up here in the mountains.”
The ambulance slid on the icy road and went into a ditch. Will hit an oxygen tank and it all went blank.

“No, I don’t understand what your saying,“ he said to a nurse, “its all a muddle.”
”You can’t understand, she said. He could see the words her mouth was forming.
Will went to grab the chart in her hand.
“You’re not supposed to understand. So, who is Janis?” said a nurse.
His understanding was coming back.
“Who is Nadia, or Sydney,” she said smiling, “looks like you’re got a full plate!”
”What is the woman’s name?”, said Will.
“She’s in the psychiatric war. She was injured to. She was already banged up before. I think she lost the sight in one eye.” She looked at the doctor.
“No, he’s not ready yet.”
”No, you have to lie down.”
A group of interns were arguing over whether to let him go or not. He felt woozy, there speech was garbled.
“Put him back to sleep. Not the house, he’s not ready to go home.”
He felt nauseas; someone helped him sit up to look at his injury in a mirror the light. He fell back with a groan. The nurse didn’t speak but nodded.
“I’ll work on it…”
The rest of what they said was garbled. Reeling backwards he fell asleep.
Will had wondered why he had such vivid and bizarre dreams. It was as if something was drawing him towards some center, something to understand that was too obscure yet. He had known Sloan through Sydney yet in his dream he was slumped on an altar. He had overheard Sydney talk about some Nostradamus-like figure Rambald…or.. Rambaldi. In that dream, he saw Bible pages burn and the cover of the book left, a number, 47 appeared on the cover. It appeared next to the parallelogram and square brackets on the bottom of the prophetic drawing of Nadia in the picture found in the Bible in the office at the Unemployment shelter. This was almost identical in style to a picture of Sydney, only the angle brackets and eye watermark was on that page. Somehow, he had either heard or saw someone say pate 47 was important. Why, he could not discern. However, the picture of Nadia was a page 48. A fleeting image of Nadia appeared in dreams. She was in a car driven by the nurse. The nurse stopped the ambulance by a car that had rolled over. They put the passenger in the ambulance. ‘I’m the driver,’ said Janis. Nadia was the passenger. The word passenger echoed into the distance where the sun on the road was going down. Instead of mountains, the twin towers of a reactor was in front of the great Sun. There was an oil rig near it. He could smell gas everywhere. ‘What’s with the gas,’ said the man in the suit to the other man who had been at the lone hotel. He could hear a disk drop to the floor.
There was a list on the large screen at the museum. A nurse put a disk under his pillow. ‘This talks,’ she said. The disk was not a disk but a speaker. (2.) He could hear a monotonous lecture on nuclear power, which turned to a description of regions on the new map of the world. The figure of Nostradamus pointed to the Bible on the altar, in front of the great tree. A woman with a giant thorn her side pulled it out. ‘Julia,’ said Sydney to the woman whose back was turned to Will. Someone else’s voice he could not see said: ‘Wipe out this face.’ Julia chiseled Rambaldi’s face out of the altar. 'Before she comes.’ A separate figure stood before the tree off to the side, behind it. The speaker under the pillow continued: Before she comes to do battle who shall use the formula for the device that will give the possessor power unlimited. Which will wipe out all that is and replace it the New World Order. All flags, symbols, places, names will be changed. They will begin the world anew, it will start on May 1, in the year….’
Another voice came into his mind. ‘And they shall not learn war anymore.’ He woke up. He had trouble with the scenes of Nostradamus, who was, he believed an occultist. The Bible had a new order instituted by Christ during the 1,000 year time of Judgment. He felt Rambaldi being mentioned by people knew was something he could not understand her being involved with. It contradicted traditional beliefs. He fell back asleep when a doctor gave him some pills for his aching head.
In the next dream phase Janis hands him a paper with the title ‘Sociabian Directive, May 1, ----.
It was blank. Will looks at her; she tells him Nadia should not have survived the crash. She was the passenger, only the driver survives! If she gets in the car and takes the formula to them, the essence of the Prophet will be released into the world corrupting its atmosphere. A great war will start the warheads will be aimed. Go to the ward, take her away or leave her and never talk to her again. For the Rambaldi prophesy unfulfilled…SHE IS SUBVERSIVE!’
“No, no, I don’t believe it,” he woke up saying to himself.
“Good, your up, I hope your feeling better,” said the nurse.
”No, Janet.”
”Can I see her?”
”The woman you came in with. She left with someone.”
”Ah—I think she, yes, she had hair like me.”

Will was not sure what Janis was really all about. She lets the dark haired woman in her car on the passenger side, Janis is the diver. The word passenger was on his mind from his dream. Nadia in his dream was not supposed to survive, only the driver. Other elements came to his mind as he was driving. Rain was falling alternating with sleet. Windshield wipers made that dull monotonous sound prompting him to think of that day when it rained with sleet. He recalled from his dream something about the Prophet, that Nadia was involved and had to be stopped in order for a war not to start. She was to be considered subversive but by who? The para military group? He thought of the woman named Julia with a thorn in her side. In who’s side? Why did she look from behind like Sydney? Janis, lived up to his impression of her, looking in both directions: in his in Nadia’s—in his dreams…Nadia was dead yet she is the Passenger. She no longer existed yet her ‘presence’ was palpable. A ghost a phantom. Why was the man slumped over an altar? Who was the image on the altar, was it Rambaldi?

Section Eleven

Part One

“She checked out before we could take her back,” a man in a suit was told by the nurse named Janet.
“And your?”, she asked, glancing in the opposite direction to the doctor who had been in Will’s room, “yes, she is at home recovering.” She slips the doctor a paper when the man isn’t looking.
“And can I see her there, can you give me the address?”
”No, I’m sorry, since she has been under psychiatry care; no one is allowed to know her whereabouts.”
The man protested.
“Give this basket of fruit to some other patient then.”
”Sure, goodbye.”
Will, who had not yet been released from the hospital got a nurse to take him out in a wheel chair. Quite woozy still, he followed the man who got into a car with another man in a suit. He recognized the two men back at the hotel where he siphoned off their gas and let it run under their car. While he was glad they wee not blown up he was not happy to see them again. He got out to his car and quickly pulled out a pair of binoculars to see the road they went down. Snow started to fall and in his state of injury he had a hard time driving. Fortunately they went out of town in a long stretch of road towards one of the two mountains on either side. Way in the distance he saw a car—when it stopped he stopped behind a group of trees. Through a space between the trees in the glasses he could see another car already parked. A woman was talking to them. She pointed in his direction. They talked for a while then they left. Whele she waited till they had passed where he was hiding. Then she went on in the direction they had been heading. He decided to follow her.
At last after some time he came to a small group of apartments, a hotel and a dozen homes; not quite a village. He watched Janis go into a home but decided to wait to see if she left. Finally after hours of sitting and waiting Janis went out of the house. Where he was she could not see from that vantage point. She looked around, pulled out a gun and crept up to a car that was nearby. Jumping up and putting the gun to the window she put the gun back in her coat. She pulled the door open and he could see her head disappear and reappear from time to time. Having explored the car she left, got into her car and left back down the road she had come. He waited for an hour to see if she came back. He shut it so it wouldn’t make a sound closing. Sneaking around the perimeter of the yard and looking about he was sure no was watching the house. The door had been left open. A woman was sitting the floor, it was watching the house. Though door had been left open, a woman was sitting the floor, it was the dark haired woman from the hospital.
“Whose there?”, she asked in a nearly whispered voice.
“Don’t come near. I’ll shoot!” She pulled out a gun and moved her head on one side so she could see it out of her still swollen eye. The other had a patch on it still.
“No, don’t, I’m not here to harm.”
”Don’t, I’ll shoot, I was trained to shoot!”
”I see you.”
”Barely, from the looks of it.”
”Enough to hit you, from this far.”
”You were in the ambulance.”
”It’s…I don’t know you!”
”I’m not going to harm you.”
“How do I know your not…with them. They…”
He saw a picture frame from behind, the picture being on the other side, on a small bookself.(a.)
“Is this…?”
She dropped the gun, it slid away. She seemed to move her head towards the direction it fell in as if hearing more than seeing. She crawled to reach it.
”You could walk last time I saw you.”
”I had a mini stuck… …stuck.”
”I don’t have a gun out.”
“You have one though.”
”It’s not in my hand.”
”Ok, she said, partially eyeing him, “just stay there, in the light.”
”Sure,” he said, he took at look at the picture.
“What are you doing?”
”Is this what you looked like. I can’t see it from…”
She raised her head.

It was a picture of Nadia.

“Nadia,I thought you were dead.”
”Who are…”
”Nadia, it’s Will.”
For a moment she sat there then she recalled the sound of his voice. Tears started to roll down her cheek from only one, still swollen eye. She started to crawl towards him. He picked her up and put her on the chesterfield.
“Wi…,” she was too choked up to talk, “Wi….” (1.)

Part Two

She raced and raced till she came to a forest. Along the way there was a farm she passed by, there were no people there. The stretch of highway she came to was uninhabited, no cars went by. Trees lined both sides. It was all over; tired of running she came to the end. Tortured and with a heavy conscience for having killed others when infected by the tainted water: Longing to die. The whole world shook an angry fist at her. Clouds made the world dark, the trees seemed to reach across the road enclosing around her.
The wind blew she was colder than any Arctic adventure her job involved her in. A deer, a living thing looked at her and stood there, unmoved. Would anyone, ANYONE, come and save her. The wind moaned, in her mind all she could hear was the word that echoed as if in a tunnel: ‘COLD’. The trees from the wind groaned all she could hear in her mind was the word that echoed: ‘LONELY’. Lightning flashed, thunder echoed. Tears, crying, bowing her head, she inquired of God if he would forgive her. She knelt with palms pressed together; fingertips pointing upwards.
She went up to a stone monument beside the road. This is where settlers in the eighteen hundreds met their fate. They were souls who could go no further and starved to death. She was kneeling on the stone surface of a raised platform altar to the pioneering spirit. In her pocket, she pulled out a tiny sheet of paper with microdots on it. In the 1960’s and 1970’s people used such papers with dots of LSD blotted onto them to get high. She was about to put this on the white of her eye to absorb a different and deadly chemical. ‘END IT’, the wind sounded through the trees and went for miles up the mountainsides. She cried, barely whispering, chocking on sentiment: ‘I am evil, oh please, world, don’t hate forever!’ Anger in the wind blew the tree tops round about then they circled around in the other direction. ‘I—can’t—I-ca…n’t.’ Hopeless, the light of life had gone out. If anyone had seen her eyes there would have been no iris no white only two empty round globes that had no cones or rods to take in the light. Her fingers trembled holding the microdot paper to the eye…her lips quivered, the drug wet from the eye’s moisture seeped into the white of her eye into her bloodstream then to brain. In her mind’s eye she had one last image: of the one who saved her from captivity, Sydney. She sat against the monument. Her entire body felt hot then cold then numb…

….before this time she had written:

Hope is dead and has fled
from the Undeserving One
whose Conscience is overwhelmed
by past deeds that can never be
compensated for…what can I do
to be forgiven: Love, will never be

(1. see footnote)

Will looked at her while she slept, her sleep from the excitement of having seen, one who loved her again. He had been reading a diary she had on the table beside the picture. The shock had some positive effect on her. Her rough looks had begun to turn into her youthful self. A sense of composure was upon her face and around her eyes it was less swollen.
He was concerned about the shaved frontal area of her scalp and the bandages on her. Believing her to have been the victim of some macabre torture, experiment or even a botched attempt to help, she was maimed: as much in heart as head.
He wondered if Janis would come back. That is when he on a note on the table, she would be back in two days. Food had been prepared before hand…she could use a chair to get up to the fridge.

Will got up and put a blanket on her. Her one eye opened: ‘Will,’ she said. The eye closed back up. There some files, medical records on the floor. He began to read about an experiment. He began to read about an experiment for the recovery of sight. The experiment required someone who had sight in one eye or who only recently lost their sight altogether.
A sort of virtual apparatus, it was more like the device for the hearing impaired. In the case of the hearing impaired a band about the wrist connected with a box, that received audio messages and sent them up to the brain to the eight cranial nerve reproduced the sound in the brain without actually hearing.
(2.) This device for the eyes worn on the head sent the message from a camera/computer to the device…stimulated the thirty areas of the brain composing images, e.g.: the area processing colour, another for the edges of objects. By this means the stimulating the visual cortex inside the head without the need for eyes. (3.) The device also stimulated the area for memory, the hippocampus, helping put back the visual memory of those with eyesight long gone. The visual memory of such being rejuvenated to bring back to mind, the last time one saw a loved one’s face long erased in time.
According to the records, something went wrong and she was damaged from a technical malfunction. He wondered as she sighed in her if she had had some other experiment and this was a cover. The records of course did not have what caused her to lose her sight. The microdot drug obviously destroyed her eye but the damage to her brain from the apparatus resulted in a stroke. She recovered from the experiment except for her ability to walk.
Will did not know but it was for years she never smiled as she did now sleeping.

Part Three

Will continued to read Nadia’s diary. She had taken some sedative to put herself to sleep and took enough of it to put herself out for the next twenty-four hours. Some of the diaries went back to her childhood, some over the years. There was one page on which was written some programming code on a page 48. Her diary stated the program if activated would help the computer output the formula used to help scientists work out the substance that Sloane would put into the water supply. If drunk the water was supposed to give people a heightened sense of Spirit and see God, living only in accord with his commands. The formula was only be known by few.
In the diary Nadia confessed she altered the formula that caused Sloane to think (1.) he was responsible for the madness and deaths in Europe from the water tainted by the formula. The reason she altered it was that she was not sure if Sloane was on God’s side or Satan’s. If the formula turned people into 'spiritual' automatons, incapable of individual thought, or turned into demons.
On the other hand a war of madmen would result in the death of a significant number of the incorrigible. The other side of this would be a mental paradise no one would escape from; reality would be lost forever. (a.) Like the world’s people would be in a permanent state of never thinking for themselves, in a mass, thinking each one was a like-minded god but could not remember GOD himself. Being high on some unreal sense of immortality. Nadia chose to alter the formula and kill the idol within and keep people in a state of Sanity. If Rambaldi believed science would bring people to know God, surely he did not intend his formula for a splitting off from reality and away from God.

Will understood from reading these diaries Nadia was a special person with extraordinary abilities. Perhaps Nadia being so close to him at the lonely hotel, and in the next room to Janis and elsewhere was why he had dreams of her and the prophets of history and science Nostradamus and Rambaldi. Why in his dream Sloane was slumped over the altar or Rambaldi, he was consumed by guilt over the tainted water, and its failure to bring peace. Someone writes Rambaldi out of their Book Of Life. Page 47 predicting a woman who destroys…is it Nadia? Will does not quite understand it all, being new to the Rambaldi ‘theology’. If the attempt to activate a scientific formula for instant peace fails…was this a formula to see God be like God and immortal? (2.)

Nadia’s diaries also had a series of stories relating to her experiences in the hospital. He read an excerpt:

“I had to really clamp my jaws shut in order not to scream. An intense heat hurt my eye though the sight was gone.
“…I screamed: ‘I don’t need this operation. They strapped me down. My body convulsed though I could not see anything touching me. Light filled my other eye as if it was the Sun in the room. The brightness was on the computer screen and I could see myself; the put me to sleep.
“…When I awoke there was no memory no thought. ‘Cold’ ‘lonely’ my mind told me ‘end it.’ Oh God I wanted to die, they will just about will
But they won’t let you die. How cruel! Perhaps I desire it, my cipher should be “The Passenger’ but all I felt I was ‘The Bringer’: of death. I do not desire to live.”

Will recognized depression resulting from the operation. Feeling compassionate he began to think a mercy killing would be better for her. Loading his gun he wanted to mercifully murder her.
She did not see the gun, smiled at him and fell back asleep. Will couldn’t believe what he just started to do but why? He felt ashamed from this thought…then again is she a killer of the victim of someone else’s direction. Just then there was a click outside the door…a hooded figure was prying the lock, he turned the handle, the figure raced off the steps and drove off. Overhead a helicopter went by and was so close to the house it shook the lamps and the windows rattled. Nadia said in her half sleep ‘There here!’ and fell back asleep.
Suddenly a fire started in the car by the garage. He raced outside opened the hood and threw snow on it. (3.) She slept through the whole thing. He spent quite a while pacing up and down in the next room. He did not call the police not wanting to draw attention to her. He turned on the security system watched the computer from time to time.
After settling down he read some more of her diaries: she had nearly committed suicide before. In a park nearby her home she took a rope and tied it to a branch in a tree. (4.) Deciding not to do it she slipped and took a knife and cut it. He figured he took the knife intending from the back of her mind not to hurt herself….as if two minds were struggling opposed to on another: like the ‘Passenger; and the ‘Chosen One.’

Part Four

Will was not sure if they had to get out of the area or at least out of that house. He did not trust Janis, he also wondered how Nadia suddenly lost her, as it were. If she had had a stroke presumably from an experiment wrong, she was still walking before they got in the ambulance. Will speculated she might have had another stroke.
Next Will wondered if the burglar acted on his won or if he was connected to Nadia or her enemies in some way.
Was it merely coincidental a helicopter flew overhead when the burglar came, or that the car started on fire—all at the same time? Perhaps it was, perhaps not. Janis had not shown up in the meantime and Will could no longer stay up. When he woke up he was startled by something crawling on the floor. At first, as they were in the mountains he thought an animal got into the house.
“I’m just moving around.”
“You slept a long time.”
”Bright and rosy,” she stopped, exhausted from the struggle. He went to pick her up.
“I can manage,” she said moving her head so she could see out her one eye. “Janis?”
”Not back. Look, I don’t think we should stay here too much longer,” he said while she eyed the computer. Pressing and clicking she opened up a back-up file of in-house surveillance video. There was nothing since Will had not turned on the system till after all the trouble.
“Quiet on the scene.”
”Very,” he said, pulling a curtain back.
“Will, I like it here, we are going to stay.”
Will felt he should inform her about the troubles during her long rest.
“I’m going to stay anyway. Besides, I want to go to the ski resort and go up a sky tram, sit in the restaurant up there and watch the wind blow off into the air.”
As she said this she crawled up to a window, looked up at the mountains nearby.
“Take me away,” she said with smile.
“I have to carry you on my back then.”
”Somebody left a wheel chair in the garage.”
”Somebody knows you’re here.”
“Not back. Look, I don’t think we should stay here too much longer,” he said while she eyed the computer. Pressing and clicking she opened up a back-up file
of surveillance video. There was nothing since Will had not turned on the system till after all the trouble.
“Quiet on the scene.”
”Well, I like it here, we are going to stay.”
Will felt he should inform her about the troubles during her long rest.
“I’m going to stay anyway. Besides, I want to go to the ski resort and go up a sky tram, sit in the restaurant up there and watch the wind blow of into the air. Take me up…,” she said with a smile.
“I have to carry you on my back then.”
Somebody left a wheel chair in the garage.”
”Somebody knows that you’re here.”
He shrugged.
“I’m not going to let them stop me from living.”
”That’s good to hear.”

The sky tram could fit a number of people in at the same time. They watched the skiers going up on another line. Thick entwined cables built by Swiss engineers bore the passenger box upwards. Snow flew off into the air from the mountainside. A large bird with spread winds glided below them. The operator of the tram recited the geological features of the mountain.
“And right there are small pines only four feet high. Due to extreme wind on this side of the mountain their growth has been stunted. They are two hundred years old. Climbers in the mid-eighteen hundreds photographed them. There is a copy of the photo.”
”I’m glad you brought me up here. YIPPEE!!,” she cheered. The people in the tram laughed, then, looking at her were quiet. She had taken her cap off. She smiled all the same.

“It’s fantastic,” she said to some strangers. They smiled.
They were outside, she was in an old style hand rolled or pushed wheel chair.
“Wish this thing had a motor, I’d pop a wheelee!”
“I think your regressing.” She laughed.
They were outside the restaurant in the cold, a guard rail separated them from falling onto the ground below, only some distance from the edge. A fog rolled in to obscure distant peaks. The peaks reappeared then disappeared. They shared a pair of binoculars between them. High powered spy-glasses she could see in the distance details others could not. She watched skiers on a nearby slope.
“Wish I could do that,” she frowned.
One a different uninhabited section of slope there was a sigh saying “Do Not Enter Beyond This Point.’ She focused the lens for greater detail. There was a skier with a case out from which he pulled out a gun. (1.)
“Let’s go in.
From the other side of the window she could see the skier looking in binoculars, the same type she was watching him with. Hooded, the skier’s face was not seen.
“Take me out but stay by the wall.”
In the binoculars she could see the man check something his back pack. She handed Will the glasses point out how to see him.
“See what he does if he sees me.”
She wheeled closer to the rail. Will pulled her back. The skier saw she had been pulled back and stayed to look. When Will looked close to the rail he saw the skier pull his glass back from his eyes, put the gun back in the case and glide away from the area. Obviously he had the range of shot to hit her, saw she was helped away and decided to leave it for the time being.

In the restaurant the waiter asked,
“Are you ready to order?”
”Pretty snow outside isn't it?”, she asked with a smile.

Part Five

Nadia wheeled herself into the restroom in the mountain top restaurant. She pulled open the automated blow-drier from the wall. Insides there was a disk taped to the wall. She had a motive for coming up to the mountain but she was also like a child having been to the top once again. In fact the stroke had the effect of returning her to an earlier stage. Fortunately, she was not incapacitated intellectually. However, Will did notice the change in her attitude, though he did not think so when he joked to her that she had regressed. A part of her now was child-like yet she still understood the work she did and somehow retained the ability to function in intelligence; and was able to do all the things she did before. Will did not realize it but she had—a sort of school girl’s crush on him. After she took the disk away from the drier and put it in her things she
went to the window.
“It’s so pretty,” she said, “I think Will must like me, he’s taken care of me.”
Will noticed she was talking to herself. An image came to mind of someone from her past.
“You were bad,” she said, pointing in the air.
“Nadia, who are you talking to?”
“Oh, no one,” she smiled. “And who are you talking to?”
He remembered when he first saw her, long before he saw her bandaged partially shaved head and lost eye.
“A pretty girl.”
“Oh…”, she smiled sweetly at him. Then she frowned. “It’s going to storm.”
“Yes, I read…” He was going to say that people with brain trauma are extremely sensitive to weather changes.
She just smiled.
“Let’s get you down from here.

Section Twelve

Part One

Nadia did not want to hear it but Will knew it was necessary. The discussion they had over it turned into an argument. Now it was clear to Will that Nadia was starting to lose some threads of normalcy. Most of the time she appeared normal but with a few quirks. She could most of the time talk with lucidity about intelligence and could describe many important things on the disks. Yet he felt she was holding something back. One day he saw her writing fiction, he asked her what she was writing.
“N –a I—n wribing d s-s-t…..ory.”
”Don’t…I don’t want to…”
”What happened when you had your operation?”
”I don’t want to to.”
”I don’t want to….”
“I don’t.”
”Nadia, just now you couldn’t speak. I think we need to take you to the hospital.”
Her lips quivered, she started to cry.
”Oh—no, please, don’t Willy.”
”Willy?”, he could see just the thought of going to any kind of institution right now would be too traumatic. Even so, he knew if she was not hospitalized soon another relapse would spell greater disaster for her.
”Alright. Let’s wait.”
”Goody,” she looked at him relieved. Then she crawled over to the desk again, lifted herself up, sat and with a pen in her hand started to draw.
”I didn’t know you could draw.”
It was a child-like cartoon. That was when Will read what she was writing. It didn’t make sense.
Before he went to sleep in another part of the house Nadia asked:
”Read me a bed-time story?”
After that he knew he had to have her checked out by a doctor.
He hugged her.
”Bye Bye.”
Somehow she seemed to be getting progressively worse every hour. He wondered what she would be like in the morning.

In the night he heard a sound, something was moving. She was praying, propped up against the wall, a gun was in front of her. Hands clasped, she was moving her lips but not speaking. Taking the gun away he slept on some pillows on the floor to make sure he knew what she was up to.
In the dark her hands reached for the gun but could not feel the metal. She crawled back and pulled herself up to sleep. She sat up a few times in the night.
She awoke the next day singing a nursery rhyme. Will could not stand it any longer and decided it was time for the hospital. This time at a real hospital not some Black Op’s facility.

Part Two

Will decided to take Nadia into the city to a hospital. She was quiet during the ride. There was a break in the weather and it was above freezing. By the time they reached the city at midday it was fifty degrees Fahrenheit. At this point Nadia was more lucid and seemed to have recovered but for how long? He kept enroute to the hospital. There, he wanted to have her assessed for: how long she had to live. He could not stop thinking about her, about her fate.
Stopped on the side of the road to check the map when he put his hand on the wheel he small but firm hand gripped his.
“Don’t take me yet. I want to do a little living first, while I am still myself.”
He could not argue against her, especially since there was a look of determination in her face. She had a hand –cranked/battery operated radio.
“I hate to say it, let’s go to another hotel.”
An announcer came on the speaker:
“Good morning, everyone. Today the protesters at the ‘Universalist’s Peace Summit’ (1.) say it’s a smokescreen for giving governments more power with surveillance.
They have dubbed the conference the ‘Power Grabber’s Summit’
Here is the ‘DBGF 94.5 A.M.’ weather report:
“Yes, thank you Jim, I can see protesters are on Main Street. Now some of the protesters are storming the local High Top Hotel where it is thought some of the dignitaries are staying. Apparently a Minister of Parliament of M.P. from Canada was caught in the parking lot and had his limosine turned over. Organizers of the protest say it was not their people. The MP got out of the car and fled to where some police were banging on clear plastic shields with batons. Some said they were using rifles. Oh, a float is going by in the demonstration parade, it is a giant camera surrounded by a ‘no enter / not this’ round circle with a line
through it sign. There is a delegation with Russian signs and an effigy of Lenin shaking hands with the Secretary General of the Universalist’s Peace Building.
In the newly formed country, the European amalgamation of two counties of….” The broadcast cut out. Will made a wrong turn and they found themselves stuck in a traffic jam. He parked the car in a church parking lot, got the wheel chair out, the guns, provisions, disks putting them in a backpack. Nadia somehow found the strength to walk a few steps into the chair.
The protesters were converging on a hotel where the rally outside was taking place. Suddenly two rows of many police, one kneeling, one standing behind, raise their guns. The crowd started to flee. Plastic bullets fell everywhere. Then they stopped. The protesters regrouped. They raced toward the police. The two fought hand to hand. Nadia went to draw out her gun when a cop aimed at Will. Suddenly there was a loud rumbling from afar, it sounded like some great thunder storm. Few noticed it.
“Lets go”, said Nadia. “Over there by the park.”
Before they could reach the park some police saw them with the gun and started to fire on them. The protesters continued to fight bullets flew again. The park reached they turned around. A small store had some bricks fall on protesters from some explosion.
“We can’t get through to help,” she said. Glass panes from a building fell when protestors got inside the building broke, and pushed the panes out. Police raced out of the area knocking protesters down. The rumbling stopped everyone stood still. Will took Nadia down near the stream fed white water river. There was a muddy look to the water.
“Look,” she said, giving the binoculars to Will. The area near the place they had the place they had come from was under snow; it was an avalanche.
“Thank God your safe,” they both said at the same time.
A man in a hooded coat had a gun in his hand. It was not a protester. His face was obscured….

Part Three

The man turned as some protestors were coming their way. Some police were racing towards them.
Both wore the same boots and jackets, that is when they realized the protestors were not protestors.
They all pulled out guns but before they could shoot, the man pulled out from his back pack a semi
automatic weapon and started to pour bullets onto the ground in front of one group then the other.
"Quick," said a female voice, "get behind me."
Suddenly, in the distance there was another rumbling avalanche. All the large security people stopped
it was just long enough for them to go back into a crowd that was moving by. Finally, they made their
way backwards through large crowds lined with security police military and fake protestors. In
the distance another area near their last place of stay was covered with snow obscuring all landmarks.
The woman handed her binoculars to Nadia who squinted with her one eye. Will pulled her hood off of
her head.
"We don't have much time for her."
"How do you know?"
"She didn't have a stroke from an apparatus to give her 'sight'. She had a number of implants (1.) that
were supposed to have given them control over some of her behaviour...she is the only one who knows
some data that is still alive...they were trying to direct her to reveal that information."
"She would experience through remote control (2.) and remote surveillance stimulation of different parts
of her brain that would prompt her to send messages to me her new confidant."
"I wondered what you were all about."
"We meant well."
"Do you see the condition she's in."
"It went haywire we didn't want to hurt her."
"What you have done"
"Please, I wanted to help, Janis convinced me too," she took his wrist in her hand, "they meant well.
Afterall it is my life."
"I think you've been mislead and further mislead after your condition altered."
She sat with a puzzled look on her face.
"They put more than one implant in her brain. In the areas for thought in the frontal lobes, the areas
for hearing and for sight. We did get her permission. But they had to go back in when she started to
have severe pain. She somehow was not affected by the anasthetic and got up and they left off with
the surgery left undone; otherwise she would not be regressing to an earlier stage. She would be normal, she
damaged herself by getting up so they could not follow through with it."
"It was not a stroke."
"No...it was unintended. We think something like this happened before, under the anasthetic, in a
previous operation. (3.) She apparantly was awake and altered a formula.
This was one of the things we were aft...trying to ascertain. We care very much for her, she is
someone I want to help...I feel responsible for some of this." Janis hung her head for a moment and
tears started to come from her eyes.
"I think we need to get those implants out...is it possible and if so can she recover back to
her old self?"
"I don't know I think we can halt the regression and keep it to a certain stage...since she
vascillates (4.) back and forth it is possible to keep her as she is a total recovery."

"Can we trust your people for this?"
“I think so, I sometimes wonder who I’m working for and why?”
“Is there anything else we should know?”
They do not just do remote control, but also influence her feelings which is why she has been suicidal, prone to feeling guilt…. If she remembers something she responds to it not as she would ordinarily respond but by supersensitive feelings. (5.) They were experimenting something like that novel where people’s feelings are influence by the weather. The problem is that we do not know if someone else is prompting her with their system. Perhaps even accidentally…
Someone might be tracking someone or something else and picking up on her.
“What was the goal of this?”
”They were thinking of using this in the population to create people who were satisfied and totally capable of switching off negative thoughts and feelings.
Here they were using Nadia to create the opposite effect to find out how to do that in a population by experimenting with the opposite case… extremes investigated in a sort of debugging process by creating bugs in the system and work them out before making the next upgrade.”
“And who exactly are you people and how did she end up with you?”
”It was here decision.”
”Before or after she came to you?”
”It was after, believe me she said she could find a better way than the substance Sloane put in the water to make the world a better place.”
“The implants seem to have done their work.”
The were a distance from her she looked at them blankly.

Section Thirteen

[This section is like many typical scenes in series, people locked in rooms teams looking for them chase scenes down hallways…]

Having fought a cross current of traffic avoiding protesters and traveling again, Janis and Will take turns driving. They came to a facility run by the same group Janis works for. She is familiar with and to the staff and has access to everything within the range of her designation in the staff. Once inside she finds a waiting room for them and goes to the top floor to the person highest on the totem.
Nadia, encouraged by having moved her legs tries walking several times and falls, nurses take her to the rehabilitation section of the facility. Will is seen by a guard who takes him to a separate office. Along the way a former guard recognizes him from when he was with Sydney. He informs them and they lock him in a room in the basement floor.

“Look,” said Janis, “attempts to turn her to our side have backfired. She thought she was going to right wrongs in her life, and help the world.”
“Janis, we were trying to enhance her abilities but do not forget she traded the life of a number of people for this. We are not to blame. If the association had not had that merger of two subsidiary agencies —theirs and ours we would not have put those people at risk. They wanted to test the implants not us. We had the means and the specialists. I would not do it unless someone offered themselves up to be guinea pigs.”
”We did not need the merger but we also did not need this experiment with implants. This facility was supposed to be helping agent from different organizations, a place of neutrality for all.”
”Yes,” said the head of the ‘hospital’, it has been the world’s Intel Orgs’ Switzerland. Unfortunately we have to give and take here. Rubbing each other’s backs. You are no longer in a managerial position, you have no idea of the complexities of this…”
”Sir, this woman has been through hell with altered emotional tug of war. Besides, when I could detect none our own Prompters (1.) there must have been some one else firing her implants on and off.”
”Yes a robot of ours was returning us data when we were prompting it to fire. We thought it might have…”
”Who, what?”
”It’s classified.”
”Tell me if it was on purpose.”
”We don’t know we do not know if the source of the prompting signals was sending to another Receiver.”
There was a knock; a secretary whispers in his ear.
”Do you know of a Julia Thorne?”
”A double for an agent. Why?”
”It seems one of our agents recognized your friend with her from some years ago.”
”He was with Sydney Bristow.”
”Ah! Well known to insiders. She was one of those the Rambaldi people were watching out for.”
”I read something about him. My main concern is for Nadia.”
”Yes, of course. Nadia and Will, I believe. Well have them both brought up. Hello get me…”
Janis leaves the room before he finishes his call. She goes to look for Nadia and then Will. Meanwhile the nurses helping Nadia have been given some information she has had brain implants and given her a hint that the implants ‘orders’ to her body might be something she can counter by retaining her limbs much a stroke patient relearns. (2.) The implants have been affecting the area for motor behaviour. As she has already been working on it since her legs are not really unable to walk, she relearns fast. Soon however she gets to weak to stand and starts to roam the halls in a wheel chair. The nurses were called away and when they come back a search for her ensues. She is searching for Will and Janis.

“Who is Julia Thorne to you?”, asked the agent.
“Where is Nadia.”
”I don’t believe her tired legs story I saw her walking.”
”Are you in charge I thought Jan..”
”She’s talking to the Director still.”
”Will remembered Francine’s double.
“Someone looks like Sydney out there.”
”What is your position.”
”I’m a journalist; I had some activity with…”
”Who is Julia Thorne to: co-worker?”
”Met where? Moscow, Budapest, on vacation in front of the Pyramids!”
”Sydney, not Thorne.”
”You are…” He receives a cell call. He goes out of the room. The person on the other end thinks he should follow protocol and not do this on his own. He agrees and takes Will to the Director. Since Janis has been acting independently for a year, he asks to have Janis found and brought up to him. They are both put under guard. The guards are not regulars but have been called in after some guards have gone to take care of a crisis elsewhere. The Director presumes they are regular guards. The guards are unfamiliar with the building and office; they do not know there is an adjoining room with a door along the opposite wall. The agent is searching for Nadia, he thinks the implants are also nonsense.
“There is another door, why are the guards only at this door?”
”Something is…”
”Don’t talk, lets just go,” said Janis. Nadia appears wheeling around a corner.
“Alright,” said the agent, “get out of the chair let’s go.”
”I—can’t,” she said smiling.
The agent was taken aback by that. He kept a gun on her and called on a cell.
”I think I need help. She’s not walking. Follow the rule. You’re right. I’m bringing her up.”
On the top floor:
”Did you look in there?”
”There not here, there is a door, lets go they’ve gone.”
Janis and Will are moving fast towards the surveillance room.
“I used to work here, I can work the cameras, the computer screens and access the doors.”
For some reason no one is in the room, presumably to look for Nadia who has been spotted. Some time elapses while looking in the rooms —the ones with cameras—before she sees Nadia. The agent has in the meantime gone to find Will and Janis.
”Hello, its Janis, get to Room…”
Will thinks when she calls an agent within the facility that she could be a double agent. He goes off to search for Nadia himself after viewing the room she is in.
”Alright, right there. You’ll see your friend later,” said agent, on the phone, “Get Janis, don’t let her go.”
Janis the hall, leaving the surveillance room:
”Get Dickinson.”
Nadia, pushes the wheel chair leaning on it with her hips, the door is not strong and comes open easily. Will, in a similar small patient waiting room has broken out, sees Nadia.
”They’re after me!”
”Let’s go.” He puts in the chair and starts off. The agent and Janis’ agent have guns trained on each other. Janis shows up. The director has sent a team to get all of them and bring them. They all agree to go up when there are too many of them to get around or away from.

Very good. So, this is Nadia. Young lady, we are not going to hurt you. Perhaps we made a mistake and something has not worked out. The implant chips, possibly interference, intended or otherwise. We will remove them. Our goal is not harm but to help mankind. I met Sloane once. It was at a… …charitable affair.”
“Sir, I don’t think we can wait..”
”Your right Janis, let’s all get some rest though and start fresh tomorrow
morning. The special team to help Nadia is about to start their flight to this …facil… hospital soon. When they come we are going to set her back to where she stated before she came to us.”
Will put his hand to his forehead, Nadia frowned.
“I’m going to take her to a place she can rest.”
”Very good Janis, good, help her,” he looked at Nadia with a smile.
Will bends down to Nadia:
”Here is a cell, call if you need to, I think Janis probably will have nearby each other.” He pats her on the back of the head. She smiles.

Part Two

The Director came from behind his desk,
“Nadia, it’s good to see you; what I want to do is bring someone in who has been following your case. She is going to explain something to you that you did not know.”
Janis walked into the room.
”Nadia, the implants were actually not our idea. When you were with another agency you were asked if you want an experiment to which you agreed. It was a group of agencies working for a number of countries who were behind it. They said they wanted a way to stop the violence in war torn countries and turn the people into ‘permanent pacifists.’ I doubt that was their goal but we had a contract which we could not get out of. The Director is under…advisement…well, he got into some trouble with an underling who was sent to get him to turn on a few issues…the contract for implants was the result.
“The reason why you felt guilty, depressed and suicidal is because the implants were controlling the emotional areas of the brain. Your work as agent having been trained to suppress memories of shooting, being tortured etc., was torn down by the implants. We think your implant’s transmission to and from us
was received or detected and picked up on someone else’s band width. We think they thought they were affecting an operative of theirs; instead you were being affected by them. We are going to take the implants out. Rescind the
Mandate: “RECEPTOR 070KE”.
Nadia sat staring at her she could only see a strange unformed group of colours: red on top, on bottom a white dress. The rest of the room merged objects together. A jagged line separated one part of the room from the other, inside of the line it was pink. She was having a miniature stroke. Janis was not sure of what she was reacting. She wheeled Nadia to the waiting room. Once outside the room she took off her lab coat.

Inside the x-ray room a nurse stood behind a lead shield, the doctor wore a solid colour lead/plastic mask with cameras for eyes to see, and lead/cotton lab coat. Labeled x-ray case:
‘RECEPTOR: SANTOS Cranial Procedure A5853’ (1.)
Even though the virtual signs of activity would show a stroke taking place on x-ray tomography, she is given no injection of radio active isotopes (2.) They by-pass the nuclear medicine room and take her into the operating room.
“So, Nadia, I am going to put you to sleep, when you wake up you will be starting your whole life over.”
She just stared at the ceiling.

“Nadia,” said Janis one day, here is a video I want you to see.” There an operation showing Nadia as the patient. Sloane’s voice could be heard but he was not seen. An implant is resting on a small cloth before her open brain.
Later she and Will are taken to a home where there are others recovering from similar operations—; Janis works there rehabilitating the patients. Nadia looks much like she did when Will just saw her in the ambulance that day when they picked them both up walking down the street. However, this time she is able to walk, leaning on whomever she can grab hold of. She asks to be allowed to see a movie with Will at the university some miles away. There, in one of the five-hundred seat classes they show old films. Before that they visit a janitor who is really an agent who has access to the research labs so he can clean them. Other agents work as staff there. Nadia asks to use a computer. She looks at the disk she got hold of from the mountaintop washroom.
What looks at first like a 1960’s insane asylum is really a rehab centre for hippies who have taken too much LSD. They are pictured in isolated cells or in groups with psychotherapists leading them in discussion. The scene shifts to view a long-haired youth being held by five men. He is screaming something about metal mushrooms inside his head making him hallucinate. One of the attendants tells him ‘Shut up and put your aluminum hat on!’ He is then strapped down and given shock treatment. At the bottom of the screen it says 1969.
The scene again shifts to the 1970’s and a protest march. A man has a megaphone; a policeman shoots a tear gas canister before him. The man is isolated, a policeman shoots him. His clothing is like the protesters, he is wearing platform shoes and has shoulder length hair, he looks to be about twenty four. It says at the bottom 1974.
Again shifting back to the teenage hippie yelling about metal mushrooms, next there is a film of a man addressing a convention of diplomats,
business people and government officials. He goes outside with an entourage surrounded by police what they are protesting is not stated. The film says year: 2000, May 1st.
A later film shows a man in front of a new building talking about world peace, it says May 1st, 200-. He states it is a new era, and is addresses a diverse group of people. He leads the people in prayer. The film dissolves back to the hippie screaming, it is the same man throughout. The film goes back to the 1980’s. There is a tribunal of men and women, he is given an ultimatum: banishment to ________ or implement the directive… Then the man and the tribunal watch film of him as the youth screaming. He starts to cough, shake and finally says ‘I’ll do it.’

Nadia, Will and the students watch a short video at the university. The video is called a horror film, presented by one of the students. In fact it is footage of the people infected by the tainted water in Europe. The same man in the film Will and Nadia saw is pictured running out of an office building being chased by the crazed people. Then they showed the feature film from earlier last century.
When they the get back Janis asks them what film they saw, who starred in it. Will replies, it was a film starring Frances Farmer.

Chapter Fourteen

Part One

[In this chapter I have jumped to a time when Nadia gets the brain implants out]

Nadia has agreed to get the implants taken out. In the hospital she is reading with her good eye. Since her suicide attempt and loss of her eye and survival, she has turned to God. She has the Bible open she reads but the words of and they turn into obscure terms when she realizes the letters are mixed up, as in dyslexia. Will walks in at eight to eight.”Well, how are you?”
She just looks at him. He looks different. Janis is with him, she looks different. However, due to medication they have given her she is not able to focus her mind and soon falls asleep.
During the operation her mind recalls the car that blew up. She remembers watching a show with a chrcter that goes into a car that blows up. With extraordinary strength she catapults herself out the other side and survives.
In her dream she remembers surviving a car crash with her sister who had just shaken her head with her hand and said “How’s my sister .” Then she remembers riding a bicycle. She rides when the light turns green, a car runs a red light. Her hands are on the breaks so she turns the wheel in the opposite direction narrowly missing being maimed or killed. She remembers various near misses as a child and always wondered if a longstanding plot were aimed against her. Someone always seemed to be there, lying in wait for her. Which is why she sometimes acts impulsive and irrationally, inadvertently causing trouble for herself and others. After a fall on her bicycle she had a permanent lump on her head causing trouble on the frontal lobe area she never told anyone about; perhaps that is why she acts oddly sometimes. However, there never was any pain with it so she never had it checked out.

Part Two

The days of recovery after Nadia had the surgery to have (what she thought would be) the brain implants removed, they tested the new brain implants and left her in a temporary coma.
Janis did not know they had put new implants in her brain
and Will was equally in the dark. They both decided to leave her as the nurses there were quite good to her. They went their separate ways.
One day Will was walking by the park, he saw a woman walking a dog. She had long dark hair and bangs, it was Janis, made up to look different. He did a double take but did not recognize her. One day, in a 24 hour public free computer lab he was in a corner looking at the screen. He turned around. The same woman was in the opposite corner behind him. He thought it was an agent setting him up. She looked like she was in love. He didn’t realize it was Janis. He spoke to her when she was online. He saw her everyday and one day, a woman who was in a wheel chair asked her for help she looked up and smiled at Will. That was when he realized their was something beautiful about her, not her looks-: the inward soul.
One day Will found a small high powered device like the one he had seen Nadia use to kill an assassin. He knew then she was either an assassin herself or else an agent. He did not think it was someone sent against him. In fact Janis only took it as a precaution for herself and she only went to the
24 hour public free computer lab for something to do while awaiting Nadia’s recovery.

Will went through the disks and found chart after chart of Governments and other entities, new front organizations posing as the same old governments in Asia, Russia, the United States, Canada, Europe and elsewhere. In fact it was a
a new future for the world; a slow convergence from one structure into another after the next great war. The war of the ancients, the war of the Pharaoh, the war against God! The worship of the some power with the Sun as its symbol was really not the objective. It was the worship of anything and everything that lead away from God. There would be a reworking of the old system into the new [actually, this is an old theory] until God would be eliminated from the minds of the people and a new mind would be focused on the System… And a god who would repair his purposefully torn down world would want to war against his principal antagonist: Satan. Indeed it was not a small invasion the new masters had launched, it had been going on for eons. The old world phoenix-like reborn in Satan’s image of imperfection and the constant state of flux and ruination.
Will now knew what Nadia knees. Perhaps it was the future knowledge that really lead to her suicide attempt. What Will did not know is that Janis already knew what they knew. She was obligated to find them and extract data on their findings. The reason why she did not kill Nadia on the mountain was because she had fallen in love with Will. The reason why Will did not stop Janis was for the same reason. In her helpless state Will took pity on Nadia and an emotional response to her suffering lead to his falling in love with her: but more deeply than he had been. For Will had been secretly in love with her from the start. Due to the Rambaldi prophesies of Sydney, he began to realize Nadia was also part of the prophesy. Little did Will know that he himself had been spurred on to some sort of career that would lead to interaction with the two girls. He had always had the sense that he had been guided to them.
When Will had found out the connections between so many organizations that were connected together he did not know what it was really all about. All he could do is put a label to it: the New World Order. Who or what was behind it he did not know.
Will’s feelings were actually more intense than for Sydney. Nadia’s own love interest, deferred the wished for closer connection. Once obtained by her physical and mental problems and his helping her, he had the emotional tether to her he had always wanted. For now, she was trapped in these circumstances. The way he understood his feelings for Janis were
as strong as for Nadia was that he thought of them and saw them in his mind at the same time, however, indecision ruled. The machinations of Janis and her helping Nadia created in his mind a combination of antagonism and love.
If there was a conspiracy against Nadia, and Janis was involved in it her presence may also have been for Will. A conspiracy formed a long time ago, anyone who found out the interconnections between many things was a marked man or woman. Anyone who believed in God over Satan was marked for annihilation or lifelong surveillance.
One day Will ran into Janis in a hallway. She seemed so familiar yet she was made up to look different. He only saw her as the new woman. He went to her computer when she left. He went to ‘RecentlyVisited’ and saw she was reading an online text: ‘Turn To Ash: The Rising After War’.

When Will got back to Nadia, a nurse took him aside and gave him a note from her. He read it said she loved him but guilt over the many lives she took, especially during the infection of waters in Europe…torture and the constant prodding by the brain implants…the ever present surveillance on her, along with her induced disabilities told her, the suffering had to end.
When he went into the room the male nurses were taking her down. A strap from a heavy unused light fixture was around her neck. Her wrists and throat slashed. He watched in horror—-he noticed something. Pointing it out to the doctor, he pulled a wig off her head. He put a wet cloth onto her face, and took off her makeup. It was not Nadia. Nadia had died, it was a different person.

Will wandered for a time before he decided to ride his car to where this ‘Nadia’ had tried suicide at the monument. The wind blew, the sky was darkening from a coming storm. Responsibility for her demise: for he had abandoned her in her hour of recovery made him despair. He pulled out a gun from his jacket and sat in the very spot she sat on and stared at the gun. Guilt consumed him; he had been to the top of the mountains and now was it to end? Rain started then sleet. The monument protected him. Lighting hit the monument. Thunder sounded all around.
A car pulled up by the road, a red haired woman came out, Will looked up, saw the hair but not the face.
“Did you kill her?”
”No, it’s really part of you who died.”
“Yes, I deserve that, I do not deserve her she is a sweet pretty person, kind to the elderly, children, people with special needs.”
She went back into the car. She was not sure if the car backfiring or something outside the car made a loud noise. She did not look back. She pulled the red wig off of her head. It was Nadia.


The Last Entry from Nadia’s Diary:

She stares forever to one side
Never shall we see all her face
Quill in hand her dress uncovered shoulder
Passionate mind with stoic face

Her poems are of the lonely soul
Looking forever into distant space
Searching for the lost love
To reappear to see his face

She died before he came
Someone she never met or knew
Hero that cannot be heard
No psalm of hope no ‘I do’

Loved by all
the few she ever knew
her words are known by
many who having read her

have given her eternal fame
lasted long before eternity
has come and long after
the storm upon Heath-cliff plain

title: Emily Bronte: Portrait Of An Author

Section Fifteen


Cold air and fog descended from the mountains till the deer roaming across the road looked like shadows. The sound of their hooves clicked upon the pavement as many crossed over. Upon the mountain sides the coyotes and wolves howled with an uncanny sound like ambulance sirens. Will put the gun down and sat watching the moon rise over a peak. In time he fell asleep. Exhausted and disappointed he could not kill himself, he felt the burden of depression upon him. No one except the girl in the car that sped away knew where he was. He said her name and thought of the woman who committed suicide and of the beautiful swan Janis. Closing his eyes he held the gun, it was hard and he shivered. He hoped God would grant him peace and death in sleep.
He was awoken when a car pulled up beside the monument. A female voice called to him and he was being shaken awake.
“Oh—a gun, what?!,” she exclaimed, “Oh my goodness—just a moment, suicide? Oh, please don’t, now that I’ve seen you I don’t want you to…”
Will just looked at her he could not speak.
“Come, let me get you into the car; warm up.”
”‘I want to be alone.’”
“Famous last words.”
”Alright, do you have any coffee.”
”That’s what you say after thinking suicide?”
”What, do you want me to do thank you, you didn’t save me.”
”What would you have done when you woke up?”
”Alright, I’ll …get up.”
”There is a hotel on a pathway, it’s just a dirt road, locals use it, very few visitors know about it. Tour guides bring people in on hikes; it’s still a little dark the road should be clear.

After contemplating his own demise Will was tired, and emotionally flat lined, especially with the death of the girl and abandonment by Nadia. However the young lady, who looked to be all of twenty one, was quit alert. She seated him into a booth in the restaurant, he was shaking. She looked at him, fixed his collar and ordered for him. He was disinterested, though he began to notice her after a coffee and some toast with strawberry jam. ‘Pretty,’ he thought. There was a scarf on her neck and had some hair on her forehead parting it from the rest of her hair. For an instant a memory of Nadia then Janis flashed in his mind.
“So, why, what were you going to do that for?”
He just looked at her.
“You know.” She put her finger to her forehead with her thumb up in the air and moved it like a gun.
“Well,” he looked down as he spoke, “it was just a spur of the moment thing.”
”You’re still shaking.”
The cup in his had spilled liquid. He took a deep breath.
“Your not Nadia or Janis.”
”Suprise,” she said and smiled. “so, what are they to you..so…’Love will never be again.’”
It took a few moments for the words to be recognized in his fogged memory as from a line from Nadia’s diary.
“Didn’t I see you before—last summer?”
He couldn’t quite remember. Obviously she was an agent tracking him. Who sent her, why?
“Take a good look Will. Will, you didn’t know when you were at the camp a doctor took a drug and injected into you while you slept. When you were out they kept you isolated. You, were gone for six months. They put implants into your brain. They did the same to me. While we both recovered they activated the implants…you don’t remember, we spent six months seeing other everyday. When I escaped several times they brought me back then they sent me to make contact with you and vis versa. We tracked each other. Finally, after the umpteenth operation I found myself in an ambulance, you tried to catch up with me then you were in the amulance. I have only one good eye. Will shook his head.
Will, they gave me a facelift You simply presumed I was Nadia. In my altered state, some of my hair gone, my face altered and with one bad eye, you replaced me with Nadia in your mind. Before this I looked similar to her, that’s why they brought us together.
“You took me not Nadia to the university, you took me in the wheelchair, you and Janis were with me in the hospital. Not Nadia. Will, how would anyone know where you were at that moment with a gun.
I didn’t abandon you or Janis. You are both important to me. There was a third one: she took over for me when I left, she was made up to look like me.”
”No more. It's a good thing neither you nor Janis and I --you know what.... This is a little much. No it’s too incredible. I might as well be waking up in China.”

Will went back to his room, too tired from these relationships. The rest of the story would have to wait. If he had to choose which to trust which to go along with…it was too much for him to comprehend. A car started, he looked outside the window, this ‘Nadia’ left and went down the road.
She left again, just as Janis had taken the car and left. Why did she run away from him? His mind went back to the time he was researching a story and a beautiful woman came up to him to talk. She was small with dark hair and dark eyes, her lower lip protruding, he was in love but she ran away. He went to look for her throughtout the building, she could not be found.
Nadia and Janis, the old Nadia and Sydney: in varying degrees he somehow had room for them all. One he barely knew her yet he got to know her. This new Nadia and Janis, made him feel like he did with the girl at the photocopy machine and could not pull away from gazing in her eyes.(1.) He cared for them all. The conflicting pull of these extremes lead to a breakdown.

A note had been slipped under the door of the adjoing room. She had decided to go her own way just like Janis left just because he had concerns over Nadia and her troubles. ‘Nadia’ left an email adress and a destination but stated she was not yet ready to meet him again. He was upset she left for she had answers to questions he needed to fill in the blanks, about so many things. He wanted to see her again he also wanted to see Janis again, he remembered how she had dyed her hair red when they first met.

He decided to look at the disks Nadia had been looking at and found some files on Janis. Taking notes on both he put them in a file called ‘JANADIA.’

Section Sixteen

Part One

In one of the files on a disk of Nadia's was material on the emerging reliance on the service industry in Ontario and Michigan: casino's, the hotel/restaurant and other industries. As well as other industries to be augmented replacing the disappearing auto industry. The file had a link to click. A series of photo's of the nineteen thirties depression show up. Men in bread lines, women holding trinkets for sale on street corners, children in packs wandering aimlessly. A prison gang is shown breaking up old roads merges into unemployed men building work-camp facilities. The next shows fields of poppies in a far off land from the nineteen sixties and then nineteen thirties rum-runners smuggling alcohol and guns. The scene switches to men in drill formation with guns in world war one and two. Then it shows protesters at thoe Universal Industries Summit in a Pacific Rim country protesting the latest Emissions Laws for Lesser Developed Countries (LCD's). The leaders make an official statement that inter governmental/corporate conflict can be avoided by allowing more pollution (emissions) (this is already happening) here than North America so employers won't leave for pressure to conform to expensive solutions.
Suddenly the Director [the one earlier in this story] appears giving a speech in front of the protestors about more fuel efficient plants. Then he is seen at a protest against nuclear power in the early nineteen seventies. A picture of the poor scrounging around for food in another land and then it shows a sign. There is a scene of Lillian Gish in a windstorm blowing into the house. A disco appears, people dressed in glitter fades into a protest in a Canadian Industrial boarder city and the Director is in the disco wearing platform shoes. He is in the next scene as a delegate to a conference that they are protesting outside
of. The last scene is of people in suburban areas selling goods at a garage sale. Amongst the items on sale are some coins and paraphernalia from the world wars. Another link is a destination on a map, a picture of the used car dealership in a town nearby Will's hotel. A picture of Nadia's diary opened to page __. Will opens to the page. There is a hotel room card-key, plastic i.d. tag and an entrance pass to the next summit for....

Part Two

The woman who left Will the card key left a note with the used car dealership manager a handful of disks for him. Enroute fro the mountains Will stayed at a resort hotel in the foothills. He walked a distance away from the hills before he opened the briefcase that held a lap top. Here he could not be observed by any surveillance equipment. Nadia had given him an antivirus program made by a programmer at her agency, so he was sure what he was looking at was not corrupted.

On a disk the new woman had given him was a picture with words in Spanish on a toll bridge sign. At first he thought was Mexican but it had an EU symbol on it; the bridge was in Texas. A right click on the mouse and a close up of a truck on the bridge came into view. The truck had a shipping container on it which had the name of a port in Mexico. The goods inside were never taken out for some reason. A link to a reference at the bottom of the page translated it as Deep Port Place.

There was video of a border crossing on the CanUsa (U.S.-Canada)border. The same container came across the border. Another picture came when he clicked on a pattern he noticed on the container was a watermark: St. Luke's Church, came up. When the doors of the container were opened, the contents inside were obscured. When he clicked the obscured area a picture from the '2001 Space Odyssey' film came up: a monkey with a bone. He immediately remembered the Aleutian Islands tunnel [see above in this story].

His finger started to itch; it had a cut on it. He had a special magnifying glass in the briefcase Nadia had given him. The glass had a small circle for close ups which let one see microscopically. Underneath layers in his skin was a miniature crab. The crab moved when his finger from the other hand touched the cut. A click on a button and a laser from the handle penetrated the skin. A metallic glint sparkled from the crab; obviously it was artificial. What this would do he could not tell. For now he tried to ignore the itch.

Great fingers of lightning clawed at the sky. In the distance, a giant invisible hand seemed to drop dirt from the clouds to the ground. Somewhere it was raining. He walked back to the hotel. There he read some radical newspapers put out by groups opposed to the subject of the summit he was to attend. Next, since he was to pose as a delegate he read pamphlets by his new 'colleagues' and, some material about summit meeting protocols on a disk.

Every member was to have their own room, and a special pass to all events. There was a warning not to bring anyone outside of one trusted colleague. Attending members were to tell no one what information they had for the summit to share. Special agents from a secret security company would provide 'Extra Enforcement Procedures or 'EEP'. The EEF would be in full force around the perimeters of all summit buildings. EEF would also be provided as a substitute for the police. The police were to be in force at a parallel anti-summit rally.

Will went to sleep while a storm raged outside. Opening the curtains the next morning dark clouds hung over the area. He went for breakfast at a restaurant. At a table there appeared two businessmen. While they talked he watched them. One kept glancing at him. Once, when the waitress asked him what he would have the other turned around to look at him. Suspicious, after he ate he took off by a back road. Sure he was not followed he went North. (1.)

Part Three

"Sorry Sir, you have to come over here."
"Oh, I don"t have", Will put his hand in his pocket, his finger felt the card key.
The man inspecting luggage looked at the monitor on the computer when it made a noise.
"Oh, well, sorry, Mr., we didn"t know" here is you plane," he said pointing to another terminal to another plane.
"But ".
"Yes Sir, Mr. Williams."
"Williams, yes, that's me."
"Up this way, Sir."
"Thank you."

Inside the medium sized jet there some faces he had seen at summits in the past. Sitting down in a seat pointed out to him by the stewardess, a voice, not unfamiliar not quite familiar:
"Mr. Williams."
"You again. I like the scarf." She had light blue scarf around her neck.
"Thank you."
"You are today."
"Well, let's just call me Rachel."
"And tomorrow?"
"I see, my itinerary?"
She handed him a booklet.
"Your job?"
"Assistant, and a diplomat's daughter. I'm getting my feet wet at this summit."

A stewardess came out to the front and explained there was some bad weather ahead. Passengers should stay seated. A flash of lighting lashed out from a cloud. Thunder seemed to shake the plane. Will was to pose as an executive of a media company, and, the only representative of the media at the summit. A diplomat's daughter Rachel was to guide the executive's itinerary and keep him in line with official doctrine. Since the company he was representing was new, this was its first attempt to fit into the world of top corporations, governments and private organizations. Rachel, who was a free lance agent for entities opposed to the summit was posing as a member of the upper echelon. Her job was to bring this 'executive" around to their way of thinking and behaviour.

"Here are questions and answers for the interviews lined up for you."
"Ah, yes, I see I've been given a little leeway to maneuver."
"Well, now that you are also online they can't let you have too much rope."
"What about the pro-environment summit?"
"Diversion for the anti-summit protesters and the media."
"Anyone buying that?"
"It's just so they can get across town without the protesters following them."
"What about when they find that out?"
"By then it's already underway and they can't bring thousands to the other end of the city."

As the plane goes down over the city they can see small groups of people walking with helicopters flying overhead.
"It's a way to harass them. To intimidate them so they won't fight in the streets, the noise from them is disorienting."
"I was at a summit several years ago. They just kept flying in circles."
"Those were planes with military built robot pilots. They take pictures of everybody, just in case they want to prosecute."

At the airport terminal some politicians were greeted with jeers.
"Some diversion!"
Will sees a protester from he and Nadia had been caught in, she looks like Janis. A protester yells:
"We don't want the Superhighway up here, NAFTA NIMBY NIMBY NIMBY!!!!!"
"Stop the war in..."
"Who is protesting?"
"That's the point of the protest. Eventually issues get confused, loss of focus means inability to make direct attacks on real issues. Sidelined, its hopless, the media doesn't pay attention. You are the only one allowed to ask questions."
"You gave Questions and Answers to me."
"Your car, Sir," said an aide.
"Thank you."
"Take us to the hotel," said Rachel.

Part Four

Will and Rachel walked from the hotel to the Summit Conference building. Concealed behind a curtain in an information booth outside, as well as one inside were two people, one with the same type of scanning device used in airports and one with a scanner for RFID-tags for finger-chips. Will went through unhindered but Rachel had a bug in her car key handle. Push the button and the chip is activated.
“We have alot of you here.”
”I’m sorry Miss, Dickinson, a lot of delegates have been victims, you have to leave this key here. We will have a new one for you when you leave.
“I wonder if they were in our rooms already.”
”Probably, they did say not to bring anything that could be bu…we’re probably being overheard right now.”
”This was a war…”
”Right this way Sir,” said a woman with a name tag. There was a small sign on the table with his name on it. Rachel was given a seat beside him.
“Well, nice to see you here,” said a man his own age.”
”Yes,” said Will, unsure of who he was.
The man smiled then he looked and turned his head upon seeing a woman near him.
Will figured not every here was a loyal delegate. He had recognized some—not quite colleagues—not pro-summit delegates. Some who he recognized did not recognize others beside them.
Outside Extra EnForcement Officers (EEF) were clearing a road nearby of radicals protesting the summit. Meanwhile Will goes to a restroom and overhears one delegate talking to another:
”EEF got some protesters.”
”Yes, good; I heard anyone caught goes to Gitmo.”
”Anyone could have a bomb in here.”
”You know there’s a bomb scare.”
The two delegates leave. Will stays in a stall.
An EEF officer dressed like regular police talks on a cell.
“Hell, ya, no, there are RCMP and city police there? Outside, no! Look get rid of them!”
As Will goes outside, he pulls his finger outside of his pocket and doors open. Outside EEF officers and RCMP are looking at each other. One RCMP says to an EEF, ”Look I don’t remember you, I am in charge here, I didn’t get a read out from facial recognition-: I don’t recognize you as City police.”
”Sorry but we have orders that only Special Force is operating here, you people have Perimeter-Watch.”
“Sir, we are supporting both.”
”I know that but this one doesn’t show.”
”CSIS [Canadian Security Intelligence Service] is coordinating liaison, talk to them if you don’t believe. Not all of us had official clearance with you. There is a reason for than some of us work other summits we can’t be identified.”
”Call our liaison officer.”
”Yes, yes, the Premier said no, only RCMP and city. Thank you. I’m sorry you are under arrest.”
The EEF pulls his gun out. Will races out of the area. He sees officers struggling. A few protesters get through barricades and get past the struggling officers. Some anti-Summit EEF struggle between themselves to let protesters get past them.

Inside the conference:

“Now, Deep Port’s are receiving support in Mexico. However, back home some in Congress see this as a threat to border and coastal states. The NAFTA agreement with our friends on both borders is being questioned.
Now a word to our Canadian hosts, wha…?”
“Say no to this agreement!!”
Other protesters start chanting. EEF start forcing them out.
”Alright everyone, please leave, we ha a disturbance.”
”Right this way Sir,” an EEF officer helps an older delegate away. Will sees them grab the delegate, take him out a back door to a police wagon with some protestors. The splinter-group of EEF battle EEF officers. Will recognizes a few people from the media they recognize him and race after him. Some delegates, their body guards, EEF and city police are fighting.” I’m going to the Premier with this! We are pulling out all our facilities from this province!” shouts one delegate blood dripping from his chin.”
”If delegates are not released we’re leaving the country,” he tells an RCMP officer.
An EEF and an official from the government:
“Look, someone has to be blamed for this.” A cell rings. “Yes, Prime Minister, yes, if you don’t override this; I have a ‘sacrifice’ for you. Yes we have no choice. He nods towards Will. Arrest this man, he’s a phony. ”Sorry, you tag, Mr. Williams, your under arrest.”
”I haven’t done anything.”
”Let’s go.”
Will who had been captured at a previous facility and was on trial before. [If I recall from the series,] could wind up in court again.
“There, Sir,” says a woman who looks like Janis points.
Her Director says “let him go.”
Will goes out with an escort, Rachel meets him in the hotel but Janis is gone.
The next day the Director gives a speech Rachel is there but Janis in not.
Inside the conference Rachel drops a bug that is picked up by an attendee. The place is searched everyone is held suspect. She has been wearing special thin flesh coloured gloves so finger and palm prints don’t show up on anything. Earlier, she had been in two delegate’s rooms. She had information that was sensitive, they needed to leave. They got away when a speech had started and the lights had been turned down. She and Will wear sun glasses, baseball caps and turn sideways at places already identified by splinter-EEF as to where cameras are on streets and inside buildings with cameras pointing outdoors. They merge with protestors marching. A car awaits them as they escape.

The woman who looks like Janis is driving
“You look familiar says Will.”
”There are several of your friend Janis.”
”What do you mean?”
”And several Directors.”
”We are a group that opposes a lot of what is going on by the delegates to the Summit. We sometimes take one individual who has fulfilled some objective: since we do not wish to expose or expend them as a resource we find others who look something like them. They fill in when that person’s services are in demand like Janis.”
Rachel took off her wig and make-up; she looked totally different.
“We’re on your side Will.”
”How can I tell?”
”You can’t. You would be in jail right now if we had not been watching out for you. That chip in your finger was specially designed by us. It was stolen; they put it in you at that camp. We were watching them and somehow you came into the picture. [I realize this is an old theme.]

“Are you going to take it out?”
”Do you want us to or do you want to keep it. After all the chip gets you in places that few ever could —even with all the right credentials.”
”But everything I do is tracked, found out, I can’t go anywhere without someone or some technological device knowing about it. What do they do with all this imagery, data and audio n me? Whey am I so important?”
Rachel replied”
”Sydney, Nadia, Sloane, SD6…Will, they think you know more about state secrets than most agencies.”
”No, I knew a few things, certainly not everything. I’m not that knowledgeable!”
The man states:
“It’s a blessing and a curse: the same chip that opens doors opens doors for others before you get a chance to close it. It is the new totalitarian state on the tip of your finger. It is jail without a cell, police without an officer; you are the country and its king but you’re in perpetual check and check-mate; though the game never ends.”
”So,” Rachel adds, “You have all the privileges but no freedom. You also have power yet you never have the power to walk away. The same snake that is strangling you wrapped around protects you.
”Perhaps that is it’s purpose.”

Part Five

They stopped at a gas station. The man went to pump gas and pay the bill leaving Rachel, Will and Janis in the car.
“What are you doing?”
Rachel climbs into the driver’s seat.
“I saw a picture of him on a lap top in a room I broke into I don’t know who he works for but he is not one of us!”
Traveling through city traffic they saw construction road blocks ahead. She stopped took out a device from a bag, checked the car inside and out. Pulling a device from underneath the car and finding it didn’t register on the device she took out a compact mirror. She took out from the trunk a broom from the hotel. On the slant of the bristle are she took some string and tied the mirror onto the broom. Then she used the mirror to check under the car. Once inside she found the connection to the “WorldFind” satellite mappng system, disabled it then drove on. By then however it was too late. Two EEF officers on motorcycles followed behind. A police car siren could be heard. Suddenly she stopped the car. The motorcycles stopped and were both hit by a car. She turned and reached down a narrow alley just missing an old man staggering. The police car chased them down.
Will noticed the railing of steps on the side of a building was loose, he pulled it down across the alley. When they started driving onward they heard a crash, a skid and a windshield had broken. A light at the back of their car
was shot out. They got onto a street leading to an on-ramp to a highway. They were headed West on the highway 401, soon they were traveling along the Detroit River. Deciding they needed a break they went to the next city.

Outside the casino there was a waterfall built up by the wall of the complex. The water was a pleasing site. So were the flowers and blue water down by the river. While the casino was nice there was construction going on in the area near the bridge. The massive pillars of it were supported by concrete in the water. A sign nea4by showed the Superhighway was to be expanded and was par of the area they had just been traveling though.
A lot of homes were already being torn down. A newspaper listed the number of jobs recently lost as factories had pulled out. Will remembered the Dust Bow era footage he saw on a disk. He had seen film earlier of the last century of the great bridge above swaying as if it were made of rubber during a tornado. ‘This whole system could collapse,’ he thought as he observed the huge round riveted bolts that sewed the supporting girders of the bridge together.
Along the road on farms they had seen migrant workers from Mexico in farmer’s fields. He wondered what would happen to farmers if factory workers no longer stayed in the area and brought food. What would happen to the migrant workers/

Back at the casino a man was escorted out. He could hear a security guard and a man in a suit warn him no to get in debt there again or else they have to take him to court. He thanked them for their being lenient.

When they went across the border into the U.S. they noticed some of the security guards had a small Mexican flag sown onto their sleeve. They were inspecting a truck with Mexican license plates. The driver didn’t want to open the doors of the truck. When officers came to open it they had rifles. The driver was Mexican he had a passenger, an American. They passed by before they could see what was in the truck. They had gone through the tunnel underneath the river due to traffic on the bridge above.
On the other side officers, Canadian and American were standing around watching cars come out. One of the reasons why there was such a show of force was the Democratic Candidate for President was stopping in the city. Had they stepped out of the car at any point along the all three would have been detained. Their names and faces were on a list of possible ‘Individual’s Of Concern’ or ‘IC’s’: they have not done anything wrong but they have been taken note of. A message was left on Janis’ cell about that.
Only when they went a safe house Janis used in her travels did they find out. They decided to wait till later to return. For now they decided to stay put.

Part Six

With the Democratic Presidential Candidate gone the issue of IC’s was over, they felf free to go back to Canada.Rachel felt the Director should be intercepted before he crossed back into the States. Janis had found out his whereabouts and was keeping her apprised of his activities.Rachel and Will wanted to find out why he was there. They decided to confront Janis, why she showed with the Director. She stated that she was forced into it but did not elaborate; they did not press her further on the issue. She did state that she had been tracking his activities since Will and Nadia came into contact with a Director.
For sometime the Director had been behind the scenes promoting nuclear power. He had also been in backrooms eating desserts and having coffe with government officials on the Superhighway as far back as ten years ago. Afterall the Road To Rome was not built in a day the old saying goes.
The Director was able to get along with anyone even if they disagreed with their proposals. Sometimes the officials and people concerned over such issues would be utterly consumed with pursuing the old ways of doing things they had —to put it in layman’s terms — nervous breakdowns. The Director was a saint helping them get into Agency hospital facilities for their recovery. They almost always signed. In fact, if they were specially concerned and went to go to the places where final decisions were made the Director would go the help them, often before them so he could explain their concerns
wre like a parents for children!
One spokesman gave a tremedous power point explanation: one of the leading newpaper men exclaimed ‘Cam’s Plan Stands!’ and ‘Thumbs Up Cam!’ These were days when the papers were sold well to the people. Janis speculated the Mexico Wall with the U.S. was to get people to go through the superhighway. This highway would be mmore efficient than people trying to force their way through at different points along the border.
She also talked about how small cities along the way would be by-passed for the Great-Route-To-BigCity. The Director had to explain the efficiency of the system to small business owners, when they accused the plan of ‘Ghost-Towning’ their municipalities.

Janis had been informed the Director had booked rooms at the Caino but upon hearing of kidnapped Attendee’s he decided to go to a hotel where he would not be watached for. The hotel he went was on the road where construction was going on. Protesters were all along the roads with signs. The Director ordered
(told by the assistant to Janis) every effort be made to prevent sabotage to the protestors: To prevent violent destruction of backhoes and paving-rollers. One desperate store owner against this expansion burned his own store to the ground. There was footage taken by agents who found arson equipment and a gas can with the store logo on it. The assistant saw footage of two agents go into the store in an effort to take pressure off of the store owner.
“Janice,” said the assistant on a cell, “they have video of Will and Nadia going into the store, they plan on showing that on the local news.”
“Quick,” said Janis to Rachel, “go to the local news station, the Director sent the assistant there.” She handed her a dvd, “take this, get her to put this in place of the video of the two of you going into the store.”
“Hello,” said the assistant to the manager of the station, “I came from RRTT News. This is my editor, Sue.”
“Hello, well, our staff has been cut and I do need some extra help. There is some footage from the fire. Some man protesting the road expansion just burned his own store down. Well, they’re going to tear it down any way, might as well get some insurance money out of it.”
”Thank you,” said the assistant. “Here, sure, take this and check it out. When do you want to go on with this?”
“Well, it’s a slow day but I’ll give you a little time to settle in.”
”Thank you.”
Sue (Rachel) takes a dvd of old footage, and edits the video. She recognizes the edit of Will and Nadia at a hospital that was inserted into video of the burning store. For a split second in the footage a group of uniformed nurses passes by. They did not do a complete job of editing. She takes the dvd images of long dead cold war agents and puts them in place of Will and Nadia.
“Mr. Jackson, reporter. I’m going to do the reporting.”
“Great, here is something I typed up.”
The director of the news nods. A red light turns on top of the camera:
”Hello, Ralph Jackson reporting. Some thieves were caught go into a store on Churchyard Road, which is currently undergoing construction. At first police though the owner of the store had set it on fire for insurance money but this footage proves arson by thieves…”
”Looks like we prevented another disaster,” said the assistant to Rachel.”

As they talked Rachel downloaded video on the internal network of the Agency. It showed another reporter, Will and Nadia are in a video with fire filled building behind them. The video breaks up and there is film of protesters
Along the highway, the film now begins to show the RRTT station logo on it. The two long dead agents appear in place of Will and Nadia.

In the meantime, the Director is seen in a hotel room through binoculars.
“What do you see,” said a voice on a phone.
“He’s talking to someone, two construction workers.”
He continues his description: They had work clothes going into the hotel, they are putting suits on now. The Director is in there, he is giving them envelops some protesters are outside the building. They probably saw him online outside the Summit coming out of a limo. They are burning an effigy of a man in a suit. Police are coming by in a car and run into a protester. They get out of the car and are surrounded by protesters. One of the police pulls from his side a baton. One protester hits him with a sign. Police from other cars pull their guns. Police put handcuffs on some of them leading them away. The Director shows the men out of the room. The man with binoculars says:
“Do you have the bomb?”
”It’s just outside the hotel lobby.”
”It’s inside a hollowed out stick attached to a protest sign.”
”Who is the protester?”
”Laid off worker, he has a record. They caught him wrecking equipment in an auto parts plant on a weekend. They kicked him off the job; he got back at them. A guard dog bit him. He sued, won. Got back in. He started a fight with a foreman, got fired. He started going to protests, got into trouble with police doing that too.”
Once we get our man in there, we will help our friends in a certain foreign government buying up tech stocks here. Those companies have ties to the State’s. Once we get in there we pull the rug out. Our organization is guaranteed access to some choice companies in the Pacific Rim.
“Hi, yes, go ahead,” said the man with the binoculars. One the other end the voice said:
“The agent and that reporter, Will, they didn’t show up on the news.”

Janice and Rachel race into the hotel, a few minutes alter, they are running to the other side of the road, people pour outside. An explosion creates a dull rumble, there there is silence. Suddenly the windows blow out, the bottom layer of bricks blows out and part of the building collapses onto the road. A huge slab of window flies into the back of a truck but the driver continues till he hits a pile of rubble. The truck falls on its side. The driver runs out underneath the slab of falling and crashing sheet of glass. A reporter videos the scene and it is not unlike a surfer underneath a great wave. As the stress of the glass, its weight unsupported by a frame curves the glass. The driver survives. Will is the driver he commandeered the truck to get his people out of there. Sirens wail. Police and ambulance converge on the area, which looks like a war zone. Will falls, his head drops on his chest, his face is all bloody from his dripping forehead. He collapses onto the pavement. The girls pick him up. The Director motions, an ambulance pulls up. Rachel goes with the Director and the assistant in a limo. Janice goes with Will in the ambulance. Will wakes up his head swollen. However, he was given an injection of pain killer that knocks him out. He wakes up in the Director’s office in a large soft leather chair.

“What am I doing here?”, asked Will.
“You didn’t think we would leave our old friend I a city hospital. We take of our own!”
“It seems you rather made me your own. How—what did you do, keep me under to bring me here.”
”It’s the painkiller, it puts you to sleep. You would be in serious pain right now if you were not given it.”
”Janice and Rachel?”
”They’re in another area; they will be staying in our guest rooms. Those rooms are a cross between a hotel and home.”
He was about to reply when he realized they had not changed his clothing for hospital clothes. He still had the card key in his pocket. It was something like a skeleton key. That is to say it could be used for more than one purpose.
The Director motioned to two large women in suits and sunglasses. They forced Janice into the car when she balked at going in. Off they went. Will was too hurt and tired from medication to go after the car. He returned to the office and fell asleep.
“Just lie still,” said a nurse. Here, this should be the last injection.”
He went to scratch his finger, the one with a bug shaped like a crab but he couldn’t. His hand was attached to a modem. The modem had holes in it big enough for a finger. He had read of experiments where a scientist and his wife [from a real case] had communicated by having their hands with implants wired to a computer and communicated with it. He supposed this was an experiment to see if he would mentally communicate anything to the computer the modem and his finger-chip were attached to. Instead he felt a pulsing from the computer to his chip. There was pressure from the pulse his chip seemed to burn in his finger. Suddenly there was a spark, his finger burned and he yelled. An attendant came in and his finger was released. He looked at his finger, the skin lifted up and down in the layers of flesh above his chip. His finger had taken on a life of its own—as if was breathing. His head began to pulse in the forehead. His eyes were sore. He looked in the mirror. Instead of his pupils being co constricted they were dilated, the opposite effect. He put his hand by the card key in his pocket, staggered out of the room collapsing onto the floor. The computer blew up and was in parts burning on the floor. A guard came out and stung him with a taser. Some men in lab coats came and took them away. He passed out. When he awoke for a short time he heard two women almost whispering he felt a hand under his head, hands gabbing his shirt and pants. Dragged onto a stretcher they took him to an entrance. A car pulls up. He is hauled into the car.

“What were you doing when the building blew up…what were you doing in that truck.”
He could not see.
“What is this” Who are you? Where are we?”
”Where did you get the truck? Did you steal it?”
”I got it but only because I heard something was going to happen.”
”And it did: Hero…you just show up in a truck?”
”No, some friends of mine were about to get hurt.”
”How did you know?”
No answer.
“Why can’t I see?”
”You are in a small room and it is dark in there out here you can see.”
”You are in a straight jacket because we don’t what your going to do next!”
“Where are the girls?”
”They are having the time of their lives.”
”With the Director.”
”Is he behind the….”
”Different group.”
“Who are you?”
”We want the present direction of things to continue…”
”Your present direction is hurting a lot of people.”
” ‘No pain no gain’ ”.
“Why do you want me?”
”Because you seem to show up everywhere we are.”
”And you are?”
”Let’s just say you and your fellow protesters have been a thorn in our side. How did you get into that Summit as a delegate?”
”Legitimate business.”
”How do you know the Director.”
”Met him in a bar.”
”It’s been a long time since he’s had a drink.”
Will remembered the footage of the Director going crazy on drugs in a ‘rehab’ facility.
“I’m sure he’s quite reformed. I’m still a little woozy from all this medication.”
”Then relax, you’ll have plenty of time for that here.”
”Could I have something to drink, a glass of water?”
He heard the shuffle of some hard shoes away from the voice.
“Sure, I guess it’s a little cramped in there.”
The sound of a door opened, a few moments later it closed. Two pairs of shoes moved to the same distance. The sound of the one left the door opened, click, it closed. There was a sound of a door in the room. A flash light held by one hand, a plastic glass in the other.
He opened his mouth. Clean crisp quenching water filled his mouth, travelled around his tongue and he swallowed it down. The door closed but not tightly. Lights outside went on. Footsteps left the room, the door opened, closed. He took in the light: a line extending at an angle, like an upside down right angle. Wider, towards the other side of the door, in a long line going from the top to the floor.
The other door opened. The door of the small room opened wide. A person's outline came into view. She untied the straight jacket. Now two women helped him up and out the door. He looked ahead and down before he looked up: it was Janis and Rachel. They went down a flight of steps. The drugs wore off and he was able to walk faster. A car was parked by an office building. Janice started the car while Rachel helped him in.
“We tried to get you out of the agency facility but we were jumped by somebody, put face down and told not to look up then were incapacitated for quite awhile by a stun gun. When we got up we saw a piece of paper with an address on it; we came to get you.”
”Who were they?”
”We don’t know. That building is empty.”
”The room?”
”Looked like an office cubicle, it had a tarp over it.”
”Where are we going?”
”Safe house.”
”Another safe house! I think I’m going to quit this whole thing. It’s just the same cat and mouse game over and over. I’m beginning to think the Cold War was very boring.”
”Sure, your life has been boring. Like being in the mountains and being shot at by a high powered rifle.”
”Or being in a para military camp and being experimented on.”
How about being nearly blown up or your car having a bomb in it outside of you garage.”

Section Seventeen

Part One

The girls thought they needed a real break so they bought a small home near a lake. Far off from the hill the house was on a blue horizon merged with blue water. There was park nearby and a group of trees a hundred or more years old. When it rained the asphalt road sparkled and the trees in autumn were a mass of colour. Off in the distance in binocular vision the shoreline had trees that seemed to float on the water without support below. Seagulls turned round and round like helicopters at protests. The beach was sandy with large rocks for barriers on either side. Other clumps of trees and beach came out in the distance into the water reminding them of mountains with their base jutting into glacial lakes.
Will listened to progressive rock on speakers left by the previous owner. The girls took turns playing on an old upright piano, classical pieces learned on assignments when they posed as daughters of wealth. As long as Will did not put the card key near his finger the chip was not activated. They retained their peaceful state as long as they did not give a signal as to where they were.

“What is that?”
“Will, you listen to prog rock, where do you think the long songs come from ? Classical.”
”That would be interesting to hear it..”
”Transcribed for prog music instead of classical.”
“Here, I did the cooking yesterday; it’s your turn today.”
”Should we go into the country for a ride?”
“Trees are spectacular.”
”I thought you wanted to visit Southern Ontario wine country. Your drinking enough of it.”
”Well, we’ve been on the run for each a long time, why not indulge?”
”Just look at those maple trees: red against blue sky, sound of waves and gull's cries.”
”What have you been reading?”
”I found all these novels and books of poetry. Hardy: ‘Far From The Madding Crowd’, Bronte, Percy Shelly.”
”Old stuff.”
”You play old music.”
”That’s true.”
”I don’t want any of us to take the chance of going anywhere unless we absolutely have to. We have enough supplies, let’s stay put and enjoy life.”
”What if someone recognizes us?” Can’t just hide out the rest of your life.”
”How about for just a while longer; after all we’ve only travelled. And I have: South to North, West to East. Stay put, watch sunsets and storms. Our own little Arcadia, sooths the ego.”
”Can’t be incognito forever.”
”I don’t want to be absorbed into their System, no matter how alluring it is? Another glass? That red silk dress is…and scarf to match. Janis you died your hair red again, very pretty. Please, Mahler—too heavy. Put on that instead. The synthesizer just lifts you up in the air. Close your eyes.”
”That’s something, its like going up in a sky tram up to that restaurant on top of the mountain.”
”Like the guitars. How come we’ve never heard this stuff before? It sounds better with wine.
“Look at the.”
The sky was red, the maple trees were red, there was a red glass-still lake, as if made of melted down poured then frozen rubies. It lasted until the music died away.
“Shew! Got the needle before it reached the label.”
”Doesn’t sparkle.”
”You two can talk all night, I’m going to crash.”

When he woke up Will watched a little girl on a bicycle, streamers in different colours were attached to the ends of the handlebars.
He remembered when Nadia was losing her sight.
He remembered her poetry and with pen and paper he wrote:

The sight of life only lasts so long
that the wide world turns into a tunnel
With darkness for walls and scratches for signs
blotches faint for faces and eyes
and to touch conveys only information
and every noise and every light is false
to those barely clinging to it.

When Will woke up he looked out the window, the little girl on the bicycle went by singing, (a.) He smiled and went down to the beach. On the horizon floated a large ship. In binoculars he saw a freighter headed towards the Detroit River. The freighters carried raw steel for producing cars. He wondered how long they would see the large ships ply the waters of the Great Lakes. Would cars keep being made in Michigan and Ontario when jobs were being lost in favour of chap labour elsewhere? Would vessels carrying containers keep bringing in goods? Would they contain human cargo; where would they work if no work could be found? Who would have money to buy goods then: highrollers at the Casino? Casinos do not produce anything but DEBT!! (1.)
There was a large fish washed up on the shore, he thought of lost livelihoods and a dying economy. How long before some major collapse? The mega billionaires he doubted would be leaping out of windows if they lose millions in transference of companies elsewhere.
Janice was coming down the hill. Red hair blowing, she ran up to him and put her arm around him. How long can this last, they both thought. They scanned the horizon with binoculars on a daily basis, agents never completely relax. Some people in a small boat appeared and disappeared in the morning fog. A plane flew overhead and disappeared and reappeared in between clouds. A jet with a logo on it looked familiar to Rachel who was back on the hill. She recognized it as a front for a larger company.
In the binoculars they could see a solitary cloud. The cloud seemed to rise up from the horizon. This cloud was coming out of a nuclear plant. It seemed odd to them that something put to a benign purpose had such deadly potential. However, the blue sky and calm waters kept negative thought to a minimum.
There was a sandbar with seagulls perched on it. A great blue heron flew by, landed and stalked fish in the water. Stilted legs moved carefully. The creature craned its neck down, heat tilted. It waited motionless. Suddenly plunging its head below the surface, coming back up with a fish. Janice remarked that anyone could be watching them. Will said she was taking life too seriously.

Part two

Afar off they saw a storm coming. Waves were coming faster barely topped by bubbling white foam. A solitary cloud was accompanied by strong winds. Soon a group of white billowy clouds turned dark. From one end of the world to the other darkness spread. Lightning speared the metallic grey skin of the sky. It ripped open and blue sky appeared with mountain-like peaks brilliantly gleaming. Suddenly the rip in the canopy healed. By the time it started to rain they were inside. Rachel scanned the sky and took photos.
“I don’t think we should develop these here.”
”Wouldn’t someone be able to tell where we are?”
”Your right.”
”He’s in the room.”
Both women went to take a look, Will was seated at a desk with a map. There was a glass of wine on a stack of books.
“Where is the card key?”
”I put it in a safe place,” said Rachel, “if he sees it he could set off a storm of trouble if he keeps drinking.”
Janice nodded. He decided to go through Nadia’s diaries again and this is what she wrote:

“I have just called Sydney…she sent disks over Marshall has been
unable to look analysis opened up firsts one list of charities Arvin associated with nothing import. No 2 series photos from meetings of charities interesting same man with Arv
they are in front of hospital one arv experiment with Rambaldi chemicals man in pic seated next arv disk no 1. syd’s contact in crowd of protesters dignitary being queried is speaker who was with arv don’t know who he is seems familiar anyone reading this think he may be the one who gave poison water chemicals europe was with arvin when I came to when was unconscious when I altered code they thought I was out he looked at me and said [the next page was ripped out]
[there was a note for sydney:]
Syd, don’t judge a book by its cover”

Will remembered the Bible he found earlier. He took a look at the cover. It was raised just inside the edges of the two covers. He took a Swiss Army knife and cut around the edge. There was nothing inside.

“I noticed patterns when I was unconscious they came and went fleeting images in dreams of people that you meet in your life. Will Marshall Jack…girls in a class and some few see women in cells
Patterns we see everyday triangles in outline, like blue prints
In a flash I remember flying over the pyramids in Egypt stars in circle stars and stripes stars and sun worship in ancient Babylon
Astrological symbols for some reason the crab and crab nebula [Will felt a twinge in his finger] radiating outward japan’s sun rectangles joined and within one another Marshall was telling me something about rfid tags.
Words are showing up in big letters: Avatar, others from the realm of mythology. Goodness, everyone has their own website on this kind of thing but this is not just symbolism in ancient paintings and sculptures it is what we see all our lives. Why? Numbers, three seven ….three witches in macbeth what is it all for?

Will was not sure if Nadia was really lucid for some of these thoughts when they were written. What was significant was the person Sloane was with: it was the Director.
He though about another book cover. He looked at the diary. He pried open the cover on both sides, nothing. He copied a lot of disks to blank disks. He pried the disks open. (yyyy.) On the inside of everyone of them was scratched writing in code. Then he copied the symbols on paper as long as he could stand it. He held a magnifying glass to see the symbols. Held at an angle in the light, it was too tedious, so he let Janice and Rachel in on it.
“Obviously Rambaldi,” said Janice.
“I have a notebook of Syd’s, she had a lot of deciphered code in English.”
Finally translated the disks scratched symbols they calculated equalled over a thousand pages. They had only translated a fraction of it between three people.
One thing Rambaldi did write was that writers would prepare manuscripts, stories, symbols, etc., that would seem to point the way to the truth but were really designed to lead away from it ‘Why does “Inferno” spiral downwards to the fire when it should aspire downwards to the fire when it should aspire towards the light?”
Here was a fragment of what Rambaldi had written in the symbols scratched into the inside disk covers:

“The Mysteries will be the foundation of all language handed down by The Transcenant One’s to the Initiates. These are to be related in such a way that only those skilled at deciphering symbols, myths and the Religions opposed to God, will be the most enabled to interpret what is handed down, centuries, millennium later.”

Will was more concerned with the Director:
”Look, the Director is going to start showing up in our dreams if we don’t find out what his ultimate game plan is! We’ve nearly been killed by a bomb and he was there. Nadia was experimented on, one or more of you two has worked for him. You know he’s bound to show up again!”
“Can’t we just have fun?”
”Have another glass”
”It makes me lose my focus.”
”Well, you maybe need to become a little unhinged.”
“Alright but just a little while longer. Actually, I think I’m going to just get a different type of work.”
”And leave us alone?”
“You know I wandered about a lot of things like this online,” said Rachel. “I mean, why is it called a ‘Worlock’ [I am not sure if I should use the actual terms here] when you want to let the program you do work in set it up for you?”
”Why do we have ‘Avatars’?”
”Maybe this should explain it.”
”So,” said Janice, “it seems a lot of the things we see online, in the arts, have their origin in things ancient, like the map on the Constitution in the movie; it runs through just about everything.
”To lead us towards something other than God.”
”Which is why the Ancients worshipped thing like the Sun?”
”What is its power to draw us into it?”
”I guess that’s why its all called ‘Mystery.’”
”What does Rambaldi think happens when all this in place?”
”We haven’t deciphered that yet.”
“While the women worked on the scratched hieroglyphics Will decided that he would go for a walk. The storm passed it was getting dark the air was damp and cool. Paper thin autumn leaves could be heard blowing on the asphalt road. A boat with lights on inside glided by in the distance silently. The houses on the hill had outdoor lights on. He thought he was safe going for a walk without anyone noticing.
Suddenly he heard a noise. He walked quietly on the grass along the road to a dark shape; a van parked four houses down from theirs. A satellite dish moved in a semi-circle towards the house. Closer and closer, finally he saw a man take out an object, put on his head. He ducked behind a large tree. The object on his head was a pair of night goggles. Another man got out.
“Shh!”, the first one motioned, “Nothing. I think we’re on a wild goose chase!”
”So do I.”
”Let’s go.”
”Hello, yes, Director, no sign of them. Yes, we got a tip they’re on the East Coast. Well they’ve not been there as a group before. Yes Sir, we’ve made reservations, bye. Ok, let’s go we’ve been here for days, they are not here.
“Alright this place is dead.”
The door shut. Will took out a small pair of binoculars and watched them. Staying behind the tree, another van left some minutes after, the too did not see him. Keeping to his position he head:
”No, there is no one there, let’s go.”
The third vehicle, a limosine followed, When he got home he decided not to say anything to Rachel and Janice for a while.
It was a few days before he decided to relax. Rachel complained to Janice Will was always scanning the area with binoculars. Will once asked the little girl on the bicycle if she ever saw any strangers around ‘My mother doesn’t let me talk to them but no.” Off she went ringing the bell on her handlebars.

The leaves on the trees began to fall everywhere. The wind was colder, howling up from the lake constantly for days. On trips in the car farmers were busy in fields gathering crops. Their crops would then be displayed on roadside stands. Fresh, golden, orange, red, squash, pumpkin, apples.
The trees were in full autumnal peak of colour. Flocks of birds gathered, geese flew in formation. Hawks circled above catching drafts of wind looking for mice or other creatures to descend upon. Will was not the only one wondering if any large creature was starting to pounce upon them.
Once he and Rachel went in a canoe down a slow moving creek. She was the one who looked about her. Once she stood up in the boat, having heard a noise, almost losing balance he caught her and steadied her. There was a snap, then a loud boom; a great limb broke off and nearly landed on them. It was simply a phenomenon of nature, no one knew they would go down a creak.

“You know Will, you really should loosen up,” said Rachel, as she and Janice both put their arms around him to dance. They all fell down when they had too much wine.
“Just a min min it…lemme ge t the camer…”
He went to desk, the one that had the card key in it. He ahd forgotten about it in his state of mind and put his finger near it.

Janice woke up and looked out the window. In a pair of high powered binoculars she saw tow men in a boat, one had binoculars looking towards the hill.
‘We have to go,” she said showing the other two.
Next day they were in a different used car, nothing electric and WorldFind; perfect for ‘invisible’ cross-country trekking.

Staying at hotels was too risky. So they decided to go on a few months long hike in a Provincial Park. The weather was cool; on hot days the horseflies would attack and bite till they had to wear winter coats to keep them away. There were families, students and solitary or in pairs middle aged people on the trails. They stayed at free shelters or in tents. It was a scary thing to hear heavy thuds and branches snapping. Bears were reported to frequent these areas. Wolves and coyote could be seen once in a while. A few eagles with white heads could be seen in trees on the shoreline. It rained and was cold while hiking; bones stiffened and ached as they trudged on. One by one they realized they could no to continue and by cell phone arranged for a car.

The next town they went to had a library on the main road. Here they went online anonymously and with inside knowledge hacked into the mainframe of the
Director’s offices. Going into his schedule, he was to be in Vancouver for a conference. Then he was off to China for a Summit on ‘Globalism and the Future’.
The group was now named ‘Globe Under The Sun’. A poster for the group was a female deity standing one foot on a globe of the earth and, the other the sun. On either side was a South American Condor and on the other an Asian Panda. The caption above was in English, bold letters, and also in Chinese, Japanese, French, German and Swiss.
“I’m sorry Miss, this computer is off limits to out-of-towners,” said the book stack who put on the shelves brought back books.
”How do you know we are out of town or not?”
”That’s it,” he said angrily, “call security.”
”Security?” said Will.
He put his finger to the card.
“It’s all right, Mrs. Brooks,” said a librarian, “thank you. Take the rest of the day off. Young lady here let me take you to a room, you won’t be disturbed.”
”Thank you.”
Just let me put this on. Don’t leave until you see this. Here,” she handed Will back her card.
”It’s the Director’s itinerary. He’s staying at a mansion in the ‘British Properties’.
There was a photo from another country. The Director is leading a group
Of children. In front of them being carried by people in long yellow hooded robes with black gloves is a globe of Earth contained with a Sun. ‘Letting it shine on all’ was on a banner carried behind them. Each of the children had little globes of either a sun or an earth they put in to float in the water, looking like Japanese lanterns.
“But is there anything wrong with this?”
”On the surface not but what if the wrong people are put in charge. What if totalitarian state people’s end up owning all our TECH STOCKS. What happens then?”
The next screen showed the Director at a meeting of mostly men flanking him on either side at a table: generals of several nations.

Section Seventeen

Part One

“Here we go again.” [i mean this about security not the protesters]
”Sir, step through here.”
She ran the security wand around Will and it went off. He put his hand in his pocket pretending to check his pocket for something metallic. Putting his finger by the card the lady smiled, nodded,
“Sorry Sir.”
There was a group of Free Tibet protesters, some orange robed Buddhist monks, modern hippies and Western monks with signs. A limo was waiting for them.
“You’ll like the ‘Properties’, Sir,” said the driver.
”It’s beautiful,” said one of the girls.
They came to a large white square building that was as large as a big box. The mountains half obscured by fog. Once in a while a white peak sparkled like a jewel.
This was a meeting of people behind the scenes of the main event. Neither the Director nor his assistants would be there yet. Will and the women’s objective was to find the agreement.
As this was a behind-the-scenes event they would search for the agreement which was on a disk then alter it before it was to be presented on a large screen for the delegates to vote on.
Will is approached by two men who check him and the women. The chip is scanned by one holding a device out, pointed at him.
“Cleared. Welcome Sir.”
”Thank you.”
”Your rooms are…”
”What did she say?”, asked Rachel about her contact.
“That the Director was given a preview of the agreement by someone named Glossian.”
Apparently he wrote this agreement on a disk but he’s supposed to be a Rambaldi translator, for the Group and a number of unkown groups.”
”Governments, companies, various organizations are usually connected and are the more formal institutions. The informal ones behind the scenes utilize connections between them have something like a swing vote ability. That keeps them power in few hands unless something; usually a revolution overturns the formal institutions, severing the interconnections. This alters the power structure allowing those who did not have access to power to take over. This agreement has a clause in it that eliminates democracy.”
””How so?”
”It links individual rights with universal ones and links it to natural fuels. The whole system is about to be changed. To be part of an agreement that brings in new/natural technology: the ‘Sun Tax.’ We have to switch to international not national standards.”
”Like the switch to new television,” commented Rachel.
By a square pillar Will found the girls sitting on a bench overlooking the gardens below.
“Its basically forced upon you without anyone voting on it. But there will be no individual who can buy sell or use any appliance without having the Universal Chip implant that connects each of us to a much larger system than the province or nation.” [this idea is not anything new, many have been proposed along with universal chipping]
“Also, there is the problem of translation. The chip is like the universal resource locator [the locator bar online], no matter what language you type in it will perform for you. In order to go from this area to that-: even to buying products with chip implanted packaging you need access.” [There is a ton of literature on this going back to Orwell and Huxley]
Will spoke with a more somber tone:
”What I found out from a contact is the phrase ‘I believe in the Sun, I worship the Sun’ the key phrase. It is the beginning of everything, every transaction; everything typed online is attached to code that uses the phrase and ends with the phrase. The thing that shines on us all, the free gift of God in now an unfree tax-based, chip controlled ritual. Of course, this is entwined round something else…”
”Let’s find Glossian.”

Inside the mansion there were two staircases: black veined white marble steps with a black rail that went up and around all four sides which had carpeted floors. Rachel had an assignment one as a char woman at a resort. A former co-worker who was a maid here led her to Glossian’s rooms.
There was a small room with a desk up against a wall. Over was a picture of a plaid attired golfer in the eighteen hundreds. The scene in back of the green, a moody sky above and off to the side by the ocean was a castle. There was a flag with a coat of arms: two animals, holing a shield standing upright. On the desk was a computer and a disk on it holding the agreement in its memory.
Rachel, under instructions from Janice used passwords on the hard drive and disk ‘Lux’ and ‘Photon’. She found Article 1.5.1961 and finding the subsection in question typed in new words, saved it then quickly left.

In the main hall of the mansion a meeting was held where they were to vote by secret ballot. Booths were set up with curtains just like a political election. For this meeting the movers and shakers were there. Deciding it would
be too dangerous to be seen they set the maid Rachel knew up with microphone and camera. An anti-Summit man who had a solid reputation with the insiders gave Rachel a name tag/card for the maid. The card was a miniature camera/microphone
that was imbeded into the card. A circuit board was on the other side of the name. She wore a light shirt so it would not show upon. Will, Rachel and Janice had been given where the Director, his body guards and secretary would be sitting and sat where they would not be observed. The lights were dimmed and the Director after being introduced by the billionairess Eileen Doran, wife of an Asian tech company owner.
Armed with a picture and graph presentation he was warmly received. When he left there was another speaker, who read from the disk the Agreement. It was the ant-Summit man who read the section in question and calmly discussed what he considered more important clauses. Glossing over the text (that was no longer in question)…had Glossian heard him speak it he would have probably have had the speaker ‘arrested’. However, an attendant loyal to the speaker’s side intervened and informed Glossian of an emergency with one of his interests: a planned one and got him to leave the room to make a cell phone call. When he came back it was after the clause had been read. The delegates were now to vote and they started for the booths. Will, Janice, Rachel, the maid all went to one booth. The maid was first before anyone could see her then the rest. An exit door was behind their booth so they were not seen leaving. An anti-delegate was in the security control room and shifted focus of cameras and screens to the other booths before showing the Director, who had come back to vote.
They all escaped in the limo of an anti-delegate and left the British Properties, diving around to lose anyone tailing them. They started to go upon a mountain side where a helicopter would take them to a new destination. From the car they went on a sky tram. The sun shone on a distant peak like it did the city below. They reached a plateau where a restaurant and gift shop was. The helicopter would be there, it started to snow and they were unprepared for the cold. Once inside, the maid went to the restroom. The anti-delegate and the driver were seated across from Will Rachel and Janice. They had a coffee. The two men looked at each other, got up and headed for the men’s restrooms. There was a commotion and the sound of someone saying ‘help’ Will went in and saw them on the ground. The two men were both unconscious. He lifted the lids of both men who had blood in the white of their eyes, their bodies perspiring and quivering. He went out:
”They... they... the…”
The waitress took off her smock, it was the maid. A helicopter sounded above the building, they went out and climbed in. Still snowing, a second helicopter was on the way

Part Two

The second helicopter landed by the restaurant. (z.)
“I think we better change direction,” said the pilot. He went in the direction of a blizzard.
“Where are we going?”
”There is a change of plans; new direction.”
They continued on, landing at a remote station. They were near rail tracks. Oddly though there was a blizzard the tracks and an area of twenty feet on either side were free of snow. It was told them a system of pipes underground heated the surface and keeping the rails free of ice and snow.
They were given winter clothes. Rachel said she was going to the washroom but didn’t reappear. Will and Janice went to look for her. Outside footprints in the snow appeared up to a road. A truck with tank-like treads could be seen some distance away. Back inside, Will’s backpack had a disk with a blue scarf wrapped around it.
The high speed train stopped. They got in wondering what happened to Rachel. The train went north. In the distance appeared large white buildings, a city from scratch, of thousands. Signs were in a number of languages. As they got out of the train, there were people acting as greeters and guides. They spoke in different languages to different groups and individuals.
Two men approached. One pointed to a chip scanner at all the passengers. A woman picked out of the crowd and dragged away. It was the maid. A man was followed, being dragged out by two large women. It was the pilot.
“I’m sorry, your friend was not properly prepared,” a lady said and held up her finger, “you are both cleared.”
”You know, we didn’t ask for this.”
”I thought the anti-delegates were behind this,” said Janice.
“We should get out.”
”I don’t think we can get away just like that.
“This is not your destination, this is just a stopover for you.”
They were lead up to an office. And a man in a suit talked.
“Since you have been able to evade us and find out so much about us, we have decided to keep you under watch indefinitely.”
”But Sir,” said Janice, “I fulfilled my term, I got out. We are not working for you.”
“Mr. Glossian, Ruth is back.”
”Mr. Glossian, everything has been arranged.”

“Well Janice, you must have known what would happen if you defected.”
”Haven’t you heard, there has been an rebellion, a mutiny. And I am taking over this business. The Director goes to all these meetings, consorts with tycoons, ministers of state and senators but for what, to be a chosen leader for them? A chosen religious icon. Does he want to be worshipped as the New World Order guru? What is the purpose they have in mind? Then what? We will have to give tax dollars towards building a society that worships the providers of clean technology, a sociopolitical entity that contributes to peace when they are always at war somewhere…”
Those who brought us peace around the world.”
”But he isn’t worshipped.”
”He has been chosen by the ‘Globe Under the Sun’.
“he’s just the Director.”
”No, it’s a global religion, and he is its messiah. He spreads the light on all.” [there are many books web sites etc., on this theme, this is just my variation on it]
“our taking your cause too seriously.”
”Your taking yourself too seriously.”
”Oh no,” said Glossian, “the people who own and run everything do.”
“The Dir…”
”His dream is to be One with the god’s of this system.”
“Or do you want the spotlight for yourself.”
because you were not chosen.”
”The Director,” said Glossian,” wants to replace the head of the world state even before it has been born.”
”You are becoming mad like some character in a sci fi movie? Maybe we should throw all of you in prison and let you go crazy in a confined space. When you have been jet setting around the world; after all most people only get a vacation for only two weeks. So much for freedom.”(1.)[Huxley wrote you will love your servitude.]
“Yes Sir Glossian,” said Ruth obediently, “deactivate the chip.”
Will felt the impulses in his chip stop. The crab was motionless. He suddenly felt pressure then a pain in his head, his legs didn’t move properly. Janice had to help him stay balanced. Then he remembered what someone back there in time tell him about implants put in his head. As soon as they had been put back on the train it started travelling North. Then the direction changed. The clear windows changed to a solid dark colour so that no one could not see outside. Finally some hours away from the last destination the pain in Will’s head stopped; his balance regained. The high speed train stopped as well. They were inside a tunnel, the Aleutian Islands tunnel. When it came out of the darkness and the window cleared up they were in a winter landscape. Huge blizzard flakes covered the area falling in a slant downward that was dizzying to watch. A console screen came down in front of their seats. It showed a complex not unlike the northern city they had been in. A sign said ‘Kamchatka’ in several languages. They were in Russia.
The sequence of screens continued on while they sat. Another passenger go up and tried to open a door, it would not budge. The screen then showed scenes of a volcano and, near where an outpost was, where prisoners were thought to be set loose to die, by the Valley of Death: There each spring volcanic gases are released by the spring thaw. Then there was a picture of agents who were lost to SD6 lying dead.
Some animals, including a massive black eagle with white shoulders. They melted at the sight though it was cold outside.
Another screen showed some local people, the Koryak, who spoke their own language not Russian. The doors opened they walked out and into the blizzard to a military vehicle used to transport troops to various destinations. They went in at the bidding of some soldiers.
They were given separate rooms to stay in at one complex. When they were settled in Will was visited by one of the administrators. He was told Janice wanted him to see a disk with video on it. He left, Janice spoke and said of her own free will she went back to the director…he didn’t believe it and put the disk in with the scarf around it. One screen showed the same meeting with the Director flanked by generals, next he was shaking hands and introducing Glossian. There was no coup by Glossian it would seem. However Janice was gone, it was possible she had been a double agent and not a defector to his side all along. He decided not to try to find her unless she was sure which side she was on (t.)...with sorrow he pulled out the disk out. He was just not sure of why she left....now he wondered if he would be allowed to leave or if he was a prisoner. He was no longer sure if his pursuit of the truth about the system that was changing all over the world was able to be found by only one person.

Section Eighteen (a.)

Will was taken to an interrogation room but instead of being interrogated there is a bed, he is told to lie down...from a voice in another room he is told to get up...he can’t they have activated implants that are affecting areas of motor behaviour.
An implant takes the relay of visual data and blocks it from one region processing data to the other. Half the room is not a wall but a large dark screen. (1.) The implants short circuit areas of speech. This is a test for the implants and his reaction to various visual audio and physical stimuli, utilizing pleasure, fear, and deep memory.
The screen starts to turn light on both sides but in different colours leaving the middle dark. Then the middle starts to show image of buildings looking down over the edge a bird flies into view then hurtles itself (the camera following as if it is in the birds eyes,) hard down till it hits grey and the screen goes blank.(2.)
Again the split screen and the image is of a rocket but as if one was strapped onto the rocket as it shoots upwards at an astounding speed then it comes down and hurtles into the water. It is as if he is trapped inside the water ...there are scenes of Will with Sydney, a series of memories, snapshots he took are projected to him he alternately happy and sad...Nadia blows him a kiss. A deranged group of people with clubs guns and other weapons start to attack the center of the screen. Next Nadia appears in the ambulance [see the story above] with a bandaged head and an eye patch. (3.) On either side of the screen Nadia is in surgery and on the other Sydney being shot at. In the middle is a beautiful mountain scene and someone with a gun is seen in the sights of binoculars...followed by an avalanche which turns to ash in slow motion. Mount Saint Helens blows up on one side and there is a group of agents in a bar laughing with Sydney, Marshall, Vaughn. Then the screen goes blank. They release him Will stands.
He hears people outside his room speaking Chinese, others Russian then two speak in each language but with the accent of the other language. A woman with a Chinese accent walks in with a clip board; in perfect English:
“Sir, you are going to be put through another series of tests. Since you already had implants put in when you lived in North America you do not need the operation the others are being given.”
”When do I leave." Where are my two friends, the women I came with?”
“Our experiments will be carried with your full cooperation, where they are done you can return to wherever you came from.”
”You came here we did not bring you.”
”The Director I demand to see the Director!”
”He is not here.”
”You will be escorted to your destination shortly.”
”What is it?”
The door closed. A man brought a meal in. When he came back, another man came with and held him with such force he didn’t try to move. The other tilted his head back, put a vial to his lips, looked him straight in the eyes Will did not resist opening his mouth.

“Listen up, I said listen.”
The man speaking had a uniform on and a helmet. A group of people in a building were seated as if at a sporting event. Clear glass-like, a barrier protected the viewing gallery. Lightning shot across the sky but came from what appeared to be a distant cloud formation.
The man giving orders told them the machine guns they were using had soft plastic bullets that would not harm them. They were to put goggles on and they had to fight the other army which stood some distance opposite them. There were hundreds on each side. Will immediately thought of paint ball but what was the purpose of this war game? Looking around all the people on his side had red uniforms the other grey. No one understood the purpose, what were they to reach or obtain: the other side? Further instructions on how to shoot; many spoke in different languages other than Chinese Russian and English. Over the course of the ‘war’ Will escaped many attempts to him. When someone was hit a with a certain amount of force their gun went dead; they contained electronics and microchips, which were sending data back to a room somewhere. Suddenly Will felt something in his head.
Some troops on the other side shot canisters into the air. Some men fell and vomited from the gas. Will didn’t but his throat felt funny, coughed yet felt no tears. Others had tears but didn’t cough, others still walked about retching, coughing tear-filled but kept going as if unaffected by physical havoc. The implants blocked or allowed access to the brain’s ability to respond to physical discomfort.
Everyone started to run then they all stopped. They were startled and each reacted like him, as if hearing what he heard. Strange noises and a voice were giving orders at a near subliminal level (5.), audible yet indecipherable. They all pressed some button on their guns. A stream of red bullets flew into the air and landing exploded like grenades. All fell short of the opposers. No one was hurt. Next they all turned guns on each other involuntarily. A bolt of lightning from a cloud descended into the ground between the two sides. Will’s side charged the other side they all stopped then charged again.
Finally their eyes only saw dimly what before was light and were almost blinded as their guns simultaneously went out of commission. Their eyes regained lightness and they were motioned to drop their weapons and returned towards the building. It was clear again and the crowd inside was clapping. Soldiers on the other side had gas masks on. Trucks came releasing gas everyone on Will’s side felt burning choking and closed burning eyes. He felt himself go down involuntarily, the man beside him yelled “Delgado!”

Fog rolled in and the air was damp and cool. A large white shouldered eagle flew overhead. Awaking he heard words from a conversation he had with Sydney about sensitive information. Following that a conversation in his head from years before with a contact who told him something about... fog started to dissipate and there was a large volcano capped with white near the edge of the area they were in. Men in gas masks appeared again. Into a microphone by his mouth which they heard internally: (6.)
“A warm thaw above the tree line released toxic volcanic gases which made you sick and delirious.”
”No, we saw the gas trucks you did that to us.”
Will tried his gun again but only paint came out.
There was a tremor from below, the ground had cracked in several places during the time they were unconscious. Birch trees on the side of the mountain were knarled looking, bending and turning in one way downwards; contorted by great winds.
Wind started coming down from the height and racing across the flat valley floor hit them bending them in the same direction as the bent trees. They fought the wind to get back to the building. The gallery was empty and they had to pick up from the ground and hold lines of rope pulling themselves toward the building. They were allowed to rest inside and they quickly sought relief of sore bodies in comfortable chairs. When, off to the side the volcano blew its stack like a whale blowing its hole suddenly rising its bulk from the level water. A massive torch larger than the Olympic torch rose as tall as a Rocky Mountain. A mushroom-like cloud above hurled a lightning bolt that hit a group of birches that went up in flame. The explosion stopped and the fire extinguished by a show of rain and hail. The fog rolled back in a after the storm. Charred tree tops appeared, as well as a grey ash-white snow volcanic top. Will went to sleep in the chair after a meal was brought to him.

When he start to awaken he kept his head in the same position looking without opening his eyes too wide, to see a magazine selling arms to governments
. Evidently, the people clapping were impressed with the ability to control men’s brains and physical reactions to the implants, in a war scenario.

Part Two


Guards had taken Will and some of the others to wards in one facility. In an effort to make it look like a legitimate operation they took in local people to heal them. However, inside the ward Will heard other patients, who either had been on the ‘battle field’ or, were individuals there for unknown reasons. One he met was a Canadian and former Peace Keeper and free lance soldier. He had recently been in Georgia helping fight the Russians, he was given a mission to go with some Chechen nationals and was caught. They especially found him quite a catch as they had intel he had been in the Canadian air force patrol
over the Arctic. His mission was on Sovereignty Patrol watching Russian fighter jets engaged in reconnaissance over Canadian and Nato regions.
“A while back,” the pilot said, “I was in Mexico on vacation in the bar where people were getting chipped. I followed one of the people who were being chipped them. Seems she was able to get gas, food, anything at chain stores, big boxes, etc.. Amazing."
“One day I went back to the State’s on the same plane. There was a man with a brief case and chain, like the movies. She sits down beside him. She offers (the diplomat or whatever he was) a chocolate bar. Then falls asleep. Immediately. That’s when she looks over at me, I pretend to snooze...and she puts his finger to the key pad on the top and unlocks it. Man, she took out files and disks, replaced them with another set of files and disks.
“She takes something, some of another chocolate bar, puts in his hand in a fist. His skin must have absorbed the drug. She gets up, the man wakes up. Looks at his hand no one else sees...”
Will asks,
“Can you tell me about this place?”
”I know of some who have had implants to alter perception, behaviour, one had part of his inner ear removed.”
”It’s an experiment to alter what is heard.” (8.)
”What do you mean?”
”This person has a partner, they go everywhere together as he was completely deaf and needed sign language to help him understand what was being said. She worked for the Canadian-U.S.-European contingent that is here and is not quite a Nato ally. Been an agent for years, he never knew. Anyway, she has a remote control for his ear; she turns it on/off volume up/down or distorts the sound so he can’t figure out what’s been said. Anytime he hears words, ever read Orwell.”
”Well, anytime anyone says words like New World Order, plot, ivory towers, names of important people and data that they would not want anyone to hear, she disturbs the transmission. Everything he does is recorded. She sends disks with video here or elsewhere and they use to help gauge how to make neutral language to a mass of people on- the internet, radio, TV, publications. Or she might be able to alter what he hears that has more disturbing content. He is an experiment in everyday audio content manipulation. In other words this implant if put into enough people, say during operations for other parts of the body...
would be...how to put it...?”

”Would be a more personally invasive version of media and manipulation
as well manipulation from the surrounding environment.

”The idea
is to diffuse the rebellion inside the head
before it can become a thought
and acted on outwardly
once prompted from without

among other things I am a journalist I work with words.”
”Imagine that, mass chipping!”

”Directing and Redirecting thought
and displacement
from concern and action
to indifference and passivity.”

”Well we may as well be robots then; what if they do this with eyes: imagine altering images from inside the head: Lady Liberty with a bar code on her forehead and lasers shooting out of the rays in her crown.” (9.)
“We are in Russia.”
”You are American, just trying to make you feel at home.”
”I was just thinking,” said Will, “what happens to us, will they let us go or...”
”You’ve got to be kidding? What we’ve seen here: if they let you go they never really let you go.”
”I have not been free in a long long time,” he said, with resigned volume in his speech that nearly was a whisper at the last word.”
”I have been dogged by this pack of brutes forever.”
They twist and turn everything inside out. They always overturn every victory. SURVEILLANCE ALWAYS WINS.”

Part Three(1.)

Will plans escape from the hospital/lab/military complex but instead he has been looking straight ahead at a monitor that is rarely, if ever pulled away from his head. [see dumas man in the iron mask] Now he has on virtual goggles.
He has been forced by implants to stare at virtual drug simulations like those online on video—however these have been taken from the direct impressions of cat’s eyes on drugs. [such experiments have been actually done—i have listed a number of references for this kind of eye brain computer experiments already and I got this off the net as well] Surrounding his eyes even influencing peripheral vision he sees storms and catastrophes that sometimes are foreground sometimes int the background with the drug simulation (DSN) and both sometimes subliminally. During this time they have been monitoring his reactions with a mircro mri in the virtual headgear that surrounds his head; as well as the video and audio of his experience. Since he is isolated and incapacitated in an older part of the complex there is no surveillance in the area...no one knows he is there.
When he is fires disturbed by Will his eyes focus on him but his pupils are alternately dilating and constricting the whole time. When he is asked who he is he says: ‘No’ several times. Then he starts to repeat SURVEILLANCE ALWAYS WINS several times. Then he states: “Experimental Hallucinogen “Musol number 26’”
Will tries on the headgear. When he takes it off he sees not visually but has the impression in his mind of the scenes. He surmises the effects of addiction to this and wonders if implants and chips could be used to keep people stoned and under control in large groups. When he leaves the man he is repeating something.
Will goes into an office and looks on the computer...the man who he talked to gave him directions on how to
navigate the mainframe of the system. He finds the name of Glossian and his entire data base and also finds the Director’s database...another name is listed as his assistant. It turns out to be the man in the wheel chair. The Director’s number when he was here is: 03.15.1600F. Glossian’s number is 01.05.1890 Since he cannot get him out of the complex Will takes an internal system link down on a piece of paper...he is hoping to find a way to remotely find out what he is experiencing from another part of the complex. He goes back to talk to the man.
“Where is the screen, I’m not used to this. It has an extra dimension.”
Apparently he is not used to seeing in the real world. The man came back
“He is trying to tell us that this is not his reality. Sir, it is the real thing You have been looking at is unreal, just images.”
”Images...oh...I feel strange, take me back this place is too big for me.”
”The real world is big but it’s real!”
”What is that a robot look!,” he said, frightened out of his wits.
A man with a stun gun approached them. Palmerston, Will saw his name and face in the database, had a gun; the man retreated.
“Let us get out of the area for good...”
”What about him?”
”We have to leave him.”
”It is going to storm...Don’t do that!”
”Put your hand inside my head.”
”He’s hallucinating.”
”Poor man.”
”What is your name Tom?”
””I’m so cold. Cold. So cold.”
”I wish we could get you where it is warm and safe.”
”Will, we have to go.”
They looked at each other suprised they knew each other’s names. And took off down a corridor. In a corridor
were men in lab coats in another corridor nurses.
They were chased but fled down a flight of stairs then got out by an unguarded entrance. The man said others who escaped had planned to help Will escape had a vehicle off the complex area. To get there an accomplice posed as a government official from the U.S. looking to buy high tech military equipment and had a limousine that would take him out of the complex to the vehicle.
Once out of the complex they got into a truck that took them to a new destination. A plane that was full of the people seeing the demonstration of the battle was waiting at an off the map airstrip. Since no one had actually seen Will up close and binoculars were focused on many people no one would remember him. Will was now a secretary for Palmerstone.
“Where are we going.”
”You will find out soon.

Section Nineteen

Part One

Somewhere over some airspace crossing Russia into China, Will opened Nadia’s diary. Somehow he had managed to keep it throughout all his travails. Businessmen, along with government officials and military men are, if they are important enough, are treated like royalty. Going over airspace of two different nations where the path is not typical to flights between the two was remarkable. Suddenly some fighter jets appeared on either side. An man who spoke sitting where Will could see him was given a cell phone by a flight attendant. He said few terse words. The jets left the side and flew some distance away. The man smiled, gave back the phone and shifted his seat back.
Nadia’s diary related how, when she was losing her eyesight she put a brown eye contact in her eye. There was something about the she did not say how, that made the grey part of her eye look white again. A piece of paper seemed to cover a part of the page. Lifting it off there was her photo underneath. The photo itself was a snapshot, the plastic edged had something stuck between it and the photo itself. It was a blue contact lens. He closed it up and talked with the gentleman from ______. The man he escaped with was listening to headphones.
When they landed there was a delegation there to meet them. A car pulled up with a page of an NGO [Non Governmental Organization]. Sloane’s old connections made this possible so that avoided unnecessary complications with potential enemies of double agents. They found accomodations in a modern town just sprung up overnight. It was not on a map yet. After he was given the device that opened the door to his room he did not go out for a few days and ordered dinner up to his room. The busboy also gave him a laptop and a special box for contact lens to be stored. The busboy smiled, said it was from someone named Nadia, for his poor eyes. The busboy waved his hand when offered a tip.
At first he simple glanced at it, later he saw it had an opening for a memory stick. Inside the box, beneath the lens holder was just such a device to be plugged in. He took the lens from the photo and put in the case. He looked at it with a magnifying lens with microsopic ability.
A miniscule arm came out. The lens was like a disk or drive containing nanodot data. The data was inscribed nanoprinting, the smallest type of printing. [I am not sure if this has ever been done before in a story] (1.)
There was a prompt: Open File No. 15.03.1600F-1 followed by a question mark, it was the file of the man in the wheel chair they had just left behind in Russia. Will clicked ‘source code’ on his right mouse button [of the mouse that came with the laptop]. The programming code read next_char ; a data stream output coded sentences. At a prompt he typed a password Nadia had usually used for otherwise irretrievable information.
The man in the wheel chair was the head of the group before the ‘Director’ and before Glossian. The file said a tribunal had been set up. A photo of the tribunal had been put in the files and it was signed by a number of individuals. However, they were not signatures but numbers like the ones he saw of Glossian and the First Director.
There was another photograph of a meeting of municipal leaders in several countries. Another, of religious leaders and another of medium size companies. Then there was a document.

Part Two

The document had a preface:

‘We do hereby abandon our former isolation, separation from the world of people enter into a new era of cooperation and goodwill. We do wish to combine our Enterprises, our Municipalities and our Religion for peace and love of the entire population of the world. give our allegiance the Citizens of the Sun, which shines freely upon us all.
In the event of Catastrophe we will look beyond our own immediate government to the Government of the World. In our everyday life we give our labour, our time, our tax to this great global governance.
Our Arms lie abandoned, our computers are forever linked to one Common Source. All of our searches, all of our viewing will be Only Approved by the global governance. All our Correspondence –
we will Submit to Approved Net Providers before we send or receive.
We shall have a Universal Conscience and bid our leaders Submit their Sovereignty and their Government, its military and all things Independent – for the sake of Mutually Assured Democracy to the true global governance.’

It was signed by the directors of the group. What looked like every new world order conspiracy theory and web site ever written was an actual document. It was signed by a number of generals, corporate and government leaders; the first name on it was the second ‘Director’, the second was Glossian, the third, the First Director, the one in the wheel chair. However his name had a strike through it.

Protocols of the Internet Addressing System had changed. All things should tend towards the World State. Sydney had been a government agent saving her country and the free world — and also the unfree world: not for some all encompassing group but for mankind itself.
If people were to be experimented on and under surveillance, surrendering themselves for a small group at the top of the pyramid...what do we get in return? Peace, at the expense of freedom is peace with security — security, that, which the stronger know how to contain the mass of mankind.

He closed his eyes and remembered the mountains and looked into the distance into the future.

After he read the declaration contained on the lens, he remembered something in the diary about another document; possibly a copy of this one but on a different medium.
He had been able to keep some of Nadia’s things. One of these things was a pair of headphones and a disk player. After listening to the disks he found nothing but music on them. Then he remembered the lens had been read with a miniature arm. There were some blank cd’s. Upon inspecting these with the special magnifying glass he found they had not pits but microscopic grooves. He took a look at the cd player, the other one that never worked. He had kept it in case there was something unusual about it. There was. For one thing, one side of it was clear plastic. He put a cd in. This time, instead of pressing play, he pressed a button on another part of the player. Again, with the magnifying glass, for the grooves were too small to see, an arm came out. He could barely see the needle. These cd’s had the ability to play like old vinyl records. However, this was not a document, it was...
Suddenly, he heard a knock at the door. It was Palmerston. He told Will the Chinese military was inspecting the city for Georgian freedom fighters on the run from Russians in China. They posed as tourists and they were thought to have come to this city. The story sounded improbable and was likely a rouse.
“Are you sure that is the real story?”
”Just bee..”
There were voices ordering people in a room. There was a reply in Russian. They had an interpreter with them. He understood they were stating there were just tourists. He could hear them going through their belongings Case latches were opened. Then there was silence. More footsteps than came near went away. Just to be sure he and Palmerston were understood to be tourists he told him in the hall about a fragment of the Great Wall they should see. It was older than the best preserved parts they show on television. Palmerston agreed.

Early, and with few tourists around Will and Palmerston went to see a remnant of the Great Wall. Palmerston said something about somebody picking them up. Nearby there was a road. After some initial exploration he went to the road. Palmerston was upset they had to wait so long. They rode a long time. Eventually they cam near the Yellow River. So great was the pollution the smock from stacks kept coming out till it looked like an eerie grey fog. Steam from a stream rose like a Yellowstone geyser. Stacks from a nuclear plant menaced the horizon as steam flowed out. There was an old village where men and women still wore their Maoist uniforms. There was a school that had a picture of Mao on the side.
They had come up to near Mongoli . Will, still considered a business man, met a group that had been waiting for them. They had a proposal to build a plant there. However, Will had been mentioned by someone who had been at SD6. So they planned for Will to meet some people in another region. So they boarded what was a combined bus and and land rocket, to go to a meeting at a museum in Xinjang Uygur. There they were to talk after travelling along the Silk Road. Their path was from the this place, through Badain Jaran Desert, Kumtang into the desert in the Tarim Basin. The blurred effect of long distance transport was like culture shock: one moment in a city the next desert the next they were tourists once again.
after having read some material on China while he was there he was able to discuss the factory proposal as if he was on the board. However, since the person he was talking to started discussing water diversion [transfer] he began to think of Canada and how the Southern U.S. states were concerned over water shortages. He could appreciate how this country with such an enormous population could be in such need of sustenance. He thought of the deserts he had just crossed. He thought about the increasing desert of North Africa.
There was something another man wanted to discuss. He watched Will from a distance then he watched Palmerston.
This was a chance to talk to the new man.
”They are seeding the clouds. Into the sky, silver iodide canisters.”
”Yes.I see,” said Will, “does it even work?”
”In other areas, I do not know about here in the desert. (1.)

Note: conclusion is a work in progress.


After his travels abroad Will decided to come home and went to Michigan near where he entered the boarder into Canada. Since the cities were suffering from the auto industry collapse he went to the country. There he rented out a farm house. It was peaceful in the country and it was autumn. Roadside stands were full of orange pumpkins and yellow squash. Red maples and orange-red sassafras and yellow birch leaves shone with colour. Soon the rains of November would turn to sleet and snow in December.
At peace he did not exercise caution when it came to his whereabouts. Tired of a concealed identity espionage and secrets deals of the powerful he stayed uninvolved. That is until he went to an information meeting about the NAFTA highway on both sides of the CanUsa border.
One day he came home and found the door opened. He had locked it.
“Yep, that’s what you get for going to the meeting.”
”Who are you?”
A farmer down the road was standing there in a baseball cap and coveralls.
“I walked by after the meeting, saw you there and it was like this you were not here.”
”I don..”
”Think they’ve been watching you, there was a van and some men in suits and a few in jeans and work clothes...heard some drilling. They know you or maybe you found out something. I know about these things.”
”Well, I was a drug dealer at one time...” he put his head down “some people’s past is never heard about other’s they won’t leave you alone even when you leave off the things you did in the past.
They probably put surveillance equipment in there but I doubt their the ‘duly constituted authority’. Anyway, I just wanted to see if you were safe. If you need anything I’m down there at the ‘The Quiet Place’; that’s how I want it.
I know all about the goings on I heard you were a reporter. I have something you can look at after this.”
“Thanks,” Will said, noting his sincerity.
“Well, I’ll get back, bye.”

There was a light that came from the door jam, he pulled out the device. The picture was on the floor and a hole drilled into it. The floor molding was apart form the wall and wires were stapled into it. He checked around for a while. He heard after only 10 minutes a truck backfire. Later he went to the farmer’s house. Police where checking it out. The man had been shot in the head from behind.

Will called the police after he found the bugs and effectively cleared the place of surveillance equipment. They searched the farmer’s house and found the remnants of an old drug processing operation. ‘Remnants’ they said. Apparently he had told the truth about himself, a reformed supplier-dealer: one who had Confessed and abandoned the bad way, the wrong path...the dark side. Police were satisfied that his visit to Will was the motive for returning the murdered man to him: guilt by association did not work!

Before he called the police Will went through he man’s clothing. Finding a key he went to his farm. There was nothing there. He went to the barn. Now, it seemed unlikely anything of importance would not have been hidden. He remembered seeing an underground cellar door the police did not find it because it was by an outhouse in the fields. Inside he found a desk with disks and documents. They were planning for a world wide revolt following economic collapse.

One of the disks had a copy of a document entitled

‘De-Regulation, Trade Downsizing and Rebellion’

In effect the document outlined measures for protection around the world for protection of production facilities and lines of distribution. [roads air routes sea lanes] This was not for the last government but for the world.

Another document was entitled:

‘Martial Law In Nations With Favoured Nations Status’

In effect this would make most nations a temporary military state with International Forces (IF) in control.

Edict 2008.IF.Temp

This edict stated
1. All who foment rebellion against the authority not having legitimate grounds for complaint are treated as having declared war.
2. All who are unemployed and have the time to gather in groups or act in single combat are to be detained though not formally charged.
3. All online dissent is to be terminated and those dissenting will be detained
though not formally charged.
4. All communications between individuals and groups are effectively under watch (monitored) by the authority.
5. There will be no strikes or protests all who engage in such activities will be detained indefinitely

Will got up the next morning and saw on television people protesting outside most capitals of the world. Some posing as demonstrators made a ‘tent city’ near an abandoned building. The next morning the tent city was abandoned. Police found wires connected to each tent. Just before the bombs went off inside each tent the clock set to go off at _____ o’clock stopped short. A group of bombs went off in cars parked near another abandoned building there were no injuries.
In other news some people were caught planting bombs on the initial construction of roads of the NAFTA highway. Posing as road crew workers they all had a police record and worked for a private mercenary/intelligence group. They ended up in a gunfight with police and the National Guard. There seemed to be a PATTERN emerging, something behind it. [see Fringe tv show]

NOTE: I wrote this just before the recent bombing overseas but anything can still happen here. We have seen how there are people who pretend to be protestors and who are not in order to subvert legitimate protests...this is just a possible scenario of what could take place here.] (1.)

“Will decided to move to another community. This time he took precautions and made sure he was not followed. He rented another farm house. When he went online he only looked at material that would not be of interest to those Eskalon the data collector of all things electronic. Its job is to find all information sought by browsers on anyone prominent; especially things that are unknown. He kept a low profile.
As he had spent time in Canada he took an interest in the battle between the opposition parties and the government. The parties wanted to bring the government down and this was prompted by an election. The Separatist Party wanted was involved in calling a new election. Will remembered the meeting of the politicians, corporate representative and intelligence. Glossian and the Director were vying for power at the time. Now, with new American and Canadian governments there was change in the air.
The automakers had trouble, so did the corporations in the States it is interesting a parallel but a different problem surfaced across the border. If t here was a time for those who wanted power--of that invisible kind--the unseen hand on the strings it was now. A coup happens sometimes amidst confusion.
Canada has resources: land, water, minerals, oil, etc.. It was said in the 1980’s Canada is ready for sale. The 2008 government wanted to sell of many landmarks and institutions. One way to control a country is to control its resources. Another: politics, commerce, trade routes and the media. Can the net be contr9olledd.Perhaps not.

He picked up a disk that had video of a 1967 meeting of the same group he had encountered. They were discussing the situation in Quebec with Separatism.

1st Speaker:
“We have two front offices in Quebec. They are Companies that should be moved immediately. We put them in this province to establish a connection with this region.”
2nd Speaker:
“Our objectives have been reached. We are less concerned here with political than with Corporate objectives.”
3rd Speaker:
“I entirely object to our corporate objectives. We only needed to establish relations with the rest of the country. We can move these subsidiaries and work on the politics. Quebec is ripe for dissension. Our New World Order (NWO) does not recognize boundaries. The whole country if we succeed will be at our disposal.”

The footage ended.

1969 Meeting:
There is no sound, they watch a film of students on a campus protesting the Vietnam War. The real Director is a young man with long hair, and red coloured granny glasses. He has a headband and a money bag on his hips with fringe. He is being eyed by a ploiceman. He puts some love beads on a statue’s head that is on a pedestal near a building. The policeman takes him in.
1970 Meeting:
The same man who was under duress when Will met him [see above story] is being interrogated. Outside on a sign is a corporate logo. It is clear these are not policemen.
The scene switches to police and a bomb squad at a stadium in Quebec where an Anti-Separatist rally has taken place. They take a man away who is speaks the European French dialect but is really from Algeria. He was carrying the passport of a citizen of France.
1983 Meeting:
Members of the Conservative Party of Canada... A man who owns several industrial companies is expressing an interest in closer ties to the U.S. Objections are raised. It is too soon to dissolve national boundaries. It is time to continue this system. He is really a plant by a group determined to thwart there plans He is in fact the original Director who no one had access to and no one had seen except for a chosen few.
Will looks at the newspaper from across the boarder. He looks at the Casino which had a recent addition to it at a cost of 400 million dollars. He looks up at the sign on the tall glass tower on Detroit
water front. It says ‘GM’ he sees in his mind though the building shake and the sign blows off it.
He sees a map in his mind Quebec has succeded and Southern Ontario has become Ontigan or Ontario-Michigan.
There is across the border a six lane Nafta Super highway that began in Texas. He reads about the number of unreported suicides of permanently laid off workers. And he remembers film footage of the second Director who was also a protester with long hair who freaks out under drug experimentation on him when he is under duress.
A patrol boat goes by with Coast Guard officers. One of them looks at him with binoculars. He pulls a gun out but Will has not him do this.
A shot hits the railing in front of the water. Ice has not frozen on the river yet but the boat slides over a patches of thin ice before it goes back in leaving slow moving particles in its wake. He goes to a taxi waiting by the area. They go towards the bridge. Some construction workers up high on the bridge can be seen as the car goes nearby. A shot hist the rear light but gets away. Will gets out and takes a bus home.
When he gets home he takes a laptop and goes to the local library. Plugging it in he looks at a site known to mostly to law enforcement. When the boat came near he had seen a logo he does not find the logo on any police site lists. Going into an alternative site [alt.patroller.radical.subversionofauthority] he sees the symbol. He clicks on links underneath and finds it on a site that is against the Director’s group. Following that is a close up of the image and there is a dragon that is obscured. It is a symbol of a powerful group in the East; part of a similar group to the Director’s with a similar agenda. Only it is China they wish to control. What is the reason they were here?
Will thought it possible the groups that wish for a NWO could merge with Western groups. Like Nixon in China during the Maoist era, like Western Companies in China during its present transitional phase this would be a new era in cooperation. The Director/Glossian Group may have brought them here. Perhaps that was the reason why that particular symbol was on the Coast Guard Patrol boat. Finally, it could be a joint governmental program like the merging of Customs law border crossings with the U.S./Mexican/Canadian Customs Inspection at border crossings.
It was at this point Will thought such merging may be temporary until there is a dominant member of the group. None of this told him why the farmer was shot or why his own home was bugged.

He looked at a video on a disk. It showed a picture of the UN with the League Of Nations behind it in shadow. Then appearing in back of these was the American White House, the Russian White Building, Peking and Wall Street. [this imagery is not new...] The buildings started to flatten out and turn a different dark colour and had dots on them: dominoes. A large silver dollar rolled down a hill and one by one they all fell down. Mountains came crashing down on top of them. People fled and fell down a split in the earth as a quake hit the region. [Bible, ‘Ten Commandments’ film] Into openings in the sides of the earth they entered. In a slow moving sequence sounding more like a dirge came the sound of a song [‘Fall mountains, just don’t fall on me.’ Hendrix]
A group of men were standing on the edges above dressed in suits with brief cases. Money started to fall out of the cases [money floating in the air is not new...] while they jumped in after the money.

The rumbling stopped. A group of black helicopters flew by [x-files had black helicopters fly out to the smoking man...] Nuclear warheads hovered in the air. A beast was depicted on each one. The people chanted on their knees. Some repeated phrases from the Bible:
“WHO IS LIKE THE BEAST?”, over and over. The sky turned black, the moon an unnaturally large harvest moon, eclipsed by the sun, larger than Jupiter. Beside earth it was blood red. [Bible] Bolts of lightning gold and luminescent came out of the eclipse.
World leaders prayed to God and asked forgiveness for wars. Businessmen burned millions of dollars in sacrifice for forgiveness. Others shook fists blaspheming God. The screen went black.
It went back on. Two armies were situated on two mountains. There two generals standing on limos with binoculars. The Director was on one side, Glossian on the other. From the earth quake had risen flames from the flames ash. The ash turned blood red and flew in a mass of red snow. As the red snow/ash fell onto faces it turned to black oil and froze on anything not flesh as red oil. The red snow had rainbow colours if it sat in pools like oil from autos. Trucks full of crude oil froze turning to rust in the snow and could not move. Men with military uniforms with bank company insignia battled with men with auto company logos. Two government officials looked indignantly at the scene then turned their backs to the cheers or jeers of bank men and men in factory overalls.
The unemployed men looked on, guarded by men in red helmets. Nearby were vehicles with the letters NWO in blue. Each unemployed man had a weapon concealed underneath their coats which was taken away. Each one was pout in a truck in exchange for criminals from a prison. Some of the men coming out from prison to fight were wearing judge’s robes. They were linked arm in arm with businessmen and politicians. They sand a song praising Lucifer and then bowed to the eclipse. The screen then went blank.
Will sat and picked up the Bible and read the lines at Revelation 6:12-17.

He went back to look at the video on the disk. There was no indication of who made it but there was a series of footnotes. [There are many apocalyptic videos (etc.) this is by no means that original but hopefully it is a little...] One footnote was about a government official that had set up a Ministry to give NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations) some political power. Here they would not rely on fund raisers or donations from individuals or groups. Rather they would get money directly from government taxes. Since they would no rely on lobbying this would open the door for Companies and Banks to pose as needing to be part of the Ministry. There was one stipulation: They had to be foreign to each country for those inside each country already had access. Exceptions had to do with whether the powers that be wished for survival of those companies or not.
Of this section of the conclusion

Part One

Will looked at some more of the video disks in the hotel room. Deciding to watch a closed-circuits broadcast of a discussion of war between two major with nuclear power. Politics, religion also divided the two peoples and both had nuclear power. Each accused the other of building the bomb. Popular internet talk show host Calvin was interviewing a number of people on both sides. They were: a politician, a businesswoman who donated money for hospitals in both countries. There was the President of one country, the Foreign Minister of the other...and, two religious pilgrims who were in the middle of visiting shrines, one in each country and of two different religions.

“Well, now why is the trouble between the two countries?”
“The problem is lack of decent housing and health care.
“Mr. President, your comment.”
“No, we have to start creating our won economy independent of foreign investment and then perhaps we can have trade with our neighbours.”
“Foreign Minister, your reply.”
Foreign Minister:
”Yes, I concur Mr. President, in fact, I would shake your hand. Our fortunes can be made without intervention, which merely benefits the foreign companies.
“But is it not true the West has, with infusions of cash jump-started your countries into a 21st Century economy?”
Foreign Minister:
”Yes, but...”
“I mean do you not want a seat the new Inter-Continental Focus On Peace or Inter-Focus...ICFP?”
Foreign Minister:
The latest version of the New World Order?”
1st Pilgrim:
“We both believe it is a viable alternative to the old institutions, which, have not worked out well.”
2nd Pilgrim:
”We concur, the two religions and two countries can merge with the rest of the world. While you two squabble over Regionalism the people want Complete Separation, as we are now. You are putting us at odds by trying to control both countries at once.”
1st Pilgrim:
”And at war.”
2nd Pilgrim:
“That is why we have a just cause.”
“Just Cause?” He said with his palms up his arms out with elbows against his side.
Suddenly the two men pull out small guns and shoot all the people at the table. Then, while looking at the screen. Yelling some obscure terms in a dialect few know and one of them saying _____________! (i)
they shoot themselves dead.
At once all foreign embassies are surrounded by army personnel. They invade each embassy and put in prison all those found inside; they are executed immediately. Nuclear arsenals are set on alert.
Suddenly the logo of an organization came on and the announcer stated this was a likely scenario in the two countries. Therefore, in the interests of the ICFP the group needed to have a preemptive revolution in both countries which would bring in two leaders who had ties to the ICFP. Working together they would bring peace. There was a close-up of the narrator of the broadcast: an aide to The Director. In the footage of the two countries leaders, of the President and the Prime Minister, we see two men, namely the Director and Glossian. It would seem an orchestrated trauma would bring yet more counties under control by The Group.

There was a flash of light. He left the room and did not come back into that area. He entered again but had put a camera in the room. Going back he moved in the same pattern he had entered in before. This triggered the beam of light. Yet, he did not see the light, where it came from. The camera-video playback showed it came from paneling on the wall. Inspecting it the light was from a drilled hole. He would have to take the paneling off...he could not go anywhere it was too late...even the surveillance at home would not let him go free.

Possible, it was that this scenario could come about. Or was it about to take place? Was there a coupe about to come about? What would a shift of power from the people in these countries to the Group mean? The fact the Group had its hands in every corner of the globe was not new knowledge. To foment war on a large scale was more disturbing than having an influence in board rooms. To alter the balance of power in one corner of the globe and have that radiate outward was no new. Was this a prediction? If they knew he had seen the video would they do anything? Since Nadia was long dead he was sure somebody was replacing the disks with new material he had not seen yet.
Online he saw a conference being held in Canada by the ICFP. ICFP was the new name of the group. This was the last conference of its type he would attend. Once again he decided to pose as a worker at the conference. For this he would change his appearance, since he was a marked man by The Group. The conference was to be held in a ski resort town in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains.

Part Two

The attempt at a coalition of Quebec Sovereignty and pro-Canada parties fell apart. At a radical meeting Will posed as an Anglophone Canadian protesting the Sovereignty meeting. Eventually ushered out by some men in suits he recognized an aide who was at the hotel where a bomb had narrowly missed The Director. Evidently he was not recognized but he recognized the guard who was sent there; perhaps to oust him from the premises, or some other reason. Will was now more watchful than ever. He, being American with different laws, brought a gun. Following him he was lead to an estate that he observed with binoculars. Politicians, corporate heads and Unknowns were there. The Director must be there. Glossian would be elsewhere.
There were a few smaller conferences taking place. Checking out a number of places he saw an aide to Glossian step out of a car. There were people who dressed in suits. Others came dressed in the garb of the Middle East, Asia and Africa. It remained to be seen whether Glossian’s meeting were held in connection with The Director’s. Perhaps this was more ‘Third World’ conference. He decided to sneak into both conferences.

The Director’s Conference

Once again Will posed as a waiter. He had an arsenal of drugs from the farmer’s house who was shot in Michigan. The waiter he replaced he overheard say he could not speak French.
Once again there were speakers. With a darkened room and a giant screen colourful presentations were given. He waited on the Director. Overhearing parts of conversations he found out they were planning a coupe of sorts but not in other countries. The plans were to take over the administration of The Group’s foreign offices: Of the countries who could be at war soon. ‘Glossian’ and ‘elimination’ were two words that came out of The Director’s mouth. The maitre de [head waiter if I recall] bent down and whispered in The Director’s ear. The Director got up. A young woman with dark hair gave him a note and motioned to the maitre de. The Director brought an aide to side. The aide told two men something and the head waiter was replaced. Will left.
“Wait,” it was the young woman. “I saw you at a protest.”
”Yes, no doubt.”
”I sneaked in.”
”I see. And you are.”
She didn’t reply.
“Well, thank you for stopping them.”
”I told the new head waiter the old one put something in the waiter’s food...the one you replaced. They arrested him.”
”He died.” Will looked alarmed. “Well, he put something in his mouth after you knocked him out. See!” She held a cell phone to his face.
”I see. Let’s get out of here.”

Glossian’s Conference

Since the Conferences were only a day apart Will met the new. She had been tracking the group online. Visiting a site known only to people who had been given information about it; it was only accessed by numbers as a location and by a numerical name and password at the login.
Glossian and The Director were given different names and faces on the site. Information was also altered. However destinations and times were actual. So she started to pose as a volunteer for Glossian’s earlier electoral bid. His online name was Harry Willich; The Director’s, John Schapper. These were names they went by but instead were by the publisher of the material. A click on the HOME link revealed nothing significant.
Willich was said to have opposed The Director’s neutral stand to takeovers of Democratic nations. Schapper was more powerful, Willich was active in arms, drugs and fuel line trade routes in places like Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.
Willich wanted to replace all companies in the top bracket. Schapper wanted stability: Especially at a downturn in the economy. Despite objections, Willich started a policy of replacing people in stable organizations with radicals. And so started the wars within. The woman with Will was concerned over the split because they both had so many ties to legitimate organizations around the world. Glossian presented a danger to already unstable regions. As a result of this danger she started to work (with an altered look so she was unrecognizable) for The Director. She was emphatic she working towards the same end as Will. This last statement was a concern for him because...

There was an interesting item in the news online. A group of foreign and North American diplomats got into a fight in a bar. Reporters asked why when they were taken to jail they were released. They were told: ‘because of Diplomatic Immunity’. Some video footage wended its way online. Faces without names were familiar to Will. They were members of The Director’s and Glossian’s group. Reporters were said to have altered images and created false impressions of the diplomats...for which they were jailed. Will knew some of the reporters. They were never seen again. He decided to follow one of the diplomats. Why, this diplomat had been a mere aide to Glossian before. Again, he altered his looks only this time he posed as one of the diplomat’s aides. The diplomat had already been expecting a new assistant so he easily assumed the job.
Jack Devonville (y.) said to John Rousseau to take him to the ‘Noble Sacrifice Funeral Parlor’. Upon entering in they encountered a number of people Will had seen Director/Glossian meetings (ICFP). Will knew better than ask who died and said things like ‘It is really a shame’, ‘He was a good man’, etc.. Not at all was he prepared for the death of The First Director! It was said he had hung himself. However Will did not see any marks on his neck. They said he had had a brain tumor and had taken his life due to mental instability. They said when he had fallen he hit his eyes from the way he fell on top of a rock and the other eye from another rock. They put sun glasses on his eyes so as not to see the way he fell so as not to see the damage. Will himself was wearing x-ray glasses and could see the crushed in eyes. Someone showed him a newspaper of where he had died (for hi body was shipped here). It was at the same place where Nadia had gone to commit suicide! Beside the shots in the woods was another photo of the Settler’s Monument.
The First Director’s had a ring with the letters NWO on it. They closed the curtain so the immediate family could look one lost time at the man. Will happened to see through the space between the two curtains. One of the pall bearers took the ring off. Two funeral attendants took him quickly by the arms and led him away. Another pall bearer took his place. Evidently, the ring was not supposed to be on his finger. They closed the coffin.
The family went back into the room of mourners. He could see them bring another coffin in and they took the first one out. He followed the first coffin which they took into an elevator. Going down with the coffin...he went down the steps. Delegates being there the cameras were off so he went to the basement floor. There they had torches and burnt the re-opened casket inside out till the smell mad him nearly wretch. The burning head, draped in red finally was reached by flame. A priest recited a prayer repeating a phrase a number of times in a language he had never heard before. Everything burned. On the wall was the American Bald Eagle and the European Eagle. The animals were holding a shield up. They all bowed. The minister bowed to the shield which had latitudinal and longitudinal lines on a depiction of the Sun.

At the burial itself there was a smaller group. A woman in black had a black veil over her face. A priest spoke words in Latin. Will had a special recorder that was not detected by sensors or surveillance since it was a funeral in secret...in accordance with The Group’s custom...In which, once the leader dies the next in line, by taking the dead man’s hand confers all rights and privilege’s to him or herself.
Will understood who or what was in the coffin. Glossian was there. They killed off the old Second Director. There was a There was a woman, who didn’t recognize him. He knew her loyalty was not to any one person but to The Group. The Group: members die, clans pass on power to next generations. The Group lives on to hold power: above King and Queen, government and God. God is something they cannot get passed. The world is in their hand. The Group lives on.
The young woman was there. She knew it was but she did not directly look at him. No one made a sound. They were no remarks. No hugs. No hand shakes. No condolences. Long Live The Group!

It started to snow. The wind blew the snow off the hills and flew up in the air, white against dark sky. He noticed a car in the distance. Whenever he turned down a side road it turned. Whenever he stopped it stopped. He got out and looked into binoculars. The driver got out he saw up close the driver had binoculars. He got back in; by now a blizzard developed. Black ice, ice you cannot see underneath the snow made the car swerve. He had a rented car with snow tires. The other vehicle was unequipped for snowy roads; it swerved and went into a ditch. He stopped; the driver used a cell phone.
The driver got down on his knees and folded his hands. Will put the binoculars down, there was a great sound and flames. He did not know what happened. He got out of there. A helicopter flew overhead but for the blizzard couldn’t find him. Once or twice the snow cleared and it came out of the fog but each time it went off in a different direction. He could see the other woman at the funeral with binoculars looking. Meanwhile he had stopped, the helicopter continued on.

Once inside the hotel room, he looked at a video. There was a ceremony. There was a Bible, below it was as stand with an Agreement. It was in fact signed by most nations of the world at the time... The real international agreement: never known to the world. The Group seemed to be in existence as long as God and Satan. Then again this is not a new story. The gods of this system shine, false beacons, SUNS of the world. It is said in Psalm 83 “YE ARE GODS”.

The woman repeated words for her induction into the Prime Leader’s Chair of The Group. None of the Directors were there.
“By the Order Of The InterNational Focus On Peace [INFP]...”
The next file on the disk was the only virtual file, the only copy of the Agreement which THEY were after, which Will, like a tv series, had sent to himself [Nowhere Man].
Suddenly the door opened. A woman with a scarf appeared. Will blacked out as the woman herself fell. The last thing he heard was the sound of glass shattering. The last thing he saw was the woman on the screen taking the 0ath Of Office f the World! or at least those who believed in The Group.
There was another shot. One Will did not hear. One the girl with the scarf did not see coming from which she fell. The woman who was taking the oath on the video which continued though no one saw or heard it...not even the young women who lay near Will.
“Do you Janice _____, take this office to uphold the dignity thereof and its constitution?”
”I will execute this oath faithfully."

In the audience was a young women someone known to Will who woke up and found himself in the hospital. He did not know who saved him....obviously the shooter did not intend to kill anyone and only incapacitated them temporarily...
Will looked at the calendar, he had lost a few days...He remembered seeing Rachel with a gun and her falling. He remembered seeing Janice taking an oath on video. A nurse walked in before he could object she put a needle in his arm. Pulling his arm away before the fluid went in the nurse said:
“Quick, before he...”
”Don’t, I will inject you with it.” She replied with looks of terror.
“You can’t get away from them. They.”
”Will do something to you” Is the girl who was in my room with...”
He thought of the younger one.
“Where in?”
Whispering she said,
“No mic or cam.” She held a mirror at an angle, there was a man standing by the door.
He got up while she stood by the door holding another syringe and squeezing the air bubbles out of the tube. He had a chair and flung it at the man who fell back. Before he could get up he tied a towel around his hands.
“You!” He exclaimed but she put a sock soaked with chemicals in his opened mouth Will tied his hands and legs with a towel. His eyes rolled back so only the whites could be seen. They put him in the bed. Tired from the exertion the journalist nodded. She led him out of the building. She pulled away the wrinkled parts of her face to reveal the young woman.
“Look,” she said,” you had mercy on a lot of people by not taking them down. Once they get back their jobs they are not sorry and they band together again. Then they propagandize their views that we are in the bad group and they are victims; it’s the other way around.
“Was that you that put the video of all those people at the protests watching me?”
”No, but I saw it.”
”Was it Janice?”
”No, I don’t know, a person we’ve never met.”
”Yes well, they gang up on me or anyone on my side and put pressure on me to let their people go. When I do I become the scape goat and they get away with theft, unlawful surveillance, and unlawful entry, and property damage.
“I know most of them only wanted to up there, or say they saw me and nothing more. Others only a few did more. The ‘Moriarity’-types [Sherlock Holmes] behind these scenes remain untouched, leaving the ones caught to take the blame. That is why I let them go but when the ones that supported me were kicked out and not brought back, no one complains on their or my behalf.
“On the other hand it is so so wrong to do something about them.
I--You everyone involved. On the justified side is TOO CRUEL. What sheer hypocrisy! Believe me, if there was no proof, the ones at the top would not have taken action.”
They climbed out a window, it was an old unguarded facility; easily escaped.
“What about Janice, is she the head of it?”
“I don’t know. I know she has a following. A splinter group of Glossian’s and The Director’s has been stirring things up. She has a majority however. She is strong in North America and Europe but not China, Pakistan and Malaysia.
Meanwhile, in the same facility Will was in Rachel was coming out of her coma....
She woke up and found herself talking to herself in the mirror (qq)
Meanwhile Will and the young woman Will was with went to an old safe house in the area...First they searched for bugs and cameras...he remembered all the people The Group sent after him, especially Glossian, the most vicious. He remembered how rich he was and how he co-opted Will's ideas on a number of subjects he had written... especially the number of people he knew were sent to spy on him. Especially the people who both inside and outside the industry were sympathetic to Glossian instead of himself THE VICTIM!!!!!!!! And how he convinced the top people of his sincerity....Whereas Will only spoke out once in a while despite the continued barrage against himself and the women that were involved in this situation....They made up stories about his relationship with them and with others...the even vilified the women as if they were criminals but of Glossian's crimes nothing was said...
Glossian even spied on his family members which is why he kept away from some of the people he loved....so stop having sympathy for a man who does not deserve it he would say...Glossian is a rich con man... Sometimes on documentaries on revolution and radicals he would see or hear allusions to himself and others against the group...in the most unflattering and false terms...masterminds of misinformation, especially the one woman, a reporter who seemed to have been paid to assassinate his character (along with others) on a continued basis. He wish he could have an interview with her but he only had a few dollars to pay for that. Most people do not realize the misperceptions perpetrated by The Group. (tt.)
His thought about Rachel and if she was still alive or not....
Will decided he and the young woman (who for now we will not identify,) should go to the funeral of a prominent member of The Group. They would go disguised as researchers for one of the agencies. The member was a member of an intel group that fed information to other groups in a chain upwards. There goal was to identify protesters who were young gifted and potentially candidates for employment with any of the intel groups. She (the member) went by the name
‘Goddess of Ideologies’, to denote intel.
Ideology, her code name was identified by Nadia. Who had stolen Sloane’s papers, research, intel, etc.. She had planned to download the whole thing online before the water-virus in Europe. Perhaps Sloane was really trying to prevent her from divulging plans for... Since they already knew about the career of the lady, and, many of her clandestine associations. They posed as researchers secretly working for her.

It was dark, blowing and outside the Church and cemetery where she was to be buried. to keep people warm outside they had outdoor heaters blowing hot air at the entrance. . Relatives were not in attendance for fear of assassination. They watched in a different location. The priest recited text from her favorite poet. However no Bible was allowed to be read from.
When the sermon was finished men in dark pin stripe suites lead the casket down the isle and took it outside.

During the ceremony one person gave another a box, a memento he said of the deceased. Even outside, during the funeral at low volume taped classical music with a slow movement played. Accompanied by the wind it was a funeral with a theatrical atmosphere.
“Ashes...we watch the beloved go back to the ground. And at his request we spread the ashes of his beloved wife [onto the casket]. They are together forever. Blessed be He who gave him life...we give thanks for his presence. Amen.
As the casket descended to the depth there was Will thought he could hear a rumbling underneath the earth...He would later pick it up on the recording the young woman was making.
“There is a salt mine below,” whispered an agent to him.
He thought there might be something more to it..there always is. The woman, visibly moved looked at the sky with tear-filled eyes. He thought,
‘And just think these are people here who would like to kill us despite being justified and innocent of wrongdoing!’
They did not see the room in which some people were watching along with relatives, amongst them was Janice....Someone was watching in a car with binoculars, Rachel.

Sometime in another place:

Online was an interview by a diplomat. The diplomat talked about the recent crises and the ‘small number of the unemployed. Suddenly a young man burst into the room.
“Why don’t you tell them about ‘The Group!’” How about Glossian and Director and about Janice, the new leader of The Group!” He waved a flag and, held a picture of The Hague. “Remember World War One, then the decadence in the ‘20’s, the Great Depression, men in work gangs, ready for mass slavery of the Nazi’s the Soviet’s and organized to go to war. I am telling you something’s happening!” [See the movie ‘Network’, we all have seen people burst into such settings before… so this is not my scenario]
“Esther,” said Will, come here.
“Get him out,” said the diplomat.
“No, leave him,” Will said with sympathy.
“Guards, no get my men.”
“Sir, this is not the place we have a radio station you can talk there.”
”No!” he said.
“I’m afraid for him…”
”It is--the New World Order. Let’s stop it before…”
The diplomat rose. The man hit him with the flag. He knocked him down.
“Had enough of you!”
The man tried to kick him and kicked the interviewer who hit him in the face with a microphone. The men in the control room ruches out and held down the three for them. Company security rushed inside and held the man till the police arrived. Only he was arrested. The screen and the picture then went to an assassination attempt of a North American diplomat in South America by a cocaine cartel. Bystanders were hurt and some migrant worker yelled nearby the exact terms about his land and who was to blame but with different names as the one crashing the interview in North America. The man was shot by a man in a suit. The screen went blank and ‘ERROR 404’ went on.

Esther was so upset she went to smash her fist on a spider on the table that was crossing over an American dollar bill.
“Don’t,” said Will, “the little creatures are welcome here. He watched it as it crossed over the ‘Federal Reserve’ leaving a web filament as it passed over the edge and let itself down.

Suddenly the picture changed and the newscast featured an interview with the Federal Reserve Chairman, Franklin Fitche.
“Well, the package should shore up the auto companies and keep from declaring bankruptcy. However, interest rates will go down when the mass work projects get underway. Next question, yes.”
“What will they work on?”
”Infrastructure. New arteries to help traffic flow North and South.
“What about the Nafta Superhighway?”
said a reporter.
“Doesn’t exist. Thank you. That will be all for now.”
”Well, that is the final work from the Fed on the ‘Stimulus’ package…”
Will turned the computer off.
”Something happened.”
”Probably just another disgruntled auto worker. Although with no substitutes for work people here could end up starving like Africa.”
“They could be reduced to slavery. The Superhighway could be finished with local labourers who are unemployed. That is only temporary work.”
He looked at Esther then an image of Janice on the mountainside flashed in his mind.
”Huxley said ‘You will love your servitude’
An image of Rachel flashed in his mind. She put a book on the economy next to a book, “Fear and Revelation: Thinking in a Cave.’ He thought of the line in the Revelation about people hiding in caves during the Apocalypse. He closed his eyes and bird of ill omen, the owl flew by. [See Shakespeare, ‘Julius Caesar’] He eyes opened the visage of George Washington lo9oked at him questioningly—or, was it threateningly.

Will went out saying he needed to think. Esther was alone. A van was on a road nearby. Inside Rachel saw him leave while looking into the binoculars. She went out the house. A man pulled up in a small car.
"I thought he (motioning towards Will's house) paid so much attention to me I could not refuse to acknowledge him I should have told him he was not the one for me...." She echoed Janice words she heard her say. She felt she would hurt his feelings and never told him she was not the one for her...she should have. They went nearer the house.
The man took a stick and banged on the front window as if it was a tree branch in the wind (like a novel in on a windy day). While Esther checked it out Rachel slipped into the back door. She took out a pen. The pen tip was hollow and had fluid not ink in it. [There probably is a movie with this in it] She threw it at Esther who felt a sharp jab in her back. Reeling she fell backwards and blanked out. The two went through the house. Finding something and taking it they went out the back. [Not a new scene.]

Will came home too late. Esther still breathed so he put her on the chesterfield. A helicopter flew overhead, there was a flash of light as something hit the ground in front of a man walking nearby. The moment he heard it fly over he got the binoculars. The man suddenly covered his head and eyes from a second flash as the thing went off. Evidently it was for Will. The helicopter circled around. It nose dived into the ground going up in flames. He took a bicycle and sped over to the it but it was too hot to go near. He set the binoculars to see at a lesser distance in detail: it was unmanned. The man was picked up by a different van. After a struggle they put him in screaming about being attacked. When Will went back to the house a police car roamed by. He went into the house, dissolved a sleeping pill in a cup, and partially emptied it. Then he left the package for it on a table near Esther. He went into the bathroom, put pajama pants on and took off his shirt; wet his hair, drying it off with a towel. Police knocked at the door, he had his hands about his head with the towel.
The policemen looked at him.
“Sorry, wrong house.”
[A friend in high school pulled this stunt the hair not the rest…I won’t mention what he was doing but…it worked!]

[FOR THE NOTES TO THE SECTION BELOW see THE NEW WORLD ORDER i will put the section and chapter in later you have to go down quite a way to get to it]


May 1

[this date is the same date mentioned above and is not the date i put it on i don't know when i put this part on it is recent, may 1st is a day significant to communists but it has another significance which i will not relate]
Members of several organizations are meeting at a hotel in the mountains of Canada. [the above story has meetings of such groups already before any recent projects had theirs so I am not doing anything I had not already done before](1.) There, a number of ‘fix-it’ men and women from member count are there to report on the status of the economy and political affiliations are renewed. There are also corporate leaders who wish to have the Group put pressure on governments for financial aid [influence: recent bailouts in the news]
Meanwhile in another hotel there is a meeting of bankers, financiers and CEO’s who are pooling their resources together for an unofficial financial aid plan. The plan, intended to help bail out companies will divide up to the total sum of contributions from government resources transferred from government banks to this location, is not made through regular channels. (2.) Instead it will be explained by a re-appropriation plan. However, it is only being found out now by government opposition parties, having been leaked out. This becomes a contentious issue in parliaments around the world and there are calls for a dissolution of several governments over the issue.

At the meeting Janice:

“…and a call for an end to GOVERNMENT AS WE KNOW IT! AND A NEW WORLD ORDER!” (3.)
An anthem is sung with a chorus “NEW WORLD ORDER!”

They toast and cheer Janice who is flanked by high ranking members of the Group.

All this is being watched on a special feed (4.) from a video camera hidden on one of the members.
This particular member has such access that the usual security precautions have been by-passed. It is he who has for years provided insider information to the alternative media people and now bloggers (etc.). Since there is ‘official’ news fro the Group most in the group believe his news is also that ‘official’ news, so they never check out if it is leaked material or not.

In the meantime Will has contacted an old friend from his days with Sydney. He has been able to send him partial plans for the Group’s secret agenda to siphon off money (5.) for the bail-out [this has nothing to do with the actual bail-out taking place now…this is a fictionalized account] The plans are in a small container for a product but the container itself is rigged to destroy the material inside burning it (6.) Only by a see-through device can one read it, and also take a picture of it…
Esther has been researching online such means to see through objects. They cannot take it to the police or customs (which uses them to see through brief cases to vehicles and cargo containers). Not to mention the group has a far reach… So they find the spray (7.) that will do the trick: it is temporary and can be found and sent by another agent; who is a Rogue in the Group.
Receiving the spray through another agent the container in it has plans on old style disks. Flash drives would be what thieves would look for these days hence the disks. The container is sprayed on both sides. Esther had bought a microscope from a science and technology store and looked at the picture of it for the data is in a miniscule font.

Plans they were to update previous plans from decades ago. Elimination of most companies was underway; the remaining few would divide the world’s industrial-technological business world up. There would be a subsequent attempt to join them together [this is not a new idea] However, due to mass unemployment there be 1930’s style mass-work programs (8.) there would be less need for companies and a return to some form of socialism: it would be easier to control the world’s population that way… This also was the reason for what was called by the group in the 1980’s, with free trade, ‘The Great Divestment’ Countries selling off their own companies [e. ‘crown corporations’ in Canada] and companies to go oversees selling off their own North American and European investments… [which has actually happened].
With mass-work projects, like the new Detroit-Windsor bridge and the NAFTA superhighway, no more factories with pollution to help the green revolution, no more number crunching…everyone starts over, everyone starts at the same level, everyone gets an even break and chance… Those who opposed it would war against those who favoured it. Since the population has been essentially disarmed with legislation in Canada it would be impossible to foment rebellion against the established authority revolutionary aims rendered useless [note recent anti gun legislation impacting on farmers and attempts to limit those who own arms for protection in the states]. Besides any recent developments to start a ‘Terminator’ like army would squash that rebellion even if the attempt was made.
Now that the President has initiated the interest in a million man army it seemed possible for the elite to institute the world order more than ever before. (9.) One army in Europe and China and Pakistan would field the mass army and replace the NATO and other forces around the world. [these are not new ideas].
Next, Africa and other 3rd world nations would now be given 1st world companies technologies and economies until they ‘come up to speed’ with where the West will have left off…when this is accomplished they too will join the mass work world. Schumacher’s ‘small is beautiful’ becomes the norm for the entire world where everyone basically is living in the new world Soviet state. This is the final phase of industrial/post-industrial life: paradise is ‘less is more’.

Society would have to have a way to keep track of people. Mass chipping has already been proposed [not my idea]…those not chipped would be living like those in many a movie and tv series on the outskirts of society [not my idea].
In society underneath the ground there would be cameras pointing up that could see through the ground. We already have above ground cameras everywhere. Those caught by authorities and not chipped would be forced to give up be chipped and be fitted with a camera/microphone placed beneath the skin…which would be removed (11.) only till a sentence for ‘non-chipped subversion’ was finished would they be allowed to be de-tech-ed (technological device-implanted) [this in fiction has probably already been done before (en-mass). These would be informants and traitors sent in to infiltrate populations for those in rebellion. For this they would be hooked up to the latest incarnation of NSA/ECHELON/UKUSA/SIGINT

Esther and Will also found out plans for the mass chipping of civilians. Explained by war or catastrophe, to keep track of all who would be either a victim or threat in the target area to watch… Separation of individuals would give rise to unauthorized searches better left to an organized system. Chipping to keep track for tax, consumer habits, etc… Due to the ever increasing threat of terrorism: for organizing and keeping track of the mass-work populations while involved in their projects. Like some movie of mass control [like ‘Metropolis’ or films of the old Soviet State work camps, people would be herded to the local ‘Tourist Information Bureau(’s)’ [renamed InfoBureau/IFB] to be chipped, RFID’d, or given a WorldFind designation pin no.. IFB’s were places tourists went for information but these basically would become a cross between military check points and civil administrative centres. Everyone eventually would have to go. (12.) The final goal of Will was to stop it before it could start: here was the starting point.

One must remember Will had implants and so did a lot of people involved or controlled or come into contact by/with the group. He started to have headaches. When appliances were turned on he thought voices emanated from them [an actual condition for some].

“Miss, here is the report you wanted,” the women with grey hair and glasses hung by string gave her a flash drive.
“Thank-you,” said Janice, “you can go.”

The drive had pictures of Will and Rachel, and separate photos of Esther on it. They are seen at a protest by the pictures are a set up. They are made to look like they are breaking the window of a store front and making off with computer equipment during a riot-: which itself has not taken place. Janice is not happy to find these pictures she knows it is a set up. She now must decide whether to speak to associates about it.

Janice to herself:
“If I go along with this and I get no opposition from the Group; they have wanted these people’s heads for a long time! If I don’t I have to do something abut it and set the record straight.”
For it was Janice who took the pictures of Will and Rachel at protests, those of Esther were added. By who?
“Thank you.”
She has received word revised plans for the Group’s initial phase of the NOW for mass work projects and ground work for increased surveillance have been stolen. There is an effort to use the WorldFind signal. It was found but it was stopped by interference from a government satellite that attacks other satellites and disrupts their transmission capability. The material on a group satellite is less vulnerable than other Corporate, government and is as hard to penetrate as military satellites. Yet there has been disruption. If it had been government or corporate it would have been explained as the disruption of a solar flare. She decides to find out if Will and Esther have it. If they do and it is found out by the group members may advocate killing them both and all other associates of theirs. She herself cannot risk that so she sends an email to a trusted friend over a special network designed for her and her contacts. She is in China [see my story above on the character being in China around Sept 08 as well as other character agents in projects in China…] to send a signal that mimics the signal of the object in question… (13.)
In order to further mislead, she has other agents in different locations at different times (13.) (the time it would take to travel to each location,) emit the same signal. This would make it look like whoever has it is on the run. Then she would have agents imitate an American of British secret service team [‘Heroes’] pick up two people who would be in disguise and have them be caught as terrorists end exposed on new services and video sites online. Setting up mock interviews they would give slightly the same but conflicting ‘evidence’ convicting another group of people. They would be picked up or, said to be picked up, declared to be part of a cell and the rest of the data censored for the purpose of not revealing state secrets and be seen as giving terrorists information on nuclear bombs and locked up indefinitely. Finally Janice would confront Will herself, who she has not seen in so long. If he would turn on Esther or vise versa and say of the other they were the real threat to the group one would be spared and the other Eliminated! Loath to think this necessary she was yet responsible for the revisions to the documents. (14.)
“Mrs. Jonestone, call a driver, I have someplace to go. The New World Order can wait I have to see an old friend.”

Meanwhile Tourist Information Bureaus are springing up everywhere. Being changed and expanded to incorporate trained medical personnel known as ‘Chippers’ they were to chip people. To chip those who decide to buy the online/tv/radio advertisements advocating multiple uses for getting chipped.
Chipping for Retail sales, banking, WorldFind
, etc., even though government had yet to give the go ahead for these places to be refitted. They are going ahead with it anyway like so many building projects companies go ahead with without approval from municipalities. The same propaganda for analog to digital is spreading:

“Getting chipped is easy. Your children will not need to be found by a hand held WorldFind
[as we see in commercials for something like it]. A system of pulses will come from the chip that will tell you your child is lost. Calling WorldFind

By pressing WF and your child’s pin on a cell is all you need. Soon, your implant will send the signal to appropriate centers in the brain to process the message and you will have the approximate location of feet, yards or miles on the tip of your tongue. Mass-Chip WorldFind, call for your appointment today!”

At the airport Janice, surrounded by women who looked like business people who were her guards went to a special Group terminal. The plane was an experimental one and to look like a regular commercial plane. However, it could break the sound barrier and flew to Alberta in no time. She knew where they were at all times. Will was ever under watch but her instructions were ‘no interference’. This time it was different, she wanted them apprehended. Since she still had feelings for Will she ordered Esther to be captured first and shipped to where the false signal would last be detected. From there she would find out if Will could be turned or else coerced into being a Group asset. If not: she closed her eyes and shuddered.

[i am starting this story over in a sense so if it is not all connected properly well here is the story anyway]

A hot red sun, a dot on a misty blue sunset shone out on the water. Boats were bobbing up and down. The view was bordered by a window frame. A woman sat in the chair beside the window. Upon recognizing the scene it was an Impressionist painting. And the woman had grey hair and lines on her face. Esther could not move or talk. She was speaking but she could not understand. She shook her head. The woman in the chair motioned to an aide. A nurse took her pulse , jabbed her with a stick that had six needles. By degrees Esther’s mouth loosened. Still everything came out garbled.
“She’s still out of it. No, let her come out of it…we don’t need her to talk yet.”
Another woman came in. It took her a while to recognize Rachel. For a split second she understood words and could see clearly then…blurred.

Meanwhile, in a different location Janice was talking to another red headed woman named Helen. She is small, and has a drone-like character named Jackson who does a lot of leg work for her. [you might recognize sarah connor chronicles characters]

Will has been captured by Janice and Jackson guards him. And is bidden not to speak to him. He receives pro New World Order propaganda by having a constant drone of altered facts about the government and democracy. It is a page out of Huxley….
So far he has inside his brain kept his facts straight. Drugs and being in a dark room with intense burst of light aimed at his head and a strange whirring noise like large machinery. [they are tearing up street with construction equipment right now]
Janice pulls his hair back, it has grown long for he has been traveling for a long while. At some point he overheard Janice and the petite women:
“How long before he turns?”
”When I questioned him he was unreceptive.”
”Does he remember their conversation?”
”I don’t think so!”

“I thought you would be younger.
“I am not who you think I am.”
”But I know everything about Will.” [see sarah connor episode where Cameron says she knows everything about John]
“But not about her.”
”You are too old for her!”
“Let’s just say I’m something like her only older.”
”I don’t under…”, Esther is given an injection.

“The problem with people like you Will is that you get too close.”
”People like me? I thought you…”
”Do you know how many people fall in love with agents?”
”How can you just turn you feelings off like that?”
”If I did not care you would not be in a bed safe. You have become a pestilence to us and I like having you around.”
”This is beginning to sound like a movie. And I’m not exactly free to roam around.”
”I don’t want you contacting this new one, Esther.”
”Jealous perhaps?”
”Here you can’t dress incognito. We want you as you are in full view.”
She pulls back the curtain to reveal a camera trained on him.
”Do you remember we first met at a hotel.”
”I stole the cab, so don’t remember just the good times.”
”Yes, the bad ones are more revealing.”
“Oh, I have spies every where, your girlfriend seems to have aged.”
A TV screen reveals a cell phone video…Esther is confined to a bed, watched over by an older looking Sydney.”
Will is speechless.

Stunned by seeing someone who looked like Sydney Will was overcome by emotion he half expected Jack to walk in with a gun. It was bad enough Janice considered him an enemy now…he had to think ahead to what her agenda was. He had to repress his feelings about her. What was the Group’s plan? Being able to another group’s capture of Esther was one thing, being able to see her with Sydney was one thing, being able to see her with Sydney was another. [Esther is just a name I picked from the Bible]

“Will told me about you.”
“You’re the youngest one.”
”Which group of power brokers are you with.”?
”Let us say we have a quarrel with them.”
”Who is winning?”
”What next?”
”He has been captured by Janice.”
”She is the…”
”The one who almost got you! We had a team sent in to get you both. There was a fight. Someone set off smoke bombs, no one could see. In the confusion they got him, we got you.”

“That is all I can tell you,” said the drone-like man. I am not supposed to talk to you.”
”What are they going to do with me?”
”I think, they are going to put you in isolation. They might experiment with you.”
”I think, for future…” He shut up.
[I wrote this late at night and I am not sure who is talking to whom at this point, I will probably make this more clear later on…]
“I thought you were on his side?”
”There are watchers, they know what to do to trap people. When you are least suspecting they spring it upon you. Anything, trumped up charges, phony liaisons with spies. Then they threaten to expose you if you don’t expose someone else: Even though they are pulling the same stunt on those people.”
”Your people.”
”There are several groups vying for power. In the end after they battle it out one dominates, then brings the other groups together under one banner.” ”Were you not one group before?”
”Yes, but they splintered. First the old Director was caught then Glossian challenged the Second Director. Janice had a coup.”
”It has always been like that…wholeness, and integrity and efficiency are incompatible with the New World Order [NWO].”
”I thought that was the goal.”
”No, incompleteness, lack of positive values and breakdown are the means to the NWO. Incompleteness: until we have all the power the NOW has not happened. lack of positive values: why do you thing jails exist. We helped cause confusion in religion and politics, the family and law. Our goal is to breakdown all values all beliefs until the people finally decide only one group on earth can bring us all together. Until then until THEY get what they ant we won’t have peace.”

“Why doe she look older.”
”She is one of many?”
“Sydney was cloned? She was a clone?”
”No, they find look-alikes. Anyone who becomes prominent could be a threat if they do not promote the NOW. Clones usually die off faster before they can be of long-term benefit. Look-alikes, though not as perfect are more reliable. They can imitate voices and be made-up or photographed to look like the real thing. You should see her made upo to look younger.”
“What about all of us?”
The other nods to the nurse.
At first you though I it was her then you thought you were not sure. The resemblance was so close.

After Will and Esther were interrogated, administered chemicals to soften them up, confuse and overwhelm them yet they stubbornly refused to yield up information. For they, unlike Janice and Rachel held on to their beliefs and the notion of an individual’s right to their own identity separate from the world. In effect, they were unable to yield to the power of the oppressor and join those who would offer the world: like Satan tried to offer the world to Christ.

Esther was young and she had herself been following the summits. Jailed for demonstrating in Europe, her tenacity in writing an anonymous blog had given her a sort of underground fame. Some of the older people in her life said she would have mad a good hippie. She had only one fault: she did drugs. [this is not a habit of any young person I know] However, her being used to drugs made her able to absorb the drugs forcibly injected into her. Impervious to the invasion of her veins and her brain she refused to give out what critical data she had of the Group that the Group wanted to know…[how much and how obtained]. Between them they had more data than most of the people online. They had information about Janice. [I do not mean about anyone just the character]

Janice left Will to go through an underground passage. There at a desk situated between two of the ornate round pillars inset into the wall that lined both sides was a desk. The lights that were on either side between the pillars were in the shape of ancient pitch torches that had a steady beam rising from top of the torch illuminating the wall. On the desk, made of gold with glass protecting the top and a cover over that from writing was a 1920’s lamp with ornate design. A mirror turned into a computer/tv screen when one sat down allowing one to type or talk commands. [not a new idea] The sound of steps in the passage madder stand.
“Hello Rachel, Sydney.” (1.)

Will, who had come into the world of espionage and intrigue late was more susceptible to pain than Esther who had already figured out the scam and started to wander about looking for Will (2.)
The complex they were in seemed familiar to her. Still she did not know exactly where they were. It had been variously a hospital, asylum; then for experiments on enemy agents, hospital for sick agents of friendly nations a place of experiment and technology; Intelligence, and a headquarters for the Group.

Esther saw she was in an empty ward and went to the next floor. There were lights on in rooms with open doors and occupants. The occupants would not be allowed privacy and every means was made to make them feel the presence of the System bearing down upon them. She checked room after room. She looked out the window, in a courtyard was a separate room. There were three other wings surrounding in a square. A light was on in only one room however she was experiencing the effects of drugs and was walking in a stupor. At finding Will she took a chance and injected him with what looked to be a multi-needle allergy stick. Revived, he was not high and helped her along instead.

Both told of seeing the other on monitors: she, in an office…
She had been in the facility before and had heard of the underground passage. When they saw an elevator, one with an additional floor the others did not display they went down. When they got there they took their shoes off. Janice, tired of surveillance even on her decided to turn it off.

“I think this must go on and on,” said Esther.
”It is just a blurr, everything is.”

There were footsteps. A small red haired woman with a Scottish accent walked by with a man who seemed like he was stunned emotionally. (3.)
“Check the rooms upstairs, report back.”
”Janice, I am coming. How far down?”
She glanced behind her and as she did missed the pair on the other side. When she turned around she had passed them. She continued onward. The pair followed. They looked up at Renaissance and other period painting on the ceiling. All had dark backgrounds and illuminated foreground figures. She had taken a pair of binoculars from the office.
“There are cameras in the dark areas of the pictures.” (4.)
“There,” he whispered.
They saw the group talking.
Suddenly there was the sound of other steps. Men’s voices were heard they seemed to be rushing.
“Quick,” said Janice. “Take these.”
They opened a janitor closet and took out stun guns.
“Aim it at the walls, floor and ceiling.”
The jolts overwhelm the men from all angles so they cannot evade them.
The small red haired woman pressed a button on a remote and light steel strings fall all over the men but remain attached to the wall in a sustained shock.
Janice on a cell:
”Attention: all security in sections.”
The name of it is scrambled and is only unscrambled on the floors Will and Esther cannot understand it along with the instructions she gives. Will and Esther escape from the passage and leave the facility. Will remembers a previous escape like this and reflects when they are walking on a road away form the complex. The complex is in the middle of a flat land that shows nothing but road ahead behind and nothing except scrub brush on either side. A ridge of dark clouds blocks half the sky. Lighting flashes on one side, bright sun illuminates the other. Esther falls into Will’s arms, tired and glossy eyed.
“We are safe. Maybe someone will pick us sup.”
Someone did, it was
[for the notes see at the end SOMEONE DID]
Arctic Sovereignty

On the way a van pulled up, Rachel said,
“Get in.”
They did not question it. Mixed allegiance or indecision, it was all too confusing…along the way they took on a new passenger. She had the same automaton-like persona (or lack thereof) as the back there. [obviously this is really TSCC(1.)] None of the passengers talked for a long time until the new woman talked.
”Why are we not shaken by that,” spoke Will.
The new woman pulled out a cell phone.
“This is a special number, I got it from Janice’s office.”
Her voice took on a different tone, sounding like the small red haired woman.
“Janice, there were two vehicles that were the same, com to [she gives the location].”
The sound of the helicopter went away.
“You see, she is no ordinary girl, if she shows up here with John Connnor I’m getting out of here.”

“Who were the men?”
”I am not sure,” said Rachel,” but there will be others. They will be after us, as well as Janice and her new accomplice.”
“They will find us again. We need to go somewhere where we can hide out and figure what we do to put an end to this once and for all.”
”It never ends,” stoically, the woman, “it is a project for Infinity. The people in power want the world to rule over. Once they have smaller countries like Canada, they will focus on the U.S., Russia, China, and India. Population is not power. We will go up North to Canada.”
Rachel and Will:
”Why?” asked Esther.
“Because, there is a coming battle for Sovereignty (2.)
“So is this about World War Three?” (3.) Asked Esther.
Will replied:
“We were in an underground tunnel where people are traversing from the Euro Russian Arctic and others are moving companies up there, as well as governments and militaries staking out their claims with nuclear subs as well.”
”You won’t freeze, will you?” Rachel said to the woman who tilted her head and looked at her…
“My system is adaptable.”
Esther and Will looked at one another.
“She is not what she seems to be.”
”Do you mean human?” she said, tilting.

At the airport Rachel made arrangements to send the van onward to the city. Known only to very few it was a secret development that was built by a rival to The Group that Rachel had been interested in the position of Director. She decided to defect, staying on a till later time as a supporter of Janice, who had a replacement in the small red haired woman.

“Look,” that man.”
A man seemed to watch them. Others appeared to be watching them too. They all stood and watched. All the men had the same coat on. They all looked similar. Will thought he saw, no, it could not be Sydney as a stewardess and Janice as a pilot walking together. They turned around and it was not them after all. Was his mind playing tricks on him?

Off again into the air. Clear blue sky forever. Walls of grey, white, then the sunset red with white tops of mountains tinged red below. The girl beside him did not move but stared ahead. ‘Recharging’ she said mechanically. Rachel ahead of him was talking to Esther. On the dark runway they saw an opening in the ground and saw a train taking in passengers. The opening had opened with the asphalt top lifting upwards like a drawbridge. It closed. They could hear rumbling below. A vehicle with flashing lights came up. They got in. The opening became visible, the square gash of light and descending they were headed towards the city few knew about…underneath the frozen fields of the Arctic. (4.)
[at the very bottom For notes on this section see: Arctic Sovereignty]

A New Era

In this section we find the Alias members never really went away but simply changed their names and became an unnamed agency. [1.] They had decided not to tell some former members like Will. Sloan who had a double who was killed [2.], tried the European water poisoning in South America in drug plantation country on the advice of former government officials attached to the drug Tsar back in the 1980’s, who was trying an experiment beyond the knowledge of the press to try to stop cartels without arms…that they would in effect turn on each other and be eliminated…if successful the operation would be repeated… When townspeople numbering in thousands were killed Sloan was given a ceremonious court martial and executed with a few hundred agents looking on. The means by which this was carried out was not revealed to that not in attendance. This was due to his having attempted again the experiment he was held in isolation for. It was thought he was given a serum containing an equivalent amount fro one hundred men; he died in a rage of rabid mania in a clear walled enclosure.
Sidney’s father took the helm of the agency; next to him was a man who had been on the run from a government witch hunt by members of The Group, the forces inside and outside the government. He was brought in for his extensive knowledge of the group, the one with the ‘hidden agenda’ [3.]
Nadia, who recovered from her experiences [4.] with Will, came back to work, though somewhat incapacitated she had surgery to get rid of the implants and was more or less normal in her functioning. Will was really a double agent sent to be in touch with the girls and was employed by The Group [otherwise ‘The Unknowns’]; he only played being a naïve reporter…when this was found out he was followed by the agency and will be for the rest of his life…Will, only played the role of infiltrating The Group’s events and was really leading the others on. This was so they would not be able to find out other things about them and all data given Will was, despite being sensitive had some misleading data so that other members and functions of the group would keep their most secret material-: that way. However, since Will had been found out he suddenly disappeared, he was replaced by a new man who had greater experience and abilities but is also a master of disguise. [5.]

There is a group who is against The Unknowns, who are former members of the group. This is the group who changed SD6 and reoriented it away from activities that were actually helping the Unknowns towards the New World Order. While the agency had been largely confined to research due to Sloan’s activities…this new group is going to return the agency to its original goals. They are older, and their children have been trained in special schools for training agents from a young age on. [6.]

Both the agency and its new incarnation are being controlled by the opposing forces against the Unknowns; they are sometimes referred to by the opposite side of the country from where the Unknowns originated: The Atlantic-Seaboard Coalition or AtSea. Since Janice [7.] was in office the Unknowns have infiltrated the European Parliament and are trying to get the U.N. back to Europe to its origin as the ‘League of Nations’ in the Hague. If that takes place a weakened order outside of U.S. jurisdiction will make China a more powerful partner of the League than the Americans. SinoEurope, would have over a billion people to only millions at the U.N. should Asia and Europe split the U.N. To disaffect the U.S. further they would give China and India joint voting rights due to proportional representative voting rules. However, the Unknowns real hidden agenda is more people under its sway and the eventual incorporation due to the sway of numbers in the world to sway the American population from a states to a world orientation…global warming for example is a globally sanctioned position as opposed a local state position. Since the Unknowns are behind this and is perceived to be an orientation leading to a totalitarian world state given China is still under Communist rule, the agency is to infiltrate or else keep the Unknowns and their New World Order from becoming a reality and to keep Democracy as the predominant goal of all countries or to keep it as the dominant position of the population of the world.
[The above chapter is to try to bring back the series now that Lost
[this part is intended for the series if it ever comes back]

The National Anchore (One.)

Sidney who was on the run from THE GROUP OF UNKNOWNS [see this term THE GROUP OF UNKNOWNS for notes below, for footnotes I am using the words rather than the numbers, so, 1 is (One.)] she had found out were running her agency and who had kidnapped and indoctrinated Sloan, which is why he had had a conscience over his European water poisoning. Sloan had in fact realized he was a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ type plant from his youth on and he sought to rectify this after he did what his instincts, his implanted ‘memories’ told him to do. (One) However, it was too late he had been found out by Sidney [I am just now remembering the conflict between the two on the series] who already was at odds with him, as being an Unknown.
During his time at the agency, he unknowingly had, by his indoctrination undermined it orienting it in a different direction. Will, who had posed as a naïve, unformed agent, or want to be agent, was all the time meeting with Sloan and his anti-agency people. His goal was to eventually marry either Sidney or Nadia (Three.) and use every means possible to turn them to a New World Order anti-nationalist perspective, and keep them from performing their missions…they will never know just how much damage he did for he was specially trained for it. His new goal with his old looks (before he was Will) and new position with his old identity not known [for he is perceived to be new to them] is to reorient them away from their new mission, which is to be restored to their former goal, the saving of Democracy around the world. In this respect he is to oust the new man with the new agenda and start bringing in the Unknowns to the helm.
By now the Unknowns, who wish to pose as being pro-democracy instead of its opposite, have called their newspaper and online site for propaganda, THE NATIONAL ANCHORE, BASED IN TORONTO. The new agency with Sidney’s father in control post-Sloan is called _____________. [to be filled in later.]

The Unknowns are trying to influence a delegation of European, Russian and Chinese officials to disrupt proceedings for a motion by officials from a small nation to meet with American officials to develop a ceasefire in that nation with the American military presence who are at war with a terrorist group that exports arms to their cells throughout Europe and the United States. As the group of terrorists are not well known, unlike other more publicized groups they are often mistaken for being part of a larger group and so escape being caught in favour of ‘bigger fish’. The reason why the Unknowns went to disrupt the peace process is because it might influence members of other terrorist groups to stop terrorism and start peaceful settlement of grievances against Western involvement in the countries’ resource extraction (Four.) They would be encouraged to have a share in stock of companies there, and employment, and a new initiative to join in a special coalition at the UN to include, as the U.S. government has offered a seat at the UN (Five.) By keeping conflict going, the Unknowns hope to thwart peace initiatives and scapegoat the U.S for being an aggressor nation in a foreign land. By doing this, they will make people think the UN needs to be moved back to its original home in The Hague (Six.) At The Hague, the Americans hope to have the historical split between European powers highlighted, create old tensions anew and come up the middle with more power. (Seven.)
Sidney and Nadia will pose as diplomats, their daughters will be with them; neither daughter looks like the mother. Their goal as diplomats is to try to negotiate a continuation of UN plans and American interests while their daughters search for evidence of tampering with the process by Unknown infiltrates: this will include finding out who the Unknowns at the location are.

“And today we see at this Summit meeting the famed reporter Paul Rainsbridge,” said the reporter holding the microphone.
In a different area one alternative web site reporter was Jim Hardy.
“Well, look who is in with the movers and shakers, the sooo hard hitting Rainsbridge is just another vassal for the powers that be. People, we are the fence put up here to attract the attention of the protesters. Ah, there, if we look over there Rainsbridge has gone with investors John Moral and Tim Browser [I had a neighbour in the area with a name like this] These tow are the ones who brokered the energy output meters that hiked taxes and started local MP’s on the warpath. I am not surprised the press is in cahoots with them…I wondered why the biased reporting on the protesters. ‘He’s getting his routine to do, for the next year.’ quote/unquote one protester on a site said.

“How is this,” Nadia’s daughter was asking her mother.
”It’s fine.” She hands her a brochure on the itinerary of the meeting.
The first speaker will be Peter Rainsbridge; he is the NATIONAL ANCHOR for the government run Provincial-National Operation or PNO.”
“In other words, he’s a traitor to the nation and is now an International Oligarch.”
“Watch what you say and do not say the first thing in your head people will take anything you say and twist it inside out and make it sound like you said something or meant something else.”

“I thought we were going to the summit.”
“We are,” said Nadia. “It is at the…”
The car was stopped by a commotion. Alternative reporters and protestors had found the secret location. Jim Hardy was being chased by two officers on foot then in a car when he jumped into a van. Before long the officers were stopped by protesters on the grounds of the Tem Insurance Building. It was here a deal was being worked out to get Attendees to agree to billions to repair the Ozone to block the dangerous suns rays better…However, secret deals for every enterprise would probably be made as well. A flag was flying that was a composite of the Red flag colour of China, the stars of the European Parliament, with a Canadian flag’s Maple Leaf made of red, white and blue stripes was on the other side. [There are many variations of this type of composite nation flag out there]
Jim Hardy was back with a bull horn rallying people against the ‘New World Order’:
“Who are these people?” He lifted up blow-ups of photographs of Unknown Leaders.
A policeman grabbed the photos and took them to the trash can nearby. Then he put them in and drew out an instrument that was aimed at the can it did not burn the outside but only the inside, which emitted smoke from its opening. [See the novel by Bradbury on book burning and how many totalitarian states and revolutionaries do this with texts and other materials.]

thank you for reading...

[FOR THE NOTES TO THIS SECTION see THE NEW WORLD ORDER i will put the section and chapter in later you have to go down quite a way to get to it]
NOTE: 'a small invasion' is a story that has been an extension of an earlier story that was either published or unpublished fan fic from 2005 and a story on a another fan fic site from 2005 called by a number influenced by 1984...that had the idea of someone who is being pursued not only for what the series had people pursuing him for (an altered photo) but by the elite for disks and data on the new world order...my other story which i think is no longer online called 'Alias Lands On Lost Island' (either 2006/7) and has many of the same elements .. i actually went to the anti-OAS protests when the OAS was in this city so i had the idea in the 1990's before I started to write fan fic in 2005, or was it 2004, and before anything else like it that might be out there....excepting series, movies novels etc., that came before it....and the story of the character in the other story was in 2005 with many of the same ideas i had derived from the series as well as influence like Alias, Lost, and a whole host of novels, movies, the various protest movements through the decades, even books and stories and movies like 'Grapes of Wrath', etc., Naomi Klein has an account of the city listed below of that event in one of her books,and many other references like those below;
Influences: the story i have been writing is influenced by 'nowhere man' as well as 'alias', 1984 braveneworld through to even terminator sarah connor....it has been an composit of many things, mission impossible etc., etc., Will's being on the run and sending/receiving/finding/retrieving is influence by nowhere man and dozens of other things too numerous to mention...but i have to acknowledge these things as well but how can one list everything....


this story later....so check it against the last version before i put the last section on...
notes to section three:
as far as throwing boiling water in another story i found a lot of stories with that going back to 1971
1. actually the rfid tag is square with what look to be a group of square lines within one another....the round piece of plastic could
be an example of smaller tracking devices...

notes to section five:

1. as far as the recent deaths of people from tasers, I think they should be banned until they can be more safely used, I wrote this without thinking that maybe people might be upset with a story on tasers at this point in time, my apologies if anyone is upset but I have not thought up a substitute text….
--there are many predictions of future wars I am not saying this is the first instance of this
--I am aware Tolkein, if I recall, though I have not read him, has dead men face up underneath the ice…and other stories of bodies strewn all over and people looking at them.
--And I am also aware there are other scenes of gas siphoning. And people posing as professionals in a hospital….

notes to section seven:
2. “Every man’s hand will be against his brother.”, E. Bronte, Wuthering Heights.

notes to section eight:

1. the original term was a little awkward to pronounce and for now I have changed it to members

note: if I remember correctly there was an episode where Will tries to get into an exclusive meeting......however secret cabals still go on here is another version of that business...

notes to section nine:

1. there various notions out there like this this is a variation on a theme...I hope I made clear what I meant I will probably revise this to make it more easily understood...

notes to section ten:

1. I am presuming that Will never found out everything about Sydney and Nadia and the Rambaldi prophesy...I myself do not believe any of this kind of thing I am just going along with what the series was about and my own version of ....
2. hypnopædia, see Huxley, 'Brave New World.'

notes to section eleven part one:

a. I have changed this to bookshelf so it does't overlap with someone else's story, I have stated my reasons for the use of picture from personal experience...
1. I am aware this type of scene where someone is found that was thought to be dead has been done before....I am not sure if Will had any particular belief in the series...also, in this story Will does not know that Rambaldi felt (if I read a site on this correctly) with science we could come to know God....so at this point in the story (in chapter 10) he simply sees Rambaldi as concerned with the occult 'sciences'...I do not know if, in the series if Will knew anything about Rambaldi....

notes to Section eleven part two:

1. I had originally had the wind saying the words 'lonely' and 'cold' but after reading it on the computer screen I remembered Hendrix singing if I remember the words correctly, 'the wind cried Mary' so I changed it....it would be interesting to hear that in a film though....I try to document and even change if necessary anything I write that was similar to anything else out there...of course, someone was caught having given photos of mine to someone out there, I did let it go but not without saying something about it.....there are others I am still upset with though: those that I have known in the past, from my area but only the ones I've discussed before in this regard...
2. I first heard of this ‘hearing’ device on a radio show. I have deleted the name of the interviewer but I am sure someone has this statement on record somewhere, from this hearing device I transposed to a seeing device....
3. There are a number of apparatus even using infrared…I do not know if anyone has been attempting this variation on the eyes transposed from the hearing device…

Notes to Section eleven part three:

a. I have altered this from talking about peace because of the fan fic where Sloane says in a letter something about peace...
so I have left it as 'spiritual'...I also see that author is taking their cue from the series on eternal life so I will try to keep away from that subject.
1. I have altered this from the series, which has Sloane as the cause of the tainted waters for which he feels guilty.
2. This actually is an old concept reaching god-like sense from substances or living in accord with certain psychologies philosophies and religion.
3. Last year my sister in law's car blew up (Jan. or Feb. about the 27, 2006), ...two of my relatives were in the house, the garage was partially destroyed the house had to be remodelled inside the resulting fire went up to the bed rooms....two of my relatives were inside......this was a shock certainly.
4. A number of sources for this. I had these listed on dec 19, 07, there was an article I mentioned and some other things.....the way this was related was disturbing.....
notes to Section Eleven part four

1. The notion of a long range gun is in a Sherlock Holmes story that takes place in the mountains....in that story a shot is actually fired.....when I remembered this I took the shots fired in this story off....

Notes to Section Twelve part two

1. I have been to a protest at a Summit...in the past...

Notes to section twelve part three

December 31 2007 started this part at 1:00 in the afternoon just after reading some of "Ashes To
Ashes' and the fan fic about "Ghosts Of The Past' in Mongolia. I am typing this at the library off the top of my head.
Only the tenth section was planned out the rest was written off the top of my head then typed out.
1. Addition: Jan 2 08 On REMOTE IMPLANT CONTROL SEE: infowars.com Steve Connor on military implants in sharks controlled remotely... [this is a note i am adding here in late August 2008, at this point I had not seen the movie with the intelligent shark in the tank before] Below are the notes I had previously:
There is nothing new about implants. Also, so as not to conflict with something out there
about a brain injured person and the changes in their life I have altered--not my story but the
reason why Nadia has been suffering mentally and physically... there are quite a few things about brain injury out there in the history of story telling. Even so, this story is still different from the one I am thinking of
.... there probably is something this out there before me like
it, if so my apologies...and acknowledging others before me ...if I do not come up with a different story, this is a variation on the theme.
Addendum To The Above: Jan 2 2008 my story is quite different from the one I was thinking about, I don't think the other showed anyone in an operating room, unless I am mistaken and I missed the opening of it, after recovery that character goes on but in different state of mind; this story here has Nadia somewhat recovered but regressing from time to time it is a different story. Besides Nadia in the series had been in a coma and her state of mind had been altered by the infection so I am not writing anything too different from what she has already been through...
2. The Delgado experiment on a bull being stopped from attacking a man with a remote device..
which I first read in a psychology book, this is something like what I am referring to amongst
other things.
3. I am going along with the series when Nadia was awake and altered a formula....
4. I remember a show about a woman whose brain trauma was making her obsessive
about some particular thing and behaviour, there are many shows films stories news, etc., for this theme....
I do not remember if she was regressing to a previous stage of life...we probably all know
a few people in our lives who are like this due to strokes, injury, cancer....I have known people in such circumstances plus I did study psychology at one time...that is why I have an interest in this subject...so there are many sources from which I can draw upon...
5. 'The Battle For Your Brain' by Ronald Baily.

Notes to section thirteen part one
1. Prompters, some sort of mechanism or system to remotely prompt the patient’s mind to react to stimuli from the implants.
2. webmd jan 04 2008 stroke health center :
article: "brain implants move at speed of the power of thought alone testing beginning in humans" webmd.com
there are a variety of ideas they have been working on but this idea may also have been influenced by
my idea was that parts of the brain processing sight would be activated in order to stimulate the brain to construct the images from data incoming to a devise and actually create in the mind sights otherwise unable to be seen by someone without eyes or the ability to see with eyes that are no longer capable. you would have to have seen the notes that i made elsewhere.....
notes to section thirteen part two:

1. there are a number of websites on this procedure on the history of implants, as well as a Frances Farmer movie...
- I have already listed some websites as references to implants there are others that the above came from.
2. radio active particles are injected and show as lighted up areas of activity in the brain…

Section Fifteen
chapter One

1. this is an old memory from my university days.........

Section Sixteen

1. the Ontario Provincial government committed some 400 million dollars to a Casino in my city while we are losing alot
of factory jobs. it is a switch from producing and exporting to a service industry and we will end up importing more...

(a.) reference before edit: i saw four girls wearing tiara's walking down the street probably for being at party perhaps [see q. below]

Section Seventeen
Part One
q. reference to little girl on bicycle

Part two
note: any reference to alcohol was to set up the situation for when Will made the mistake of tipping the people tracking them off while under the influence

NOTE: the following is what I had written and left out.

The waitress took off her smock, it was the maid.
A helicopter sounded above the building, they went and climbed in. It started to snow. A second helicopter was on the way. They could see
A brilliant thin red light. The helicopter pilot pressed a button and the helicopter’s glass changed colour, deflecting the harmful beam. Another passenger, his foot on a step shot a gun at the other helicopter and hit the blade without damaging it. Yet it was enough to scare the pilot off. The vehicle rose and started to go in the opposite direction just around the tree line. Finally out of the snow the sun shone on white capped peaks that sparkled.
The pilot smiled. “
“I’m going to take you somewhere less exciting.”

Here is are some excerpts from something I didn’t put in:
[they have landed in a blizzard]
“This isn’t the tunnel on the disk?”
”Yes we are underneath in the Arctic.”
[other people are there] They are infiltrators who are set to start a grass-roots rebellion. In starts…She [the maid] started to speak Chinese to some people then Russian to others. …In no time, they came out the other end to what appeared to be apartment buildings. Signs were a combination of Chinese Russian and in English…They were lead to one of the apartments…
My story above has been international in scope and referring to many regions of the world; my inserting protests to free Tibet are not against that protest and is usually referred to at most protests these days...

[FOR THE NOTES TO THIS SECTION see THE NEW WORLD ORDER i will put the section and chapter in later you have to go down quite a way to get to it]
[it would not be hard to take files on back-up on the hard drive put a memory stick in and copy them even if the disk on the a: drive is not in, which is how anyone could copy something of someone else's material]
[there were some fake buttons and links in the log in--why i could not get in i and was probably put in the system i log into in this place
the same for the reply buttons...of course that would have nothing to do with the people running this web site.....

this the latest section
1. a movie of charlton heston had a sick man looking at a film screen in his room.
2. i first experienced this kind of thing at a dome-like building with a large screen at Ontario Place.
3. i had written an earlier story combining two series in one with Nadia having become mentally incapacitated...which is from a few years ago.
4. if i recall, before visual data is processed at the back of the brain the eye takes the images in upside down.
5. see huxley, ‘Brave New World’ for hypnopeadia...hearing things in the head and claims of implant patients and victims is nothing new....
6. I earlier in a story (this one I don’t know i have not reread it) I related about a radio talk show host who had a guest with a device the deaf could internally ‘hear’ attached to the wrist but sending audio stimulation to the eighth cranial nerve in the brain.
note: i had men running with tilted heads till i remembered an old commercial with that idea however, (if i recall) fluid in the inner ear in some horseshoe shaped part of the ear contributes to balance as well as their position in the ear.
a. ...I usually explain either in the story or in notes why I am doing something like that and try to write a solution (from a layman's understanding) to whatever problem that there is in the story.
New Note:
7. for this part (which I have taken off) I was think of the coming change on the Sarah Conner Chronicles, which despite the violence, exceeded my expectations of how good it was going to be. It is every bit as good as Alias
8. In the second part of section eighteen I am also thinking of what Fringe is going to be about....the altering of what is heard is reminiscent of the Shwarzenegger (I took this spelling right off the net for the name) film where he is using a devise to alter his speech
the line directing and redirecting thought i do not know if i have seen this before
9. I do not know if the bar code here has been done before, it probably has sorry if it has
note: the men in battle sequence and implants see " Electronic Surveillance System Follows Millions Of People"
- by Dr. Charles Kyte - March 2, 2004)

Section Eighteen
Part Three

1. all the people I indicated could use my material are still allowed to do so

Section Nineteen
Part One
1. these are actual terms; NGO stands for Non Governmental Organizations for example charitable or other types of organizations/

NOTES: Extra:
to section eighteen
here is some of what I did not put in the last story:
Will plans escape from the hospital/lab/military complex the man in the wheel chair, implant keep him immobilized the virtual headgear is for stimulating his brain with drug-like effects along with storms, and horror films (made in the place, not for the public) by combining scared and stoned they plan to see how he reacts once he is allowed to go free into the public sphere of life—the idea is to see how this effects him and whether such a thing could be done in larger groups
the man in the wheel chair has a database almost identical to the Director who has been a substitute
this is what I wrote to conclude this part:
There was a van waiting for the m Now Will started to grab the wheel chair but a platform came down to the pavement to allow it access ....going through check points until a group of vehicles chased them and some blocked one entry point as the gate was closing. Suddenly the car went up to the gate and a man got out who aimed some device at it The device opened the gate back up and neutralized it. Will had seen footage before the battle of how the gate itself sent off stun-gun like equipment that short circuits cars that have electronics...Anyone getting out of a car would set off sensors that set off guns. While the guns would not kill they would be like tranquillizer dart guns. Darts full of chemicals to incapacitate limbs would hit anyone near the fence. They sped off down the road as a military and other vehicles were shot down automatically. Men lay on the ground immobilized.
“Where are we headed?”
”You will find out”?

the statue of a personality in the news how about on a certain series many years ago I had written in my notes about how business men would be the subject of statues this was adapted to something else...way back I did something in my notes, the letters J.D. R. should suffice...I think the person who gave someone this idea along time ago...what next, will that person claim coming up with the big ship picture? Actually, a ‘Watchtower’ Jan 15, 1999 magazine article p. 30,
by the ‘Watchtower Bible and Tract Assoc.’ has an article on Queen Zenobia, who had beautified her city and wealthy people put up funds for statues of wealthy benefactors and business people…
"[Queen] Zenobia…embellished her capital…statues and busts of heroes and wealthy benefactors abound in the city.”

FOR the last section
1. I remember "ghosts of Mongolia" I hope I haven't tread on someone's story at all I can take this part off if it is a problem since I mention Mongolia

Conclusion Notes:
1. If there absolutely must be a reference for mass protest, try the film 'The Grapes Of Wrath'.

Notes To Conclusion:
i. I had had a character say "I AM GOD" however this was not based on an actor saying it it was about the 13th of May 1981 when Pope John Paul II was shot by Mehmet Ali Ağca, a trained gunman....I have read that some assassins say this or something like it to appear insane....when they have an agenda. Besides, it was contained within quotation marks....
As far as my story there is at least one incident I remember when a man or woman killed themselves on live tv...In the back of my mind was '24' when Jack seems to kill some people but it is only a way to get someone’s to react to that...(if i have the scene correct...) my scene is somewhat different being a demonstration of such an event...
If there is something like one of my fan fics by another fan fic writer either we had similar ideas or else like before my material has been co-opted and the date set back it has happened before however with all the above references does anyone doubt me?

This last section:

I am not sure if i am not going to do this over again it is too violent but for now i will leave the story as is

as far as names for characters i try to find names that are not common but if i put in a name like someone else who it is merely coincidental..
I am not saying a woman president of a group or country is new or a new constitution or agreement in a story or the shooting scenes or the looking at a video etc., I have given references where necessary.
The character Janis is not a president of the u.s. taking an oath

as far as the use of a pulse gun in another fan fic site
qq. Truman Show movie (1998) , see the person I have a concern over his show, which has a similar scene (2005)
tt. the editor area is not letting me put the indentation properly

Notes to some parts of the story above:
anything in [ ] brackets is a note of mine.
On LASERS depicted and described in fictional scenario than fact for use in war: see National Geographic March 1984 vol 65 no 3 pgs. 358-359. Predates anything from 1985. However, the idea here is from Tesla, earlier either in the 1800’s or in the last century.

Rastak, ‘The Brain the Last Frontier’, 1979.
[I had this book is from the era when I was in university, taking courses which included material on the brain, and body in Psychology and Social Work. It was amongst one of the books recommended reading by the Professor of one course. There is material on other uses of lasers but also on the use of sound to the ears...this I will discuss below.]
“The coherent light of a laser beam...A laser can be aimed at a gun (1979) at distant targets...to creating laser-induced fusion reactions...power...of hydrogen bombs.”

ibid. precursor to 1985 notion:
BEFORE YOU READ THIS THE FIRST NOTION OF (THIS BELOW) is not 1985 but ROBOTICS since one is speaking through microphone or directly to a microphone which transmits the audio directions or talking to the computer circuits of the computer in the robot.....which as a series points out is modeled on the human head and brain...Also: MY STORY WAS ABOUT A DEVICE, IMPLANT IN THE BRAIN, NOT ANOTHER PART OF THE BODY DIFFERENT IDEA...SEE ADDENDUM BELOW
for remote audio transmission from microphone to an apparatus which, though it helps break down speech to patterns felt when the apparatus is placed on the abdomen. It is more the idea in the paragraph that is of import here:
a person talks into a microphone , which acts as the cochlea does...speech into sounds...signals, registered on electrodes that pulse the pattern...however, it is the idea of it before the year 1985....
Restak cites a 1972 source, by Paul Bach-y-Rita, ‘Brain Mechanisms in Sensory Substitution’.
So, this is a source for Remotely Influencing someone through computer, microphone, as well as sources below for espionage dating from the years 1970’s-19890’s, these are my sources, I do not know if any project was shown on tv (the one recently from ’85, in this area, or even elsewhere, I never saw it at any rate but these are sources which should prove I did not copy anything....now I did see a show which though later in time has an implant that tracks someone in the 1990’s...considering the number of references I have plus this I think I have proven my sources would lead me to this idea....
It is the very idea itself of getting someone to hear or in this case feel impulses of vocalization from a remote source. The idea that a foreign non-biological human object placed on the body, influencing what is inside the body (nerve cells) that influence the areas of AUDIO PROCESSING in a person’s brain that one would other wise hear but it is the idea of processing indirectly from body the audio impulses from outside of a person....which audio processing is what they were aiming at first through this process it is in other words the precursor IDEA...it is the idea of speaking to influence remotely....
I have already given sources for the use of these IDEAS long before recent showing of something from 1985 locally...this should augment supplement and support everything I have already used for fan fiction stories....this in addition to all the other sources...

Back in 1999-2000 I was finishing off my certificate in computer programming and it was my first time online; this is from an alternative news/science/politics etc., site....[I already listed this site I can put it back on if need be....] This is an additional source to back up my proofs:
[I do not have the address of the site but there are names of people and addresses in here]
[My apology for having to quote without permission:]

‘William MacIntosh macintoshathomedotcom’ (substitute the @ and . for the words) as of 12-18-97
“I delivered ...in the mid-1970’s...since 1990 when I working for Sanford Linear Accelerator...[and above in the article] “I stared...U. S. Navy Electonics Engineer for Sunnyvale Co. ...a Sonar Unit (The BQN 30...the beam had a pencil profile...a coherent sonar beam (sonar laser)....I was watching a TLC program...on non-lethal weapons......[their use in espionage...interest to...CIA...sited] Janet and Chris Morris on non-lethal(s) [(s)] It seems...descendent...used against civilians(s)...Since 1990 [the research on this goes back in time]

‘Martin Mack 2008 Westlake Ave. Seattle, WA 9821
[he states:] “covert harassment of...citizens is world wide...and...my partners...implanted her with some sort of electronic tracking device”

While it may not be the earliest source it is my source apart from others I listed above of the idea of implants and remote surveillance/influence of a person...

Dr Nick Begich was on a right wing radical radio show and it was he (if I am correct) who talked about the use of a device to hear without the ears (if not him it was one the same talk show...he did also discuss the use of atmospheric manipulation

AND: from surveillanceissuesdotcom
eg. Brain wave monitoring (via satellite), the results being analysed by thought-activated computers.

eg: "Remote" mind control.
eg: More extensive "Star Wars" technologies.
NB: Information currently available indicates that the US [government] Star Wars project was largely a front for setting up these other technologies. They are designed to monitor and control those with knowledge / views which concern powerful criminals.
The technologies are usually "non-lethal'. (Information on technologies which can affect weather patterns, cause earthquakes etc should be sought from other websites).

AND if Tesla had some elementary ideas no doubt figuring into ideas for the u.s. government satellite notion later called star wars after the name of the movie plus remote operation of robotic small sailing ships in water then he can be said to have the foundational idea for remote operation of anything, including surveillance for without this nothing not even marconi would have been possible...since marconi had the first notion of transcontinental remote transmission and 17 of Tesla's patents....
You have to go back to earlier notes I made which I took off of here or else above notes for how I came up with stories on the atmosphere which were different to a film of a similar nature, ....I fully explained where my ideas came from and how they were different to that film and anything else has been different form anything similar...I maintain all claims to what I said I came up with and more....if I had not shown what and how I could understand claims against me....anything about a certain person is not said without reason...
"BY 1969 [same reference as below I don' t have the site on this old disk] giving light to the blind or sound to the deaf Peter Cochrane British Telecommunications.
1950 Delgado cia at Tulane, McGill yale ucla harvard ...labouring amongst nazi imports brain implants to control behaviour
1960 Delgado 11 year old's brain stimulated at 100 feet (Alex Constantine 'Constantine Journal Review 12/95
1975 Delgado links brain implant with computers in "Two Way Communication With The Brain"

Someone may have tried to say something from the 1990's of someone putting their hand inside another's body was not original:
here are some sources:
-Supertramp (rock band), 'Dreamer', "can you put your hand in your head", from 1975
-the game where players try to take objects out of the body of a game character without touching the sides of the body area where it is located or else you lose, this precedes a showing of a 1980's project....

yyy. On section seventeen part 2
there is a project out there from 2000 which until recently I never saw before, however, while that had a disk opened it had the formula or it was thought to have the formula on the round tape part which is encased inside the two plastic covers on either side, in my story, yes it is pried open but the symbols to be translated are on the inside of the cases of the plastic covers and not on the round disk itself...but this is the only similarity...surely no one has ever pried open a disk before....
see jclahr.com/science/Toys/floppy_motor/
"1. insert the floppy disk. I cracked open the disk open(ed) partly so I could remove the disk"
FOR THE ABOVE: NO ONE OWNS THAT IDEA : for the reason that CASSETS [eg., the company TDK with its cassets the TDK SA-C90 AND THE TDK D-C120 are amongst those with such cases, WHICH CAME BEFORE DISKS had screws in them or were able to be opened with a small knife of by some other means which I and thousands around the world used to do to fix the tape, which twisted or
needed to have two parts spliced or taped together, or, using a bic pen to twirl it back to the beginning and then the two plastic sides put back together (taped or glued). For thousands of years indecipherable code or ciphers, messages of safe passage, or formula, for individuals, groups, armies or, secret societies, politics, etc have been put between two pieces of wood metal, etc to be decoded by allies; this kind of thing is indeed an enigma
[there are other sites like the one mentioned above, I don't think anyone can claim it as an idea...people open up things in film that are cases all the time,
I did not say i copied it what i said was i had not seen that movie before i wrote my story, it is simply a variation on a theme and so is theirs I was simply differentiating the two scenes....besides there are how many scenes of someone taking something apart that has code or formula inside it....translation of formula symbols etc it not a new theme..............................my comment using the term star wars is about the name in the era of RONALD REAGAN which was given to a u.s. Satellite program, the name obviously came from the movie but i am not making any comment about the movie(s)...my comment about Tesla was not about star wars the movies but about satellite and space technology ideas of Tesla's which gave rise to the use of space technology...he was a pioneer in technology and ideas about the future in his time...my story on the weather had to do with tech arising from Tesla and from others and recent claims of technology affecting weather... i came up similar yet different story ideas than a previous movie about similar weather affecting technology...i am writing these notes to clarify what i meant...my story from years ago was about secret underground tunnels rooms etc...you can back to ancient times for that;
There were flaming torches around the casket [flaming torches I know is not a new idea]
flame at head by projectile or some other thing: flame throwers world war one; no one owns that idea...
torches at the death of some character, funeral procession, funeral: there are ancient rituals for the dead in many cultures, for example ancient european, asian rites for the dead e.g. funeral pyres for this you can look them up for yourself online or in books which is where i got the idea it is another universal idea no one owns...meaning anyone can use it

idea for Lost only: the people in the boat explosion survive due to a short lived undertow created by the island moving or by the explosion itself or a large wave created by it and another miracle connected with the island

reference: the singular eyeball for a head "the transparent eyeball' drawing cristopher cranch in the (i believe 1800's)

i read 'split second consquences' and a number of others good stories

there are if i counted it properly 105 console screens full of pages to the story

family guy the episode with the willy wonka story is incredibly insensitive to people in wheel chairs how can it still be on....
family guy: I watch an episode of it (April 4, 2009) and an adult hits a child the same with the

feb 22 09

From David O’Selznik’s Hollywood (I do not have the spelling of the name here perhaps) book: the image in the glasses of an advertisement and the image in the eye I already said a year or more ago a Russian artist named Rodchenko… I forget the spelling off had it may have been Eisenstien he had something to do with but it was from the 1920’s…and a group Rare Earth and album ‘Ecology’ a similar idea….
Pictures of face slightly obscuring features, goes back to a Jethro Tull inside album cover ‘This Was’, late 1960’s, John Denver live inside cover, and the rock band concert insert for an album, from the early 1970’s.
Light so bright it illuminates the person either their face or the whole or part of the body and/or obscures it somewhat like above, album by Al Stewart, ‘Past Present Future, from 1974 front cover… Rvelation chapter 1:17 “and his countenance was as the sun shinneth in his strength” The face of God not revealed so it shines (as does his son that is why Job saw the effects of his power and said he ‘saw’ him for if they saw his face no man would live. As fast as someone in the past thinking God looked like a man, God is said to be a spirit (John 4:24) God’s representation in the Bible is also fire “And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone’, so also his face is obscured, not represented….
The book ‘You Can Live Forever In Paradise on Earth” 1982, Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, illustrations on pages 107, 95.
I did write something about past being presented in the present, like a something about the Bard…, whether that is out there…. The bright shine in the eye…
Something to do with (and I apologize for this: spitting on someone
In a group as they go by in their religious garb…they are of an alternative type….
As far as the more technical material high tech, on the brain implants listening seeing bugs, I have listed many sources not all of them are on here you have to go back in time…i might not list everything but they might be found in the books articles sites you might have to read the rest of it....
of course i am writing this in the sanctuary and sanctity of the library...
just because i take something off does not mean it still does not count......


if i was not forthright then why do i have so many pages (screens full) of proof of where i get my ideas.

i had a story where bodies are burned references:
the bible in reference to gehenna and,
from (not the series) [the Mammoth book of:] "Crime Scene Investigation" edited, Roger Wilkes, Carroll & Graf Publishers, first edition 2000
'The Acid Bath Virtuoso (John George Haigh, 1949" who killed someone in a tub full of sulphuric acid, story by Edgar Lustgarten...

i have not changed my mind on the man i have mentioned who is troublesome to me

the idea of three people one or more or all of whom know what is going on in their relationship, or only one does, it is an older idea than any movie from the 2000's like Gone With The Wind, Melanie, Scarlet and Ashley... or Titanic, Rose, Hockley (if i am spelling that correctly) and Jack

the idea of people's faces bodies and mentality going back to an earlier age than their present future or past chronological age, I had an idea like this different from the recent movie like this, goes back to the Bible where everyone returns to their optimal point of youth....it is not an idea in the public realm.....in other words anyone can use the basic idea of it...

'a small invasion' is a story that has been an extension of an earlier story (unpublished or I may have put on the other fan fic) from 2005 and a story on a another fan fic site from 2005 called by a number influenced by 1984...that had the idea of someone who is being pursued not only for what the series had people pursuing him for (an altered photo) but by the elite for disks and data on the new world order...my other story which i think is no longer online called 'Alias Lands On Lost Island' (either 2006/7) and has many of the same elements .. i actually went to the anti-OAS protests when the OAS was in this city so i had the idea in the 1990's before I started to write fan fic in 2005, or was it 2004, and the story of the character in the other story was in 2005 with many of the same ideas i had derived from the series as well as influence like Alias, Lost, and a whole host of novels, movies, the various protest movements through the decades, even books and stories and movies like 'Grapes of Wrath', etc., and many other references, like 'Nowereman'...

i do not know if the show was cancelled but if it was i did see a site that said that...what happened to Dexter on the regular stations?

as far as war diaries go 'Ten Days That Shook The World', John Reed the 1927 edition is where i got the idea of a diary in war from anyway but i did not get the idea from the other fan fic story i did it indepenently of it besides i have a diary in the above story........

columns, pillars for concert props goes back to ancient times of buildings and even ancient and modern stadiums are held up by pillars or columns.....plastic pillars for Plastic Ono band, i do not know if they used it for concerts or not.....but operas and ballets set probably had it before anyone else...i am only doing this in response to someone i have a concern over.....
note on this (April 4, 2009)’Aeneas’, translation by Fred Ahl, p. 333.
“Columns for sets…a feature of Roman not Greek theaters…1st permanent theater at Rome 55 B.C.”

as far as a plastic glass barrier surrounding for noise, the midnight special had it first around but modified later to surround the performer but there is a plastic barrier on an old three dog night album....

any proofs are also proofs others can use to show where they got ideas too....

As far as the story that has the same named character with a diary in the future…I do not know if the other person has that being related in the present which is my story…I did that independently of the other person …I just did not want to conflict with another fan fic writer…it is interesting that when I put that story on I could not get back into the web site to change it or explain it…just like when I got sick this winter they exploited that to get back on top…. I listed the Asian story of someone on a cell in the future sending either a diary or notes to himself in the past from the future to be read in the present…I doubt anyone in the West saw it, this is preceded by a similar idea on ‘NoWhere Man’ which (among other things, influenced me on this (he sends pictures or data forward for retrieval later). I did state H. G Wells (and I have listed Star Trek before this) as being before all of us on something like this as well as his being a reference for time travel….

The only similarity is the future diary [the descriptions are of training scenes not war scenes for the other person’s story the character is in training] and the character but the story is different and is related more to war diaries, like ‘Ten Days That Shook The World’, John Reed, 1927 edition also the movie, ‘Vera Brittain’s War Diary 1913-1917’…are my references but the latter is in diary fashion by date and year which is not what my story but what the other fan fic writer did…I did change the story to a relating of the future in the present by the character under hypnosis…

As far as someone younger talking about possible misinformation about an article about a play, I may have given the wrong impression that it was misinformation when actually I only questioned if it was or not but that is my fault …however, the reporter, Not the person I just mentioned recently may have given misinformation: when an opinion writer/reporter left: about his background like she has so many times about other things, she and the man I mentioned about really do not belong where they are…

as far as the book of someone i mentioned that was only to support my having attended that gathering nothing more.....
but i think someone thought i referred to it as if i was saying something about someone else when that was not at all the case.....

if you don't read it here or on the other fan fic and someone who i have not said is on my side relating it to you then it might be the wrong impression that has been given.

someone who is the spitting image of another is of two pictures from different eras one mid century and early century, last century....

neither i nor my family have anything to do with the person i have a concern over....past and present......

for the other fan fic site i have a story on for 'Algorythm':
The 'Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW) is cited from "Alliant Techsystems' in 'Awake' Magazine, March 22, 01, Watchtower Bible and Tract Assocs.: : ...shoots bullets and granades. ...All the soldier [does aiming above/beside target]...[weapon] calibrates distance to....target...granade...detonates at...the right distance, spraying the victim with armor piercing shrapnel...[infrared night vision capable] [I mentioned snow, which the shrapnel sounds like as it falls in my mind but i did not know how to describe this at the time].

in my story above there is a diary and other comments by characters like a diary account of war, and also in the other story 'Algorythm'
and in A smallinvasion: (Oct 26 008, i have lines: "Mathew, in the Future Time made me...How long have you been in Present Time" about Future Time/ Present Time see Oct 08 2nd paragraph.

as far as red hair on some in projects....everyone knows i mentioned someone with red hair (female) so why would it be remarkable i would have more than one...in the early 1970's more than one person would be at events or even schools with red tinted hair or streaked as was the trend.....

i am responding to someone: there was a tv movie where a youngster finds herself in a Mark Twain book come to life, if i am not mistaken someone in the lead role was on one of Bill Cosby's shows, until yesterday i never saw the french-language canadian film with this idea, it was interesting but i do not think i ever saw on english language stations before...there is nothing wrong with a new story with this type of idea but i am just responding to someone criticizing me on this issue it probably has been before our time elsewhere in some other fashion....

the was a Bergman film, where statues come to life, i already mentioned the swimmer who finds a statue come to life in a pool....

you have to go back to earlier comments and descriptions of proofs from about 4 years ago to the present....

i already mentioned the diary in the future story and explained where i got my idea: accounts before world war one, about the future war....a notion by dostoyevsky in crime and punishment raskolnikov imagines or dreams and gives a diary like account of future war, 'Ten days that shook the world' is in paragraph form like my story...i already had a diary in the above story and future accounts and in algorythm i have future accounts related in the present by the charcters...the other person's story is in chronological order and is short....i have a hundred pages here and my other story is longer and these ideas actually came online in fan fic before that story, not to take credit from their own story.....i am only saying i already had written in the same vein before that story came on.before i wrote it as a future diary ..my idea was that it was written second hand anyway...which i think differs from the other person's story......the only similarity is the name of the character and his future diary but as i related about the asian story of recording events and messages in the future for the past or present, came before us...as well as where the American "MY own worst enemy' tv show came from a british show...before out two stories, so the idea is not new besides i changed the story to hypnotic remembrance, of which this is only one example, i have one of these from before besides my dream sequences from the future....and i also mentioned "revelation" in the bible which relates like a diary future events in the present so the idea is thousands of years old so no one owns is not copied....especially since i've had ideas like it before 2009...

In response to… masks: go back to ancient times, the Greeks: masks of comedy and tragedy, they used to wear masks on stage…Halloween, masks even to look like people…there is nothing new and this is long before film…Robert Louis Stevenson, “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” describes a man with a mask…the thing is not new and in the public record.

Pillars, from ancient times….

i do not have anything those who know what i am talking about will dismiss any criticism on this point

Statues of statesmen and businessmen, where an idea of statue of a businessman J.D.R. was the prototype idea used for sci fi story of something else…. If I recall Pericles helped build in ancient Greece, so he would be a statesman and businessman…benefactors of artists would be also memorialized, e.g.: Ceasar…
[see above note on this related to a Queen Zenobia]

by prototype ideas i do not mean i had anything to do with the projects themselves....

all such use of wigs is modified from far back...besides how many shows and movies feature wigs on men and women in the 1700's when it was the fashion...

one question: if a group of people are colleagues and speak against one person would their statements be as correct as ones who are independent of one another, for, in order to prove points in academia, law etc., would not independent corroboration be of greater value than the former which could be biased....

CORRECTION: i meant BERGMAN, Igmar; i accidentally left out the g above....

all claims still claimed

the local newspaper reporter (female, i was talking about above recently )

amongst the influences of the sarah conner fan fic were the tv series ________

on the morphing of one into another:
Virgil’s ‘Aenead’ [see note on above]: book one lines 655-660 cupid transforms face into Ascanius

These are from my notes (1.):

Due to depressed regions, fearing it is too late
For armed militia, right winger(ers) tries to infiltrate
Campus’s like 1960’s
-pose as left encourage listening to radical rock
+ 1970’s heavy metal, read altered left wing
Of Mx Nz et all… mix of right + left.
-altered* version of Right material to spend more
Left to bring radicals together
Mixed in with enviro…
-+radical [this had a line through it]
-goal its to get underground* antiNWO movement
+student pop*, most likely to react…
-then get working class protests at job site
+ infrastructure…
-mid* class revolt over job losses + use
Stock to invest + infiltrates large conglomerates
Once money from stock manipulation*, money* for modern
Bloodless weapons, harass buildings* of government*
+ corporations* with surveillance, non lethal biological*
Weapons, noise + other… to drive them
-mid* class to infiltrate board rooms + government*
Pose as execs* + off icials + make bad decisions
To take down system…to be repeated around
World. To return* to West power its jobs its
Lost to retrieve ‘sent’ technology* which others
claim as stolen
older hackers to infiltrate + pose as legitimate* + hack
while at top + use it to cntrl* where military
rouses perpetrated to send people everywhere
but where they should but have it set up so
there will be ‘our’ people there
- etc…

1. since it has been of use to some, which is alright I will say that from here on only those that I have already indicated can use it still have permission there are those that I have said cannot do so.
You have to remember any comments here are for a story…
where there is an asterisk there was the wrong spelling or else a short form for a word or name Mx and Nz are names [Marx and Nietzsche, $ was in place of money, + is for and, NOW New World Order, manip for manipulation, bldgs for buildings, gov’t for government, corps for corporations, bio for biological, mid for middle, execs for executives, rtrn for return, tech for technology, legit for legitimate, cntrl for control,
for a strike through in words that are not written above I will state
after milita I put above right wingers the word left and below that right wingers seek
read altered left strike out then left above it
+ hack over top infiltrate which has a strike through it

I have not put all of them in but this is the text as I wrote it.

I have put some of the text where the words are placed in relation to others on the page just in case a copy of the original has been seen or else I have comments on what the text looked like. How on earth would I get this if I did not come up with it from someplace with the latest in security

Someone will no doubt try to say that because I did not put all the strike outs in this is a problem, no doubt the text was altered before the person claiming the ideas were his showed them to others.
Reference for hole in the wall and seeing through it is old and Wathctower Bible and Tract Society picture in ‘Awake’ July 8 1996 of Berlin Wall being brought down.

if i did not come up with the material above and directly below, how did i get one right? would that not be impossible with someone without that background to find the exact material in a book that describes what one project put out?

Here is the other notes they are taken from a book, or else in my own words but are notes from the book some which I already put out there * denotes either short form spelling or spelling mistake:

Logic high output to contrl* AC + DC loads
But run through* flip-flop the 4028 only keeps
One out put high at any given momen
A circuit turned on will turn off
flip flop solves it remains high unt8il a second
signal (low-high brings output low
same command* turns on/off eg instead of light on/high off
light-light doubling* command* vocabulary

-improving voice recognition*: not words that
Sound alike but not red but crimson.
recording voice into program need to use some
stress as when excited or not to give
commands “Fire fire bank left

the above from “Robots, Androids And Animatrons, John Iovine, McGraw-Hill, 2002, pg. 15

As far as pronouncing a word you can say a word with a different emphasis on different parts of the word, or syllables. That is one argument that is not what someone did though, they pronounced a word in my poem in a different way…the word can be said two different ways conveys two different meanings, the meaning of the word tear – how they pronounced it was as in a fabric (which did not make sense in the poem,
The person whose name is _______ , or whatever her last name is wrote it why would it not make sense?), as this person has a top position really she should not be there at all, neither should their 'writing partner', especially when they have kept others out or put them out....; the other, my meaning was as in a tear drop, crying…. Not to mention it is about a woman is that what she wrote or is she reading what he claims is his writing, if he wrote about that person then why was she put down by those on his side or…(I do not know who) this is years ago…

the person i have complained about likes to bring up other people's lives but there is nothing negative i have seen on him, what makes him so special? it is interesting he gets to use projects to explain how innocent his actions are even when he has been a source of concern but when it comes to other people he goes for the hand around the neck and to drag them around the sand only once was he railed against but he will do to others again again, in other words he can make mistakes but no one else can................not to mention he is extremely intrusive into other people's business, there is not a little hypocrisy here...i don't make excuses for my own mistakes and even have apologized for some very minor things like having written something that is like another even though i prove where i get my ideas and do not plagiarize

You might have tried to find the audio of their interview not doubt it was altered but if anyone has the original take it in and show how they basically indicated they did not write it… he said I can’t read my own writing: obviously it was not his writing otherwise he would have known what it said without having to decipher it, she said the above and, something like oh that’s what it says if that is not proof it was not theirs, what is? … that was 1997…
he reads something on Martain Heidegger, which is in a separate branch of Existentialism called Phenomenology, ye he never studied philosophy…which I majored in; it was a 3rd year course which he would never have been allowed into without taking the prerequisite courses for getting to study at that level…he claimed a degree or diploma and yet he never finished university… with all this why is he still in that business… when I wrote anything I furnished proof for everything and even for writing something’s that had similar ideas to but independently of others, I proved where I got my ideas and that they were different to their ideas and the stories were different.
My background goes back to the mid to late 1970’s with courses in Communication Studies and Sociology and other courses which would indicate I had the knowledge to write on the subjects I have incorporated into my writing…from the beginning not the late mid 1990’s
And as far as the tech material I mentioned above how would I have the exact pages in a text which contains the area the ideas for a story was derived from if I did not come up with surely this is not simple paraphrasing and regurgitation…

On buildings for future stories I meant was the wrapping around of a different style around a more traditional style by shall we call it a more totalitarian group it was the style that some use today, it is not always a good style and often destroys the original beauty of an area the person (I have complained about) using this has made himself look like he used these ideas for stories, for stories (I do not know who came up with its use in the environment, which no doubt is before I started to write) it was meant to (in this context) convey the take over of government companies etc., by those who are non-democratic and indicates the new world order at work in twining around their ideas and even architecture the traditional order of things.

There is nothing in his indie films to indicate he would have written such material…and if he quite high school by about age 16, when would he have come up with all this if he was an actor and beginning film maker, if his early films show nothing more academic, I even showed he an idea from a major motion picture…..

See ‘Awake’ magazine, Watchtower Bible and Tract Assoc.. oct 8, 2002 and “Flirting With … ” caption…who sent that person to ….

As far as a recount, on anything, is that fact or is it just a recount, don’t forget votes can be manipulated or people can be swayed before hand…I do not have anyone’s ear…

i will read something tech so far as i can understand it and then write an idea from what i do understand, but i do have a background in programming so i have understood a few things...what is the background of the other? on the other hand i was more knowledgeable years ago and that in a number of areas beyond my immediate studies and sometimes go back into those areas and relearn if only for a short time certain subjects...

i did mention the producer with a last name like my first name...is one i have a concern over.....

Don’t forget they alter information, give partial data and mislead and obscure facts….

i have done nothing wrong i do not have a criminal record and have done nothing illegal do not forget anyone can use a cell and with some editing make someone look like they are doing something wrong or even without editing make it look like someone is when they are not

now someone is trying to say that my not being in the alumni news is significant, it is not required upon graduation to put anything about yourself in the alumni news....it is an irrelevant argument against my being a graduate....

Exactly my notes:

Horse in blding } old[strike thru] medieval times
Stories e.g. [I will leave it blank]
+ streets same other in castles…

Synthesizer vocal ELP 1974 live

Saying same thing more than once R L Stevenson

New notes:
Just in case anyone needs a reference, horses would be indoors as well as out in olden times and in old stories as well, possibly Ivanhoe, I for get at this point…Dennis Weaver rode horse on streets on a series, the ox and the donkey in the Bible…

Reference to vocal being changed, which I already talked about…
‘Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends Ladies And Gentleman, Emerson Lake And Palmer’, ELP live, 1974-5 album, Composition: ‘Karn Evil 9, 3RD Impression’… you recall I wrote about being influence by Progressive Rock bands before…

Robert Louis Stevenson, Jekyll and Hyde, same words said more than once

If anyone said anything good about my writing, well I’ll drink to that!
Sometimes people say more about themselves than what they say about others: if the woman with a J. for a first initial was a ringer writing for me, then if kept saying we never met and stated you have to meet the person you are doing something for:) promoting me), then how would she have written for me speaking for me when I have put out all this material with no help from her…she acted on my behalf independently of me but I later gave her and the other women I mentioned the right to do so and to use my material; not to mention there was someone else who was helping to affix my name to material before her but she is involved in something along the lines of data, not fictional writing…. I have stated my education, as well. Now, if the person with a J. (different person than above) for a first initial was writing with the person I have complained about (him) could she not have been the ringer for him if he at that point earlier in time was not a high school graduate…compare my story above and the other stories and you will see I do not need help…and from the references here I am perfectly capable of doing my own research; projects have writers and researchers, and I have never said I have had any help and, to give an example, a person could direct, produce, etc., a play for stage and not know anything about the subject or write for it….
Since this man has had a person close to him who writes could she have written for him as well? I have listed before on here many of the things I came up with or influence…
If they wrote certain of material, why is my material here and elsewhere consonant with what they say they wrote earlier in time….
Not to mention the tech computer, sci fi here as well as action, drama politics, science. Also historical, as can be evidenced by ‘Mutiny’, in the allalias Romance section: all of which shows I was capable of writing on any of the topics they wrote on…. Although I have not written unless it is in these fan fics here on slavery in the 1800’s,

terminator sarah connor chronicles very good, much less violence made it a more interesting show!

ideas for stories:
1. an actor poses as a minister and calls the police on someone in the public library claiming he is looking at illegal material online when he isn't... police come and they are false charges... he later goes on to act in a role as a government agent pursuing followers of Hitler (well i couldn't use this as there was a series like this on Italians and Mussolini)
2. a spy posing as a comedian (or is he a comedian posing as a spy?) goes to a an Isaac Stern concert (when he was still alive)to spy on another man who goes to the concert he later sees the man talking to one who is older who says he met stravinsky as an usher when he was younger the comic takes that to a tv station 'OPN' in detroit and they interview the usher, who is seen on tv later, stating the same thing he said to the man who the other man was following
3. the same people claim the same man has an odd relationship with a relative and yet it all ends up false
Or are these stories with false claims really false claims that happened to have been made? this would be an interesting series....
here are some other stories
if a talk show host had someone call me and i answered and said i was not interested in talking i never received that call and someone seems to have answered for me yet the person i have a concern over directed her 20th anniversry show ( i can't stop to correct spelling mis)
so did he pull a fast one

it is interesting old and new rumours started when someone had first fallen from the height but i have never made a rumour up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if i gave something to someone who i ask to give to charity and if it is my writing that made the money how would i pull a scam when i have given evidence i have the degree and diploma i said i did and someone else lied on his resume...

cell pictures or some other means can be altered or it may be the person was not looking at what he was thought to be looking at...besides there are those (not me) who have access to computer programs for editing or studios for that ...they could pull anything off...

if someone has stolen passwords and pin nos they can also make it look like someone has done something when they didn't...

What they do is when one argument against me (or tactic) does not work they switch direction and try another so beware of false claims and false witnesses!

the younger one:
the one above mentioned now she has permission

None of us has phony academic credentials man I have complained about does, meaning lying on a resume, lying about credentials

His two early writing partners did not have the background I have he has a few years of highschool he has a past but he persecutes through others someone else’s past

The animal I stated was depicted on sites when I tried to find anything out about someone in the industry: add the word bone to it CONTINUE:

No doubt some deft editing has made us look like we were pulling a scam yet what he has done is implicate us in something he seems to have pulled off more than once and is trying to implicate especially someone innocent who I don’t think could be that slick besides We have not yet talked (which I have maintained for a long time now) so how would we team up to do that but he seems to have a lot of cash flow and is probably the one in the long stretch limo in the area he may have turned the tables on us but simply check out his past and ours and you will see that it is unlikely we could even contemplate such a thing I wondered how I could not get into the other site where I usually put such comments

If someone claims that the women writing with the man I have a complaint against were the real writers and I come in after it was written and claim credit…then what research did they do…when I had a background in 4 areas by the time of the early 1980’s came around…as far as ideas for concerts I played an instrument from age to 14 (lessons) and in highschool…so both academic/intellectual/creative ideas and the other area is from an early age…

So what background gave them the knowledge to sci fi, espionage, etc., when I studied sociology and communication studies and would have some knowledge of government and business not to mention the criminology course I took…many of the things they had their names on would require some knowledge beyond what education they had…

As far as the claim they did the work then when did they come up with the ideas: his claim is the story came before the idea well when did the story come to mind, you have to have an idea of what you are going to write before you write it ‘nothing comes from nothing’…

Let us say the women were the writers and he only added his name to help sell the stories, then by that he would not be the real writers they would…

If the first writer was writing indie with him there is not indication they had the knowledge to write on any technical subject or on the corporate world entwined with government but they did write about stealing files…. Whereas on teacher gave us to read ’s book that had to do with companies and government etc., in the 1980’s or '70's in sociology, so i would have been enabled to write such material...the author i mentioned i do not subscribe to everything i read or support every author but i gather ideas from alot of different sources

If the second writer gets a term wrong in a poem and this is on a radio broadcast, and says she can’t read the writing then says something like ok this is it and he then says something about plagiarism and you don’t want to be looking over your back does that not tell us something about THEIR writing.

And if the third one writes then what would he write? With a grade 10 education, yes he edits etc., but where do the ideas come from I have not just shown the research for a lot of the ideas they claim but also have all these footnotes for the above story...so far i have seen she does her own work but a few of what was put out on the medium (not referring to the show with that title) i have objected to some content (not that that content is objectionable in itself, it is an attitude and support of the person i have a concern over... CONTINUE:

the above i usually reserve comments elsewhere but i am not able to get in there this is in defense of my own writing and other aspects of this business and to show i am more than capable of having written or come up with ideas that are out there.

Besides he claimed a credential he did not have and I have already told you what I have what is the background of the others? Their own statements have given them away

If he brings the ideas and stories in does he actually write it or do others rewrite or re-gift as the female reporter says –this from someone who has printed a lot of false data before and yet she stays on when she first came on there the arts critic my sister in law knew he was gone or at least off the visible portion of the publication...

as far as the time in the first area of study in the second year i have seen my records they state i did take the courses, i left early and they are incomplete marks if there was a problem with the registration i do not know if that was cleared up or not that i attended the first year and there are records for the second year is indisputable...

As far as proof of my being capable of writing with god’s help, there are also between the two fan fic sites (if you count the people before I took off the one set of stories altering the number of people starting the numbers over) there are about 2000 people who can attest to the writing and the footnote

So far as anything medical I took developmental and abnormal psychology courses which has to do with the development mental and physical of people from birth to old age and study of the brain and body for depression to psychosis including some knowledge of medicine And related areas

My first experience with film was in a history course, we put together from pictures a short film though my role was with the audio portion.

This would before the other fellow started thinking about getting into the industry. After in college we were given a look at the communication studies area to show what they could do with a kitchen and food for advertising that was only one class

Later in university in communication studies I was in front of and behind the camera as well as editing old style cutting and splicing film with a viewer (I do not know what it is called this is before computer editing on pc’s) and in social work we role played client-therapist sessions not to mention we did for the course have clients in the field so these experiences would give me some rudimentary notion of film and tv (though we did not get into the editing studio except to see a few things that they could do like the dissolve) and would give me an idea of what might work, not to mention I played an instrument when I was younger (lessons from age 10 t0 14 and also in grade and high school) so music would be important in my life too so I could certainly come up with ideas for that area, concerts…

So after these experiences I would be able to come up ideas for the areas in question…though these are only rudimentary experiences and I would not be able to go in there CONTINUE:

today but it gave me a rough idea of it……but I would have that much so these people really do not have that much of an advantage over me that I could not have come up with the things I said I did…

As far as the notion of twins there was the double mint (I forget the name of the gum) commercial long before the third writer wrote on the subject but anything I wrote has nothing to do with that subject but since there is backwards lettering on her book the subject of backwards lyrics and music was from the 1960’s and has nothing to do with her...Besides my first fan fic mentioned the subject that was on the first fan fic site I believe four (or five) years ago I do not remember exactly when but it is not a new idea post the 60’s…

the cartoon that had grandparents looking like kids in their youth i suspect the other fellow gave them that idea....

the multiple echoes in the mountains with photos of whistler mountain in jasper alberta, with pyramid mountain in front
the same photos with a reddish tinge as originally on a project were taken in something like 10 degree F weather...why they were reddish tinge on a 35mm old style camera since digital was not around then...how did i know that?

the story above, has the focus on Will, of course has nothing to do with the actor who played him, just in case my views are different than his or anyone associated with the series of which the stories are on of the fan fics...
1. the above story is about a lot of the protest movements tracking roving groups of power brokers and their friends in government however I will acknowledge ‘Prison Break’ was on before I put this section on…also, I have a microscope in this story, this is published after the ‘Fringe’ episode but I wrote it earlier, so I acknowledge its being on before this story…
2. Mexico’s meltdown years ago is the source for this and another
source I will not reveal…

3. the first George Bush
4. I have already had surveillance by the main characters in the above story.
5. I think this is where someone got the idea for a false claim
against some innocent people.
6. the old tv series ‘mission impossible’ where a tape would burn up containing the directions agents would follow.
7. I can’t find the reference for this but I did read about it
8. I have heard someone mention this for the present a caller on a radio show so obviously I am not the only one to think about it…
9. Obama’s call for this…
10. influences: ‘1984’, ‘Amerika’, tv series, ‘Brave New World’, the old Soviet states in the earlier part of the last century, etc., etc.,
12. these are real technological intel gathering technologies and groups…. You can look it up online…I believe everyone should be aware of these things as they are a threat to privacy and democracy itself.
13. If you see the x-ray for flights of the passengers, the wand over the body, the ransacking of passengers suitcases; id cards for institutions, cameras everywhere on streets in countries like Britain, the now is already quite in evident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14. The movie ‘The Net’, only the places the character visits is several places around the world at the same time but this probably is not an original idea.
15. ‘1984’ “I sold you you sold me…”
note: i do not always remember what notes i have or what i write on them the fact that i can come up with the data i think is evidence enough not to mention all of my own notes and references here...it is someone else who gets hold of what i research and takes it in to others to get something for doing nothing and then gets the jobs he wants this is an unfair advantage for all who are doing their own work or get jobs without using someone else's research ideas or stories....do not all my references on here confirm i am the one doing the research what references did he/they have through the years before this time: on heidegger on radio all he did was read my notes after all and that was in 1997
i took the courses in philosophy/phenomenology in the early 1980's he didn't; which should prove my having come up with writing influencing it... besides with a background in 5 areas for term papers tests and my own material you don't think i have done a little research in my time??
EXTRA NOTE: THE story i have been writing is influenced by 'nowhere man' as well as 'alias', it has been an composit of many things
'Fringe' unfortunately beat me to the punch with sound picked up from the environment rather than through air sound waves
jennifer quellet "seeing with sound" i saw this or else another article on the subject recently...afterall i did complain about someone from around here doing something with my old vinyl records so i have an interest in sound myself but it was an interesting episode.I REMEMBER what i wrote i simply wrote: this would make an interesting idea for a story that i would have like to have done...
I DID NOT SAY I HAD ANYTHING TO DO with the show i am not in that industry....

I REMEMBER what i wrote i simply wrote this would make an interesting idea for a story. the two headed thing: ancient egyptian icons and statues, the two headed snake surrounds the disk of the sun

the few notes in the movie: i didn't complain about it i just mentioned it...

i had a man with an aluminum hat in the above story, i remember i think it was 'starsky and hutch' had a man with an aluminum hat....my story is a little different but they got that as i did from people who believe their brains are being remotely penetrated afterall i did take a course in 'abnormal psychology' and similar courses in social work...............

i have a reference for nearly everything i write including my having meetings of the group in hotels and other places...there is a group of financial government and associated organizational people that meet once or twice each year mentioned online, it is not from shows like 'prison break'
fragments from an article:
" Chris Smyth and Helen Nugent

1935 The Pellagra Incident. After millions of individuals die from Pellagra over a span of two decades, the U.S. Public Health Service finally acts to stem the disease. The director of the agency admits it had known for at least 20 years that Pellagra is caused by a niacin deficiency but failed to act since most of the deaths occured within poverty-striken black populations.

1940 Four hundred prisoners in Chicago are infected with Malaria in order to study the effects of new and experimental drugs to
combat the disease. Nazi doctors later on trial at Nuremberg cite this American study to defend their own actions during the Holocaust.

1942 Chemical Warfare Services begins mustard gas experiments on approximately 4,000 servicemen. The experiments continue until 1945 and made use of Seventh Day Adventists who chose to become human guinea pigs rather than serve on active duty.

1943 In response to Japan's full-scale germ warfare program, the U.S. begins research on biological weapons at Fort Detrick, MD.
[and the last portion of it:]
1995 Dr. Garth Nicolson, uncovers evidence that the biological agents used during the Gulf War had been manufactured in Houston, TX and Boca Raton, Fl and tested on prisoners in the Texas Department of Corrections.

1996 Department of Defense admits that Desert Storm soldiers were exposed to chemical agents.

1997 Eighty-eight members of Congress sign a letter demanding an investigation into bioweapons use & Gulf War Syndrome.

© 1998-2000 Health News Network "
[the above is compatible with the story above and even some things on tv recently....
the two headed thing: ancient egyptian icons and statues, the two headed snake surrounds the disk of the sun

i have asked for those acting on my behalf to support me by any means
the cbr where are ___?

as far as the notes of music i mentioned (has nothing to do with the statement just above this one, which itself had a name like the other one but...what i said...) it was a reworking of another project and from a novel,
it was not a canadian project

i have not communicated with anyone that i met in my travels up in the mountains in past years

2 headed notion was only concerned with something i came up with nothing more...

as far as the dates on anything if the other man is to be believed in anything and that he has not stolen anything should he not have had phony credentials on his resume...not to mention his brother used the same psuedonym on the one project he used the credential on....so did he not know that was not a real credential...

i have backed up all my data, credentials and post-secondary education with proof, i have put references for everything i possibly can he recites or reads what references and ideas and stories and passes himself off as the author, i caught both he and an early 'writing partner' out on what they had passed off as theirs...

as far as someone in sports who is on air, i went to a sports camp where some of the instructers were players he coached that was when i was younger but that is why he wanted you on his side...

there was project which had a man on a roof

The use of the name with letters Wz had nothing to do with anyone today it was simply a name of an author/translator of a book I was looking at and used the name because it was not a typical name like Smith or Jones; it was a translation of a religious text from 1927, published in the 1960’s, nothing more. If someone thought that it was someone from today and they thought I was upset with someone it was simply a misunderstanding but I cleared that up at the time; however there was a part of one project where I think these were in a sense against me so the person on my side may have been acting in defense of me….

As far as the subject of my giving something to someone I did give to the woman with the ribbon in her hair

The subject of two dates: I already put on a fan fic story the last part of ‘a small invasion’ on allalias dot com then I changed the date on the papers it was written on after I put it online that is all I meant; I certainly did not cheat, I was responding to someone’s claim I cheated by putting two dates on this is nonsense, I would not be giving numerous references if I did that; how they found out that I changed the date is beyond me but it is my writing and I can put anything I want on it it is the date published online that counts although I know that can be manipulated too as well as images sound and data; I do not cheat! I have no reason too if I have written all the above…

As far as theft I witnessed a theft by a high school friend when he stole something in a store but I did not know what he was doing till after he did it: I did get upset with him after that; I was not talking about anyone today but I would like to know how that person found out I said that I have not seen him in many years………

There is a group of people that have been stealing writing and passing it off as theirs this goes way back but none of the women I mentioned on my side are amongst them and I have given them permission to use my material

I mentioned something someone said for another I am stating that only in reference to my own self concerning the things that person has done towards me but what was he talking about then if they were upset about something they had been up to?

as far as an environmental fundraiser, neither i nor anyone i am familiar with had anything to do with it and i do not know if the correct information about it was even in the paper...but any complaint about that has nothing to do with me i only put down what was in the local main paper nothing more....any attempt to say i had anything to do with it has given false information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think i have defended myself enough so i am going to go over these notes next week and leave only essential references on if there are any complaints the past years notes should be sufficient....

I HAVE NOT PUT FALSE OR PRIVATE DATA ON OTHERS HERE OR ELSEWHERE except in one instance where i was proving a point with data alreaDY OUT THERE.but that was someone i have a complaint against

june fri 26 09
there was a world culinary olympics back in another decade i do not remember what the name of it was

sat june 27 09
there is a look-alike of the actress on another show that is on air now: i am sorry to break protocol here but tipped off by a fan of hers on another site: and over there is a look alike of the actress, it would not be hard for them to make her look like the actress in a video or photo and shoot it , with make up or trick photography and someone could have been on the actresses set or dressing room to give an account of how to do that it is a set up and i think the people behind this simply pulled this off of the net and that is why the site it 'originates' from is 'off shore' it is so close the only other possibility is someone is simply putting her face on there and making it look like she is on there but the whole thing is a hoax! THEY DO HAVE LOOK ALIKE ACTORS THAT POSE FOR A VARIETY OF PURPOSES that are sometimes for parody or protection depending on who is using their looks for what purpose...and there are people who just look like others out there for example there is a weather reporter in cleveland or toledo who looks like david letterman....now the musician who has a partner whose name is something like a name i used but spelled differently may have been told my references to a former person in my neighbourhood in the business who is an actor director were to him they were not .......................

WHY ON THE TSCC SITE FAN FIC MEMBER PROFILE HAVE THEY TAKEN IT OFF FROM THE LIST WHEN YOU TYPE IN THE SITE PUT IT BACK ON PLEASE AND though not associated with the person in question i still am going to be on that persons side
FROM THE tscc fan fic site go to it for what i wrote recently
no i have not retracted any statements nor asked to have this taken off as a separate site, though it is temporary and i would like it returned onto the general list when you type in this fan fic site
FROM THE tscc fan fic site go to it for what i wrote recently, i have not changed my mind on anything ALL CLAIMS STILL CLAIMED

Altered version of some sections of the above story:

After they left the place where they looked at video they found there, this is where they find out the truth about a bombing.
As they talked the new girl downloaded video on the internal network of the agency, they are in a film as a fired fills a building behind them. It breaks up and there is film of protestors along the highway. The film now begins to focus on agents who are talking,
“Do you have the bomb?”
”It’s just outside the hotel lobby.”
”It’s inside a road repair crew repairing part of the road it is in inside a stop sign.”
“Who are the protestors?”
”There are construction and road repair workers who were by passed by out-sourcing for this job.”
The agents talk not realizing they are being recorded.
“Once we get our man in there, we will help our friends in a foreign government buy up tech stocks here. Those companies have ties to the states. Once we get in there we pull the rug out. Our organization will get to deal with companies in Europe.

In another area Janis and Rachel are nearby they are with the agents. Later they are running to the other side of the road. People race out from the building. An explosion creates a rumble then silence. Suddenly window blow out, the bottom layer of bricks blows out and part of the building collapses on the road. A huge slab of window flies onto the back on a truck but the driver continues till he hits a pile of rubble. The truck falls on its side, the driver survives.
Will is the driver and he tried to get them out of there. Sirens wail. Police and ambulance converge on the area, which looks like a war zone. A reporter videos the scene and it is not unlike a terrorist bomb.
Will’s is hurt the girls are hurt. An ambulance runs into a post…. He is given some pills of a painkiller. They are taken to a hospital then each is given sleeping pills, told the others are fine and they all wake up in an office…
from venezuela to russia to hong kong--and this has nothing to do with my stories but i think the series SCC is more popular than the official statistics say so i think it would be of benefit to the network to put it on for a third series...

bring back sarah connor chronicles, season three petition for it tv is getting pretty dull and the same type of shows are too much...this one was different...also dexter to the old 3 networks, battlestar galactica...crusoe, david icke would be a great writer for sarah connor chronicles...PETITION FOR IT...EVERYONE!!




i am still watching out for this person...

who is keeping this off the general list?


below july 31 09

Once again, tmz leads the way in an incredible style of argumentation: The words of one person on a paper carry the weight of authority however, that authority could be swayed…

In another circumstance, the mockery of a serious situation, as I said, it could take photos outside looking inside and put them out there was what I indicated but it was also already used for comedy…yet it is a real possibility.

How many crime series and real life shows have people doing exactly this….for example one show a few years ago had a type of infrared camera shaped like a gun aimed from one window of a building to another window of another building to record activities…so it is not far fetched…it is if you oppose my concerns outlined here in this large on-going argument…like I said though the mockery is an indication of malice…an intent to cause trouble for those of us on the side of the VICTIM of this.

And I am not contradicting myself by allowing this to continue is not necessarily what all want in this case…how to give freedom online and yet how to limit that freedom to prevent encroachment is a complicated issue…perhaps it is possible to differentiate between cases where there is extreme infringement which causes harm and the curiosity that does not , providing the subject either objects or it impinges upon law(s) and rights…As lawyers have negotiated here it would seem an objection has been raised by an unwilling participant…

Who owns a face: originating from, depending on belief, some greater thinking thing or one has evolved but either that greater thinking thing or else nature gave you your face; no one who takes a picture of it created it, that is only a copy of what was made from either that greater thinking thing or nature. It is since it was given to you and not someone else unless plastic surgery alters it then you still have to own it for you wanted that look unless you gave authority to the plastic surgeon for ownership of it…however, you own your face no one who makes a copy of it and puts it online for all photos video film are copy of the real thing unless it is made up then it is a matter of creation by the person who made it up Unless it is altered from the original and so a face made to look different from the real thing is still an altered copy and not the original….

above july 31 09

after stating that a doctor murdered someone without evidence and even though they backtracked on that somewhat, how can tmz still have on the general list when the name is typed in any site listed..how can they legally insist by keeping these on that there is the alleged thing is there not malice of intent to harass and destroy a good name and reputation where they invited in anywhere??take it off !! if you made such a statement after stating that a doctor...how is this show still on the air they are giving sponsors a bad name!!i would like to say if you are a lawyer you should know what to say and what not ...tmz is not the only one

below July 30th 2009

I am going through books for the purpose of critical reflection on these topics to prove a point, mostly they are themselves relating things already in the news and law and on these subjects otherwise I would argue points with only my own reflections….


“Who Owns Information?” Branscomb, Anne; Harper Collins, 1994
pg. 73-5

There is a politician who has an image and words used against him and it is repeatedly rebroadcast by others. Since he invites the reporter to record him into his home and was running for office he is stated by the author to have waived his rights to privacy. He also cannot, according to the author claim untruth, hence defamation…”such would have been made with malice…libelous for knowing it is untrue or…a callous disregard for it being or not false…”

Such is the case here because no one has considered it untrue since nothing come out and those putting online information about something to come out…as well as the companies that are involved in allowing this online and in media are being unhindered in the process and are all therefore party to it…I believe their not being invited into what looks like private space have breached this right to privacy…

To a degree this is a public figure (the one about which photos are about but no one seems to have been invited to that private space. If the politician had been in a public restroom would that not have changed everything?

No one asked for these photos to be taken (or removed for use elsewhere) it would seem otherwise permission granted would have been stated…by silence, that much has been established. This is not about a granted interview, sanctioned use of material: given neither to one nor to all. It is not someone in the role of public figure in office and would seem to disregard truth/untruth of what is alleged or even whether photos are/not surveillance, stolen etc.. Since the promise of more to the public and that being a further threat of ‘exposure’ even if not real but trick photography or surveillance could it be interpreted as malice of intent to threaten with ‘exposure’. Since that threat was on the basis of money for the material it would hinder the right of this person from the freedom to go out in public without being questioned about it and so is a threat that could be claimed as being with malice….There is no waiving of privacy rights since, it would seem, no one should have been allowed use of or even to see the photos nor if surveillance was there the right to observe and record…and would seem to me to be an invasion of the right to privacy.

Since no so called ‘artists’ has claimed responsibility for the photos it cannot be claimed as a breach of European style artistic rights. Even if one did claim it there seems not to have been a freely given publicity stunt nor a transaction of picture taking or fee for work at taking pictures or some other benefit…

pg. 78-79
In another case a judge in the US did rule in favour of a certain distance for photographing…And freedom from ‘EMOTIONAL DISTRESS’:-could this be applied to something online and refusal to take it off!capitalization mine

p. 80
Since photos are under copyright how would there be rights if it were surveillance, rights here would be waived for they would have to have been ‘invited into a home, etc… private space (my word for it here)’ for such photos and therefore taking the photo elsewhere without permission would constitute violation of the right of the homeowner, of the person’s space: regarding pg 78-9 above.

And since no one claims it as their ‘work’ it would seem to have violated if there were a claim to it the photographer’s rights to it…let us say also, if he or she had been paid to do it the rights to it would be the employer (whoever paid for said work). ALL I SEE IS INFRINGMENT HERE…

However, since it is a photo image online, the image, online IS NOT a chemical-based photo (since a photo is captured from light and dark being ‘impressed’ on a base laden with chemicals that capture the image: it is not an image with a backing on paper, plastic film; some other substance to ‘fix’, to use early photographic terminology upon and therefore I think constitutes a violation of all the rights pertaining to the photo -even of the original photographer if there were one and this is not surveillance…. This principal should also apply to paper, cardboard, plastic ‘fixed’ digital images as well.

Supposing it a purely virtual image, it cannot be claimed to be a photograph but a video, even if it is a still photo, for the net, or disk or tape is downloaded from computer or from online to computer and pixels, the beams of light putting the image online from code transmitted from the computer hardware is a constant stream and therefore is not a still photo on a substance but is closer to a moving picture, the stream itself is moving even of a still…And then regarding the sequence of photos in the time of the person moving look like stills taken from video, which makes null and void the notion of a photo that is a photographer’s property, the rights to a single image …especially if it is as I believe surveillance… and since no one person claims it is their ‘work’ it is I think an illegally obtained, downloaded, copied, distributed image.

This is besides the case of commercial tapes etc., for sale…This is not commercial material given by the subject nor of a photographer and therefore violates such since it is being used to make money…THE SITES THAT PROMISE MORE TO COME: THE PROMIS OF SEEING AN ALLEGED TAPE AND SINCE THEY FAIL TO PROVIDE IT IN ALL CASES IT SHOULD DULY CONSTSITUTE FALSE ADVERTISING!!

P. 84
The videotaping industry became defendants concerning income from such material as is mentioned…but there was no longer action against personal use video taping…I think action should be taken in this case against all…

Notwithstanding this have not some major producers had battles over manipulating images of old films…this is not an old film this should be fought against!

Let us not forget a name is attached to all this not to mention unproven claims which since yet unproven is tantamount to slander and one show the reporters laughed, could a claim be made for malice?

p. 12
Access to all a person’s data on their birth and birthplace is not a given and a person’s rights are violated by many sites if they put this kind of information on….

The author of the book mentioned above cites protection by some courts if there might be harassment, since there is the promise of more, this I think, constitutes such harassment, not to mention other media…. As well as protection of financial information…a person’s status in life including financial has been violated from the start since with such threats not to mention what would seem to be privacy violated by being online is a threat to a career and hence their finances garnered by their work should this be a threat to loss of income.

See in the US OTA (Office of Technology Assessment) and the movie (which I have not seen “The Lawnmower Man” 1992 on the subject of virtual contact in film.

If the person in question is in various projects in a commercial medium and online, then a commodity, is their right to their image and name not part of that commodity; if that is used without authorization is that not an infringement on an image, name and on the PRODUCT THAT IS THAT PERSON?

Below from:

“The Oxford 50th Anniversary Book of the United Nations”, Charles Patterson.

Article 12

“…no one should have opinion with lack of knowledge: interference with his privacy, family, home communications nor to attacks upon their honour and good name the right of being protected thus…”

I am sure we all say and do certain things that contradict this, and we can always correct erroneous beliefs upon being convinced of the truth or of our own words or actions… however I am thinking of the constant infringement and threat and not a personal belief based on misinformation…this is a constant attack on someone without right or knowledge (whether real or faked) or else it is the obtaining of data and images without permission…I am not taking about politics or business or the notion of sovereignty etc., where passion debate and speculation and even unfair but thought to be the right of a person to engage in such…


“European Union Law”, Folsom, Thomson and West, 2008

Council Directive 95/46

“privacy rights…of individuals over PROCESSING of private information right to be informed on possible future use of …right, to “deny disclosure…require corrections and complain about direct marketing of data

above July 30 2009

i do not understand warner bros. distributes the project of this person and yet they own tmz which is trying to do this person there is something hypocritical here...

Now, TMZ’s Mr. Levin makes the statement about the guiltiness of one person in the news who was at the scene of a death but he has determined guilt of the man and yet it has not been tried in court or before any proof beyond speculation…so, is he judge and jury…should he determine the outcome of a case that is not a criminal case and present it to the entertainment industry, and where no law has been broken unless it is a case of surveillance on someone to get pictures inside a person’s house (I am not talking about tmz here)…does his not stating a person is guilty before proof and before court set a dangerous precedent for the entertainment industry and media journalism that, a person can declare that on tv and everyone believes it… this, when he himself is not involved in the case, so how would he know does he have any facts anyone else does not have….be careful not to believe until you check something out about what an entertainment magazine says, i am not saying not to believe it but do statements contain fact


QUOTE: "FREEDOM’S JUST ANOTHER WORD FOR NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE” Kriss Kristopherson, if i recall wrote that...

the thing in question is both surveillance or fake and since there is no right to put it out it should be considered illegal to keep it on SEE A PARTIAL LIST OF PEOPLE BELOW WHO I CONSIDER RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU SEE AND HAVE ACCESS TO ONLINE THAT YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE ACCESS TO OR SEE:

anyone who brings you anything, audio/visual, text, word of mouth that contradicts what i have said here send them away...

KEEP THIS ON THE GENERAL LIST FOR THIS SITE WHEN YOU TYPE IT IN because when i do not have it up there more of those sites come on and it is time for this to be taken off


you have to scroll all the way down...

anyone who brings you anything, audio/visual, text, word of mouth that contradicts what i have said here send them away...

there are four, i have not sided with one over any other, i did think that since some have been given trouble it would be better to not contact any and that there is one, about whom nothing can be found or i should say INVENTED AGAINST, that is ALL, and i have not spoken against anyone in the business

since paris hilton and perez hilton have been pictured together i would like to hear her say she has had nothing to do with this business...i am not saying she has i am just asking the question...and i am not saying those i mentioned in the next two lines are either i am just curious about these connections...

so perez hilton, paris and some rock star's kid have all been at the same venue is this why the cousin of another singer was mocked after singing are they all friends with my form neighbour, the man i have a complaint against? so perez puts his own captions to photos and are they all real photos or something made up...

all claims still claimed

it is time to take the material about the thing in question off now all of it since there is no proof of authenticity

NEW MATERIAL BELOW READ ALL see especially the material above/below july 23/24 09 which is for the communications industry:

i already put this below but here it is up here really, this is irrelevant to the main issue i have on:

The origin of the going into the eye derives from the round opening on screen of a hole into which one scene either ends or morphs into another scene in early film; it may also be early photography where a small opening is which was used also for books, (which came before) etc..

The difference between the mid 1990’s scene of the older-to-younger-and back through the eye morph and the early scene from earlier in the last century is through the eye…however I do not see why a 2003 scene in a cartoon inserted into a film comes before the mid 1990’s

Are you sure someone telling others off is where the idea of the people in the past came from who are standing telling the one who did things wrong in life, standing in judgment of the person was from an idea that someone is telling dignitaries who are sitting off…it was a song by elp that “I’m tired of hypocrite freaks…” is where it came from that was used in something years ago…

-‘play-doe’ like characters playing in an orchestra with a rocker singing are you sure the other fellow gave you that for a late night show with the host playing mc

-are you sure the fellow gave you the colour and pupil part of the eye filling the whole screen

-the fade to black ‘hard cut’ is from earlier in time and it was used for when a person dies and the scene temporarily fades to black…but I would imagine earlier last century there is probably something that depicts this but really it is from novels where the person blacks out and come back to see…the dissolve is called a ‘soft cut’

Shelly, ‘ode to a nightingale, part 3, ‘fade away dissolve, and quite forget’


On underage material online, American Law allows this online for the sake of freedom of speech rights and rights relating to this…however, let us say someone is kidnapped, tricked or influenced into the arena, then what rights does that person have??

Moreover, what rights does someone (of any age) have if they have not said anyone can put what is either allegedly or is their image online or, has their name on something like this…they object to having it on, do they have the freedom of speech to say take it off and have the right to have it taken off??

I think maybe it is time to question if someone's civil liberties have been breeched when the alleged business is still on the general list and not confined to the list of what is alleged maybe it is time to CHARGE internet industry leaders for keeping this on when there is no proof it is not the person but looks like the person or is suveillance!!AND WHO SHOULD CHARGE THEM: THE CIVIL RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS!!Since some who are not this person and their supporters have insinuated i am on something and i can tell you that would not be for anything uncivil i consider that slander!! MAYBE IT IS TIME TO GET CIVIL RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS IN YOUR COUNTRY INVOLVED AFTERALL THEY CAN DO THIS TO ANYBODY AND IT WOULD BE BETTER TO INSTITUTE NEW LAWS ON THIS NOW NOT LATER!!



“The morning star …twas like an eye”, Shelly, “the revolt of islam” canto 1, xl, xl1, combining going to the sun, the description of going into the star by Keats going into the eye”…the …world…shrank…into one thought one image…” and thus into another scene going into the ‘apple of they eye or pupil, Bible, the 1902 film of the rocket in the eye of the moon and Alice in Wonderland going into the mirror into another scene, the opposite reality……..so with the camera tv dissolving to another scene going into the eye: combine all these and here is the reference for going into the eye and changing to another scene…. Byron has some notion of the eye as well……there are other ideas on the eye salvador dali, rodchenko, if i recall the correct spelling i already talked about him with i believe sergi eisenstein...from 'Typothetique: Taking Credit Film Title Sequences 11955-1965, on Hitchcock's 'Veritgo', (it has been a while since i've seen this:) a Saul Bass design, "man falling into the eye of a geometrical figure."; dissolving drain into eye of dead one, 'pssycho', 1960: put that backwards...eye into another scene...

early example: close up of girl's hand 1900 isolated in detail...smith, williamson, 'seen through the telescope' film

scene inset: of vision of dream, 'santa claus' 1899, scene within a scene, long before anyone else had a montage...melies had dissolve in early time...porter in edison films

' the passerby' 1912, edison film dissolve from older to younger face THIS IS IN PUBLIC REALM NOW, so no one can claim anything wrong with that it is a standard now...

Multiple images-wizard of oz…ghost pictures and multiple images from the 1800’s and earlier last century, Vorticism if I recall the title of a painting correctly, ‘nude descending a staircase’, and ancient eastern motif of multiple arms in Buddhist statues and other ancient pictures reliefs etc.

for a picture like the one at end of 'the conquering hero', see picture of boxer in Hitchcocks, 'The Ring'; gone with the wind 1939, and picture of leader at the ball...

Proofs in art and writing for ideas:

“The morning star …twas like an eye”, Shelly, “the revolt of islam” canto 1, xl, xl1, combining going to the sun, the description of going into the star by Keats going into the eye”…the …world…shrank…into one thought one image…” and thus into another scene going into the ‘apple of they eye or pupil, Bible, the 1902 film of the rocket in the eye of the moon and Alice in Wonderland going into the mirror into another scene, the opposite reality……..so with the camera tv dissolving to another scene going into the eye: combine all these and here is the reference for going into the eye and changing to another scene…. Byron has some notion of the eye as well……

Multiple images-wizard of oz…ghost pictures and multiple images from the 1800’s and earlier last century, Vorticism if I recall the title of a painting correctly, ‘nude descending a staircase’, and ancient eastern motif of multiple arms in Buddhist statues and other ancient pictures reliefs etc.

I have already explained the difference between my story with snow and ice and the other story….

The grainy look of a picture like the infrared on a tvo documentary with a laser going backwards in the building of the chunnel between Britain and France july 20 09, so it is more than plausible the image in question no matter who it is could be made with today’s technology

Since they said on a series there is someone using the woman and her situation to get to the man is this mimicking a real life situation…like the image of someone online and a man (they have met before) is there an allusion to this and a reason for the picture online, is it to get to the one complaining about this situation who is defending the person alleged about…the series is where a reporter visits someone working for a person…he concocts a story where he sees a book title and uses that, like the ‘pretender’ series, isolate the handshake like the big ship picture, which is not a hand shake but taking one hand in another slightly different…not exactly original, besides the ‘watchtower’ December 1, 2007 comes before it. They might refer to me saying I revealed I had a source for exaggerated stories but I was really stating I had references from sources I looked up in books online etc… with the title with the word snow in it are they saying I plagiarized when I listed my references or else explained differences in my story and someone else’s…and why did the person playing the reporter in this episode look like someone who was here that day or the day before??not to mention that the man I have complained about, his favorite term was used, ‘win-win’, and he directed episodes of the relative's series of one of the people in the story…does this episode about getting to a man by harassing the young women who is in a scene for the first instance, with another character this some sort of relating of something from real life, a confession even?? Is this not like the threat to put something online like the alleged case…. And I said ‘source’ not as in a person giving me information or like concocting a story that people will believe rather I have listed sources of data and proofs for nearly everything I have written online….

now if we could get sites and people off line for those who are no longer in certain businesses and those who no longer want to be associated with them it would be time to begin a process by which this could happen

now, since it is summer if someone is in a pool and they are in trouble and can't come up for air keep an unused hose and throw one end in so the other is free to be letting air in and put the other in the mouth, keeping covered, while this is not an oxygen tank and mask it could be a useful alternative...

Anyone who thinks I have used other’s material from the 2000’s , I have been writing for decades.

Why is it a man who was a teachers assistant (t.a.) who traveled with an older couple and dispensing psychological (psycho that is what it is called) therapy to them that I knew sounds like an episode of an old series …it could be mere coincidence or could it be someone I know gave them that could it be someone who used to be near me or else someone else… I am not saying it is it just sounds familiar….

for a picture like the one at end of 'the conquering hero', see picture of boxer in Hitchcocks, 'The Ring'; gone with the wind 1939, and picture of leader at the ball...

i went to 'lusitania resource' and i got on the 108th site listed that the one of the passengers said, look at the dolphin...looks like the man who made the big movie did his research!!

the face on one supposed picture of the one...why do the other pictures of her, they do not have a smaller mouth...and why around the eyes there is no pouch but under the others there is and what is that a freckle or blemish on the on but not on the rest?? on the left chin it looks fulller than the other side, when i was looking at old photos, copies of relatives from the 1800's i used a pencil and crayon, and pen to change the look and shape of faces and that is what this looks like, after all i did say i saw a look alike online of her...one show, has a look alike of me and there was a woman on a comedy that looked like me...and there are people employed to look like others out there but it would seem (not that i am anybody i am not) not all of them work for the people they look like...however if it is surveillance, that could be on anyone...if it is surveillance on this one then a crime is taking place with this online...if it is not the name is attached to a face and then it is a crime as well as slander...if the film camera they say is the same one that took a film for films and the one took the picture of the person they say it is based on the picture to 'prove' the type of camera it was filmed with yet it is BASED on it and that picture has greater clarity than the 'original', let's face it at best there is a conspiracy to get this person, there is one to get me and i still believe it is the person i have said it is at the center of it for i can place him in either direct or indirect relation to each person in it...

yes i figured the person behind 'the something truth' was a friend or vassel of the man i have a complaint against and now i am watching for what you are doing

the picture equation used for something i mentioned: i did not mention any entertainer's name in connection with that that was someone else, whereas the name they mentioned, they probably do not know the whole story who used it but since the man i have a complaint against seems to have been critical of anyone on my side and since someone went from one show to the other his relative wrote for i presume it was him (the man i have a complaint against) or else someone connected to him behind that put down...i admit the word equation was not a great idea but i had nothing to do with it being used anywhere

the same show criltical of being in two places at the same time, someone got mixed up the dates and places i worked at...at two places of employment that are in the same business...but that was also not me putting that in the project on the same show that had the picture equation, i had nothing to do with it being used anywhere

yes, it is interesting someone criticized me for being interested in more than one of younger women but how old was the one the comic (not the one i usually am critical of but one who has a show in rerun...) was hanging around with years ago...and that show is not know for being interesting, next person who wants to criticize me, batter up!!

as far as the detail of hands i don't think the early reference i put here was taking the hands but someone handing someone something...bult you can go back to painting through the ages for this kind of thing, for a close up of hands, try if i recall the name off hand, Albrecht Durer

As far as rumours about myself and a relative it is pure nonsense and I think it is time to put an end to it….i am blaming whoever takes it to others

yes i worked at two places that are in the same business and yes i have been interested in more than one person at the same time...

-the porpoise, that was for scale…

Plasticene or play-do?

As far as the photos, I think it is a combination of surveillance and trick photography/filming… but why is it someone gets back on top and those sites are all back on

If catching someone out in lies plagiarism going back to the 1970’s is not enough proof, what is?

This same person likes to turn people against one another and even gets some to allude to someone else and then to get them to swear, and while he may get people riled up against another he likes to get them to make fools of themselves at the same time…

Someone has my notes and memorizes them and I am saying what I came up with what should I do go on youtube and say "live, from my memory banks!"

I recall something about using a film projector about a province coming into confederation and it ended up being partly comedy

As far as beards on characters does that not go back to the other fellow, it goes back to ancient stories, the Bible, most male characters who are Israelites have beards…

below july 31 09

As for notion of the hands and close up, I did not say I did not write it; the way it was done, the number of times, more than once and other instances of other ideas is different from their antecedents, which involves some degree of originality…I have explained the differences between the two on numerous occasions over the last 4 or 5 years and I back up all claims with references, proof by argument and explanation…besides in most instances when there is an antecedent it is usually not the actual idea I wrote down it is something like it I am trying to show that if it is in the public record there is nothing wrong with using something like it it becoming a standard…if I find something from years to decades or even a century before of something form history that does not mean I saw or read or heard about before sometimes I have and have listed it as a reference but to show it is a standard and that either I or others have been influenced by that standard to keep others from claiming something is wrong with that I have put these things down…I did not see the film with hands from early last century, the idea was different anyway that I put down and youtube with its catalogue of films was not online in those days and I did not go online until 1999 when I first took a course on the internet…so unless that particular film was on tv and I do not recall it I did not know of its existence

As far as people in judgment of the one that did things t them who came back from the dead is different to watching an execution of those in life who have come back, a few things out there have reversed this, though perhaps to try to argue a case against what I wrote…. However, my reference for this idea is: the Bible raises people up in the end,

some to a resurrection of life, others to a resurrection of judgment and death eternal…the concept of the dead back to life and judgment: it says of one of the Old Testament people that he will stand up for his lot (his people) in the end when he and others are raised up…Christ will, having already been raised up from the dead sit in judgment of all mankind in the Bible, including those who put him to death…but all who are raised up will look upon either the face of those to be judged or else they simply will not be back yet the concept is thousands of years old as old as man and his time on earth.

above july 31 09

why do the photos of the person in question look like different times of the day and night this looks more like surveillance and put together to look like something is going on...more and more this all looks like a conspiracy...but what is the purpose of it or is it just because of me??why do the same positions of the person in the first photos now look like they are from a different position of the camera...and why is the picture lighter and with greater clarity and now there is something that can be seen in the background that there was not before...there is a contradiction in much of this and still there is no proof of anything going on and no face...

so perez hilton, paris and some rock star's kid have all been at the same venue is this why the cousin of another singer was mocked on one of those competitions after singing are they all friends with my former neighbour, the man i have a complaint against?

what happens is that when someone loses support (including support against me) they find someone else to tell tall tales, misinformation, edited material to, to turn them against me and to support themselves or at least to turn them against me...if this is how they stay in the game maybe it is time for the game to be over!!

this is not a news broadcast there is nothing here that is newsworthy
and that's the way it has been all this time..

though not associated with the person in question i still am going to be on that persons side

no i have not retracted any statements nor asked to have this taken off as a separate site, though it is temporary and i would like it returned onto the general list when you type in this fan fic site

dennis miller really he is one of the most crude people in entertainment...and i would like to see him turfed out for being a mean spirited person who has no mercy like the man i have a complaint against even though i let him off the hook earlier in time that was a great mistake when i put someone down it is for only a short time and for a very good reason but really people like this need to learn to be civil not rude to people that have never done anything to him...

IT IS TIME TO TAKE ALL THE BUSINESS ABOUT THE ALLEGED TAPE OF F NOW IT IS NOT PROVEN and to get rid of even the word tape in both google yahoo etc..

IT IS TIME TO GET RID OF the photos of the person about whom a tape did not appear...and all the people saying there was a tape: is that not SLANDER, FALSE WITNESS, FALSELY STATING EVIDENCE THAT DID NOT COME OUT AND in an attempt to extract money out of the person, THREAT, AND EXTORTION...NOT TO MENTION tmz, blatt and perez hilton falsley claimed a tape that they did not put out NOW, AS TO THE PEOPLE WITH SEARCH ENGINES AND IP'S is it not time they put out of commission those sites and prevent this from happening again? after all the us military is said to have created something like the internet and a few hundred ford programmers programmed a world wide internal net for the company back in the 1970's not to mention the man who sold the html <a href="">link</a> so neither al gore nor the people who made this net had the idea first but they did create the world wide net but considering they have the responsibility for it world wide do they not have to do something about cases like this and to prevent them in the future when false evidence is brought against someone that could destroy their career....

NOTE: the notion of the cross with wires and someone being placed there to be tortured in the 1950's, electroconvulsive shock therapy which many described as torture came long before and the reference to a take off on Christian's being tortured really the whole idea is not new even if it was used in a later war....people in the 1956 Hungarian revolution were hung from electric street lamps that could also shock someone to death and poles in a similar fashion and this kind of thing in world war one and two as well...

see 'algorythm' on this site in the non-alias fan fic section....and notes

goto type in 'structureandfunction fan fic' in the search engines

Proving a point: if you type in google:
crucifixion with wire a town like alice


wiki: Ringer Edwards

you will see that Herbert Edwards (1923-2000) an Australian soldier was a POW held by the Japanese in World War Two was tortured in a crucifixion with wire wrapped around his wrists with fencing wire suspended from a tree in 1943…this was the basis for a story by Neil Shute called ‘A Town Like Alice’, 1950 and this was the basis for the story of a character called ‘Joe Harmon’ and the basis for the 1956 movie ‘The Rape Of Malalya’ 1956 some soldiers caught stealing and killing cattle for food was the reason for the torture they were tortured for hours…the wire is of interest here along with torture in a crucifixion before the two thousands and before the 1950’s (the experience of this that is) combined with electoconvulsive shock therapy which was in use before not to mention world war one poets Wilfred Owen and Sassoon et. al. who wrote about Christ like figures comes before the notion of crucifixion and torture in war in the middle of the 20th century…the novelist and the Australian soldier met in dec 4 1945
I think the above site was started unless I am mistaken in 2006.
the Korean War started in June 1950

shock therapy first used as ‘treatment’ in 1930’s

type in google:

shock torture
wiki us army used it during world war two in 1966 book by Michael chrichton talks about it

type in google:

shock torture before 1940’s

The London Cage

Between july 1940 to september 1948
Three houses torture shock

[cursor down to]

Today’s Guardian Revealed UK wartime torture camp
“threatened with electric shock”

Posted by russilwong 9:55 am November 12, 2005

See also:

type in google:

crucifixion with and shock

previous <11
see thumbnail and accompanying site with crucifixion with rope around body
Mu Haiku “the impact of Jesus…” [it is rude but]from april 03 2006
Though it is rope around body the article mentions hypovolemic shock in describing such crucifixion… from site:

Artist Rod Searle 1946 first symbolic representation of war with Japanese of a Christ like figure….

One could make a case for the shock of metal nails in Christ’s feet and hands along with his being crucified.

Finally, a documentary on the subject of crucifixion shock treatment in a take on Christian torture [on people of torture of Christ/Christians the era of…] is 2003 however, the use of this idea creatively is later and yet as you can see there is evidence to the contrary….

An unpublished story I wrote with a different idea though a crucifixion was in 1999/2000

as far as the look alike i mentioned a photo is there on one of the sites i mentioned in the second row at the beginning: made up or digitally reworked this could be the person on the alleged material especially if they took two people and worked them into the same pick the resemblance is uncanny and the person in question had this been that person would have said it was or not themselves after had mention the site before.

I wish to acknowledge the nowhereman episode that had the sound of glass breaking throughout it but i also have a different source for it as well...


1.in a criminology course in sociology I heard the term ‘Mutt and Jeff’ for the aggressive and passive/friendly interrogators, and also it is an old theme as well for two to be interrogated but not told they are being interrogated by the same group at the same/another time.
The pillars are from a system of ornate subways in Russia that I read about… the passage is from the one politicians use in the Ontario parliament buildings… 1920’s lamp is from a building in the area I was in …underground passages of course are not new to stories. The scene of people getting out of a hospital or other room to get away find another is not new…
2.see the mini series ‘The Summit’, where the mother looks for the
the son who is sick
3.I have a not so veiled reference to another series here…, TSCC.
4.the series in the casino where they look in on players, however there are so many references for this kind of thing. e.g.: Wall Mart, just look at the ceiling and see the dark bubbles on the ceiling along with cameras and infrared cameras you see hanging down with the dark covering over the top….
5.there are shows I have seen where the liquid is charged on the floor but I am also thinking of hockey where the puck is bounced off the boards and around another player coming out in back of him…

separate notes:
for the screen where a character comes on the screen unannounced and talks to the person in the room i think the idea came from '1984' when Winston Smith is being told to do a better job exercising...

I already have given proofs someone keeps trying to bring up those: columns at concerts and other venues goes back to ancient times but opera and ballet had columns back in time; I used to go into the library and look at books on these two subjects and see what they did…in years past.
-i had said someone ‘borrowed’ manikins from somewhere they have tried to say they got it from a 20th century painter but manikins go back in time also, however in the 20th c., “A World History of Photography”
Manikins, p. 442, no 55, 1928

-I am the one stating where I get my ideas, I am not getting others to do that for me…besides it is one thing to relate that there is such and such a proof but I have also given in many of these instances why and what it means and the context in which I meant to have them, for example my stories using information on the brain have references, and the reasons why, or something to do with the subject of the New World Order, or spy instruments……
-my idea for the string like things that shock from the walls is different from a net

Arctic Sovereignty

1.Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles or as I call it Sarah Connor Chronicles
2. see Rock Hudson, ‘Ice Station Zebra’, X-Files movies, Pretender tv series and the recent new in Canada over Arctic Sovereignty; and American interest in invasion through Canada by anti North American and Anti Western people.
3.there was a movie with Patrick Swazy (I think; I did not have time to look up spelling here) on this however just type it in WW3 or the words etc., and see how much there is on this topic, not to mention discussion of three world wars in the 1800’s.
4.Canada has always had concerns over this subject of the Arctic, subs patrol from other nations claiming it is their space despite it being over our land space…the remote post goes back to earlier in the cold war, and even before that with explorers… Radar stations and research stations have been there …this is just one of many stories but since it was in the news up here it is topical and always will be…in relative peace there is potential for threat……911 comes to mind on this very day of 911.

as far as anything i said earlier someone has altered what i said making it look like i spoke against people other than the man with the same name as a city in italy
-editing out that and making it look otherwise and making me look like I had unjustified words and making me look like a bully it really is the other way around these people have manipulated me out of so much and put themselves in key positions…if you have never been stolen from on a long term basis you do not know what it is like and you would be upset too and this stealing of my papers (and other things ) happened two weeks in a row, then they used my proofs
so if if I have been made to sound well you would be upset too but my privacy and private property is being threatened and obviously they never stop and if I had known someone was around to capture what is said ……or no doubt altering it to make it sound like I was upset with people I never said anything against; I was actually by myself and I do not know if they changed anything to make it look or sound like I said things I did not or put it in an altered way to make me look bad in other words they were in a place they should not have been in….it is also time those going to shows or radio people to twist things around minded their own business and let these be doing what they do without interference on an issue that is not important in the world
besides editing in things that in sequence one has not said they can edit things out and make you
the people i am talking about have manipulated people out of money they have eliminated people's jobs and projects to put their friends in i have done nothing wrong

the planet where someone thought they were going ends up in enemy territory and with indoctrination make the place look like places they were in are you sure the other fellow gave you that how about identical buildings being there again when they were no longer there are you sure he gave you that...i am being a scapegoat for what others are doing to me...

I have been receiving email from a Molino (not the actual spelling), who is not myself and that is not an email I have been sending anyone with the other email I use which I cannot send out because it will not reach its destination anyway since someone has hacked into it and it goes where they want it to go and probably is altered anyway…this person is trying to get me to send money and even threatened to sue me it is like the off shore scams…but I never scammed anyone not threatened anyone nor sent anyone anything for money or to even try to outfox the scammer for I already told you I could not send email with any reliability of reaching the destination intended nor being able to receive it back from the destination intended…therefore I already stated I could not use email and therefore could not be involved in a con of any kind online and since I said earlier I noticed a backwards 3 in the traffic of my fan fics on this site I believe I have been hacked so while I am putting this in the other fan fic site, I am putting it here as well so it is duplicated so what I say if it is different in the two sites will have the correct data in the one unless that is compromised…

The reason why I said I was not this person is because I have had my own email sent to my other email but with this person’s name on it which is why My enemies are trying to say I was involved in the abovementioned scam I was not…this explanation was anticipated and was incorporated into a project already so I would not use it…besides why would I take part in a scam and try be a con who would in the end be conned by the con or someone posing as a con to ‘catch’ me in a con with an email that everyone has seen, the one email for five years the other for two?

So far, I have been accused of a strange relationship with a relative, which was just a cruel way of making me look bad; watching but not stopping an assault, when I was in the area but did not see anything they caught that person; accused of assault, when I merely was overheard citing a line of a song using the term for assault. Accused of plagiarism when I listed my sources and showed that my story(s) (were) was completely different… when I wrote to the person I have complained about he I think used the letters to say I was threatening to do something to someone when I simply was trying to explain why I called him something in a story which was unpublished which he got hold of and went showing people it turning them against me…; accused of a ponzi scheme when I simply put online where and when a series of gatherings were to take place to stop a development that would ruin a natural area if any money was given why would I be here and not going to ‘summer’ in muskoca and have more than one estate and a jet to travel in and why would the other person who was accused be working part time here where I am typing this part-time and the another said she did not have that kind of money;

They allude to a fire in some project that was started after my relatives car blew up and tried to blame the man of the house even though he was almost a thousand miles away…which happened the day after I alluded to my enemy with something the very night before on the fan fic site I was using at the time…

they said I was not in university and not working in the place I listed I can prove both; I left one year the college early and my registration had a problem but I still took the courses yet I still completed the year before and went for until the next November. That was after working at a resort hotel where I finished my contract out but someone may have tampered with or even eliminated all my records…I left two weeks earlier before my contract was up and left to visit the other area which is why my records might not be seen there because they do not give recommendations for these jobs unless you finish your contract; now I may have put a different resort name down in a fan fic and I may have given different times but that is fan fic; I do have a certificate and diploma from the two places and a background in five areas all together…I did not change my marks and I did not lie about anything…graduated high school and public school; one year I left the school after the first half of the class in the honours thesis course in psychology that is the history of my education…and I left the school of social work after 3 years I was not failing…

Now let us consider who is behind this the main person quit high shcool

at age 16, was in university for a few months but quit that too…I do not want to relate this but to argue the point against me by him he I do not have a criminal record…nor did I bring in after getting hold of others material about 12 families into the business as you know someone tried to bring me in when they realized I was the real author of a lot of ideas that were incorporated into a number of things…I did not read someone else’s writing on a philosopher I never read which I and not the other had taken a course at the 3rd level, he would not have been allowed to take it unless he had taken certain courses in the subject in the 1st and 2nd year level…he and woman used my earlier material and he and another woman read my material on the air and both said they could not read the writing and she mispronounced a word in a poem, they called it…now they seem to tapes of me to ‘prove’ what I said but then again a tape can be altered so can text, email, video, pictures…so they can whistle all they want when they are happy at ‘catching’ me but they twist everything around and make it look like I and others are doing things we are not and the man I have complained about is an editor and uses film and cameras. Not to mention the demo which I had nothing to do with except my house was used to store something stolen and they tried to blame me for stealing it when I was not in that business and had no access to it when the man and his people are and were when it was stolen

As far as the statement about a show that replaces the drama I mentioned I did change the statement about the show that replaces it- I only saw a few moments of it and because it is a comedy felt it would be better on a night with shows more like it than the next show and these are my words, nothing to do with race, just this: ‘it is a bad lead-in for the next show’ I did not change the words because of saying anything offensive or lying which is what someone I think was alluding to… I thought it might sound like a criticism when it was not meant to be, that idea was an attempt to make it look like I was saying something wrong and then tell everyone that….

I mentioned anyone sending me photos of themselves…except for those people in other countries outside of North America looking for mates... I have not received any, I was just saying that just in case someone tried to make it look someone did and that I would encourage that, which I did not, these people are trying to fob off on me things I have not done nor anyone else has done to take pressure off of my claims against them, I have not revealed private information about anyone… unlike the man I have mentioned I did not to make a phony certificate, diploma, degree, my b.a. and certificate are both real right there that disqualifies him as being someone who says things that are not true…HOWEVER, THIS FITS A PATTERN of false accusation, false data, false credentials, misinformation and outright lies and deception, theft…etc., this is a modus operandi of the same group of people that practice this on a continued basis and is in fact organized and consistent…. Not to mention ripping people off and manipulating others to believe things that are not true to gain an advantage in a game of criminal activity and one-upmanship which has worked for a very long time I am innocent of any wrong doing or trying to ruin reputations…it is not myself who gives information about others out I have had that happen to myself and others in my own life…as far as the Molino emails I would like to know how, and I am inferring this from a project which alluded to this, how they knew there was some scam involved for I never said anything except ‘I am not’ this person: perhaps the people I have always mentioned who are in on this are the ones who put it there in my email perhaps the man who used to live near me who has the same name as a city in Europe is the person who sent it for how would anyone know what it contained? Modus Operandi at work!!it fits the pattern……without confession, recompense, apology, punishment/correction/discipline: no redemption!!

Wuthering Heights: the man who visits his home falls asleep in a closet-like enclosure and imagines the scene inside the room that is his dream or day dream it is not a new idea and that is my reference for ideas like it…

As far as anyone using an oxygen mask I have had trouble breathing on certain days with high pollution…this is just in case anyone heard me saying this

As far as the project which had fewer then only one brain cell a person in costume, like their other project with mind over part, did not someone do something like that before earlier in time in the 1970’s…

this is what i wrote after the first lines i wrote which i changed but they withheld from others i never said anything controversial see above

i think the two shows before [the series i mentioned before] would be better on a night of all or mostly comedy or short half hour shows in a row... a good lead in for the show, tscc, was just right and putting tscc back on it would draw a similar viewing public as the two shows on another night would do the same with similar shows...and a few from the [the series] onto tscc and vise versa would be a good way to recapture an audience in fact the two shows could be given similar themes ...afterall i think i have fairly good instincts on this kind of thing...did not tscc have more viewers than the fashion-comedy [it did so why would they take it off](ug bty, not the competition for best model) on the other station or is it just that someone against me has more clout with the number of families connected to him to keep anything off they don't like..

here is the other thing i said as you can see i said nothing about anyone i was saying this to fend off any claim:

s far as holding children i mean holding or hugging children in scenes in stories i think someone has mixed this up with some other notion, if i wrote such scenes i certainly do not need references for that since i babysat my family members and other children many times through the years and i think someone is making this statement look like something other than what i said or got what i said mixed up with some other notion besides only one person seems to have looked at what i said after i put it on so they may have only seen part of what i said or may have, in telling anyone else, may have left out something or misunderstood or misinterpreted it and so gave the wrong impression

By ‘summer’ in this place I mean how they stated when and where they stayed for their vacation, in the summer but “‘summer’ at” as if they were aristocracy, this place, it is a place; sort of like to summer in some exclusive place, this person did have this summer place shown in a magazine and on a public tv show up here as well as a larger place shown on an entertainment show across the border so many people would have seen it and heard his name...so i have not related anything private that they themselves did not already put out there .and i think someone is making this statement look like something other than what i said or got this mixed up with some other notion

Now as to what I said about children in stories that is all I meant…I think someone is taking advantage of this and trying to make it look like something else

Someone seems to have made it look like I have threatened people and I have not this is taking things I have said and twisting them around I have never done that after all I was taking courses for being in the helping professions at one time…

Since someone has alluded to a theft of a bicycle I did not refer to that recently I REFERRED TO “Two workers with sickles” THIS IS A STATEMENT IN A FAN FICTION STORY AS IN HAMMER AND SICKLE, USED IN THIS INSTANCE AS A WEAPON IN A STORY AND I ALSO REFERRED TO A SCYTHE, IN THE SAME STORY, the story takes place in the 1600’s, not the 2000’s, The sickle and scythe are old tools for farming and cutting crops grasses etc., the threat is in using it like a weapon in a story…. and I have not threatened to kidnap anyone, nor do I have a story about kidnapping but I think someone may have concocted the same scheme (or else I am mistaken and that is not the case) that they tried to pull a number of years ago taking letters to try and reconcile with my someone which I was willing to do at the time and put a picture of a relative to show the similarity to a picture of another relative which was used for a doc without permission (to get them to not do this if it was them ever again) this was made to appear like something else to do with children which is not the case, for the picture, from the (about 1914) was of my grandmother to prove it was my photo, this was either misinterpreted or mixed up with or a scheme (again unless I am mistaken) to make it look like something to do with someone else’s children which is not what it was…what this does is give sympathy to someone over something that is not happening/happened…either that or it is not a scheme and someone simply misinterpreted what I said i think it is possible someone thought i was doing something entirely differently from what i meant and it came off sounding like something very negative and maybe that is the disconnect here or:


Or else I misunderstood a story as relating to something and mistook it for a claim of a fake kidnapping scheme

So far I have heard fictional stories about someone faking their own death, a kidnapping plot of women and children, I do not know if this is an allusion to something out there but I have nothing to do with any such story or scheme this is nonsense if that is the implication…

Someone has faked having a certificate/diploma/degree, therefore faking being a graduate, faking being an author, among other things,

As far as gossiping about someone I have not I am defending myself against someone’s claim my writing and ideas are someone else’s…I have not spread rumours about anyone I have had rumours spread about me instead and I have defended myself by arguing in writing

I have not put myself like someone did by putting myself as a child in old film of skating, thereby injecting something into a scene that was not there

Why is it that everything I say and do is heard and alluded to and put out there I am not putting anything except comments here online how would they get all that and is it being altered edited so what I say is not quite what I said and why is it the sweater I have been wearing appears everywhere how would they know what I am wearing…or is there another site where it is taking what I said and manipulating it without permission to give the wrong impression of me

And what about the one who was asked back to a project only to have the character killed off by that director? What has he told you people?

Not too mention since we are talking about homes, why is it that person who used to live near me was seeming to have less than he had when he had a rich home and was looking at another home to buy of someone rich

Why does he have on something about his family tree, which I have never looked at calling it their ‘lineage’?

bycicle thief was substituted, either on purpose or else simply perhaps misundertood for scickle, as in a old style tool used in past centuries,

I think someone is taking advantage of what I have said not said and using it to get you all back on their side and have tried to entrap me by using only part of what I said or relating it in such a way as to give only partial data and give the wrong impression rather than what I actually said…

Some is gaining an advantage out of this and getting people angry at me for things that I have not said or done and gaining them on their side…. SEE THE STORY ‘MUTINY’ FOR THE USE OF SCICKLE AND SCYTH NOT BICYCLE!! however since it seems to give sympathy to someone is that really a confession they stole something early on and can you trust what they say about me or what i have said or written.....

for february 2 2010
-book of Daniel in the bible the proverbial disembodied hand writing on the wall…action of hand comes before out era

1.[This is influenced by the series when the agency became something different from its original form].
2.I would imagine someone probably already had this however, there were doubles on the series; Huxley had for the lowest cast of BNW many who looked the same.
3.I am thinking of the ‘Nowhere Man’ series.
4.See the above story.
5.I am thinking of the last incarnation of the movie ‘The Saint’
6.This is not a new idea and there are many stories long before the children trained in magic stories. Huxley’s BNW is an example of mass indoctrination for the new world order, children hearing lessons even during sleep.
7.See the above story

One. I do not know if there is a publication like this out there if there is this is a title independent of it, if need by I can use a different one later but take note the term is anchore…same pronunciation.
Two. [this is like a lot of shows and movies, stories]
Three. If I recall will was engaged or with Sidney, and her father was married to an agent who married him due to her work as an agent rather than for love.
Four. There are a number of stories out there on resources extraction and espionage...or energy etc…
Five. The interest of the present American government to sit down with people on the other side of this.
Six. This actually is not a new idea to have it elsewhere; the UN was actually the League of Nations after World War One and was moved to the United States in 1948 becoming the UN.
Seven. This is not an old idea considering the cutting up of the world after world war one and the powers that redrew the European map.
JULY 09 2010
-‘Ancient Greeks Gadgets and Machines’, R. D. Brunbough, Apollo Edt., Crowell, 1960-p. 10 “combination of doorbell and burglar alarm, a trumpet that blares whenever a temple door is opened” this is I think in b.c.
-revolving platform p. 48, so today’s owes the ancients and is in the public record
-round layer-cake towers p. 19
Takeda Shingen, 12 century afraid of ninja’s so put another bathroom with door out to escape so he would be spying on/on-look-out-for them
-Rahab in Bible let spies on roof so roof was for surveillance
-Chevalier d’Eon spy for Louis iv 1756, posed as woman in Russian court
FACES bodies dead covered in and in the desert, pre Kelts in the area around xinjiang on the ancient silk road
OTHER: i did not say to say anything about anybody on any medium
certainly regards for the indisposed and for recent losses
-one still friends, for someone out there
even christ had enemies
it is easy for some to edit what people say what some say and make it sound like something else that they said or to leave out what was actually said
worris and khyloff still main enemy
the fringe on a scarf in a a glen gould doc is not where the thing came from
'helen'', poe, stone statue...'turn to salt Lot's wife like stone statue and easter island statues of men of stone moved in place 'walked'; 'the stone guest' if i recall Nietszche on Mozart
-characters unusual
-i said i did not care if someone went back to the big houise
-i am not up on the latest but if jon anderson is solo he should get together with the other former members of yes and then have simulcast concerts with the band presently active as yes. i do not know any of these of course but good band

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